GREENDALE, WI – A woman in Wisconsin has been arrested after she allegedly drugged her 10-year-old son before sexually assaulting him.

According to reports, the boy had stayed with his mother, 35-year-old Tara Gotovnik, for two nights in August.

When his father picked him up, the boy told his father he “never wanted to go back to Gotovnik’s residence again.”

When asked why, the boy told his father his mother had drugged and sexually assaulted him.

The boy’s father took him to police where he told investigators that after he drank a slushy made a friend of Gotovnik’s, he threw up. He said that’s when Gotovnik gave him a sleeping pill to help him go to sleep.

The pill had the opposite effect, the boy said, causing him to stay awake and feel sick. That’s when Gotovnik told him to come to the couch where she removed her shirt and had him perform a sex act.

According to the criminal complaint, Gotovnik then instructed the boy through the use of sex toys, telling him they could “go online and make money for doing it.”

A search warrant was executed at Gotovnik’s residence where police found sex toys and drugs. …

Oklahoma City, OK – Jamison Marchette, 41, has been charged with two counts of “distribution of obscene materials” and one count of “loitering around a residence to watch an occupant” after allegedly doing pretty much just what the charges state.

As the proud owner of a penis, it would be ludicrous for me to claim to know everything about women.  That does not, however, exclude me from the lion’s share of the male population that could likely teach Mr. Marchette a thing or two about how to, at the very least, avoid completely freaking them out.

The very first piece of information I could bestow upon Marchette would be to choose the objects of my affections carefully.  If you’re 41, a tad greasy, un-rich, and average-looking at best, you probably shouldn’t be gunning for a 22-year-old chippy like one of his two alleged victims at a Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex.

My second tip would be to entertain the idea of starting small.  Perhaps a conversation would be in order, but maybe just a wave and an unassuming smile. …

Raid On Daycare Center Nets Cash, Crack And Sex Toys

February 28, 2011 at 5:50 am by  

Pittsburgh, PA — R&B Childcare Services owner, 50-year-old Reanell Booker, was taken into custody early Friday after a raid by police revealed copious amounts of crack, cash, sex toys and porn.

Booker had been under investigation for nearly a month before authorities moved on the building – she was apparently dealing crack during business hours. While there were no children present at the time of Booker’s arrest, police say there are between 10 and 15 children enrolled in the state-licensed center.

Detectives seized $4,400 in cash, approximately $6,000 worth of crack cocaine and a couple digital scales. Police also found several bags of sex toys and pornography in a room where children’s toys were stored. Booker was reportedly selling the toys and porn in addition to the crack.

Booker has been charged with possession of an illegal substance, possession with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia. Child endangerment charges are pending. Booker was released from jail late Friday.…

Kennett Square, PA — The Fairfield Inn and Suites in Chester County was partially evacuated earlier this month after hotel staff found the nekkid and lifeless body of an unidentified 48-year-old man in one of the rooms – his body was surrounded by numerous sex toys, various inhalants and other chemicals, and a gas mask. Police believe the substances, mostly cleaning solutions, were being inhaled by the man to create a euphoric sensation. A source close to investigation stated that the sexual devices and the gas mask indicated that the man’s behavior may have been “ritualistic.” The man was alone in the room, and police believe he died while engaging in said ritualistic sex act. Police have not released the cause of death, and an autopsy report is pending toxicology results. Though authorities have declined to release the man’s name, they have reported that he was from Bloomington, Indiana, was married, and was in town on business. Heh…I guess my fondness for lemon Pledge isn’t so weird after all.…

Renton, WA – No mugshot, so here’s a picture of a pickle. Enjoy. A woman was out walking with her 12-year-old daughter on August 5th, when they saw what appeared to be a woman’s body laying just feet away from a busy boulevard. “Girl noises” could be heard coming from the prone unknown. Articles of women’s clothing and numerous sex toys were scattered about. The person, who wasn’t a she at all, was holding a foot-long sex toy in one hand and had his other hand positioned underneath his body. After an eyeful of that, the distraught duo called in for reinforcements. When police arrived on scene, they found 53-year-old David Alonzo Brown, a homeless man whose tent was pitched in the trees about 20 yards away. Aside from his purple halter top and bright blue eye shadow, Mr. Brown was nekkid. On the ground, a container of petroleum jelly and numerous soiled tissues. When approached, Brown fled. When he was apprehended nearby, he was holding the green foot-long-dong and a pair of leopard print high heels.…

Indianapolis, IN – Demonites, feast your eyes upon the hotness that is Heather Gibson. According to authorities, Heather enjoys sharing a 7-year-old female relative with her boyfriend, Justin Lashaway. The couple, who reportedly met on Craigslist, are accused of sexually assaulting the child at least four times since the beginning of January. Authorities have stated that the couple used sex toys in the “disturbing and sick” assaults and were kind enough to capture it on camera. I find it somewhat satisfying when the idiots make the crimes that much easier to prosecute. The allegations came to light when the child confided in someone at her school. A computer was seized from Gibson’s trailer home and investigators are trying to determine whether any of the video was sold or traded over the internet. Both assholes have given statements admitting to the sexual abuse of the child. Heather, 22, and Justin, 47, were arrested on four felony counts of child molestation. …

Bradenton, FL– Warning! The nasty ham-beast being front paged today is going to make any recent food some of you may have just consumed creep back up into your throat and remind you once again to read the DD first before eating. Then again, most of our stories will ruin your appetite, so you can just go ahead and consider this site not only a great place to read about true crime, but also an excellent deterrent to weight-gain. Now, on to the icky details.…

George Bartusek Jr. Was Gettin’ Freaky

February 6, 2009 at 7:52 am by  

Cape Coral, FL–Meet 51-year-old George Bartusek Jr. On Wednesday, Romeo here was caught getting his freak on in the parking lot of a Publix grocery store. Oh yeah, Bartusek was getting hot and heavy with his ladies while others watched…some in horror, some in amusement. And yes, I said ladies–plural. What a stud! You go George!

A little public display of affection is one thing, whipping out your wiener in front of soccer moms running errands with their kiddos, that’s another thing.…

Daniel Edward Ray: Vibrator Thief

January 24, 2008 at 8:30 am by  

 Not Maurice

Springfield, MO -    Daniel Edward Ray, 36,  is a tweaker who really, really likes his butt plugs.   Ray broke into three adult novelty stores during a ninety-minute spree over the weekend.  With his mini-van as the entry object.  He left the registers and high-dollar porn alone, and stole only what police call “merchandise” and what I call “vibrators and assorted toys”.  …

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