SlothPORTLAND, OR – A 25-year-old child molestation victim has been ordered to register as a sex offender after admitting to having a baby with her mentally disabled, teenage brother.

The woman pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree sexual abuse as part of a plea deal that would have her avoiding prison time. The judge took into account the fact that the woman is a sexual assault victim herself.

From the ages of 8 to 11, the woman was raped by her mother’s boyfriend. That man is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence.

After her arrest last August, the woman would admit that she had sex with her developmentally disabled brother 10 times between 2013 and 2014 while he was living with her. Even worse, she would go on to give birth to his baby.

He was under 18 at the time and has an IQ of 54, according to a probable cause affidavit. He is currently living with his mother, but there is no word on who currently has custody of the baby.…

Willie JohnsonPortland, OR — A registered sex offender was taken into police custody last week after allegedly sexually assaulting his grandmother and his uncle.

The investigation started Tuesday evening, after officers were called to a North Portland home on a report of a sexual assault.

Police learned that the alleged rapist, later identified as 34-year-old Willie Johnson, sexually assaulted his 82-year-old grandmother and his 49-year-old uncle, before fleeing the home.

Johnson managed to evade police and a K9 unit for a few hours, but was picked up at a McDonald’s Wednesday morning.

After an overnight stay at the hospital for some bullshit medical drama, Johnson was booked into the Multnomah County Jail. He is now facing charges of first-degree attempted rape, first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, two counts of first-degree sex abuse, first-degree kidnapping and fourth-degree assault. His sex offender status apparently stems from a first-degree rape conviction.

Grandma was treated at the hospital and released, and both she and the uncle are said to be doing fine. Physically, anyway.…

Evil Friggin CatPortland, OR — An evil feline with a history of violence now stands accused of attacking a 7-month-old child and forcing the child’s entire family, including their pussy dog, to hole up in a bedroom and call 911.

Lux, apparently unsatisfied with slowly sucking the child’s breath out of his body, reportedly attacked the child Sunday, scratching the kid on the face. This led to the child’s father putting a boot up the 22 pound pussy’s ass. Needless to say, that ass tap didn’t go over well.

The Himalayan flew into a rage, eventually chasing the family into a bedroom.

The cat’s owner informed the 911 dispatcher the cat “went over the edge,” and was charging at them every time they opened the door. The man also claimed the cat had a history of being an asshole — he was just a little more assholish on that particular day.

“He’s trying to attack us,” the man said as the cat screeched and hissed in the background. “He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”

After it was determined the child didn’t require medical assistance, the dispatcher dispatched officers to the couple’s home.…

Caleb GrotbergPortland, OR — There is certainly no shortage of domestic assault stories here at the Dreamin’ Demon, and while domestic violence is no laughing matter, the “weapons” some of the alleged abusers use make me giggle. A little.

Caleb “Damn, he’d be really fucking hot if he lost some of that excess hair” Grotberg, 32, was recently booked on a laundry list of charges after allegedly strangling his girlfriend with his dreadlocks.

Police were called to the couple’s home early Monday morning, where they learned from the girlfriend that Grotberg had assaulted her and attempted to strangle her with his hair after the two argued.

Grotberg was not at the scene when officers arrived, but was quickly picked up after the victim described his ‘do.

He’s now behind bars, facing domestic violence-related charges that include kidnapping, attempted assault, assault, menacing and strangulation.

The woman was taken to a Portland hospital for treatment to numerous injuries, none of which were considered life-threatening.

Speaking of weird-ass things people use to abuse their significant other – just to name a few – we have a change jar, a pet python, prosthetic leg, key lime pie, and my favorite….…

Did Terri Horman Want Kyron’s Daddy Dead?

July 6, 2010 at 9:29 am by  

Portland, OR – In last week’s update, I wrote that Kaine Horman took the child he has with Terri Horman and moved out of the house before filing for a divorce and a restraining order. Now we may know why. According to an article published by the Oregonian on Sunday, a landscaper who worked for Kyron’s family told detectives that Terri offered to pay him “a lot of money” to kill Kaine. The unnamed landscaper said Terri approached him with the murder-for-hire plot about six or seven months before Kyron disappeared. She described being in a bad marriage and claimed that Kaine had been unfaithful. The landscaper said he had no intentions of going through with the hit, but he truly believed Terri was dead serious. On June 26th, the landscaper, who is fully cooperating with authorities, was wired and a meeting with Terri and an undercover officer was set up. Unfortunately, Terri ended the conversation before anything incriminating was said. Later that same day, Kaine was informed of the plot and he wisely got the hell outta Dodge.…

Kyron Horman: Still Missing

June 29, 2010 at 9:30 am by  

Portland, OR – I really wish I was updating this story to tell you all that Kyron has been found – sadly, that isn’t the case. I do, however, want to keep this story updated and continue to keep the kiddo’s picture circulating. Though family members and investigators have remained fairly tight-lipped throughout the investigation, there have been a couple of interesting new developments in the case. Kaine Horman, Kyron’s father, has taken the couple’s 18-month-old daughter and vacated the home he shares with Terri Horman, Kyron’s step-mother. And friends of the Horman family say authorities encouraged Kaine to do so. Furthermore, those same friends report that Kaine has filed for both a restraining order and a divorce. Terri Horman, reportedly the last person to see Kyron, has been under intense scrutiny since he vanished more than three weeks ago. Though she has not been named a suspect, or even a person of interest, she has been singled out in a questionnaire sent to parents and staff of Skyline school just days after Kyron disappeared.…

Portland, OR – Just before 8:00 Friday morning, 7-year-old Kyron Horman and his step-mother, Terri Horman, attended a science fair at Skyline Elementary School. Terri snapped a picture of Kyron standing in front of his red-eyed tree frog exhibit and the two wandered around for a bit looking at the other exhibits. At 8:45, Terri walked Kyron down the hall near his classroom. I’m going back to the classroom, mom,” he told her. Terri waved good-bye and watched him walk down the hall. Kyron hasn’t been seen since. Nearly 8 hours passed before anyone even realized the child had vanished. Law enforcement was notified after Kyron failed to materialize at his bus stop at 3:30 that afternoon. That’s when they finally found out that Kyron hadn’t been in class all day long – members of the school staff said they never saw Kyron after the science fair, and he didn’t make it to his classroom. Portland Public Schools spokesman Matt Shelby says the Horman’s weren’t notified of the absence because Skyline doesn’t use an auto-dialer which calls parents to report the student is absent.…

Daniel Shaull Was All Fired Up

January 29, 2010 at 9:05 am by  

Portland, OR – At about 11:00 Wednesday morning, 26-year-old Daniel Shaull set himself on fire outside of Nicholas Ungar Furs in downtown Portland. Blazing, Shaull attempted to enter the fur store, only to discover the doors were locked. Witnesses claim Shaull was screaming, “The world is ending! There are animals dying! Animals dying!” while running up and down the sidewalk. A Portland police officer just happened to be sitting at a nearby stoplight and, grabbing what she thought was a fire extinguisher, rushed over to help. Though she sprayed the man, he continued to burn. And scream. A bystander approached with his own extinguisher and attempted to put the the fire out, but Shaull kept running away from him. Eventually, additional officers arrived, and they were able to get him on the ground and extinguish the flames. Though unconscious, he was still alive. Well, for awhile anyway – he died later that same night. In an unusual twist, it was later discovered that the first responding officer mistakenly grabbed a container of pepper spray used for riot control instead of the fire extinguisher.…

Serenity Sanchez Was Pissed At Her Boyfriend…

January 5, 2010 at 5:54 am by  

Portland, OR – …so she stabbed his toddler in the gut. According to the child’s father, he was attempting to break up with Sanchez Saturday evening when the bitch lost her shit. He told police that the two had been arguing over the break-up for several hours and Sanchez refused to leave his home. At some point during the argument, he saw Sanchez enter his 3-year-old daughter’s bedroom. The little girl began to scream. When he went to check on the child, Sanchez walked out of the girl’s room holding a knife. Baby girl had been stabbed in the abdomen. Then the bitch decided it was time to leave. She didn’t get far – the cops arrived as she was walking out the door. At one point, when an officer demanded that she remain at the scene for questioning, Sanchez reached into her purse and threatened to “Tazer” the officer. Unfortunately they didn’t shoot her, they just took her to the ground and slipped a shiny new set of bracelets on her wrists.…

Gary “Pit Boss” Moody

September 2, 2009 at 7:42 am by  

Portland, Maine With the landscape of Maine, it’s no wonder people flock to the state to enjoy a little natural beauty. The National Park Service has been working for many years to improve the facilities within the public access areas, things to increase traffic and entice families to come visit…to explore the great outdoors. As an avid camper, I can attest, the one area where they’ve made improvements are the pit toilets. There’s still a long way to go though. I really thought I could speak about this at length but after reading about Gary Moody, um, he wins hands down. I swear I would have noticed him standing in the bottom of that open pit of sewage…I make no apologies – I do look before I sit.…

Rodolfo Claudio-Marquez Is No Romeo

August 19, 2009 at 10:04 am by  

Portland, ORI don’t know who it was that lied to 23-year old Rodolfo Claudio-Marquez and told him he is the shit when it comes to romancing the ladies, but whoever it was needs a good kick in the nads.  Around 7 p.m. on Monday, a 17-year old girl was riding a Trimet bus toward home when Claudio-Marquez began flirting with her. The girl ignored Claudio-Marquez’s advances and when she got off at her stop, the persistent Romeo followed her. The girl told Claudio-Marquez several times to leave her alone as she walked toward her house, but he refused and even offered to buy the girl alcohol.…

Cory Vaughn Is Kinda Stoopid

August 10, 2009 at 12:47 am by  

Portland, OR – Break-ups, most of the time, suck ass. Though sometimes a break-up could be considered cause for celebration, there is usually one ‘injured’ party in the situation –  the ass who is the most ass hurt in the whole thing. The ass in this story is Cory Vaughn. Wednesday evening, Cory allegedly got a little rough with his girlfriend’s puppy. When his girlfriend stepped up to protect her critter, Cory turned his anger on her. The girlfriend told authorities that Cory slapped her, pushed her down, and tried to choke her. Cory eventually fled the apartment, and the girlfriend, knowing that Cory had a key to her home and may return to finish the job, left to spend the night with a friend. A short time later, a neighbor called to inform her that her apartment was on fire. Right before she called 911, she scrolled through her text messages and soon discovered who the culprit was and the lengths he would go to to hurt her. …

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