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Jamie ElrodSAINT CLOUD, MN – Police have arrested 37-year-old Jamie Elrod after she allegedly bit off part of her husband’s ear during an argument over beer.

According to reports, police were called to the couple’s home after receiving a report of domestic assault.

Police would find both Elrod and her husband inside the apartment. They would also note Elrod’s husband was missing part of his ear.

During a search of the apartment, officers would find a significant amount of blood as well as a piece of the man’s ear on the floor.

Elrod’s husband told the officers that he and Elrod got into an argument after he returned home from drinking. The argument over beer became physical, said the man, and resulted in Elrod biting off part of his ear.

Elrod, who appeared to have been drinking herself, told police she had no idea what happened to her husband’s ear.  She was arrested on a charge of first-degree assault and is currently being held at the Stearns County Jail on $30,000 bond.…

 a “large portion” of his 2-month-old baby’s ear.

According to an affidavit in the case, the baby’s mother had asked Morales to feed the baby, then went to check on them when she noticed the baby would not stop crying.

That’s when she says she saw Morales “grinding his teeth” around the infant’s ear while the baby was screaming bloody murder. The mother was able to get the baby away from Morales and noticed he’d bitten off the top portion of the baby’s ear.

After taking the baby to a neighbor’s home to call for help, the infant was taken to the hospital. After speaking to the woman at the hospital, police arrested on a felony charge of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.

Morales had his bond set at $60,000 and is looking at anywhere between five to 99 years behind bars if convicted. Texas Child Protective Services have been notified.…

Michael TrudeauCHASKA, MN – Michael Trudeau is facing a slew of charges after the 51-year-old lunatic allegedly killed his girlfriend’s cat weeks before biting off part of her ear and shoving an umbrella down her throat.

Last Sunday, officers responded to a report of a domestic assault and met with a 42-year-old woman who was visibly shaken and bloody.

She told them Trudeau, her boyfriend of two years, had spent the afternoon at her apartment drinking before they got into a verbal argument over their relationship that turned physical.

This argument may have had something to do with an incident that had happened a few weeks prior, when Trudeau allegedly set the victim’s cat on fire in the living room. After the fire was extinguished, Trudeau reportedly strangled the cat to death before cutting off its head with a pair of scissors.

The girlfriend didn’t call police because, well, he’s fucking crazy and he threatened to kill her if she did.

Now, three weeks later, the woman has found herself in a headlock with Trudeau telling her, “I’m trained to kill the enemy.…

Sarah WulchakVOLUSIA COUNTY, FL — A woman is in jail after police say she attacked her boyfriend and bit off half his ear.

On Monday, 53-year-old Steve Bolin syas he was just trying to enjoy a bowl of spaghetti when he and his girlfriend, 32-year-old Sarah Wulchak got into an argument. When the argument turned physical, Bolin says he retreated to the bedroom. That’s when he says Wulchak jumped on his back, scratched his face and then chomped down on his ear.

Bolin says he felt a sharp pain in his left ear and tried to pull away, possibly hitting Wulchak in the process. After Wulchak let go, Bolin looked in the mirror and found that the top half of his ear was missing. Bolin said that at first, he wasn’t going to pres charges against Wulchak, but decide to report Wulchak on Tuesday because “he couldn’t stand how his ear looked.”

Police located Wulchak at a Howard Johnson motel where she admitted getting into a physical fight with Bolin, but claimed it was in self-defense.…

CULPEPER, VA — The other day we had a commenter in one of our dog stories relay a story of someone shooting a dog after it had tried to attack a baby. It was a real hit with our resident animal lovers.

Coincidentally, we now have another story involving a dog who bit a baby, and an owner who shot it immediately afterwards. (*puts popcorn in microwave*)

An infant in Virginia hasn’t even been breathing air for a month when the family’s Jack Russell terrier decided to use the 20-day-old as a chew toy. The dog had gotten into the child’s bassinet while the mother took a nap.

Luckily the baby’s father returned home as the attack was in progress, but the dog had already bitten off the infant’s ear. The child was rushed to the hospital to treat multiple bite wounds to the buttocks and to have the ear sewn back on. The infant is currently in stable condition.

Lillian Leo, who raises and sells Jack Russell terriers, says she will not sell the dogs to families with small children.

WILLIAMSTON, S.C. — I was surprised this when I found this was not out of Florida, but then not surprised to see it comes from South Carolina. A man has been arrested after biting off part of his girlfriend’s ear during an argument and losing his teeth in the process.

Police say 50-year-old Tony Ellison and his girlfriend, Yolanda Smith, were arguing over money when Ellison latched on to Smith’s ear and only let go when she started screaming like a banshee. She ran to a friend’s house missing about 20 percent of her ear.

Ellison was arrested and charged with first-degree assault and battery. While in court for his bond hearing, Capt. James Grubbs said Ellison admitted to biting off part of his girlfriend’s ear as well as losing his teeth. “(Ellison) told the judge at that time, something to the effect of, yeah, he remembered (biting Smith’s ear), but something about his teeth falling out during that particular incident,” said Grubbs.

Doctors were not able to do much with Smith’s ear, as they never found the missing piece.…

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially a fat one. A 24-year-old man found this out the other day at a party when an argument with other guests led to him calling 21-year-old Anna Godfrey “fat”. I can only imagine that later on, as the man sat in the hospital missing part of his right ear, that this may not have been a great idea. It is also possible he realized this after Godfrey ran half a block, tackled him and began gnawing it off. Either way, he now requires plastic surgery as the chunk of ear was never found. Godfrey was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and was still in custody on Wednesday. Am I pulling another Alanis if I think it is ironic that a person upset over being called fat retaliates by trying to eat the person who called them that? …

ST. PAUL, Minn. – A 33-year-old man was at a diner with friends around 4 am. Sunday at the same time as 30-year-old Susan Mukuhi Mwarabu’s and her friends. At some point the man made a comment regarding one of the women with Mwarabu and ended up losing some of his ear as a result. After making the comment, a drunk Mwarabu confronted him, licked his ear and then bit part of it off. Mwarabu, a 6th grade teacher at Northfield Middle School, was arrested and charged with assault. The man was treated at the hospital and told that some of the missing ear will grow back on its own. Mwarabu’s employer was unaware of the arrest until a reporter called them for a comment. Northfield Superintendent L. Chris Richardson told the St. Paul Pioneer Press school officials will have to learn more about the case before taking action. Check out the larger mugshot after the jump. Her eyes are redder than two freshly fucked assholes.…

Guangdong, China – A woman has been accused of dragging her screaming, 6-year-old step-daughter into the kitchen and slicing off her left ear with a knife. When the little girl tried to run away, the woman grabbed the girl, placed her hand on a cutting block and then chopped off four of her fingers on her right hand. The biological father of the girl took her to a nearby hospital and left her there with $1,200 for her treatment. Aside from the missing ear and fingers, hospital staff also found stab wounds near the girl’s genitals. No one knows what sparked the attack, but neighbors say that the couple are not poor and have two younger children, the victim from her father’s previous relationship. Neighbors describe the father as a nice man, but his wife as odd and snobbish. It is also being reported that the victim did not live with her father and his wife, but was simply visiting that day with her nanny. The girl is refusing to talk about what happened to her and said: “I can’t tell even if you kill me.” I have included a news report on this but be warned that it is not in English and there is some graphic video of the girl in the hospital that show her wounds.…

Happy Turkey Day! – Cooking Edition

November 27, 2008 at 1:01 am by  

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It’s Thanksgiving again!

Dreamin’ Demon Home Office, Akron, OH – We here at the Dreamin’ Demon love the holidays.  Not just because we get to take the day off and indulge in hookers and blow, but also because it’s a time for peace, love, harmony, and a bunch of other sentimental crap.

We’ll be way busy next week, posting stuff about women beating their men with fry cookers, and men beating their women with turkeys, and no doubt somebody will shove something – or someone – into an oven.  So in honor of this festive occasion, we have compiled one of our Awesome D’D Top Five Lists:  The Top Five Stories About Ovens… and the victims people put in them.  Or on them.  You’re welcome, internet!…

Deacsa Brown Fights Dirty

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Cincinnati – Deacsa Brown has been charged with felonious assault after getting into a fight with Faye Grove in her home. During this fight, Brown, 19, poured scalding water on the Grove’s back and then bit off Grove’s left ear.…

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