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Oakland, CA — A second grade teacher at Markham Elementary School has been placed on paid administrative leave after school officials were told that two of his young students may have engaged in oral sex during class while he was present in the classroom.

Details are a bit sketchy, but authorities said they are investigating reports that a girl and a boy engaged in oral sex in the classroom while teach was in the room. In another incident, school officials say two students disrobed “at least partially” in the same classroom before becoming disruptive. Officials are unsure at this point whether the same two students were involved in both incidents.

According to Oakland school district spokesman Troy Flint, the alleged incidents happened last week, but only came to the principal’s attention last Wednesday, after one of the students told a staff member what had happened. The teacher was present at the time, Flint says, but insists he was unaware of any such incident.

The district conducted a number of interviews Thursday to verify the child’s report. While some of the details remain vague – such as when the two incidents occurred, and if they happened at the same time, Flint said. “We believe the substance of the story is true,” he said.

The teacher will remain on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. “We’ll investigate every angle,” Flint said. “If it proves to be true, it is a fireable offense. It is an egregious lack of supervision.”

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  • Anonymous

    WTF!? How can 2 2nd graders get it on!? I just did last nite & it proved a bit challenging when 69!? What? Where there like 50 kids in the classroom that you can’t notice 2???

    I don’t get it either, at the age the 2nd graders are they HATE the other sex, i.e. COOTIES… I remember I used to say: “The girls with the girls & the boys with the boys” cause I wanted my brother to leave us alone so we could play barbies & not monster trucks. Also by this time they’ve already discovered their body parts & the opposite sex’s. ALSO at that age the kids are done with the getting naked stage & walking around… you’ve got to fight them to get them naked & into a bathtub with water & soap in the mix.

    At least & I’m thankful for that, it’s not the teacher who performed the sex acts on those kids.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the teacher not noticing either – but it could have been so quick an episode that it wasn’t noticed.

    What I really want to know is who sexualized these children. This stinks of a bigger issue in the lives of one or both the involved children.

  • Anonymous

    I thought of that but forgot to put it in my post… I was wondering who “taught” the kids to give head????

  • Farce_scape

    Of all the details of this story, what actually disturbs me the LEAST is that the teacher failed to notice what was going on.

    IMO, If the class was involved in an activity that had students up from their seats, and moving about the classroom periodically—like a craft project that involved sharing of classroom art supplies, etc.—it is TOTALLY possible, for the teacher to have been physically present (the whole time) and NOT notice that one particular kid had ducked under a desk…

    And, frankly, if the teacher DID notice a 7 yr. old had ducked under her desk, for longer than would take to retrieve a dropped crayon, and his/her FIRST reaction was:
    “OMG! Where’s little Suzy???… Better check under every desk and make sure she’s not giving head to a male classmate!”
    I think I’d find THAT to be completely bizarre!

    These are 7 and 8 yr. old kids, FFS!!!
    It’s completely aberrant behavior for kids this age to be performing sex acts of ANY kind on one another, at ANY time or place, let alone right in the middle of class!

    I agree with ‘John Q’:
    Who sexualized these little kids?
    Someone’s sexually abusing these kids, and probably has been for quite some time, considering that the children (apparently) feel this is ‘normal’ enough behavior that they would act it out in class!

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with you all. Someone taught them to do that. Although, kids do learn a lot more things, a lot faster these days. While they could very well being abused, they could also have learned it from movies, heard someone talking about it not realizing the kids could hear or even one could have had a parent or older sibling that thought it was time to explain about the birds and bees and went waaaaay overboard with the details. Heck, its not unheard of for kids to walk in on mommy and daddy during grown up time and see things that shouldn’t be seen. Whatever the means of their teachings I hope these kids are being protected until it’s proven that they aren’t being sexually abused.

  • Farce_scape

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree, with your opinion that there could be a somewhat ‘innocent’ reason for two pre-pubescent children ‘experimenting’ in this way, that doesn’t involve at least ONE of the kids being sexually abused.

    This goes WAY beyond “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”… which is about as sophisticated, as two second graders should be, in the ‘natural curiosity’ department.

    Maybe I’m being too naive, BUT…
    Even *considering* the earlier onset of puberty, and kids earlier knowledge of sex…
    I just can’t fathom SEVEN year olds doing this, that haven’t had inappropriate contact with an adult!

  • at my elementary school, they had the restrooms inside of the classroom. there was the big study area, and then a semi wall with cupboards, in the middle of that structure there was a drinking fountain and a sink.

    easy hiding places.

  • Anonymous

    Who says the teacher wasn’t “supervising?” Him himself? I don’t see how there’s any possible way this guy didn’t know some-damn-thing was going on. We’re talking seven & eight-year-olds, they either would’ve been giggling like mad or dead silent, both a dead giveaway that something was going on.
    Maybe I’m just cynical, but I bet he was “supervising” all right, i.e. watching and getting his jollies. Whatever the scenarios that led to this might be, they all turn my stomach. Kids that age should know nothing about this kind of stuff, much less be doing it.

  • melb1970

    Well this is oakland- home of the hooker brawl. I guess they teach them young there -IDK.
    I can’t wrap my head around some little girl putting her mouth in a little boys lap. Unless, she was exposed to such behavior. Little 8 year old boys don’ t get blow jobs on a regular basis where i’m from but then again i don’t c stuff like what happens in Oakland here either.

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  • Britnee

    My train of thought exactly, why do these children know about this stuff? I find it quite disturbing if this turns out to be true.

  • Cassy

    I’m sorry, but even if I did happen to turn around and see little johnny on his hands and knees under little Suzie’s desk, the last thing I would assume is that he was performing a sex act on her. I would tell him to get up and stop acting silly and go back to teaching.

  • Athena

    While I think it should be looked into, abuse is not a necessary factor, here. I’m 28, and the things some second graders I knew did would make you blush. Makes me blush just thinking about it.

    Just as possible as abuse may be the exact opposite – that the parents have had no discussions about this kind of with the kids, so the kids don’t understand the lack of appropriateness. Or, perhaps, this was a truth or dare type scenario. Or maybe other kids in class were egging them on.

    I know it’s hard to imagine, but there are multiple ways kids this age could get to this point without abuse being involved.

  • soplisako80

    My younger cousin was molested from the age of four until she was thirteen. By the time she was 8 she smoked, drank, did drugs and was sexually active with a few different boys. I am not going to say this is the reason these kids behaved this way but when I read this my cousin came to mind and I thought I would share.

  • soplisako80

    I never thought I would be admitting this online but in middle and high school I got away with performing sex acts in my class room. The teacher could have been showing the class a movie and it was dark in the room , it was like that for one of the times I did it. Nobody in the class even noticed me! The other times i got away with it would be when the teacher had his back turned to me giving an assignment on the chalk board.

    I agree with you that I thought boys were gross at the age of eight but one thing I have noticed is kids have to grow up a lot quicker when they live in a city like Oakland.

    All that said I still think this teacher should have had a better handle on his class and I hope these kids and their families are at least investigated because these kids should not be acting like that at such a young age!

  • Anonymous

    He noticed…he was just too busy masturbating to it to stop them.

  • I work with kids, and, to be honest, the LAST thing I would consider was that there was sex going in the classroom.

    As for all the people asking “where do kids learn this?!” I was about ten when the internet became a household item. By the time I was twelve, I probably read a thousand pornographic fan fics. Between the internet and porn channels available on many TVs today, I can only imagine what children have access to.

    Kids, regardless of age, think they’re adults.

    I am not saying it is ridiculous to assume the teacher may have a hand in this, or there may be someone molesting one, or both, of these kids. I just think a lot of these comments are completely missing a big contributor in youth sexuality in these times.

  • what kids today what access to*

  • what kids today what access to*

  • what kids today HAVE access to*

    Dear God. Can you guys tell I have a head cold? Yeesh.

  • Cassy

    Sometimes it can just be a chance encounter that “teaches” kids about these things. Mom paying for goods when Johnny opens a magazine someone left on the lower racks; little Johnny getting a few unsupervised minutes on the library computer; little Johnny sneaking into his big brother’s room and snooping around at some interesting CDs or magazine; simply hearing the acts described by the cool rap singers on songs the kids hear over and over and over and over. It can be indicative of abuse, sure, but early sexual behaviour can also be the result of the wrong information being given to some curious kids.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – when I was in 2nd grade “Oral sex” meant just talking about sex –

  • One more thing: I have my doubts the teacher openly taught the kids about sexual activity- not because I am naive and innocent, but because I know kids.

    There is no way a teacher could whip his dick out in class and NOT have one kid mention it to their parents. Especially when you consider little girls are given the “good touch, bad touch” speeches earlier these days.