Albuquerque, NM – U.S. Marshals tracked Moses Sparks, 26, to a trailer park near Mullins, South Carolina on Thursday. Sparks was wanted on charges of criminal sexual penetration, kidnapping and aggravated assault of his then girlfriend after allegedly breaking into her New Mexico home in September and beating and raping her.

Sparks reportedly tried to run last Thursday night as the arrest team approached.  The team – made up of Marion County drug agents, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies and deputy US Marshals – apprehended him. Authorities entering the trailer reportedly found an active drug manufacturing operation – as well as the woman whom Sparks had allegedly raped in New Mexico.

Sparks – who had been on probation for kidnapping and aggravated battery at the time of the alleged rape – was given an additional charge of manufacturing a controlled substance. His girlfriend was charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and harboring a fugitive.  An additional charge of being a complete idiot is presumably still pending.

Cops bust rape suspect, alleged victim:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — I hate a thief, I truly do. But sometimes, depending on what was stolen, you really need to evaluate your best course of action. For example, kidnapping a teen at gunpoint because his friend stole your weed is probably not in your best interest.

Just ask 19-year-old Jonathon Escobar. Police say he was with a couple of other teens smoking pot when one of them grabbed his drugs and ran. Enraged, Escobar allegedly held a gun to a 14-year-old passenger’s head and told him he was now responsible for paying for the drugs his friend just ran off with.

The younger boy told Escobar to relax and to take him to his mother’s house where he would get him his money. The thing is, the boy’s mother lived inside Kitland Air Force Base. So when they arrived at the security gate, the younger boy jumped out of the car and air force security apprehended Escobar.

He’s now out of his drugs as well as facing charges of kidnapping, robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.…

Albuquerque, NM – Now-former Albuquerque Police Department Officer Matt Kindle has gotten himself in a bit of hot water after being recorded in a hotel room offering to help a prostitute with her legal trouble in exchange for sex.

According to police, Kindle had been communicating by phone with a prostitute who had left town and he had apparently never met. He reportedly offered to help get her out of a criminal case if she’d come back to town and meet him. That woman, instead, called police. The result was APD replacing the prostitute with an informant and setting up a sting.

“It’s my lunch so I have time to chitchat,” Kindle – in full uniform – can be heard saying at the start the video. …and chit-chat they did. The video captures his entire lunch hour and a some 20 minutes longer while he an the informant discuss a range of topics. The topics included the fact that the informant doesn’t look quite like he had been told.

“Heather said you were really skinny when you left?” Kindle said to the woman.…

Las Cruces, NM — Police have arrested a man suspected of dressing in women’s clothing and brutally beating his 58-year-old mother with a baseball bat.

Christopher Castillo, 38, was booked on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and tampering with evidence Monday after allegedly traveling from his home in San Jose to his mother’s home in Las Cruces with the intent of killing the woman.

Police responded to the woman’s home after receiving a 911 call from a neighbor. The neighbor reported seeing a man, later identified as Castillo, wearing a white dress, high heels, stockings and a wig and walking toward the woman’s home. A short time later, the neighbor heard screams and went to investigate. When she stepped into the victim’s home, she saw Castillo standing over the woman, baseball bat in hand.

The neighbor reportedly yelled out, causing Castillo to flee. The neighbor then helped the victim to her feet and out of the house.

Police apprehended Castillo a couple blocks away from the home. By that time, he had changed into a pair of khaki pants, a white shirt and tennis shoes.…

PECOS, N.M. — Two teenage boys have been suspended from school and are facing multiple criminal charges after their bullying of an 8-year-old cousin was caught on a school bus surveillance camera.

In the video, the two 14-year-old boys can be seen spitting into the kid’s mouth on two occasions, giving him several wedgies, sitting on his head and pushing him between the seats. The bus driver didn’t initially view any of the bullying, which reportedly lasted 20 minutes, because the victim was too short for him to see and all three involved were sitting at the back of the bus.

The driver reported the incident to the school principal after reviewing the surveillance footage, who then notified police. The victim said he did not report his cousins’ bullying because he thought he would get into trouble. He found out how wrong he was when the two teens were charged with battery, assault, harassment and criminal sexual contact of a minor.

You can watch the some of the video here and to be honest I don’t know what is more disturbing; the bullying that was captured on camera, or reporter Liz McKernan’s shirt.…

Cheat At Monopoly? That’s A Stabbin’

October 28, 2011 at 1:57 am by  

Santa Fe, NM — Laura Chavez, 60, was taken into custody early Wednesday morning for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend during an intense game of Monopoly.

According to police, the two had been playing Monopoly with Chavez’s 10-year-old grandson before the alleged poking occurred. The boy told police the couple began arguing because his grandma believed her boyfriend was cheating at the game. Though police have yet to specify how he was cheating, my guess is that he either palmed Boardwalk and Park Place, or was pilfering 100’s from the bank.

Fortunately, the boy didn’t witness any of the ensuing bloodshed…the real violence started after he was sent to bed.

After the grandkiddo was tucked in for the night, it was on. Chavez allegedly knocked the boyfriend upside the skull with a glass bottle. Police say she then grabbed hold of a butcher knife and proceeded to repeatedly stab the 48-year-old man, causing injuries to the top of his head, neck, left eyebrow and right wrist area.

When police arrived, Chavez mentioned that her boyfriend had pushed her and she asked him to leave her apartment.…

Carlsbad, NM — Benito Apolinar, 36, recently pleaded not guilty to one charge of battery after police accused him of slugging his wife because she failed to “like” his Facebook status update.

Benito, recently separated from his wife of 15 years, apparently posted a status update last week about it being the anniversary of his mother’s death. And, as one would expect, many of his friends stopped by to express their condolences and “like” his depressing as fcuk comment. The fanatical ones will “like” anydamnthing, won’t they?

Anyway, Benito grew angry when he realized his wife neglected to get all clicky with the like button. Whether she left the obligatory “Awwwwww…I’m so sorry *kiss/hug/rimjob*” comment is unknown at this point.

When the displeased and inebriated Benito arrived at the wife’s home on Monday to drop off their children, an argument over the woman’s apparent lack of compassion ensued.

“That’s amazing everyone ‘likes’ my status but you, you’re my wife,” he allegedly told her. “You should be the first one to ‘like’ my status.”

The woman told police Benito then pulled her hair – pussy move – and punched her in the cheek.…

Sante Fe, NM — Derrick Manuel, the bloody guy to the left, was brutally beaten by three men earlier this week after he accidentally hit a 5-year-old girl that darted in front of his vehicle in a grocery store parking lot.

As is apparent in the attached surveillance video, the car in which the child was riding stops in the middle of the parking lot. The girl jumps out, runs behind the vehicle and straight into the path of Manuel’s truck. When Manuel attempted to climb out of his truck to check on the child, three of the kiddos relatives jumped him.

“At one point, I was going to pass out,” said 49-year-old Manuel. “They were hitting my face, they were hitting me, hitting me.”

Both Manuel and the child were taken to the hospital for treatment and later released. No word on the girl’s injuries, but authorities said they were minor. Manuel suffered cuts, swelling and contusions to his face during the rumble, which police say had to be broken up by witnesses.…

Parents Charged After Baby Drowns In Bathtub

September 1, 2011 at 4:16 am by  

Albuquerque, NM — The she-beast to the left is 35-year-old Marisa Tso – both she and her man, 27-year-old Christopher Richards, are behind bars after their 10-month-old son drowned in the bathtub.

Tso and Richards apparently had better things to do than to hang out with their offspring Friday evening, so they plopped the baby in the tub with his 2-year-old brother, locked themselves in a bedroom and proceeded to get their drink and nookie on.

Two hours had passed – yes, I said two hours – when their toddler, concerned about his little brother, knocked on the bedroom door and said, “Baby.” Oops, baby was dead. And, really…can you believe the nerve of that kid? Getting all dead and stuff, ruining mommy and daddy’s buzz? Damn brat…

Anyway, Richards reportedly tried to resuscitate the child while Tso coached and prayed to the Lord Jesus above to make her baby all better. Just kidding…Tso started picking up all the empties around the apartment. Wouldn’t want police and paramedics to think she was a slob now, would she?…

Los Lunas, NM — An man in jail died of a drug overdose and now his girlfriend is facing charges after police say the drugs were mailed to the dead man inside children’s paintings.

Joseph Segura died of a Suboxone overdose while in state prison last year. The drug, normally given to people trying to get off heroin, was smuggled into the prison inside watercolor paintings supposedly made by his kids.

At face value, the artwork looked like any other crappy artwork children make, accompanied with notes about missing and loving daddy. But the paint used to create the yellow sun and duck was spiked.

Police say his girlfriend, 47-year-old Shari Stone, crushed up Suboxone and mixed it into the paint so that when Segura got the artwork, he would simply lick the paintings and catch one hell of a buzz.

Not any more of course, as he’s dead and his girlfriend is looking at a charge of involuntary manslaughter, bringing contraband onto prison grounds, conspiracy to commit bringing contraband onto prison grounds and distribution of a controlled substance.…

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Police say a quick thinking father of two stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park when he saved a little girl he watched get stuffed into a van.

A 6-year-old girl was on her way home after walking to pick up some tostadas from a neighbor when 29-year-old Phillip Garcia grabbed her and shoved her into his van.

Unfortunately for Garcia, and fortunately for the girl, Antonio Diaz Chacon witnessed the entire incident.

“The way he grabbed her and threw her into the van, I knew it wasn’t right,” said Chacon, who was in the area using a relatives washing machine after his had broken.

Chacon jumped in his car and began following Garcia while calling 911. Garcia would crash the van several times as Chacon chased him through the neighborhood, stopping only when he ran the van into a telephone pole a mile-and-a-half away from the girl’s home. When Garcia jumped out and fled on foot, Chacon took the girl out of the van and then took her home.…

SANTA FE, N.M. — A rollover crash put an end to a day long crime spree perpetuated by two 15-year-olds and a 12-year-old.

This crash was a footnote to a drug-fueled, crime-filled day for the boys that began early Sunday morning when they stole two bikes from a mobile home.

They then waited for a homeowner to leave so they could use a rock to bust a window and get inside. The trio drove off in a vehicle using a set of keys they snagged from inside the home.

Police were called after the 12-year-old, who was driving, almost hit an off-duty cop in an unmarked vehicle. This led to a high-speed chase that ended with the boy flipping the car.

Police would find stolen electronic equipment in the car along with three stoned boys who admitted they had already sold some of their loot to buy drugs and had been smoking weed right before the crash.

They were all taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

Get this… the 12 year-old has been on probation since he was 10 and wears GPS tracking bracelet.…

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