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Robert DavisMARIETTA, GA – A Georgia man stands accused of hideous animal abuse after mutilating two puppies that a neighbor had asked him to keep at his house for a few days.

Robert Williams Davis, 38, was arrested shortly before midnight on Saturday. He was charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and three counts of tampering with evidence. According to the arrest warrant, Davis allegedly beheaded a 6-week-old black and white pit bull puppy late Saturday night with a pair of scissors.

“The puppy’s neck was completely severed with the head attached to the body by a single piece of skin,” an affidavit says. “The puppy’s body did not appear to contain blood, suggesting the puppy’s head was severed while the puppy was still alive.” That sound you may be hearing is my blood starting to boil.

The unfortunate pooch was decapitated by what was described as a “sawing” type motion, according to the police report. This is I ask, “Just five minutes, worm your honor, him and me alone?” [Pink Floyd reference in an article about a decapitated puppy?

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