Timothy Gilley Beats Up Children

September 19, 2008 at 7:36 pm by  

..including his wife.

Timothy Gilley on dreamindemon.com

Tampa, FL – Timothy Joseph Gilley, 21, has a hot temper, a short fuse, and two children in his house.  One is his two year old stepdaughter; the other is his wife, the former Hope Rhodes, who is now all of sixteen years old. Yes, you heard me.  They got married in May and already he’s trying to strangle Hope and beat up the baby.   Now that’s love, right there. …

Once upon a time, Melinda Denise Hinson lived in Henderson, Kentucky, where she attended North Middle School. But about six months ago, Melinda moved with her mother Rhonda McNallin and older brother Cody to Panama City, Florida, to be with Rhonda’s boyfriend. I imagine moving from Henderson (which doesn’t exactly come across as cosmopolitan and trendy, no offense meant, Hendersonites) to Panama City would seem awesome to a 13-year-old girl. Sun and beaches and spring break, oh my. And from what we know, Melinda was in many ways an ordinary 13-year-old. According to her mother, Melinda had a broken cell phone on which she pretended to have conversations, which is exactly the kind of sweet naiveté you’d expect from a girl her age. Brother Cody (age 15) reported that “She liked to primp a lot” and when talking with people would often look past them to check out her reflection in a window. I remember being that age, so awkward and hopeful, wanting to be seen, wanting to be noticed.…

Chaudhry Rashad Upholds Family Honor

July 7, 2008 at 11:54 am by  

Chaudhry Rashid on dreamindemon.com

JONESBORO, Ga. – 54-year-old Chaudhry Rashad was upset that his 25-year-old daughter, Sandela Kanwal, wanted a divorce from her husband. This led to a heated argument at the family’s home that ended with Chaudhry Rashad strangling his daughter to death. He has admitted to the killing stating that he felt it was a matter of honor and that her plans for divorce would have disgraced the family.…

Ronnie White A Victim Of Vigilante Justice?

July 1, 2008 at 10:31 am by  

UPDATE 7/03/08 – The investigation into the killing of Ronnie White is focusing on three corrections officers who are now refusing to cooperate in the investigation and are refusing to give statements.

Richard Finley and Ronnie White on dreamindemon.com

Richard Finley and Ronnie White

Ronnie White, 19, was being held in maximum security in the Prince George’s County Correctional Center. He had been charged with first-degree murder in regards to the dragging death of 39-year-old Richard Finley. Finley was a Prince George’s County police officer. 12 hours after White was booked in jail, officers came to feed White and found him slumped in his cell, unresponsive. Or more specifically, dead. The Maryland Medical Examiner ruled Monday that his death was from asphyxiation and strangulation.…

Logan Dyjak Welcomed His Grandma Home

June 29, 2008 at 4:47 pm by  

Judith Bauer, Logan Dyjak

BELLEVILLE, IL – After neighbors had tried several times to contact 66 year old Judith Bauer and were unsuccessful, they decided to go over and check on her in person. You see, people had plenty of reason to be concerned about Ms. Bauer. She had just returned earlier that evening from a week long stay in the hospital after having suffered a stroke.

What they found when they got there was the bloody body of Ms. Bauer on the second level of her house. She had been stabbed in the neck and strangled.…

William Junior Oxendine Got His Ass Kicked

June 11, 2008 at 6:07 pm by  

William Junior Oxendine on the Dreamin' Demon

Lexington, NC – Gentlemen and rapists, let this be a lesson to you. If you break into a house on a Tuesday afternoon and try to strangle a woman, her kids might beat you up with a broom and a kitchen knife. Don’t believe me? You can ask William Junior Oxendine, 35, when he gets out of jail. …

Leah Hickman Found In Crawlspace

December 21, 2007 at 2:11 pm by  

Huntington, West Virginia Thought I should go ahead and get this story up. It’s not looking too good. Leah Hickman, a broadcast journalism major at Marshall University, was reported missing Sunday after she failed to show up for her shift at a local Dress Barn on Saturday, Dec. 15. The last anyone has heard from her was when she used her cell phone the day before and told a friend she was going to McDonald’s to get something to eat. In the apartment she shares with her sister, her coat, keys, and McDonald’s wrappings were found. Her cellphone was not there. Family members report that Leah’s cell phone voicemail is full. She hasn’t logged on to her MySpace page since the day she disappeared. The store where Leah works, The Dress Barn, is offering a $10,000 reward for information about her location. Hickman is a 5-foot-4 white female, about 125 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.…

Aqsa Parvez Killed By Father For Not Wearing Hijab

December 12, 2007 at 2:31 pm by  

TORONTO, Ont. — Aqsa Parvez was a normal 16-year-old Muslim teenager who was balancing the line between wanting to be an individual as well as fitting in with her peers while also living under the strict guidelines set forth by her religion. She had recently stopped wearing her hijab, the head scarf that Muslim women are required to wear in public. A decision that had caused a lot of stress between her and her devout Muslim family. Like a lot of Muslim teens, they dress one way around their parents but dressed another once around friends. She was afraid of how her parents were going to accept her decision of not wearing the hijab and it turns out those fears were warranted.

Friends say that her and her family had been arguing over this issue for over a year. They said the fights with her father got so bad that she had left the family home to live with friends about a week ago. “She was going back, but just to get her stuff,” said friend Krista Garbutt.…

Rowan Ford on dreamindemon.com

Stella, MO – David Spears, and his friend, Chris Collings, 32, were charged Saturday with one count each of first-degree murder, forcible rape and statutory rape in the death of a 9-year-old Rowan Ford. Her body was found Friday in a cave in a remote part of McDonald County, about 10 miles south of the village of Stella, where she lived with her mother and David Spears. Based in part on Collings’ statement, the affidavit sent to the prosecutor alleges that the men took Rowan from her home to a camping trailer where Collings lived in Barry County.…

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