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Anderson, IN — The citizens of a southern Indiana county are breathing a collective sigh of relief that Republican Councilman David McCartney is (still) on the job. This after McCartney revealed that a string of sexually explicit emails he sent to a female colleague were part of a ruse he devised to expose corruption.

The interest in the Councilman’s emails began with a heated debate over taxes in February. This led to taxpayers requesting access to email records for the Madison County Councilmen and the County Recorder. While reviewing the emails for discussion related to the tax, taxpayers were surprised to find sexually explicit emails between McCartney – who is married – and a female assessor from another county.

“You are too sweet, just so happens you taste sweet as well.” McCartney said in an email dated Feb. 21.

My first inclination – as, I believe, many others – would be to overlook his scintillatingly erotic banter and leave the attention to the investigators looking into the matter. Sadly for McCartney, though, it appears the public’s willingness to ignore his transgressions evaporated with his claim that the email above – and the rest of his sexually-charged exchange – were not personal but, rather, part of an elaborate scheme to uncover corruption in Madison County.

“In order to catch a traitor, you have to be a traitor,” McCartney told a local newspaper during an interview about the emails. In that same interview, McCartney reportedly could not say exactly when he devised his plan and enlisted the help of the female assessor to which the emails were sent, but described the emails as, “a risk I was willing to take for the taxpayers.”

Former Jared Foundation Director Russell Taylor Attempted Suicide In Jail After Child Porn Charges

If only all public servants could be so selfless…

These emails and others reportedly violating policies about electronic campaigning are now being reviewed as part of an independent probe. No, not the same type of probe that McCartney was doing. This is a whole different kind of probe…

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  • Gee

    Knip, Am I having a blonde moment? How were these emails going to weed out corruption?

  • LOL I think he’s still working on that part.  He looks like a weasel – amazed 2 women were willing to ummm (oh I just barfed a little – sorry) bump uglies with him.  Of course, I am amazingly shallow so maybe he has a good heart or something.

  • kniption

    I don’t presume to be able to get into the mind of oh-so clever an individual, but one possible scenario is this…  

    The councilman sends sexually explicit emails to the female assessor of another county suggesting she’s “tasty.”  A variation of the Stuxnet worm that he suspects to be scanning incoming and outgoing emails for secret communications – which, if there, would undoubtedly have been installed by Democratic operatives with links to *gasp* Al Qaeda – would understandably be triggered by the ASCII string “tasty” because it represents either sexual banter or the possible communication of a really yummy recipe.  

    The councilman then, in casual conversation with Democratic colleagues, inquires as to whether they are aware of the relative tastiness of the woman in question.  If they are… BAM!  He has them cold.

    Very smart, this particular Republican… Very very smart…

  • Gee

     Bhwahahahahahaha  @kniption:disqus  your sooo amazing!

  • So was the woman at least hot ? Not that it really matters mind you …

  • Are you kidding ?  “a good heart” – he’s a friggin politician,and probably not a very good one either (on par with his being a great husband) as he sucks at lying.

  • They need to incorporate some of your ideas into the next Austin Powers movie.

  • sugarpie

    Well no, but she did taste good    O_O

  • curiousalways

    well I’m off to rob a bank during lunch.  If I get caught, I’m going to use that defense.  “In order to make a citizen’s arrest on a bank robber, you have to become a bank robber”.  Anyone willing to bail me out if it doesn’t fly?  Of course the cops here in Memphis are probably banging someone in the back seat of their cruiser, so chances are I could make a pretty easy get away.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    Keep it on your personal cell phone people. Sheesh.

  • Texas Ranger

    Wow. I thought I was pretty good at *ahem* stretching the truth…bein a salesguy and all….but shit fire and save matches….. He is good. What really scares me? He Frickin believes that shit.

  • I say  “be Married,or be Single – frigging choose people,stop attempting to ride the line.

  • I am cheering for you my friend … but you have had some bad luck in the past so I don’t think you should go through with your plan – the cop may do a pull out and nail you,without washing his hands first.

  • LeaveMeBe

    His line sounds like something out of a romance novel (and I hate romance novels). I might have bought that when I was in my teens, but c’mon dude, that’s all you’ve got? Lame.

  • I found it to be nicer then the usual “I like the way your pussy tastes.” He was trying to be classy! LOL!

  • OutOfBubbleGum

    So, by raising taxes, we can buy more disk space.  More disk space means, more sexy e-mail storage.  More e-mail storage leads to more probes into said sexy e-mails.  More probes means more people having jobs from probes.  More probe workers equals more economic activity at gas stations, Jiffy Lubes, Food Lions.  More commerce requires more roads which causes more taxes. 

    Oh, I get it.  He’s creating a Republican jobs program.  TAKE THAT STAGNATION!!

  • JGo555

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen HE IS A GENIUS!

    *Slaps the shit out of the Sarcasm button*

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    That’s easy to say if you’re straight. Or if you buy into the whole fascist wedding industry pushers. I would rather jump off a bridge than say “I do”.

  • buhbam

    I get it.  To catch a lying douche bag, he had to BECOME a lying douche bag.  All of this to protect the taxpayers. 

    I derive a lot of satisfaction watching people try to weasel out of the messes they make! 

  • Yeah that was humor, Mork.

  • But…but…

  • curiousalways

    thanks Ced!!  knew I could count on you.  haha about the cop, definite possibility.

  • DangerousKindOfSnark

    I totally didn’t mean you baby. It’s ok we never said “I do” so our interracial, unmonogamous, sinful, heathen, awesome, pretend internet marriage is all good. 

  • 😀

  • onlyme356

    Ummm, wait a minute…..so…..you’re saying, people bought this? HUH??

  • Ahhhhh hahhh now I get it.

  • Lena60


  • Lena60

    I wonder what other lies this jerk will come up with, that these tax payers will believe.Does he have a bridge to sell them.*rolls eyes*

  • kniption

    Why yes, Lena60, he does.  …and, interestingly, it is in fact one of the Bridges of Madison County.

  • Awww he was willing to risk life and limb for the taxpayers, all while wetting his political poll/pole 😉

  • … and by ‘corruption’ he means ‘penis’

  • LeaveMeBe

    I groan you.