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CHICAGO, IL – Police have four people in custody after a woman live-streamed a duct-taped man being tortured.

According to police, the victim is a special-needs person who is an acquaintance of one of the suspects. He was reported missing from a suburb after he met with the suspects.

“Apparently, they met out in the suburbs,” said Chicago Police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin. “These subjects then stole a van out in the suburbs and then brought him into Chicago.”

The group then went to an apartment on Chicago’s West Side were a young woman begins live-streaming on Facebook,

In the video, the white victim is shown to be duct-taped and assaulted by a couple of African American men. His clothes are cut, he’s slapped, kicked, and his hair is cut with a knife until his scalp bleeds.

The suspects can be seen laughing, drinking and eating snacks during the assault, and can be heard yelling, “Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck white people!”

Police would later find the victim wandering the neighborhood in an obvious state of trauma.…

KrogerMEMPHIS, TN – Police are attempting to identify a group of youths who attacked customers and employees in a Memphis Kroger parking lot.

On September 6, a large group of teens left a CiCi’s Pizza and made their way to a nearby Kroger parking lot while chanting, “Fam Mob.” They began beating people at random, including a 25-year-old customer who was getting out of his car.

Two Kroger employees, ages 17 and 18, were also attacked and were both knocked to the ground. One of them can be seen in the video having his head kicked as he’s on the ground, then having several 20 pound pumpkins thrown on his head.

Police say both victims lost consciousness and were treated at the scene, but refused transport to the hospital.

Officers attempted to identify some of the suspects by checking Kroger’s video surveillance, but the Kroger manager told them only loss prevention can pull the video during the weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm.

If you know anything that can help identify any of the idiots in the following video, police ask that you call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.…

Conrad Alvin BarrettHouston, TX – A man has been charged with a hate crime after he decided to play the “knockout game” and punched an elderly black man in the face because of his race.

Conrad Alvin Barrett, 27, has been charged with a federal hate crime after he filmed himself punching the 79-year-old man on November 24. Barrett recorded the assault on his cell phone and later bragged about it. The victim ended up in the hospital for four days were he was treated for a fractured jaw and some missing teeth.

Barrett was caught after he walked up to a random couple inside a restaurant and asked them if they’d ever heard of the knockout game. He went on to say that he’d played the game that very day and showed them the video on his cell phone of him attacking the elderly man.

In the video, Barrett walks up to the victim asking him, “How is it going, man?” before sucker punching him in the face. The man immediately falls to the concrete while Barrett laughs, says “knockout,”  then jumps into his car and drives away.…

Tawana BrawleyNew York – It took twenty-five years, but Tawana Brawley made her first payments to one of the men she falsely accused of raping her in 1987.

A lot of us older folk remember this case like it was yesterday. A young black woman discovered in a trash bag covered in shit claiming she’d been gang raped by a group of white men who scrawled the words “KKK”, “Nigger”, and “Bitch” on her body.

She told police that she was abducted by two white men who took her into the woods where four other white men joined in raping her 33 times. She was unable to give clear descriptions of any of the men, and would only answer police with nods and blank expressions. However, one detail she revealed was that one of the men had blond hair, a holster and a badge.

The story alone was enough to get the public’s attention and outrage, including celebrities like Bill Cosby, Spike Lee and Don King. But when Rev. Al Sharpton, a relatively unknown at the time, began handling Brawley’s publicity with attorneys Alton H.…

MOBILE, AL — A teen in Alabama  has been accused of beating the crap out of his sister’s girlfriend after Thanksgiving dinner, because he did not approve of their relationship.

Even though 23-year-old Mallory Owens has had a rocky relationship with her girlfriend’s family, she told her mother they were trying to be nice and had invited her over to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

Alley Hawkins’s family were trying to accept her year long, homosexual relationship with Owens, but her brother wasn’t having it. Travis Hawkins Jr. had already assaulted Owens once before, when he knocked her upside the head with a pipe wrench. She was injured, but no charges were ever filed.

This latest run-in with Hawkins Jr. ended with Owens looking like she stopped a car with her face. It happened after dinner, just as Owens was leaving the family’s mobile home. That’s when her family says she was blindsided by Hawkins Jr., who delivered a series of punches to Owens’ face.

Mallory Owens and Alley Hawkins

These punches resulted in Owens being taken to the hospital suffering from multiple skull fractures and crushed facial bones. …

Greenwich Village, NY — Last October we reported on the McDonald’s employee caught on camera as he used a metal bar to beat the crap out of two women who had jumped the counter and tried to attack him. That same McDonald’s is back in the news today after a customer got into an argument with a gay couple, then used a razor to slash one of them in the face and neck.

The attack happened on Wednesday after 24-year-old Jamar McLeod and his transgender girlfriend, Jalisa “JoJo” Griffen, stopped in the McDonald’s so Griffen could use the bathroom. The couple were holding hands and talking about their freinds being attacked for being gay when a man waiting on a cheeseburger confronted them.

He began making anti-gay statements and threatened to beat up Griffen after she went to use the ladies restroom instead of the men’s. McLeod stood up for his girlfriend and told the man that he wasn’t laying a hand on Griffen and that he would have to fight him instead.…

Maywood, IL – Alton Hayes III, 18, and a 15-year-old friend were arrested for attempted robbery, aggravated assault, and a hate crime on Tuesday after an attack on a 19-year-old white man.  Once apprehended by the police, Hayes reportedly told police that he was so angered by the Trayvon Martin case that he decided to beat up a white man.

Hayes and his accomplice allegedly walked up behind the victim, pinning his arms at his sides.  Hayes then picked up a stick, pointed it at the victim’s chest and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”  Police reports indicate that the two then rifled through the victim’s pockets and punched him in the back and head before running off.

Hayes was ordered held on $80,000 bond and remained in the Cook County Jail on Friday.  He will next appear in court May 11.  The boy was referred to juvenile court.

I can’t help but think that Hayes’s comment regarding Trayvon Martin, the one that automatically classified this relatively minor assault as a hate crime, will be the biggest regret of his young life.…

Houston, TX — Three men have been convicted of hate crimes by a Houston federal jury after they beat a random black man at a downtown bus stop last year. A fourth man,  49-year-old Joseph Staggs, saw his case dismissed in return for testifying against the others.

Charles Cannon, 26, Michael McLaughlin, 40, and Brian Kerstetter, 32 are the first people in Houston to be convicted under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, an act of Congress passed in 2009 that expanded existing United States federal hate crime laws.

The men beat Yondell Johnson as he stood waiting for a bus after spending the day with his daughter. One of the men asked Jackson for the time before a racial slur was used and they began beating him. After he was pulled to the ground, he was repeatedly kicked in the face and had his head stomped. When the men were arrested, McLaughlin and Cannon were heard yelling racial slurs at black officers.…

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 13-year-old boy is home recovering after police say two teens poured gasoline on him and then set him on fire.

According to the reports, the teen was followed home by two older teens while walking from East High School. As he was trying to get into his front door, the two teens allegedly rushed up and grabbed him. One pinned his arms behind his back while another poured gas on the boy and flicked a lighter saying, “This is what you deserve.”

This produced a large fireball that burned the teen’s face and hair. He was able to put out the flames with his shirt while his attackers ran away. The eighth-grader then called 911 before calling his father.

He was taken by ambulance to Children’s Mercy Hospital where he was kept for several hours as they treated first-degree burns to his face and head. Police said they were concerned about possible damage to his eyes and lungs while also saying they are investigating this as a possible hate crime.…

LAS VEGAS, NV — Speaking of hate crimes, Las Vegas police are still looking for a man who shot a couple in an incident they feel was racially motivated.  Keep reading, coyotes are involved.

Three weeks ago, a Hispanic couple were on the beach of Lake Mohave using metal detectors when a man walked up to them with a gun, yelled an obscenity, and then began firing. Rosa Castrejon, 42, died immediately but her boyfriend, Leopoldo Cardenas, was struck in the back and paralyzed.

If an asshole turning you into a paraplegic for no reason weren’t bad enough, poor Cardenas’ ordeal wasn’t over yet. His screams for help went unanswered and he had to spend the night on the beach while a pack of friggin’ coyotes circled around him and Castrejon. Luckily he was able to keep them at bay until he was rescued the following morning.

Police initially thought they would apprehend the shooter fairly quickly as they had a pretty good description of him and his vehicle, but much to everyone’s disappointment, the shooter has not been identified and remains at large.…

Panama City, FL — LB  and Donna Williams are a mixed-race couple married for seven years; LB is black, Donna is white. Earlier this month, police were called to the couple’s home on a report of a cross burning in their driveway.

“When I saw that cross burning, I was scared to death,” Donna Williams said. “I was terrified … we all were.”

Two days later, Donna found a note taped to the front door and the side entrance of the house. She paraphrased it as “They were watching us, I assumed me and the kids, and that I better not leave that [N-word],” She said that the note was signed “KKK.”

“When did the KKK start supporting black and white, interracial marriages?” she reportedly asked. I blame political correctness. It’s pervasive.

It was reported that Donna – a few minutes after she found the notes – noticed that the handwriting wasn’t exactly the same as her husband’s but it was similar enough for her to attribute it to him.…

Huntsville, TX — If all goes as planned, one of the men responsible for the dragging death of James Byrd 13 years ago will be dead sometime this evening.

Lawrence Russell Brewer, 44, is scheduled to die by lethal injection after 6 p.m. local time in Huntsville, Texas, making him the 11th man executed in Texas this year.

Back in 1998, 49-year-old James Byrd accepted a ride from Lawrence Brewer, John King, and Shawn Berry. The three men took Byrd to a remote area and beat him unconscious before they chained him by his ankles to the back of their pickup truck.

Byrd’s body  was dragged for three miles down asphalt pavement as the men swerved the truck side-to-side. Byrd was alive for about two miles until his body hit a culvert and he was decapitated. The men continued driving for another mile, dropping off Byrd’s remains in front of an African-American cemetery before attending a barbecue.

All three men were eventually tried and convicted. Brewer and King received the death penalty while Berry got life in prison.…

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