GRAND JUNCTION, CO – A woman made her husband return to prison two hours after he was mistakenly released due to a prison mix-up.

James Rynerson, 38, was being held in the Mesa County Jail on menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing charges.

Another inmate, Marvin March, was temporarily placed in Rynerson’s cell while his own cell was under construction.

The jail’s staff neglected to note when March was moved back to his own cell.

So you can imagine the gears turning in Rynerson’s head when jail officials came to his cell — thinking he was March — to release him.

Rynerson decided not to tell them he wasn’t March and rolled with it. YOLO, right?

The jail staff didn’t bother to check his wristband or identification to confirm his identity, so not only was he released, Rynerson also collected March’s paperwork, debit card and leather jacket on the way out.

The jail didn’t realize their error until March asked them when the hell was he getting out.

But they didn’t have to search long as Rynerson turned back up at the jail two hours later.…

Washington DC — Convicted sex offender Matthew Stager is back in police custody after failing to show up at a transitional center after his release from prison.

Why, yes… I am posting this story based on the mugshot alone.

In addition to having a rap sheet that includes drug charges, assault, theft and defacing public property, 45-year-old Matthew Stager is also a convicted sex offender. He pleaded guilty to one count of indecent liberties with a minor girl back in 1999.

Ordered to register as a sex offender for life, Stager has been jailed countless times (8) for failing to register. As a matter of fact, he just finished a 5-year sentence for failing to register.

Stager was released from the Federal Correctional Complex in Petersburg, VA., on February 2nd and was escorted to the Richmond International Airport. He was ordered to fly to Austin, TX., where he was to check into a halfway house. Surprisingly, he never caught that plane.

His mugshot hit the internet, and the US Marshals asked for help in tracking the handsome fella down.…

Rafael McCloudVICKSBURG, MS – A murder suspect who escaped from a Mississippi jail last week was shot to death Monday by one of the people he had taken hostage.

Rafael McCloud, 33, escaped from the Warren County jail where he was awaiting trial for the kidnap, rape and murder of 69-year-old Sharen Wilson.

Wilson’s body was found outside an abandoned hospital last year after a group of ghost hunters followed a blood trail out of the building. McCloud was quickly arrested after he was found driving Wilson’s car.

He’s been in jail awaiting his trial ever since, until March 2 when he escaped his cell by taking a jail guard hostage with a homemade shank and forced the guard to give him his clothes.

McCloud was able to escape the building and police have been scouring the area looking for him. It took a week, but police finally found McCloud – shot to death in a family’s bathtub.

At around 4:30 a.m. Thursday, a man went out to his garage to start his wife’s car and encountered McCloud.…

Joseph Andrew DekenippFlorence, AZ — An inmate at the Pinal County Adult Detention Center apparently escaped his cage Friday in order to spend Valentine’s day with his woman. *swoons*

Joseph Andrew Dekenipp, 40, was taken into custody at their rendezvous spot, the Gallopin’ Goose Saloon & Grill, about three hours after his escape. Witnesses say the police arrived at the bar just minutes after the girlfriend did.

Dekenipp didn’t just wander off the property, either — police say he had to scale a 12-foot fence, shimmy through some razor wire, and scale yet another wire-topped fence in order to leave the property. And what, exactly, did you do for your significant other for VDay? He was treated for his injuries prior to being returned to the facility.

Police are now trying to figure out if Dekenipp was assisted by any other inmates.

Dekenipp was initially jailed on suspicion of vehicle theft, trafficking in stolen property, unlawful flight, theft and driving on a suspended license on January 10 — bond was set at $5,000.…

Lincoln Heights, OH — Chewanna Henderson, 33, is facing two counts of felonious assault after reportedly neglecting to tell the man she was fucking she tested positive for HIV and for stabbing him in the head.

All this, police say, after the man gave her a place to stay and gifted her a puppy.

This ungrateful bitch….

According to Sgt. Jesse J. Green, Henderson admitted “she did not notify (the man) that she was (HIV-positive) because he bought her a puppy and gave her somewhere to stay.”

In return for his hospitality, dude was stabbed in the back of the head with a kitchen knife Friday, after he and Henderson argued about “friends that came to the residence.” Something tells me the “friends” causing the drama were somehow attached to Henderson.

As police were booking Henderson, she reportedly stole a set of keys from an on-duty officer (how the fuck…?), removed her handcuffs and attempted to leave the police station. Fortunately, she was caught before making it out the door.…

Holiday, FL — Police say a 10-year-old boy intervened in a fight between his mom and her boyfriend Sunday by grabbing a shovel and knocking the boyfriend upside the head with it.

The kid apparently watched as 46-year-old Dennis Sullivan pushed his mother around, hitting and head-butting her, eventually knocking her on her ass. As the kid was helping his mother off the floor, she told him beat feet out of the house and away from Sullivan.

The kid headed out to the garage to grab his bike, but as he was leaving, he could hear Sullivan hitting his mother, so he grabbed a shovel instead.

Sullivan reportedly stormed out of the house, screaming and cussing at the child. The douche even made fun of the kid’s dad, who had just recently passed away. The big, dumb bully then charged at the kid, and the kid swung. After making contact with Sullivan’s face, the boy dropped the shovel and ran to his grandfather’s house across the street. He later told police he just wanted to scare Sullivan so he’d stop hitting his mother.…

Mexico City — Here’s one of the stories I was working on yesterday. A woman is now facing multiple charges after she got busted trying to sneak her husband out of prison in a suitcase.

Maria del Mar Arjona, 19, had been allowed a conjugal visit with her husband, Juan Ramirez Tijerina, who was serving time after being convicted of federal drug trafficking charges.

As she was leaving, prison guards noticed something very odd about the overstuffed suitcase Arjona was toting. The suitcase, on wheels, was clearly overstuffed and something inside moved as Arjona, who was six months pregnant, attempted to take it up the stairs that led out of the prison.

The guards stopped a nervous Arjona and checked the contents of the suitcase. Inside they found Tijerna packed away inside, curled up in the fetal position.

Luckily the guards snapped the following picture of their find before taking Tijerna back to his cell, and the Internet thanks them for doing so. It really is a great picture…almost looks like the suitcase is giving birth.…

Luigi Pandolfo Is A Good Boy

September 23, 2009 at 8:59 am by  

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey – A 12-year-old girl was riding her bike over the weekend when she says she was abducted by Luigi Pandolfo, 33, and taken inside an apartment he shares with his mother. She was taken into a room, handcuffed and sexually assaulted – all the while police say Pandolfo’s mother kept banging on the locked door yelling at him. Police say that afterwards, Pandolfo moved the girl to vacant apartment behind his mother’s house, handcuffed her and returned home. When the the girl heard him arguing with his mother, she squeezed out of her handcuffs, climbed down a fire escape, jumped on her bike and peddled her ass home. …

Lacey Bird’s Baby Breaks Her Fall…Twice

September 21, 2009 at 4:16 am by  

Holly, Michigan There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a young mother spending time bonding with her child. Lacy Bird’s kid is 17-months-old which means the fun times are just starting for them. The incredible curiosity of a child that age, just becoming really aware of the things around them, fine tuning their coordination. And since they’re approaching the terrible twos, it’s sometimes the best idea to take a break from the confines of the house and take the baby outside for a while. Kind of like Lacey did with her child. Except it was kind of early in the morning for that sort of play and the baby wasn’t having much fun being bounced off the ground.…

Amber Tucker, left, and Brandi Murrah


Kentucky – Amber Tucker, 17, and Brandi Murrah, 16, were both in custody for misdemeanor chargeswere and were being transported to the Morehead Youth Development Center. On the way, one of the girls pretended to be sick and asked the driver to open the divider between them so she could get some air conditioning. Upon doing so, the other girl reached through and began choking the driver with her handcuffs. They were then able to get the keys, throw the driver out and fled the scene in the vehicle which was later found abandoned in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. They are still at large and suspected to be heading towards Russellville, Kentucky. The youth transporter, in her 40’s or 50’s was not seriously injured.


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