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Fahy Bridge AccidentBethlehem, PA – After an unnamed 17-year-old driver hit a bicyclist and attempted to flee, his quick apprehension by a city bus driver and another motorist was caught on tape.

Bicyclist Frank Pavlick, 50, was hit Monday afternoon by the teen driver while riding in the northbound lanes of the Fahy Bridge.

“The … guy didn’t even try to pass me,” Pavlick said. “It was an explosion, literally. The tire exploded, the rim exploded.”

Video shows that immediately after the impact, the car driver sped off. Up ahead was a LANTA municipal bus. The bus driver, seeing the accident behind him, maneuvered his vehicle to stop the fleeing driver. A second driver then boxed him in from behind after checking to see if Pavlick was ok.

Bethlehem Police Commissioner Jason Schiffer and Mayor John Callahan honored the two men responsible for detaining the hit-and-run driver. Those men, Richard Gubish Jr., 43, and Jud Smull, 17, were commended for their quick thinking. Pavlick, the rider, expressed his gratitude to both men.

“These guys, I’ve been waiting to meet and say thanks in public and in private,” Pavlick said during remarks.

Pavlick suffered minor injuries in the wreck. This was impressive given the condition of his bike.

The teen – who police say was driving erratically leading up to the crash – was charged with a number of offenses including causing an accident that resulted in an injury and a violation of new state law which commands vehicles to stay 4-foot away from bicycles, that went to effect earlier that same day.

Now, I get the whole share-the-road and bike-rights thing and this bridge did have clearly posted signs giving this biker the right to take up a lane… but watching the video made me wonder why any sane person would have been on that bridge in that traffic on a bike. It looked like he almost got hit about 10 times.

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When does a pragmatic view of personal safety outweigh a declared right?


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  • AssWho?

    Ha first! yeah couldn’t pay me to ride a bike across that bridge with traffic, but IF I did, I think it would be with a little more hustle. He is lucky he didn’t get killed.

  • Wow the car that hit him tried to like “Hit and Run” He is one lucky man. That bike looks terrible. 

  • Patr1ckBateman

    If Pavlick had a legal right to ride his bike there, then motorists just have to deal with it, and I have no problem with the driver being charged.
    Having said that, I hate having cyclists on the road. A push bike can’t go as fast as a car. They get in the way, slow down traffic and depending on the road, sometimes you just can’t get around them. Then you’re stuck driving at a snail’s pace behind them. Especially when there’s a big flock of them riding on the weekend, taking up a whole lane. I often curse to myself when passing them, musing that yes their carbon footprint is less than a car, but it would be even less again if they didn’t exist.
    But honestly, if they have a right to be there, I just deal with it, and if I hit one, I would be extremely upset.

  • now let’s just hope that he had insurance…

  • Chinchillazilla

    The worst cyclists are the ones who are in the bike lane, but only kind of, and keep wobbling out over the line where the cars are without even looking (actually I suspect these are drunk cyclists). They terrify me so much.

  • Eliza Berntsen

    And that’s exactly why I do not cycle. So many people do not give a rats ass about cyclists and the fact that they are legally allowed to be on the roads. Pavlick was a very lucky man.

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Goodness!  I can see where it’s dangerous to ride a bike there, but that kid driving the car should have stopped instead of trying to run.

  • JGo555

    There is NOFUCKINGWAY my ass would’ve been on that road. I’da put my bike where the joggers are. And this coming from a person raised where there “cyclist laws” IF there are any, are ignored, NO ONE (not even cops ticket you) cares if you’re jaywalking a fucking highway & people still ride in the back of a pickup truck.

  • AssWho?

    Here in Denver, Seems that 90% “cyclists” are DUI offenders. Most of them don’t use the bike lanes, refuse to follow traffic laws. Apparently stop signs and red lights are for cars only.  

    Oh and don’t forget the bicycle code : “The darker clothing you can wear at night, the better”.
    I wont hit them, but I don’t let them know that until the last second if I can.

  • Califboy

     But you mind friend value life, these assholes bicyclist here in Cali ride side by side (illegal) and tell you to fuck off if you pull up and tell them to move over.

  • Califboy

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  • megaflytron

    Since my concept of exercise has very little to do with something like this, could someone please illuminate me as to why this cyclist didn’t use the jogger lane or what appears to be another crosswalk-type area next to it to cross this bridge as opposed to “little train that could-ing” in the middle of the road???

  • PlaysWithBalls

    I never imagined I would be staring at your weiner, pouting, and saying ‘awwwww!’

    Thanks for the disappointment, punk.

  • Califboy

    Ya but I bet you would hold it!!!!!
    I’m confused, do you play with balls or wieners ?

  • JGo555

    Cool! How’d he get the job?

    I was honestly apprehensive of opening that link.

  • Pretty sure it is illegal for a cyclist to use the walking path. Also, the bridge was clearly marked that cyclists could use the full, right lane. 

    Trust me. cyclist get on my friggin’ nerves regardless if they have a right to be on the road or not, but this was just a freakin’ bridge not miles of a two lane road he was holding up. The other drivers could see his ass clearly so I am not quite sure why they were having such a difficult time moving over to the left. 

    But then again, as annoying as bicyclists can be, they don’t drive their bikes half as badly as your average motorist.

  • sweekymom

    That’s one sweet wiener.

  • This is what we in San Francisco call a lawsuit hunter. They are a breed of usually vagrants or semi vagrant itching for a change. They usually step out in front of public transportation and taxi cabs during rush hour. 

  • eddo11

    If it weren’t for the bus driver and the following driver, an asshole would have avoided paying the asshole tax until his next act of assholery. Glad the cyclist is okay.

  • TruTruTrue

    You couldn’t pay me enough to risk my nut sack like that.  I’ve seen real riders ( messengers in the streets of Manhattan) and they aren’t stupid enough to take up a full lane in rush hour traffic. He was asking for it.

  • He’s a 50-year-old professional bicyclist, an advanced mechanic instructor for the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation, and a League of American Bicyclists certified cycling instructor who was hit by an idiot teenager trying to pass a bus.

    He’s also the second person to be hit on that bridge int he last five months. The other person died.

  • Too cute!

  • Those men, Richard Gubish Jr., 43, and Jud Smull, 17, were commended for their quick thinking. Pavlick, the rider, expressed his gratitude to both men  
    bravo heroes!!!!. 

  • malq

    With those credentials it is entirely possible he did it to prove a point.

  • malq

    This is why we cannot have nice things.

    This entitled cyclist took full advantage of his rioght to use the bridge by hogging the center of the road. If what morbid said  is true:

    He’s a 50-year-old professional bicyclist, an advanced mechanic instructor for the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation, and a League of American Bicyclists certified cycling instructor

    it is entirely possible this guy did this in martyrdom for his own reasons.   This doesn’t excuse the guy who hit him, I am just suggesting he was asking for it.

  • newstarshipsmell

    And if he’d been hugging the divider on the right, the stupid kid would probably still not have seen him and perhaps smeared him along it, instead.

    I am guessing he chose the center thinking it would make him more prominent/visible and less prone to getting struck by some careless driver – sadly while this makes sense, somewhat, it also makes sense why it failed here.

    Anyways, fuck all that. I distrust drivers enough that if I were forced to choose between riding in a traffic lane or taking the pedestrian walkway, I’d get off my fucking bike and walk it over the bridge.

  • Tenbux

    Care to share some articles about that?  I can’t seem to find any instances of it on the series of tubes.

  • Interesting…. well well if there is sign that allow bikes on the road then thee fucking driver should respect and be patence …..

  • I think the dead guy proved any point trying to be made. 

    Bicyclist use that bridge all the time and the city has been doing everything they can — albeit not fast enough for some — to make it safe for everyone to use. 

    This was just a case of a teen driver driving badly and hitting a man on a bike who, fortunately for everyone, was not seriously injured. No idea why people are trying to make this out to be some type of conspiracy.

  • xJustagirlx

    I dont mind sharing the road with cyclists as much as I mind sharing the road with 17 year olds.

  • malq

    No conspiracy, it is entitlement.  What a coincidence, he just happens to be  a League of American Bicyclists certified cycling instructor  and another instuctor for transportation. I don’t think he got hit on purpose but I think he certainly asked for it and is glad it is calling attention to the entitled bikers.

    I can’t prove anything, it’s an assumption, but I bet a good one.

  • You think it is a coincidence that a professional bicyclist would be on the road and get hit by a teenager driving badly? Hell, I think it’s a common statistic.

  • Spifftastic

    I can’t imagine a professional bicyclist would sacrifice his body, his sole means of income, just to prove a point. If he was trying to get hit he would’ve been sneaking around corners and not somewhere so visible. I can’t buy that.

  • Tenbux

    Come on, the guy could easily have been killed.  He was just darting around trying to get hit?  That would be an utterly heroic level of stupidity, even compared to the other nuts featured on this site.
    Is it really so unlikely that he was a bike rider who was crossing a bridge that specifically has signs that bicycles are to be treated like car traffic, and he got hit by an inattentive and impatient driver? 

  • malq

     I said I didn’t think he did it on purpose. But his entitlement allowed him to act in a way that got him hit. In other words, he was pushing it. He will make the most of this.

  • dimalolo

    sorry, that bicyclist is a fucking moron for riding that far into the lane.  sorry he was hit and no excuse for the teen to take off, but i don’t think the teen was 100% responsible for this one.

  • pikeman

    Risk your nutsack?

    I think that was a different article….

  • EveryVillainIsLemons

    Based on this comment, I’ll bet you never have to pay for a colonoscopy.

  • pikeman

    He could have walked his bike across the walking area of the bridge. No matter whose fault it was, that would have been the best option. 

  • Eliza Berntsen

    Is that’s all there is? I was expecting something a lot bigger.

  • Wildheart

    Damn!  I was so wanting to use my “It looks like a penis only smaller” line!

  • Wildheart

    Yeah he was.  You don’t just swerve around a slow moving bus without looking first, which is exactly what he did.  Suppose the bus was slowing down because some little kid had run out into the street or something unexpected like that?  It’s the responsibility of every driver to PAY ATTENTION….which this moron was clearly not doing.

  • FrikkenFrak

    Signs, laws, blah blah….I would NEVER ride a bike in that situation unless I was going fast as hell and had a big orange sign taped to my back reading “SLOW MOVING VEHICLE”.

    That being said, he had the right to be there, however dangerous or not and it’s just another example of a STUPID, PUNK behind the wheel.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I just cannot wrap my head around anyone fleeing the scene of an accident, teenager or an adult. WTF is wrong with people? You just hurt someone either accidentally or negligently, but be a human being and STOP! It goes a long way.

    As for cyclists, I believe ere in Austin, Texas that we have more than our fair share of them and everyone thinks they’re friggin’ Lance Armstrong. Occasionally it is him, but mostly it’s just the wanna-be’s and they cause lots of problems, especially out on our country roads.

  • Babydoll0630

    Glad I’m not a stupid biker who likes to ride with traffic.  I wouldn’t care if I accidently hit one……wouldn’t flee b/c I wouldn’t feel like I did anything wrong…..Sorry, I hate bicyclers taking up lanes. 

  • FrikkenFrak

    Maybe he thought he’d be more visible in the middle of the lane rather than over to the right side of it?

  • Heather_Habilatory

    He COULD have used the damn sidewalk, but no. 

  • Except it’s illegal to do that in this state, which is frustrating. Sidewalks SHOULD be open to cyclists, though. How bad can a collision between a cyclist and pedestrian be compared to a collision between a cyclist and a motor vehicle?

  • Heather_Habilatory

     I was rollerblading once and got ran over by a guy on a bicycle. The biggest injury was to my ego.

  • Deety

    It was a bridge. He wasn’t allowed to use the pedestrian walkway. What was he supposed to do, fly his happy ass over the river!?

    I can’t stand bicyclists, when I rode a motorcycle I always contemplated kicking them as I passed them on the road. But even I can see that this guy wasn’t doing anything particularly douchey.

    It makes me wonder what is up with your psyche, that you are so determined to see ‘entitlement’ when all evidence is against it. It can’t be fun to live life seeing malicious intent everywhere. :-/

  • newstarshipsmell

    Who are you to tell malq what can and cannot be fun?

  • malq

    He could have got over to the right to make it easier to pass. Whats the matter with you? You sound so bitter? It’s not like you.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day. Who would buy that?

  • Deety

    If he’d squished over to the right, cars passing him in the same lane would have been passing within feet of him, and a small car following a truck would likely not have been able to see him at all until they were alongside him. Now that would just be asking to be hit.

    Sorry if I sound bitter. Most of the people I know who feel others are unduly ‘entitled’ (and some people certainly are, but not all) seem like they feel others (like the government or illegal immigrants) are always trying to take something from them. It’s just seems like an unfun feeling.

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  • scud420

     I always ride on the sidewalk unless there’s like NOBODY on the road or somebody on the sidewalk. They can try to give me a ticket if they want, but fuck them. I’m not comfortable with thousands of pounds of metal whipping inches from the side of me.

  • I would not call it entitlement at all. He was doing the right thing, riding where bikes look to be allowed. It can be considered a lack of appropriate well designed infrastructure so that cyclists can more safely go from A to B on the bridge. I am surprised there is not a designated bike lane in one of those off road paths. But if there is not, driver’s need to recognize sharing the road. I do, I know I should when I drive. Driving is a an extremely dangerous thing to do, we don’t even think twice about getting in a 2500 lb+ vehicle and how we could kill other vulnerable people. 

  • He SHOULD have been taking the lane. that is the law, it is the safe means of travel. Squeezing to the right would have been extremely dangerous. Driver’s need to realize they are driving 2000+ lbs of coffin to into others. Driving is not an entitlement, it is a privilage and some forget that. It scars me to hear a remark like this. 

  • Sidewalks are for people, pedestrians, streets are for bikes. Sidewalks might have worked on the side IF that was advertised and allowed. I am confused why the city municipalities have not bothered to create a designated bike lanes in that path with pedestrians. More poor American design standards it appears. People need to pay attention while driving. 

  • What needs to happen is more investment in proper, designated, civilized bike specific infrastructure. We have poorly designed streets in the USA that are too car-only oriented. It is actually pretty sad. 

  • Andy P

    That’s what pisses me off.  We have this one guy who rides his bike up a very busy street every single morning in 8 AM traffic.  He’s the kind of asshole who will pass all the cars at the red light so he is right up front so that you have to pass him AGAIN and AGAIN.  I secretly wish someone would run his ass over as it is very irritating that he feels he is above the law.  I used to date a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) who said she saw someone admitted almost daily because a car ran into a bicyclist.  She would also frequently say that your right to ride your bike down a busy street gets trumped if you die doing it.  I couldn’t agree more.

  • Simply put? When it is ~State Law~ that cyclists cannot ride their bikes on sidewalks unless it is a designated cyclist path.  You can be pulled over, fined/ticketed for riding your bike on the sidewalk. You can also be pulled over for riding in the opposite direction  of oncoming traffic on the shoulder of the highway.  It’s absurd, but I’ve seen it first-hand.

  • Heather_Habilatory

     I go by: what is safer for everyone? If a person on the sidewalk gets hit by a bicyclist, the outcome is thousands of times better than a bicyclist getting hit by a car.

  • midniteshadows

    OMG!  What a cute wiener!  I love your wiener!  And well groomed to boot!  I think, though, that the snuggie is a bit big.  Will he grow into it?  🙂  🙂  🙂

  • captaingrumpy

    Sorry kids,but I think drivers should now be 21 or older.

  • Kenny Heggem

    You are more likely to be hit by a car riding on the sidewalk statistically. The most common cycling accidents are people pulling in and out of driveways curb cut outs into a cyclist on the sidewalk or a cyclist crossing a street coming off the sidewalk. (on the road, it’s right hooks, from cyclists hugging the right lane and coming to a corner, driver not looking over shoulder while turning). As a general rule, ON the STREET drivers actually SEE someone cycling ..

  • Woah..2 years