Woman Accused Of Forcing Oral Sex On A Cable RepairmanPolice Looking For Mother Who Repeatedly Stabbed 11-Year-Old Daughter, Kidnapped 7-Year-Old DaughterMan Accused Of Intentionally Driving Into Restaurant, Killing Two Family MembersNorth Dakota Mother Killed Her Three Children Before Killing HerselfTwo Teens Climbed Tower Then Threw Puppy 100 Feet To Its DeathTeen, 16, Charged With Murder After Running Over Baltimore CopStepmom Arrested After Leading PI To Body Of Boy Missing Since FebruaryDrunk Mom Gets Kicked Out Of School Play, Assaults Officer, Floods Jail CellPolice Say Man Arrested After Getting Caught Performing Sex Act On 2-Year-OldMom Pleads Guilty To Letting Men Rape Her Little Girls For Cash

BRANDON, FL – Anthony Lee Humphries, 64, was arrested on several charges after purportedly giving neighborhood children a horrific show of him in the act of self-pleasure, and then giving chase when they fled.

According to reports, four children were playing together when they noticed a naked Humphries going to town on his junk in his home’s doorway. Authorities state that when the children spotted Humphries staring at them while committing acts generally considered private, they turned tail.  However, Humphries saw fit to throw on a pair of undies and chase after them.

Humphries is said to have chased the children through the streets but lost them after they went inside a house to hide. The kids underestimated Humphries’ tenacity because when they emerged a short time later, Humphries was still in the vicinity and gave chase again.

Police were called to the scene and Humphries informed them that he never had any contact with the children. He was arrested and charged with four counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition in front of a minor and detained on a $7,500 bond.…

Cincinnati, OH — Charles Marshall, 28, was cited for disorderly conduct late Wednesday after employees at a health clinic found him masturbating with a teddy bear in an alley behind the clinic.

As is evident by the title, this isn’t Marshall’s first go-round with the police or a stuffed animal – this is his fourth time he’s been busted for buggerin’ a stuffed bear.

According to the fine folks over at The Smoking Gun, Marshall was first arrested in February of 2010, after witnesses reported seeing him going to town on a teddy bear in the men’s room of a public library. That charge prompted a judge to ban Marshall from all public libraries in Hamilton County.

He was slapped with similar charges in November of that year. The arresting officer in that particular case noted on the police report that Marshall’s public indecency with a teddy bear had been an “ongoing problem.”

He was arrested once more in August of 2011. Police accused him of masturbating with a teddy bear in a place where minors were likely present.…

OCALA, FL – An Alabama woman was arrested in Florida late Sunday night after treating passing motorists on a busy freeway to a solo, sexy-time show.

The 35-year-old exobitionist, Ashley Holton, is said to have been driving on highway 484 near Interstate 75 when she decided to pull over onto the shoulder and beat around the bush.

Wearing only a pink shirt, Ms. Holton began flickin’ the bean for over a half an hour, causing several drivers to execute illegal u-turns in order to turn around and watch.

When officers finally arrived on the scene almost an hour after receiving multiple 911 calls, Holton continued to expose herself and resisted arrest.

Investigators say that while police attempted to subdue the woman she bit and then kicked an officer. Holton denies this, describing her contact with the officer as a “love tap.”

Holton was booked in Marion County Jail and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs. Her bond has been set at $16,250.…

Radnor, Pa – A 19-year-old Pennsylvania man is getting a lesson in what is appropriate from authorities in Pennsylvania after allegedly posting photos of random girls – alongside his post-masturbatory penis – on their Facebook pages. He reportedly told police these actions were ‘no big deal.’ Police disagree.

Neil Geckle, 19, came to the attention of authorities after a gaggle of young females – all members of the Radnor High School network – arrived at police headquarters to complain. Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo said that when the girls – three juveniles and one 18-year-old – first came to the station to explain the situation, they were so “hysterical” that he ‘couldn’t understand them at first.’

“I didn’t understand what they were talking about until one of them pulled out a picture,” Colarulo said. “As soon as we saw that, we knew we were dealing with something serious.”

According to investigators, Geckle set up a fake Facebook account. It was reported that Geckle then printed pictures of the girls from Facebook, put the girls’ pictures on a desk in his grandma’s bedroom and – after masturbating to them and ejaculating on them – uploaded a picture of the result including the original photo and his penis to the girls’ pages.…

San Diego, California – 33-year-old Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, Inc. and owner of the face most-pictured in the 30-minute “Kony 2012” viral Internet meme, has been detained by police in San Diego for allegedly masturbating under the influence of something mind-altering, vandalizing cars, beating his fists on the sidewalk, and disrupting traffic, all while spewing incoherent nonsense from his surfer-boy-looking mouth.

Police arrived on this bizarre scene after they’d received several reports of a male individual in a Pacific Beach neighborhood who had removed his underwear and was “perhaps masturbating.”  His underwear was back on before police arrived, incidentally.  Mr. Russell was detained and taken to a mental health facility for evaluation.  Russell’s camp is explaining the incident away by stating that he was “suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition in the wake of the emotional toll of the media storm around Kony 2012.”  As far as I can tell, no charges have been filed, except by those of us who are shaking our heads a bit.

Jason Russell, in case you didn’t know, co-founded the “Invisible Children” campaign (also known as IC) in 2004 to bring about the arrest of Jonathan Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) which spent years terrorizing the Ugandan people. …

Issaquah, WA – King County prosecutors are making sure that Samuel K. McDonough, 31, thinks long and hard about the morning of February 2 when he reportedly trapped two terrified female employees inside a BigFoot Java coffee stand using a strategy of blown kisses, masturbation, and attempted forcible entry. He was – in the vernacular of the barista – “discourteous.”

Prosecutors say that at about 8:30 a.m., McDonough purchased a drink from two female employees at the drive-up coffee stand and then asked to use the restroom inside. The women reportedly refused. The women said that – after blowing kisses at them – McDonough began masturbating. Court documents then describe McDonough approaching the door and attempting to gain entry as the ‘terrified’ women hid inside. Not realizing that well-aimed steamed milk is like kryptonite to an exposed penis, the women instead decided to turn to the police for protection.

Issaquah police arrived soon after and arrested McDonough after he was identified by the victims. McDonough reportdly told police that he acted “inappropriately” and he “shouldn’t have done it” – but did not admit to masturbating outside the coffee stand.…

Muskegon, MI — Police have arrested a man they say exposed himself and masturbated for his incarcerated girlfriend, and her fellow inmates, outside of the Muskegon County jail early Thursday morning.

The incident, police say, was captured on surveillance video.

Guards grew suspicious when the man’s Cadillac was spotted on surveillance cameras at about 4:20 a.m. Because the Caddy had been seen on prior occasions, officers zoomed in on it to get a better idea of what was going on inside. It was then, they said, that they discovered the occupant of the vehicle, 47-year-old Terry Doxey, was putting on a one man show for his lady.

When confronted, Doxey denied the accusations. A search of his vehicle, though, provided police with “irrefutable evidence.” Umm, eww?

Police say Doxey’s 27-year-old girlfriend is currently serving a sentence for retail theft. She is scheduled for release in September.

Doxey was booked into jail on charges of aggravated indecent exposure, a misdemeanor. He was released Friday on a $10,000 personal bond.…

TITUSVILLE, FL — Police have arrested a registered sex offender for allegedly exposing himself to a couple of kids in the toy aisle of a Florida Walmart.

Police say that 28-year-old Robert Walyus was in a Titusville Walmart last Saturday when he approached two children in the toy aisle and asked if he could touch them while his dick was hanging out of his pants.

One of the victims ran off and told her mother what happened and that she “saw his thing.” The mom witnessed Walyus adjusting his pants when she turned around and looked at him. Waylus managed to get out of the store before authorities arrived, but after using images from surveillance video, Waylus was soon identified and arrested at his home.

He was charged with with lewd or lascivious exposure to a child under 16 years old and is currently being held on a $125,000 bond. He may be facing more charges as detectives were able to link him to a similar incident at Titusville Publix last October.…

Albany, NY – Lashawn Johnson, 25, has been charged for two separate incidents during which police allege that he asked women in area stores to help him masturbate.

According to police, last month Johnson went into the Exscape smoke shop at about 11AM, exposed himself and began masturbating. Police spokesman, Officer James Miller said Johnson then asked a female customer – who we will refer to as Bad Samaritan #1 – if she could “help him out.” Bad Samaritan #1, confronted with the exposed johnson Johnson, declined.

According to Miller, earlier this month, Johnson entered a nearby flower shop and pulled the exact same stunt. In that incident, Bad Samaritan #2 also declined.

Johnson was charged with four counts of public lewdness, a Class B misdemeanor. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of three months in jail. Johnson was also charged with one count of grand larceny for allegedly stealing $2,600 worth of lottery tickets while he worked as a clerk at a gas station.

Police are concerned that Johnson may have been exposed elsewhere.  …

Alleged Roadside Masturbator Found Naked In Tree

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Salem, OR – Marion County, Oregon Sheriff’s were recently pressed into action after 911 callers reported a naked man engage in roadside masturbation. Deputies searching the area found footprints and a cellphone. …but no masturbator. After more time – and more 911 calls – a K9 unit was dispatched to scene.

It was reported that Deputy Jeff Stutrud and his dog, Renzo, conducted a search of the hazelnut orchard where the perpetrator was last reportedly seen. Renzo located the the man ‘about 12 feet up a tree wearing only tennis shoes,’ sheriff’s spokesman Don Thomson said.

Due to the 30-degree weather, Stephen James Frolov, 28 – who also goes by the name Stephen James Ellingsworth – was first given a blanket. He was then given formal charges of three counts of public indecency. Bail was set at $15,000

Investigators said that Frolov told them that he had been out drinking with friends the night before and didn’t know how he got to Duck Inn Road. Frolov also said that he didn’t know where his clothes were.…

Schaumburg, IL — A couple of teachers are in the news today, starting with a math teacher at a Christian school who just got busted jacking off behind his desk in front of a classroom full of students.

Police say 75-year-old Paul LaDuke, a teacher at Schaumburg Christian School for over 10 years, was seated behind his podium when he lowered his pants and began masturbating. Another student noticed what he was doing and told another teacher. Since this is not a public school, LaDuke was fired that same day and police were contacted.

On Monday, after investigators interviewed several students, LaDuke was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child. Police believe LaDuke has been doing this several times a year for a decade. Police also said there is no evidence that any students were inappropriately touched or physically harmed.

Maybe it’s because of all the weird shit we post, the only things about this story that surprised me was that LaDuke was capable of an erection and that he chose to lower his pants to take care of it.…

Kennet, Missouri — Police have arrested a man after witnesses say he drove up to Sonic Drive-in, got out of his car completely nekkid and began jacking-off in front of several people, including children.

Police were called but the derpy ham baster, later identified as 45-year-old Keith O. Smith, had already left the scene before they got there. He was found a little while later after his 2010 Ford Mustang was spotted by police.

Smith was charged with 1st degree sexual misconduct and two counts of 2nd degree sexual misconduct. He is currently in jail on a $12,000 cash-only bond.

I think I’ve been writing these stories too long as the only thing that surprised me in this one was that a Sonic Drive-in had customers. Their food is practically inedible.…

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