NORTH HAVERHILL, NH – A 19-year-old is facing a possible seven years behind bars if he is found guilty of helping his roommate commit suicide.

According to prosecutors, Parker Hogan assisted in the suicide of his roommate, Michael Buskey, who was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound earlier this month.

Although Buskey’s death was ruled a suicide, police arrested Hogan and charged him with causing or aiding a suicide involving death, along with three counts of falsifying physical evidence.

Police say Hogan told them Buskey had a court date and did not want to go to jail. So the two went into a wooded area near their apartment where they practiced how Buskey would shoot himself.

Hogan then left the woods, waited until he heard a gunshot then returned to make sure Buskey was dead. He removed a phone from Buskey’s pocket that had been playing a song on repeat.

He brought back the gun and a suicide note before calling police and Buskey’s father the next morning.

“I think there’s a lot more behind it,” Buskey’s mother said about her son’s death.…

BRIDGEWATER, NH – A 12-year-old girl was killed after her father accidentally ran her over with a power boat.

According to the New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol, Zoe Anderson was with her family learning to water ski on Newfound Lake when she fell.

As her father, Sherwood Anderson, turned the boat towards where his daughter had fallen in order to bring back the ski line, his attention “was momentarily distracted as his hat was blown from his head,” according to police.

Although Anderson had put the boat into neutral, it glided over Zoe at a slow speed and she was struck by the boat’s propeller, causing serious injuries to her torso. Zoe’s mother and 14-year-old sister were also on the boat when she was struck.

“Family members did enter the water and were able to remove the victim from the water,” Sgt. Joshua Dirth said. “At that point. they did call 911, and they made transport back to the shoreline.”

First responders attempted to revive her with CPR while waiting on a medical helicopter, but officials said Zoe died before she could be transported.…

Merrimack, NH — Jodi Ecklund is facing a heap of charges after barricading herself in her apartment last Saturday, holding police at bay for several hours with threats of violence and death.

All this, police say, because of her boyfriend’s lackluster comment about the spaghetti dinner she dished up for him.

Jason Martin told police Ecklund made him a spaghetti dinner, asking him afterward what he thought about it. “It was OK,” he replied. It was then, he said, she went all kinds of bipolar on him.

Martin claims Ecklund punched him in the face and arm and scratched his hand. After he left the apartment, he said, Ecklund locked the door.

When police arrived on scene, they were informed by Martin that there were guns in the home — a Glock 9mm and a M4 rifle.

Police could hear Ecklund yelling inside of the apartment, screaming at them to “get the (bleep) out of there!” She threatened to kill the officers if they entered, and/or harm herself.

When police attempted to gain entrance, Ecklund told them to go right ahead….…

Jose Orta-SantanaBRENTWOOD, NH — Jose Orta-Santana is behind bars after the 25-year-old was accused of breaking multiple bones in his 3-month-old son’s body.

Police said they became involved after the boy was taken to the hospital on Saturday suffering a seizure.

The boy was airlifted to Boston where doctors there found he was suffering from two skull fractures and 17 broken bones, from his ribs to his toes. Orta-Santana’s son had to be placed in a medically induced coma.

When questioned, Orta-Santana admitted to police that he had punched his son in the head several times on Saturday after becoming frustrated with him.

No word on if he admitted to breaking 6% of his son’s bones in the last three months, but investigators believe some of the boy’s injuries happened around the time he was born.

Jose Orta-Santana was arrested and charged with felony first- and second-degree assault. He is currently being held on a $100,000 bond.

“This is probably the most serious child abuse case that we’ve dealt with in a long, long time,” said Chief Kevin Cyr.…

Jerry CarrierNEWPORT, NH  – Jerry Carrier is facing first degree assault charges after he shook his three-month-old baby again, the latest shaking the result of the 26-year-old man-child becoming upset at a video game.

In early January, police were called to a home after Carrier’s baby showed signs of distress. The child was taken to the hospital and released, only to return to the hospital the next day because he couldn’t keep food down. The infant remained in the hospital for a couple of days, police said.

Two weeks later, at a different home, a similar scenario played out. This time the infant was found by his mother and was described as limp with his eyes rolled back in its head, unresponsive, not breathing, and blue.

The baby was transported back to the hospital where it was determined that the infant’s injuries were the result of “non-accidental trauma” and were very similar to the injuries it had suffered two weeks prior while also under Carrier’s care.

Carrier, who has no fixed address, was on parole during these two instances for second degree assault, for an incident that did not involve a minor.…

Lorraine AugustineManchester, NH — A homeless woman believed to be suffering from some sort of mental illness was charged earlier this week after allegedly beating up a toddler outside a Market Basket grocery store.

The toddler’s mother, Krystan Lambert, told a reporter from WMUR she was walking out of the store with her 2-year-old daughter, Sonya, and another child she was babysitting, when she felt Sonya’s hand ripped from her grasp.

“All of a sudden my daughter’s on the ground crying and this woman’s reaching over, swinging at her, trying to hit her,” Lambert said.

That woman, identified as 47-year-old Lorraine Augustine, was swingin’ and refused to let up. Lambert said the woman started circling her, taunting her, trying to get at the child. Augustine apparently removed one of the child’s pink boots and attempted to beat her with it.

“She was swinging at her while I’m picking her up, trying to shield her with my body and trying to kick and push the woman away any time she got near me,” Lambert said.…

Thomas GoodnessCONCORD, NH  – A hypnotist has been charged with sexual assault after he allegedly took some indecent liberties with a woman he thought was under a trance.

According to the victim, 59-year old Thomas Goodness agreed to help her with a particular disorder she suffers from. She trusted Goodness because she’s had several sessions with him in the past, and he’s a member of her extended family who she’s known for years.

While not a professional hypnotist, Goodness has taken formal classes in hypnosis to help people with issues like weight loss, and stopping smoking. However, the last session the victim had with Goodness deviated a bit from the norm and went something like this:

Goodness: Now, it’s time to concentrate and relax. I’d like you to focus on the bright silver dot on the wall, look at that dot and relax.
[Several minutes later]
Goodness: You are very relaxed now, you are safe here. Trust your subconscious mind to tell the truth. Feel free to let it narrate and tell me what it is saying.…

Charles PrestonNASHUA, NH — A father and son picked the wrong bingo game to rob the other night and ended up behind bars after some bingo volunteers fought back.

The failed robbery attempt happened last Saturday night at the Eagle’s Wing Function Center, where The Blessed John Church was wrapping up their weekly Saturday night bingo game. As one of the bingo volunteers was counting money and getting payouts ready, 46-year-old Charles Preston walked in to the office and demanded money.

“He just waltzed right in, threw a lunch bag cooler at me and said ‘throw the money in the bag’,” says the volunteer who wanted to remain anonymous. “I just sat there staring at him.” Preston wasn’t happy with the staring and tried a little motivation technique by pulling out a gun and saying, “This ain’t a joke, put the (expletive) money in the bag.”

Still not getting the reaction he was looking for, Preston put his gun down and started putting some of the $15,000 in the bag himself.…

Unique GouldNashuah, NH – The 2-year-old boy who suffered a head injury two weeks ago has died and now his mother, 21-year-old Unique Gould, is facing manslaughter charges.

Prosecutors say that on April 25, Unique used her hand to repeatedly hit Devon on the head, face, and buttocks.  “Gould made admissions that she ‘blacked out’ at one point, and admitted to hitting (him) very hard,” said Detective Marc Anderson.

Following the beating, Devon became unresponsive and slept for 18 to 20 hours. Being the brilliant woman she is, she tried to rouse Devon by shaking him and placing him in the shower. Gold only called 911 after family members and roommates threatened to do so themselves if she didn’t.

Devon was rushed to a Massachusetts hospital where it was determined he had a catastrophic brain injury and was suffering from inter-cranial bleeding. Unique was arrested and charged with first-degree assault.

Those charges would be upgraded to manslaughter on Monday after Devon passed away upon removal from life support last week. …

Boston, MA — After two weeks on the run, a couple wanted by police for the alleged beating and burning of a 3-year-old boy have been apprehended at a Florida theme park.

Earlier this month, arrest warrants were issued for 23-year-old  Jessica Linscott and 27-year-old Roland Dow, after Linscott’s 3-year-old son was dropped of at Exeter Hospital suffering from head trauma and burns to his arms.

The couple stated that his injuries were self-inflicted, but doctor’s determined the boy had been abused and contacted police. Authorities gave the couple the option of turning themselves in, but they took the opportunity to go on the run.

It took investigators two weeks, but after countless hours searching combined with tips from the community, the couple were finally located at Universal Studios in Orlando. Marshals spent all day Wednesday in the park searching for the couple, finally finding them at the end of the day just as they had finished watching a parade.

Linscott and Dow were booked into the Orange County Jail, and are being held pending their arraignment on fugitive from justice charges in Florida.…

Hampton, NH – Eric Carrier, 24, has been charged with one felony count of attempt to commit indecent exposure after allegedly faking a brain injury so he could get a caregiver to change his soiled adult diaper.

Indecent exposure is one of those things at which I think most people are pretty good if they want to be.  There’s not much to it, frankly.  Undress, or partially undress, in front of someone who doesn’t want to see your junk and BAM!  It’s magically easy.  You have to be a moron to be charged with “attempt to commit indecent exposure,” right?

Carrier apparently managed it, though it seems to have taken him a few tries.

He was convicted of five counts of full-fledged indecent exposure on July 30th after posing as a 22-year-old disabled man whose brain injury had left him incapable of controlling his bowels.  Other reports of similar incidents existed at the time of that investigation, but they were beyond the statute of limitations and could not be pursued.…

Epping, NH — A woman in New Hampshire was arrested four times in 26 hours for playing AC\DC and Guns ‘n Roses too loudly.

Epping police said they were at the home of 53-year-old Joyce Coffey, responding to a noise complaint, and could hear AC\DC’s “Highway to Hell” blaring from inside the home while sitting in their police car.

They issued Coffey a warning about the music but were called back to the house an hour later. They could hear Guns ‘n Roses playing from inside her home, so they arrested her. Five hours after being released from jail, police got another call regarding loud music coming from her home and Coffey was arrested a second time.

After being released, police say they were called back to her home about 1:10 a.m. Wednesday morning after receiving yet another report of loud music. For the third time, Coffey was arrested for wanting to rock out with her cock out.

The fifth and final call to police regarding Coffey was not one about loud music, but rather a domestic disturbance.…

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