Joshua OrtizOVIEDO, FL – Police have arrested 20-year-old Joshua Ortiz after they say he beat and strangled his mother to death.

According to police, Ortiz got into a fight with two of his brothers because Ortiz was hungry and had not eaten in three days. Afterwards, the two brothers left the home to get a haircut and Ortiz was last seen by a family friend hiding in some bushes.

When the brothers returned home they found Ortiz was gone, along with their mother’s 2005 Ford Mustang, and their mother, Jacqueline, was dead on the floor inside the home.

“My mother’s not breathing and she does not have a pulse,” the brothers told 911 dispatchers. “She’s just on the floor right next to the pantry, when we got back. She has bruises on her face that would indicate that she was (expletive) struck or something.”

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done for the woman and she was pronounced dead. According to the arrest warrant, Jacqueline had been strangled to death.…

Stafford, Va. – Remember Ashleigh Dye? She’s the 17-year-old chick I posted about last week who was charged with murdering her mother during some kind of domestic altercation. Well it looks like my comment of about a guy being involved was 100 percent correct after the teen’s boyfriend was also arrested and charged.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this story, and cannot click links, Brenda Dye, 62, was found dead inside her home sometime around 6 p.m. on Tuesday. She was found by her husband and son in one of the home’s bathrooms where she had been shot in the upper torso with a shotgun. Ashleigh, her daughter, was quickly picked up and charged with committing the murder.

Details from court records reveal that the house had been rummaged through with papers, medications and other items having been tossed around in multiple rooms. One affidavit states Ashleigh admitting to detectives that she shot her mother and then left in her mother’s vehicle.

Ashleigh’s 18-year-old boyfriend, Eddie Wayne Chewning, was charged with being an accessory before the fact of first-degree murder and being an accessory before the fact of using a firearm in the commission of a felony because, according to the affidavits, Ashleigh reportedly texted him before and after murdering her mother.…

Stafford, Va. – Virginia police say a 17-year-old girl has been charged with murdering her mother after an argument.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said 62-year-old Brenda Dye’s husband and son found her dead inside her home sometime around 6 p.m. on Tuesday. She had been shot in the upper torso with a shotgun.

Yesterday, her 17-year-old daughter, Ashleigh Dye (Facebook), was charged with first-degree murder and placed in the Rappahannock Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

Lots of comments from friends and family on the news articles I linked to. Feelings of shock and grief, particularly on Brenda’s Facebook page. I read through some of the comments, and aside from this taking everyone by surprise, Brenda seemed like a pretty nice lady.

There are some signs of trouble between the two in a couple of their exchanges at the end of June, but I didn’t go much further than that because for some reason I felt bad snooping around on her page. Normally I don’t care and like to look through the pages for hints of things to come, but the lady just seemed so damn nice.…

FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.Y. — Police have charged 14-year-old Dilan Clark with the murder of his mother, 45-year-old Karen Bourdon-Clark.

Early Monday morning the victim’s adopted daughter called 911 to report her mother was being assaulted in the home. When police arrived they found Clark dead from having been stabbed to death, and her 14-year-old daughter unharmed. Clark’s adopted son had fled the scene.

For five hours police searched for Dilan, finally locating him after someone called 911 to report he was sitting in front of their house. Police picked him up at the residence without incident and subsequently charged him with second degree murder. He has been charged as an adult.

So far there have been no official reports on what sparked the argument, but rumors are it was over his cell phone being taken away.  School District Superintendent Wayne Waldridge is a good friend of the family and expressed shock at the news. “I have no idea what prompted him. He’s a good kid. I’ve been around him for a number of years,” Waldridge said.…

Houston, TX — Twin brothers are currently in jail, charged with letting their elderly mother die on the floor of her home and then living with her rotting corpse for several months.

Neighbors became concerned for 89-year-old Sybil Berndt after not seeing her for several months, so a welfare check was placed. When an officer arrived at the woman’s home he was let in by the her twin sons, Edward Larry Berndt and Edwin Christian Berndt, both 48. Inside the stinking home, the officer found Mrs. Berndt on the floor where she had been rotting since January.

The brothers would confess to police that on January 10 they had been trying to enjoy the BCS Championship football game when their mother came in to the room ranting and raving. She also fell and was unable to get up. The two men told police they didn’t have the money to get professional medical treatment, so they went the home remedy route. This entailed them leaving her on the floor.

She remained conscious for one day, and finally died after three days on the floor without food or water, one day after her 89th birthday.…

PHOENIX – Here’s a strange one out of Arizona. A woman initially thought to have died in a car crash had actually been choked to death by her son before the accident.

Tina Ferlet, 41, and her 74-year-old grandmother had travelled to Southern California from Oklahoma to pick up Tina’s teenage son, 16-year-old Nathan Ferlet and his 20-year-old girlfriend. They were on their way back to Oklahoma to try and get Nathan help for his mental illness.

At around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, while his grandmother was driving through Phoenix, the teen leaned up from the backseat where he was sitting with his girlfriend, and began choking his mom sitting in the passenger seat.

The grandmother pulled into a convenience store parking lot and got out to get help, only to jump in the backseat when the teen got in the driver’s seat and drove off.

Nathan’s grandmother and girlfriend tried to get him to stop the car but he didn’t until an hour and 42 minutes later when he struck another vehicle.…

Maywood, CA — Authorities said Moises Meraz- Espinoza walked into the Huntington Park Police Station with an unidentified family member Friday afternoon, asked for an officer, and confessed to killing his mother.

While investigating the gruesome claim, authorities discovered the body of a dismembered female in the freezer of the home Espinoza shares with his mother. She had apparently been hacked into several pieces with a saw before being frozen. Though police haven’t confirmed the woman’s identity, relatives say Espinoza’s mother hasn’t been seen since last Monday.

Family members told KTLA that Espinoza had been acting strange lately and may have been suffering from depression after his girlfriend was killed in a car crash four months ago.

One family member reported that she got a phone call from Espinoza in which he admitted to cutting up his mother with a saw. “I knew either he was gonna harm himself or someone but not just her, not her,” she said.

Espinoza was booked on suspicion of murder and is being held without bail.…

BIG PRAIRIE, Ohio — A 10-year-old boy is currently in custody after using a .22-caliber rifle to shoot and kill his mother, allegedly after an argument over him retrieving firewood. Police found 46-year-old Deborah L. McVay laying face down on the floor of the trailer she shared with her son and 15-year-old daughter after responding to a 911 call from a neighbor. According to the daughter who witnessed the shooting,  McVay and her son had been arguing over her request that the boy go out and retrieve firewood when the boy left the room and returned brandishing a rifle he had gotten as a gift from his now deceased grandfather. Without using the rifle’s sight, he simply pointed the gun at his mother and fired, hitting her in the temple. He then ran from the trailer and had a neighbor call police. In the background of the 911 call you can hear the boy screaming he had shot his mother. The boy was taken into custody  and charged with delinquency by virtue of committing murder.…

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Police have charged 32-year-old Dominic Chagolla with murder, saying he stabbed his mother to death then hid her body in the back of her car. Last Wednesday, the family of 50-year-old Maria Chagolla contacted police after she never returned home after leaving to drop off her son. Dominic showed up alone an hour later and was very evasive as to the whereabouts of his mother. Police would locate Maria’s body five days later on the floor in the back of her car covered with a blanket. She had multiple stab wounds to her face, including both of her eyes. Dominic claims he is innocent, having last seen his mother after she dropped him off so he could go jogging. But two witnesses said they saw a suspicious man in the neighborhood with a black gym bag later jump a fence without the gym bag. The two men found the gym bag in a neighbor’s trash and found bloody clothing and shoes matching what Dominic was seen wearing earlier that day.…

Brooklyn — Police say 31-year-old Michael L. Brea held his mother hostage and then hacked her to death with a samurai sword while screaming Bible passages. Neighbors reported hearing yelling and screaming coming from the 2nd floor apartment Brea shares with his mother, 55-year-old Yannick Brea, at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. “I hear the brother chasing her through the house and he’s just saying a bunch of like Bible passages like, ‘Repent, Repent, Repent,'” said one neighbor. “I heard him chasing her through the house and I hear a loud scream and so I have my father call the cops, call 911.” When police arrived they found a very combative Brea who they had to subdue with a Taser. Once inside the bloody apartment, they found his mother in another room. She had been hacked, stabbed and decapitated. Brea, who people say has never showed any signs of mental illness before, was transported to Kings County Hospital where he is under police guard. Brea is a Subway restaurant owner and an aspiring actor who starred in an episode of UGLY BETTY as well as a dancer in STEP UP 3D.…

Police: Son Brutally Bludgeoned Mother To Death

November 2, 2010 at 7:33 am by  

Hollywood, FL — Beau Bruneau called 911 Saturday morning and told the dispatcher, “I just tried to kill my mom. I hit her, then I hit her with a hammer and then with a brick.” When asked if his mother was conscious, the man replied, “No, she doesn’t have a brain, sir.” When first responders arrived at the home Beau shared with his mother, 69-year-old Nancy Bruneau, he was waiting for them. The broken and bloodied body of his mother lay in the front yard. She had suffered massive trauma to her skull above the nose and a large cut across her upper abdomen. Neighbors later said it appeared as if the scene were an especially gruesome Halloween display. A blood-stained knife, hammer and cinder block were found near Nancy’s body. Beau told police he thought his mother was trying to kill him by yelling at him and neglecting him. He said he tried to poison her by spiking her drink with lithium, but she caught him and yelled at him…that stressed him out.…

Teen Boy Kills His Mother With A Frying Pan

June 8, 2010 at 1:36 pm by  

FLINT, Mich. – While a 12-year-old girl stood outside of her home shaking, neighbors heard screams coming from inside. The little girl told them that her 17-year-old brother was hitting their mother with a frying pan. The neighbors kicked in the door but it was too late for Victoria Odom. She was found lying on the floor in a pool of blood with a knife beside her. She would die at the hospital from blunt force trauma. Her son would also be placed in the hospital in serious condition, reports stating he was seen with bandages on his arms when police took him from the home. No reports on how the kid got the injuries, but if the attack on his mother was not in self-defense, I am hoping mom went down fighting. No word on what sparked the fight, but neighbors called the family quiet and polite and that the boy was to graduate HS this year.…

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