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Ricardo Marquis DavisPalm Bay, FL — Police in Florida say a man bit off his girlfriend’s left thumb and spit it on the floor of his car after an argument earlier this week.

According to Palm Bay police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez, hospital staff called police after the woman showed up for treatment Wednesday.

“The nurse advised (the victim) was treated for a severed left thumb, and that the woman continued to say “I can’t believe he bit my finger off,'” she said.

I have to wonder how many cuss words Ms. Martinez left out of the above statement. I’m guessing about fifteen…

The victim was gone by the time police arrived at the hospital, but they quickly located her and learned a confession had already been made.

Police say the woman’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, 35-year-old Ricardo Marquis Davis, admitted to biting the woman’s thumb clean off after the two argued.

“He was driving her to work, she works at a Taco Bell in Palm Bay,” Martinez said. “During the course of the drive down to work they got into a verbal argument, and she basically became upset.…

Palm Bay, FL – Convicted sex offender David Parkhurst just can’t keep his pervy paws off the young ‘ens. Back in 2004, he was sentenced to state prison on charges of sexual battery of a victim younger than 12 and indecent assault – the victims were two young boys. The 27-year-old man is once again behind bars, facing six counts of lewd and lascivious battery, after having sexual contact with a 15-year-old girl. The girl’s mother recently contacted authorities after she grew suspicious of the “relationship” the kid had with Parkhurst. During an interview, the teen told investigators that Parkhurst was a family acquaintance who used the last name “Gibson.” She also told detectives that they had sexual contact six times since September. She was able to positively identify Parkhurst through a small Superman-shaped shield he’d had implanted on his genitals. Superman? *snortgiggle* During questioning, Parkhurst confirmed that, yes, he did have a Superman decal implanted on his genitals, and yes, he did have sex with the kid. He also told officers he was aware of the girl’s age.…

Palm Bay, FL – Here we go again. Different verse, but still so fucking similar to the first. Last Wednesday night, Whitney Flowers went to work and left her 2-year old son, Aaden Batista, in the care of her piece-of-shit boyfriend Jason Padgett. When Flowers returned home about 11:30 p.m. and found Aaden unresponsive, she took him to a local hospital. From there, Aaden was transported to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, where he died Thursday afternoon. When questioned by detectives, Padgett allegedly said he bathed the boy before putting him to bed that night, and the child fell off the toilet and hit his head on the floor. But an autopsy determined that Aaden Batista suffered a number of brain hemorrhages stemming from either blunt-force trauma or being severely shaken. In addition to his injuries, there was also evidence of possible sexual abuse. Witnesses told detectives they saw Padgett punch the boy in the face and head, among other physical abuses, during the past three weeks. (And the pussies never said a word until now?!)…

Michael Bargeron Was A Drink Or Two Past Drunk

January 6, 2010 at 6:58 am by  

Palm Bay, FL – A 2-year-old child is recovering from severe burns to his hands, legs, stomach, and buttocks because he was surrounded by idiots. The child’s father, Michael Bargeron, was getting his drunk on at a New Year’s Eve party and began wrestling with the child near an open fire pit. The highly intoxicated Michael had been warned, repeatedly, by other party-goers to back away from the fire because the child was in danger of getting burned. Dismissing their concerns, Michael continued with the horseplay. Well, kiddo fell into the fire. Witnesses stated that Michael failed to immediately pull the child from the fire. (Doesn’t sound like the witnesses were much help in the situation, either). The child’s mother pulled him from the flames and high-tailed it to the hospital. About 20 minutes later, Michael was on the phone with 911 – he wanted to know if the dispatcher had heard any reports of a nearly 3-year-old child being burned. …

Palm Bay, FL-After being sexually abused repeatedly over the last two years, a 14-year old girl finally escaped the clutches of her abuser. Police arrested 33-year old Andrew Stitzel and charged him with nine counts of sexual battery and five counts of child pornography on Saturday at a Motel 6. When interviewed, Stitzel admitted to having sex with the teen in wooded lots and later taking nude photographs of her. He said he planned to email them to another person, which he refused to identify, but later deleted them. Unfortunately for him, the girl took the memory card from his digital camera so she’d have evidence for the police, which was sent to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab to be retrieved. Additional charges may be pending for his skeevy ass and he remains in jail on a $675,000 bond.

Miguel Torres-Delarosa Is A Shitty Father

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Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delrosa

Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delrosa

Palm Bay, FL– I have never enjoyed changing diapers, especially the stinky soiled ones, but, unfortunately, it is one of many, many nasty responsibilities you take on when you become a parent or care-provider of children. It’s a dirty job with no pay, but the benefits are, by far, the best you could ever hope for. One of those benefits is knowing that the child feels safe in your care and can always count on you to be understanding even when they have an accident that displeases you. I really wish the asshat pictured above was smart enough realize that before he had kids. Unfortunately, he was not.…

Noel Kelly Is A Bad Babysitter

February 25, 2009 at 6:48 am by  

Noel Kelly

Noel Kelly

Palm Bay, FL–Parents, let’s imagine for a minute. You’re new in town and you are befriended by an adult male. As you are getting to know the guy, he casually mentions that he is available for child care services if such a need were to arise. Would you feel comfortable leaving your child in the care of a non-related adult male?

Noel Kelly did just that. He befriended a family new to the states from Jamaica. He offered to provide child care for the family’s 12-year-old daughter. He raped her…repeatedly…over the course of a year.

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