SEVILLE, SPAIN – A 25-year-old mother of three was cut in half by a hospital elevator shortly after giving birth.

The horrific accident happened as Rocio Cortes Nunes was being moved between floors at Virgen de Valme Hospital.

Nunes was being transported on a stretcher to the maternity ward after having given birth to her daughter via cesarean.

Once inside the elevator, the doors opened and closed but did not move floors. The hospital staff member with Nunes decided to use another elevator and began wheeling Nunes out.

Nunes, still on the stretcher, was halfway out of the elevator when the doors closed and the elevator began moving floors.

According to reports, the poor woman was killed when she was cut in two. Her family, who were waiting on her on the floor above, stated they heard a loud “loud blow” come from inside the elevator.

It would take firefighters two hours to remove her body, which was stuck in the doors. It was initially thought that her newborn was with her at the time of the accident, but she had already been taken to another hospital due to a heart condition.…

DENVER, CO — An 82-year-old man died inside a parking garage elevator after he got stuck inside and no one answered his calls for help.

Isaak Komisarchik, who suffers from dementia, was reported missing after he was last seen wearing pajamas at 2:30 p.m. July 5 at a nearby nursing facility.

Search crews posted missing person posters as they looked for the man, and Denver firefighters ended up searching five nearby ponds.

It would be almost a month later before anyone learned Komisarchik’s fate, and it was quite horrific.

Turns out that Komisarchik had wandered nearly a mile away to the Woodstream Village apartments, where he got inside an elevator attached to a parking garage that had been closed for renovations.

For reasons unknown at this time, the man was unable to get out. During an 8-minute period, the poor guy twice used the elevator’s emergency call button, but no help came.

“The pushing of the call button did trigger a notification to the elevator management company, MEI Total Elevator Solutions.…

Carnival EcstasyFORT MYERS, FL – Here’s a gruesome one… but be warned, if you are the squeamish type, do not watch the video at the end of this article.

A family from Florida was on the Carnival Ecstasy over Christmas and have some video showing blood pouring down the door of one of the ship’s elevators – blood that likely came from a crew member who was crushed to death.

The family said on the last night of their trip they were headed to dinner when they captured video of blood pouring out the top of a malfunctioning elevator.

“To look and see the elevator with just blood coming down like a sheet, and not stopping… it was a real life scene of The Shining,” Matt Davis said.

While I understand the reference, there isn’t that much blood – but holy shit, as you can see in the following video, there is way too much to bode well for whoever it came out of.

Davis also said that a man inside the elevator had to run through the blood to get out.…

evil hamsterBRADENTON, FL – Police say 12-year-old Maxwell Grablin was crushed to death inside a home elevator shaft while looking for a pet hamster.

The incident happened on Saturday as Grablin, the son of Dr. Patrick Grablin, was looking for his pet hamster and went inside the elevator shaft.

Grablin was crushed to death when the elevator lowered from above, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said. When paramedics and fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, Gablin was pronounced dead.

Authorities say the boy’s father was at home at the time and are describing the child’s death as “a tragic accident.”

The last story we featured on DD that involved a home elevator was back in 2010, and it was just as horrific as this one.

Sherwood Wadsworth, 90, and his 89-year-old wife, Caroline, got stuck between the second and third floor of their home while inside their home elevator.

They had no way to call for help and could only hope someone would find them.

Someone did, but the couple had already been dead for a few days.…

Chad WolfeTampa, FL – Over the weekend, there were reports on the the body of 31-year-old Chad Wolfe being found at the bottom an elevator shaft at the Tampa International Airport. Early reports were lite on the details, simply stating maintenance workers discovered Wolfe’s body Friday morning as they were checking on a malfunctioning elevator.

On Sunday, some more details were released, and the circumstances surrounding Wolfe’s death are just…odd. Chad and his girlfriend of 10 years flew out of Pittsburgh Thursday night and arrived in Tampa shortly before midnight. According to his girlfriend, Chad had one drink and a Xanax during the flight.

They were in town to meet friends in Central Florida, then driving a rental car to Daytona for Bike Week. According to Chad’s girlfriend, she told him to wait on the main concourse while she retrieved her luggage from baggage claim. When she returned, Chad was gone. She alerted airport police after she was unable to locate him.

The following morning, maintenance workers restoring service to a malfunctioning elevator found Chad’s body at the bottom of the shaft.…

Montgomery StationSan Francisco, CA – An unidentified homeless man was crushed to death after he decided to take residence on top of a San Francisco subway elevator.

The man was found Sunday morning after someone taking the elevator up to the top level of the Montgomery Station called to say the elevator had stalled after he heard a crunching noise followed by a scream.

Rescuers would find the body of a man wedged between the elevator and the wall of the shaft. Personal belongings and bedding were also found on top of the car, according to transit spokeswoman Luna Salaver. The man was not carrying any identification.

Salaver added that there are only two ways for someone to get on top of the elevator; ventilation shafts or the hatch door in the roof of the elevator. The ventilation shafts were found to be secure, but to get through the hatch, someone would have had to help the man.

“We don’t understand why anyone would seek refuge in an elevator shaft. It is disturbing, upsetting and highly unusual,” Salaver said.…

New York, NY — It’s been almost a year since Jerome Isaac sprayed Delores Gillespie with gasoline and then set her on fire as she stood in an elevator. Yesterday he pleaded guilty to her murder in a deal that will have him serving 50 years in prison.

For those of you who may have missed this heinous story, 47-year-old Jerome Isaac had lived with 71-year-old Delores Gillespie doing odd jobs, and was angry after she kicked him out without paying him the $2,200 he says she owed her for five months of housework. Friends of Gillespie say the woman kicked Isaac out after she found that he had been stealing from her.

In either case, Isaac decided to get his revenge in one of the most worst ways imaginable. Surveillance footage captures Gillespie as she is about to step out of an elevator on the fifth floor of her apartment building after buying groceries. That’s when Isaac barges in while wearing an exterminator’s outfit. He sprays Gillespie in the face and body with gasoline from a canister he is carrying, then lights her on fire.…

New York, NY — Things seem to happen in threes around here, and horrifying elevator deaths are no exception. Within the last week or so, we’ve reported on two separate incidents of women becoming the victim of a malfunctioning elevator and dying in a way best reserved for the worst of nightmares.

On Saturday, a 73-year-old woman in New York died in an elevator, but this was not because of a mechanical malfunction. The poor woman was murdered in one of the most horrifying ways imaginable after a man sprayed her with with a flammable liquid and then set her on fire.

Surveillance footage captures Delores Gillespie as she is about to step out of an elevator on the fifth floor of her apartment building when 47-year-old Jerome Isaac barges in wearing what looks like an exterminator’s outfit. He immediately begins spraying Gillespie in the face and body with some type of flammable liquid from a canister he is carrying.

As the elderly woman retreats to the back of the elevator in an attempt to protect herself, Isaac lights a rag stuffed inside a bottle and uses the flame to set Gillespie on fire before tossing the Molotov cocktail into the elevator.…

Another Woman Killed By A Scumbag Elevator

December 14, 2011 at 1:01 pm by  

New York, NY — Less than a week ago we reported on a woman in California who was crushed by the elevator she tried to climb out of when it became stuck between floors. Today, in New York, a woman was killed as she was getting on an elevator.

Officials say the woman was stepping into an elevator on the first floor of a midtown Manhattan office building when it suddenly shot upward. The woman, who was half in the car when it began its sudden ascent, was crushed between the elevator and the shaft wall. Some reports say her foot or leg was caught in the closing doors, while other say the elevator doors remained open the entire time.

Either way, the elevator was not done being a complete dick and became stuck between floors. Two other women in the elevator at the time of the incident were not injured but were taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. I’m sure what they went through was traumatic, but pales in comparison to what happened to Karen Steinau.…

Woman Crushed While Getting Out Of Stuck Elevator

December 8, 2011 at 1:02 pm by  

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A poor woman in California met a horrifying end when she was crushed by an elevator after it became stuck between floors and she tried to climb out.

Annette Lujan, 48, was inside an elevator at Cal State Long Beach when it became stuck somewhere near the third floor. She had already alerted others that she was trapped inside and fire crews were on their way to assist her. But Lujan decided to take matters into her own hands and asked someone who was there to help her climb out.

Lujan had gotten about halfway out of the elevator when, like a horror movie, the damn thing decided this was the perfect time not to be stuck any longer. The 2000-pound elevator moved and Lujan was crushed between the floor of the elevator and the shaft.

We posted a similar story a couple years ago in which the drummer for the band Maserati, Gerhardt Fuchs, died after trying to jump out of an elevator stuck between floors.…

Daejon, South Korea – An impatient 40-year-old man known only as “Mr. Lee” plunged to his death down an elevator shaft at a shopping center last August after getting all testy because a woman inside the elevator failed to hold the door for him. As the attached video shows, Mr. Lee bumped the elevator doors with his scooter as they slammed shut in his face. Mr. Lee attempted to recall the elevator by pressing the button a few times. When that didn’t work, he threw the scooter into reverse, backed it up a bit, and proceeded to ram into the doors at full speed. Though he left a good-sized dent in the cheap ass doors and loosened ’em up a bit, they remained closed. Perhaps thinking that the third time’s the charm, he backed it up and hit the throttle again. This time, the flimsy doors didn’t hold. Oopsie!! He and the scooter made a hard landing about 19 feet down. Officials at the shopping center have since vowed to strengthen the doors of the lifts to ensure such a thing never happens again.…

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. – I absolutely cannot imagine the horror that struck an elderly couple in Georgia once they realized they were stuck in their home elevator with no way of alerting anyone.

The elevator was not equipped with a phone, their family lived out of state while neighbors respected their independent lifestyle and privacy. All 90-year-old Sherwood Wadsworth and his 89-year-old wife, Caroline, could hope for is that someone would notice the papers piling up outside and think to check on them.

Eventually someone did, but it was too late. By time firefighters broke into the elevator that had become stuck between the second and third floors of the couple’s home, they had been dead for several days.

A Times-Union newspaper carrier called 911 Wednesday morning after becoming concerned by the growing pile of newspapers outside, dating back to July 9.

An autopsy on the couple,  who were found lying side-by-side in the fetal position, has been scheduled to determine exact cause of death. Hopefully the couple were able to comfort each other in their last moments.…

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