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Sally StruthersHERE, NOW – It’s that time again! Time for me to ask that you please help support the site with your hard-earned dough. Last time went pretty well, but this time I’m going a different route by echoing the successful CCF commercials featuring Sally Struthers I hated so much.

So here goes nothing:

ANNOUNCER: For about one dollar you can buy a can of soda, regular or diet. For Dreamin’ Demon, a dollar a month can help feed a site administrator, like Morbid, nourishing meals from area gas stations.

For one dollar you can also buy a cup of coffee. For one dollar a month you can help a “writer” like Morbid get the alcohol he needs to read and write all the depressing articles featured on Dreamin’ Demon on a daily basis.

For one dollar you can buy a pack of gum, plain or sugarless. For one dollar a month, you can help a forum moderator, like Morbid, receive treatment for the various STDs he picks up from online hookups.

Pulpit Of Doom Podcast 8-22-2013

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Pod822Here, Now – The latest edition of the Pulpit of Doom Podcast is ready for those of you lame asses unable to make the show last night.

A big thanks to everyone who showed up to listen to me and Athena talk about the new forums and the Workshop addition that allows members to create their own stories for possible publication.

Of course we also discussed the top 10 stories circulating the site for the last week. It was an interesting mix of topics, including Munchausen by Proxy, the Erica Parsons case and why I am still not convinced they murdered the girl, trying juveniles as adults and why, despite what you may think and what they are accused of doing, is normally not a good idea.

We also discuss what size a baby has to be before it will disrupt the normal operations of a toilet, the dangers of masturbating in front of your webcam, and why I have no issues charging a drunk driver with a degree of murder but have big issues doing the same for a teen who kills someone while driving like an idiot.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 4-19-2013

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Bible BearHere, Now – Thanks to all of you who showed up to our Friday night edition of the Pulpit of Doom. Our regular Thursday show went bust because, as I found out later, BlogTalkRadio was suffering DDOS attacks from person(s) unknown.

After some initial connection problems and me gagging on some terrible tasting Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer, myself and Jaded discussed the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week.

These included abusing babies because you like it, shooting your parents over Bible verses, tossing your baby on a public bus, permanent ways to stop a baby from crying, why stupid people with children should not be allowed in zoos, being molested by strangers on airplanes, apologetic rapists who offer advice to their victims, and, as usual, being mauled to death by dogs. Good times, good times.

We also talk about the addition of new and returning writers, talked a bit about the Boston bombings with a fan, and a whole lot more!  …

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 4-11-2013

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preacherHere, Now – Nice crowd last night and we appreciate every one of you who stopped by and shot the shit with us while we conducted another Pulpit of Doom podcast. Jaded returned from whatever rehab center she was visiting this month to co-host, and my cursing got progressively worse the drunker I got.

I found out later that some of you were having difficulties hearing the stream, so hopefully the show below will be more listenable. As usual, we discussed the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week, including children in hospitals and the fake nurses who molest them, the etiquette of eating a friend when starving and why you should never go camping with me, unsuccessfully drowning your children, dog attacks caused by idiot animal owners, children who commit suicide after snitching, women who shove dildos up their kids’ ass, and much, much more.

We also talked about the suicide of Retheah Parson, where I tried to explain my worries regarding online mob justice a little better than I did in the comments of that article.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 4-04-2013

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spankinHere, Now – Thanks everyone who stopped by and chatted while we conducted another Pulpit of Doom podcast last night. I unintentionally got drunk before we went on, and got increasingly drunker as the show progressed. I was feeling pre-tay good.

As usual, we discussed the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week, including attack of the baby mamas, selling your kids for fun and profit, April Fool’s pranks and the psycho girlfriends who play them, murder- suicide on the green, getting slap-happy with other people’s kids, evil pit bulls and the babies they eat, and the dangers of muddin’ while drunk. We also talked about corporal punishment, and the racist comments that show up on the site (and why some are allowed).

After we went off the air, Athena and myself talked a bit about firearms, and how much fun they are to shoot. We also answer a caller who had listened to the entire show via their phone, and let her express her fanatical adoration for me and my writing.…

Pulpit of Doom Podcast 3-28-2012

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crazy pit bullHere, Now – I would like to thank everyone who turned out to last night’s Pulpit of Doom Podcast with me and Athena. I can’t speak for Athena, but for once, I was completely sober. It turned out pretty good and I think my “uhs” and “ums” were at a bare minimum as I didn’t catch any shit from PaganOne about it yet.

As usual, we talked about the top 10 stories circulating on the site for the last week, including women killing children,  the Backpage Cock Gobbler, child neglect, minors and the old cheerleaders who love them, beating kids until they pass out, and starving toddlers living with a corpse. But the majority of the time was spent talking about teenage suicide – where I went on my usual rant on why it’s retarded that personal finance and mental health are not required courses in our children’s schools – and pit bulls eating children.

The latter of which I explain my stance on the breed – especially since I get accused of hating them so much.…

Morbid’s Top 25 Horror Movies Of The Decade!

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Seeing as we are moving into the 2010’s I figured I might as well take advantage of some “best of the decade” type lists as they may be the only ones this site may ever have, starting with my personal list of best horror films from the last 10 years. And holy crap did this take a lot longer to put together than I initially thought. Most know that my tastes in film usually lean towards the twisted. So when it comes to horror, that is no exception. Admittedly I am a gorehound, but only in regards to the technical aspects. I love special effects, but gore does not make a horror movie for me and my favorite horror films are normally ones that deviate from tried-and-true formulas and get under your skin. Aside from the trailer for each entry, I have also added my thoughts. So let’s get going by starting with number 25 and working our way up to my top pick. …

Dreamin’ Demon Podcast 09/14/2008

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Huffin’ The Can Edition

Welcome to another Dreamin’ Demon Podcast. It is pretty unedited and is about Caylee, Caylee and more Caylee. Also hanging out with us, a special guest. Tonight, on a special edition of the Dreamin’ Demon podcast.…

Better, Stronger, Faster?

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Update: Well, we are back up and running. More details at end of article

Bigger, Better on dreamindemon.com

Hang in there everyone. I know it has been a pain in the ass…trust me, it has been a bigger pain in my ass…but we finally have our new server. I will be moving the site over to it within the next day or so. This should resolve the slowness issues and disconnections we ALL have been experiencing.

Note from imp ~This part might be important if something goes to hell and the site crashes or goes down for a bit – Morbid is working on moving the entire site over the next 24-36 hours. This means taking the entire thing piece by piece and moving it from one server to the other. There is a very slim chance that the site might go a little wonky or go down entirely for a bit. If this happens, DO NOT PANIC. If you have Twitter, you can just follow us or me (impqueen) and we will update that way.…

Dreamin’ Demon Podcast 8/01/08

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Fuck ‘Em If They Can’t Take A Joke Edition

Well, we finally got off of our ass and threw together another podcast. It’s just me and Imp, so if you don’t like to listen to us there isn’t anything here for ya’. Nothing at the end, but I doubt many of you will even make it that far. Enjoy! 🙂…

Dreamin’ Demon Podcast 5/11/2008

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Sorry to make things confusing as we figure out exactly how we want these podcasts posted, but we have decided to make individual posts on each podcast, with a summary, and also just list the individual podcasts on the podcast page. This will also make it easier for people to comment on the individual podcasts.

So with that, read on for more info on our very first podcast.…

True Crime: Why We Do What We Do

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The Dreamin’ Demon is a website that deals with true crime, but we are not one of those stuffy “true crime websites”. What’s the difference? you ask, because you are ever so curious. And here is where we’re gonna tell you.

We are devoted to exposing the asshats of the world, the idiots and cretins and rapists and murderers and wifebeaters and husband-killers and deerfuckers that cross our laptops every day. And they do. Every day. There are so many more stories than we can write up and publish – we post a few stories a day, but we could easily put up twenty if we didn’t have day jobs.

Our mission: Public Shaming. We believe that public shaming plays a vital role in curtailing unconscionable acts in society. We don’t put criminals in stocks in the center of town anymore. Maybe we should. The cockroaches of the world hate to have light shined on them, but by doing so, we are reminding other cockroaches that they, too, risk having their face in public for everyone’s pointing, laughing amusement.…

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