BIG ROCK, IL — A man  in Illinois returned home to find that his 44-year-old wife had been killed by a mastiff they had adopted from a family member a week earlier.

The body of Dawn Brown was discovered by her husband Monday afternoon. She had suffered fatal bite wound to the neck, apparently inflicted by a Mastiff they had recently brought into the home. 

Brown had been alone in the home with the dog and the couple’s two other dogs, a boxer and a pit bull mix. Her husband tried to resuscitate Brown, but she had died had died hours before he found her.

Police are investigating what may have prompted the attack and if the animal, which weighed an estimated 130 to 140 pounds, had shown any violent behavior in the past.

The previous owners say the dog had never been violent and that they only gave the dog up because they simply couldn’t care for it any longer.

Dawn was firefighter and paramedic for the Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District, and her co-workers are the ones who responded to the call. …

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