LAKE CITY, FL – An inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution murdered his cellmate, gouged out his eyes, then strolled to breakfast with the victim’s ear on a necklace.

The incident happened early Thursday inside a cell being shared by 58-year-old Larry Mark and another man who has not been identified.

Mark was reportedly aggravating his cellmate to the point that his cellmate strangled him to death. But the cellmate wasn’t done.

After killing Mark, the man gouged out Mark’s eyeballs and placed them in a cup. He reportedly told other inmates he planned to eat them later.

Mark’s body was not discovered until after his killer showed up for breakfast with other inmates and began showing off Mark’s ear that he had fashioned into a stylish necklace.

Unconfirmed reports state Mark’s killer had recently been transferred to Columbia from Florida State Prison where he had been on Death Row.

Obviously, I don’t know Mark so I can’t comment on his character or if he deserved the death he got. However, he was serving a life sentence for beating a cab driver’s skull in for $35 and a wedding ring.…

LACEY, WA – Police in Lacey believe they have a serial cat killer in their midst after a 13th cat was found mutilated in public areas.

In a truly macabre twist on that chilling staple of true crime, the serial killer, pet cats in Thurston County, Washington are being abducted, slaughtered and mutilated in a ritualized manner reminiscent of Saucy Jack.

The string of feline mutilation/murders began in February. One after another, the grisly, slaughtered remains of pet cats began turning up in public places, almost as if, according to authorities, they were being intentionally left on display to be found.

Authorities believe all of the killings are related because of a specific common mutilation.

The Pet Predator (and yes, I’m calling dibs on the moniker) slices them open and removes the spine.

The body count hit thirteen on August 31st. Like the other victims, this was someone’s pet: the guy had taken it in as a stray kitten and raised it to adulthood.

I can’t even imagine. I would go full-on-Dexter.…

ARGENTINA – A 26-year-old woman in Argentina has been accused of using garden shears to cut off a man’s genitals.

The incident happened on Saturday night in an affluent neighborhood in Cordoba. That’s where Brenda Barattini used garden shears to cut off the genitals of 40-year-old Sergio Fernandez, a singer of the reggae\ska band La Coca Fernandez.

Sergio lived, but Brenda did some serious, life-long damages. According to reports, she didn’t just take a little off the top, she took off everything — the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.

Sergio was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to save his life, but it was unclear if doctor’s where able to reattach anything. As for a motive behind Brenda mutilating Sergio… well that depends on who is telling the story.

Brenda’s lawyer said his client was just defending herself from a sexual attack. He says that Brenda invited Sergio over to her apartment, and that once he was inside he tried to rape her. She was just acting in self-defense, he said.…

Christopher SermaNORTH NAPLES, FL – Four years ago we reported on Christopher Serna, the psycho who decapitated his new girlfriend and pinned her nipples to a door. On Friday he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Last year Serna’s defense attorney was talking about using the insanity defense, which is rarely used despite what television and movies will have you believe, and barring the gruesome crime scene photos from being seen by potential jurors.

I guess they changed their mind and figured a plea deal  and a half-century behind bars was the best they were ever gonna get for their client.

“This saved the family from having to relive the case and hear again what he did to her,” said Samantha Syoen, a spokeswoman for the state attorney. “In many people’s eyes, this is virtually a life sentence.”

I can sort of understand the family of Suzane Bishop agreeing to the deal and not rehashing the details of Bishop’s murder in court, complete with crime scene photos, as they were pretty horrific.…

Jenea MungiaHOUSTON, TX – A 4-year-old child is in critical condition after his mother viciously attacked him with a garden tool and mutilated his sexual organs.

A call to 911 by a passing FedEx driver alerted police to a woman who appeared to be giving a child CPR in the driveway of a home. The FedEx driver, Netha Preston, soon realized that woman was not trying to save the child when she witnessed the woman slamming the boy’s head onto the edge of the driveway.

“I thought she was giving him CPR, but then she started slamming his head on the edge of the concrete driveway. I turned so I could see, and she raised the knife and started stabbing the baby. She had to be sick, or on drugs,” said Preston. “It’s no way somebody could do their blood like that. There’s no way.”

When deputies arrived they found 23-year-old Jenea Mungia flipping her shit armed with a garden tool, naked from the waist up on top of her 4-year-old boy.…

Klamath, CA – Two years ago we reported on Jarrod Wyatt, a mixed-martial artist who was accused of ripping out his friend’s heart after the two ingested some hallucinogenic mushroom tea. Last Thursday, Wyatt pleaded guilty to murder and mayhem charges.

Back in March 2010, a then 26-year-old Wyatt and his sparring partner, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, were drinking tea brewed with hallucinogenic mushrooms. People who were at the home at the time stated Wyatt began mumbling about a coming tidal wave and the end of the world before he started fighting with Powell. When Wyatt and Powell were left alone in the home, Wyatt became convinced Powell was the devil.

When one of their friends showed up at the home later, he saw Wyatt on the couch next to his Powell’s mutilated corpse. Wyatt had removed most of Powell’s face, including his tongue, and had cut out his heart while the man was still alive. According to the probable cause statement, a large incision in the chest could be seen, and other unspecified body parts had been removed.…

Dallas, TX — Police have charged a 28-year-old woman with murder after they say she cut off a man’s genitals before stabbing him to death while in a Texas motel room.

A security guard at a Motel 6 contacted police to report he had heard a loud argument going on between a man and women in one of the motel’s third-floor rooms. He told them that when he went to investigate, he witnessed Cristal Richardson walking down the hall naked and covered in blood.

Responding police were let into the room by the motel manager, and there they found the dead body of 34-year-old Cedric Owens. According to the medical report, Owens had suffered, “multiple stab wounds to his upper body, his throat was cut and there was traumatic amputation of the penis and scrotum.”

Richardson was treated at the hospital for minor, offensive injuries to her hands before being booked on a charge of murder with bond set at $200,000.

The two were casual acquaintances who both have criminal records that include assault and drug related convictions. …

Canton, NY — A man who was mutilated has been awarded awarded $2.3 million by a state Supreme Court after suing the man who mutilated him. I’d say he earned it, though.

According to court document, 27-year-old Harry E. Klages II had a party at his apartment in Massena, New York in January 2008. Andrew W. Lesperance, 51, attended the party and reportedly only met Klages earlier that night. Police were called after Klages phoned his father to say he had done something “he wasn’t very proud of.”

Responding police would find Lesperance with one eyeball gouged out, the other eyeball sliced, his abdomen cut, his leg nearly severed below his hip, and having had his genitals cut off. All of this courtesy of Klages, who was reported to be intoxicated, high, and ‘possibly using other drugs.’

Klages would later claim that he attacked Lesperance in response to ‘sexual misconduct,’ but prosecutors called “bullshit.” Klages – who was on probation at the time of the attack – would accept a plea deal in 2009 that resulted in a sentence of 38 years in prison.…

Jackson, MI— Since the decapitated body of 59 year-old Shirley Meeks was found in her Reed Manor apartment on Saturday, police have arrested her neighbor and information has come to light concerning a man that may be as deeply troubled as he is intelligent… and who is certainly as fascinating as anything on television.

Meeks was found in her apartment by her neighbors. There were signs of forced entry and blood all over the walls. Reports now indicate that her head had been removed.

Pictured for your enjoyment is 46 year-old Leo Joseph Kwaske. If he looks a tad effeminate in his mugshot, it may have something to do with the fact that when police arrested him, Kwaske was dressed as a woman. I mention this not because we here at the DD are hate-mongers or homophobes (as members of another website may or may not have suggested- thanks for the hits, at least) but because it took me a good 20 minutes to realize this was not a picture of the victim.…

North Naples, FL — Florida State Attorney’s Office released a 200-page document Wednesday describing the crime scene encountered by Collier County deputies when they responded to a 911 call on July 26th of this year. It was not good.

The call to 911 was made by the parents of  the apartment dweller, Christopher Serna, 34. Serna’s parents had reportedly found him in the apartment covered in blood and thought he had been the victim of an assault.

The new documents from the State Attorney’s Office, however, describe Collier County deputies finding the bloody Serna sitting on a black box shaking uncontrollably. He wouldn’t respond to their questions.

With little progress being made, a deputy went looking around the apartment. In the living room, the deputy found the head of a woman who would later be identified as Suzanne Bishop, 45. Documents describe a metal rod with a black rubber handle protruding from her head.

Suzanne Bishop’s body was discovered on the floor of the master bedroom. Next to her, investigators saw two knives and a baseball bat.…

Liverpool, UK – Two men squared off outside of a late night club in Liverpool.  The disagreement:  a girl.

This was not a typical bar fight, though.  This time – after one of the men got the upper hand – he reportedly administered a beatdown that was described as “barbaric.”  There isn’t much doubt, either.  The whole thing was recorded on a security camera mounted on the front of the club.

According to police, Laurence Richard McGinn, 28, confronted an unidentified 31-year-old victim outside a popular nightspot, Funkybox, at 6:20am on Saturday – just after the club closed.  Liverpool licensing officer PC Stuart Moore described the fight like this:

The footage shows a fight between two males.  The victim and the assailant could be seen brawling in the street. Both males fall to the floor and there’s a struggle.  A second male appears to be protecting the people [fighting] to make sure the fight continues and the assailant starts reigning blows [on the victim].

There are nine consecutive punches while he lies on the floor.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Charges of animal cruelty have been filed against 20-year-old Angelina Barnes in the Oklahoma County district court after authorities say she mutilated the 15-year-old family cat.

Barnes’ relative arrived at their Oklahoma City home in March to total darkness.  “There were things done to the house like covering light switches with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the light,” OKC MSgt. Gary Knight said.

Barnes was found in an outfit she planned to wear to the Lady Gaga concert; a long rain coat and streaks of what turned out to be cat blood on her face, according to the court affidavit.

Barnes’ relative “became very afraid that the suspect was going to try to do harm to her,” MSgt. Knight said. The police officer reported Barnes asked her step-aunt for help and was taken to a hospital. There, she “pulled a jagged piece of glass from her purse and said she was going to hurt the male intake nurse,” the officer reported.

Back at the scene, investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom along with the dead cat.…

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