Ralph PolnickyOklahoma – Per a reader request that we report on more dildos, Ralph Polnicky says that after getting into an argument with a Tractor Supply Company employee, he received a large dildo in the mail with the words “Tractor Supply. Don’t Come Back,” and “Ralph is a Dick,” written in black.

Polnicky says that last year he went to the Tractor Supply Company in October of last year to complain about how long it took them to order a spool of bungee cord he’d ordered. An argument ensued between him and an employee inside the store and Polnicky claims that as he was leaving, a female employee shouted at him, “Don’t come back.”

Four months later, Polnicky gets a package in the mail that contained an 8-inch dildo with the words “Ralph Is A Dick,” “From the Tractor Supply,” and “Don’t Come Back” written on the sides. “We were aghast, I mean, we were absolutely shocked by what’s in this box,” Polnicky said about himself and his wife.

While it’s not a crime to send a sex toy in the mail, it could be possible to sue employer Tractor Supply for emotional damages.…

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