OCEAN SPRINGS, MS – A man is (hopefully) re-examining his life choices after he was busted in a cemetery with five underage girls, two of which were passed out.

Authorities said 20-year-old Jordan McClain met a 16-year-old girl on Facebook and agreed to pick her up from her foster home.

After driving from Mobile to Ocean Springs Front Beach, the girl got in his vehicle along with four other girls.

The girls all ranged between the ages of 11 and 16.

The obvious mistakes McClain made up to this point are apparent, but compounded ever further after he drove them back top Mississippi and gave the girls Xanax and marijuana.

A resident would end up calling police to report seeing the group at the beach and that they seemed intoxicated.

The responding officer would locate McClain and the five girls in a cemetery and find that two of the girls were unconscious.

The two girls were taken to the hospital, where they were treated and released. The five girls were returned to foster care, but McClain didn’t get off so lightly.…

Wellington, FL — Sheila Lederer, 32, was arrested on two counts of child neglect Wednesday for an incident that occurred back in July in which Lederer, reportedly high on Xanax, demanded that police arrest her mailbox. No, that’s not a euphemism. Sickos.

According to the probable cause affidavit, deputies went to Lederer’s home to conduct a welfare check on July 7. Shortly before they arrived, Lederer called 911 claiming someone was hiding in her bushes. Again, not a euphemism.

When deputies arrived at the home, they found Lederer in the yard, screaming at a tree. As an officer approached, Lederer reportedly yelled, “Get out of here!” Not to the officer, mind you, but to the tree. When the officer explained that “the tree was unable to talk and that the tree was not a person,” Lederer reportedly demanded that the officer arrest her mailbox. On what charges, you ask? I have no friggin’ clue.

At that point, police say Lederer tried to climb into a bush, screaming the whole time that someone was sitting in her bushes, spying on her.…

Cincinnati, OH – We get a lot of stupid people on here, but this chick who used her cervix as a change purse takes the cake. After getting busted trying to steal a personal computer from a Fairfax Walmart, 24-year-old January Newport was booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center on theft charges. The next day she was rushed to the hospital to undergo an emergency C-section at Good Samaritan Hospital. While prepping her for surgery, nurses discovered that Jones had more than a baby up in her vagina, she also had a small pharmacy. Five Xanax and ten Lorazepam pills were so deep inside Newport’s vagina that they were described as being “in with the baby.” She had shoved the pills there the day before so that she would have them while she was in jail. Newport pleaded guilty to theft and illegal conveyance of drugs onto a government facility. I love her Facebook page. It has her in a bikini with a transvestite and a blurb of “to everyone that ever doubted me can kiss my big pretty ass!im doin the damn thing now.” lol, yeah, sure you are.…

DENVER, Pa. – On April 17th, 4-year-old Alexandrea died from a lethal dose of methadone and Xanax. Yesterday her 30-year-old father, Brian Moskal, was charged with killing her. Moskal is legally allowed to possess and use these drugs for himself, but admitted to investigators that he also gave them to his daughter. He stated that he gave the girl two doses of the drugs, one at 8 p.m. and one at midnight the morning before she was found unresponsive. Moskal is charged with criminal homicide, drug delivery resulting in death, drug delivery and endangering the welfare of a child. He was not in jail long before he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. No word on why. After posting this, I wanted to double-check to see if anyone had reported on why he was hospitalized. I didn’t find anything, but did find his full mugshot. I think some of you will find his T-shirt interesting. …

Thomas Ramirez Is Sorry

June 10, 2008 at 2:27 pm by  

Thomas Ramirez on dreamindemon.com

PASADENA, TX – Thomas Ramirez, 17, ran into a problem a lot of us have had before at some point in our lives. When the friend of a person you are dating just doesn’t like you. Ramirez, a student at Sam Rayburn High School, found himself in a similar situation when his girlfriend’s best friend didn’t like him and did not approve of the couple’s relationship. He felt that this is why his girlfriend broke up with him and was also preventing any type of reconciliation. So Ramirez did what any normal kid would do in that situation. He hired a hit man to kill the girl.…

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