Parents Charged After Baby Drowns In Bathtub

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Albuquerque, NM — The she-beast to the left is 35-year-old Marisa Tso – both she and her man, 27-year-old Christopher Richards, are behind bars after their 10-month-old son drowned in the bathtub.

Tso and Richards apparently had better things to do than to hang out with their offspring Friday evening, so they plopped the baby in the tub with his 2-year-old brother, locked themselves in a bedroom and proceeded to get their drink and nookie on.

Two hours had passed – yes, I said two hours – when their toddler, concerned about his little brother, knocked on the bedroom door and said, “Baby.” Oops, baby was dead. And, really…can you believe the nerve of that kid? Getting all dead and stuff, ruining mommy and daddy’s buzz? Damn brat…

Anyway, Richards reportedly tried to resuscitate the child while Tso coached and prayed to the Lord Jesus above to make her baby all better. Just kidding…Tso started picking up all the empties around the apartment. Wouldn’t want police and paramedics to think she was a slob now, would she?

Both were taken into custody and charged with negligent child abuse resulting in death, conspiracy and tampering with evidence.

Tso had little to say in court, but Richards said a mouthful…

“My lease is about to be up in about two months and I still have all my stuff inside the apartment,” he whined to the judge. “How do I go about that? Like getting it all out?”

Surprisingly enough, the judge didn’t chuck his gavel at the unremorseful sh*thead, but simply told him he’d have to find someone to take care of that for him.

Tso’s bond was set at $250,000 and Richards is being held on $100,000. Rumor has it Richards is on suicide watch. Huh…he must really miss his stuff.

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