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May 19, 2010 at 5:46 pm by  
  • I know most of you were pulling your hair with worry today. “Where’s Morbid? I sure hope he is ok!” Well I am, I just had to go buy a new vehicle and it took up most of the day, so please – stop the worrying and cancel the Missing You cards. I’ll be back tomorrow to ruin your day with a brand new car payment I didn’t want. In the meantime…
  • MARYLAND – Ryan Philip Sewell, 19, was charged with indecent exposure after being caught putting his genitals on the door handles of vehicles in a parking deck. As weird as that is, the image I have of him doing it cracks me up.
  • FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Teen beating victim Josie Lou Ratley continues to slowly recover and will be able to go home in the next two weeks, her mother said Wednesday. She still has a long way to go, only recently being able to count to 10 and still having issues with colors. Luckily, she doesn’t recall what the hell happened to her.

The Daily Bite

April 28, 2009 at 4:05 pm by  

Hey, Demonites! Guess what time it is? Yep, once again, it’s time to have a look at a handful of articles posted in Reality Bites that didn’t make it to the front page. Today’s bite includes a drugged up mamma, a missing nostril, a day care center that lacks actual care, and some animal cruelty.…

The Daily Bite

April 27, 2009 at 3:59 pm by  

Here are my picks for today’s Daily Bite, straight from the Reality Bites section of our forums. So little space to fit them all…so many assholes to choose from. The first is a wanted pervert and the rest killed the women in their lives. Some guys just don’t handle rejection very well.…

The Daily Bite

April 26, 2009 at 6:12 pm by  

Thanks to a crappy Internet connection, today’s Reality Bites selections are a bit late and a lot hurried. We got a handful of kid beaters and a bathroom sexual assault, all brought to you by our members who, daily and diligently, click and scroll the net in search of new and interesting articles to satisfy your hunger.…

The Daily Bite

April 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm by  

Another day, another reason to drink myself into a blind stupor.  Here once again, for your perusal and disgust, a look at the stories that would have made it on the front page if I was not so hungover from last night.  Including baby rapers, absent-minded parents, extreme capitalism and a robber who kept it all in the family.

The Daily Bite

April 19, 2009 at 3:46 pm by  

We know you can’t get enough of the Demon. Broaden your horizons and have a look at some of the articles being discussed in the Reality Bites section of the forums. Feel free to join in and toss a few stones!

Fang Chi-XueWoman stabbed her 9-year-old daughter to death, then proceeded to stab herself in the stomachkilling her 7 month old fetus. One other child in the home suffered minor injuries when her mother tried to strangle her.

Lee PonsheThree days after his internet girlfriend moved into his home, her 18-month-old daughter was dead from blunt force trauma to the head.

Joshua Benz & Rachel Crowell-Nasty pair live with their three children in a roach infested trailer with the obligatory fecal matter scattered about. No food in the fridge, but plenty of beer. Priorities schmiorities.

Billy Nicely-Mom’s boyfriend blamed the stairs in the death of 13-month old Tayore Wright. The child’s injuries, cranial cerebral trauma, were not consistent with a fall.…

The Daily Bite

April 18, 2009 at 4:10 pm by  

Hope you are all having a GLORIOUS Saturday. At least better than some of these individuals that have been featured in Reality Bites. Cheer up and remember, it can ALWAYS get worse.

Donna Smith — A woman and her toddler daughter were found dead in their home Thursday afternoon in what police are calling an apparent murder-suicide. They may have been dead for sometime. Authorities say the relative who notified them of the deaths had not heard from Smith for several days.

Dawn Morris A central Illinois mother is behind bars after police say she encouraged her 15-year-old daughter to fight another girl in a recorded confrontation that was later posted on the Internet. In the video, you see the 15 year olds centennial students fighting. Dawn Morris is the mom heard telling her daughter to “beat her up” and “don’t get tired baby.”

Michelle Sprang – Convicted a of second-degree murder Friday in the death of a Addie Mae Lee who was killed with a toilet tank lid.…

The Daily Bite

April 12, 2009 at 4:20 pm by  

Our Reality Bites section is full of more mind-blowing true-crime stories to make you shake your head and wonder if we will ever cease in finding something to shock you with. In this crazy world we live in, I doubt it. Here’s a few that are sure to make your eyes roll.

Jeremy Humphrey The picture above is not a picture of Jeremy Humphrey, but like in the movie Raising Arizona, Jeremy was in need of some diapers for his daughter. Now he’s looking at a possible 30 years in prison for the crime he committed.

Gary SebastianGary is a Palm Bay Firefighter who enjoys sending sex-laced text messages to young girls. He also likes sending them “special” presents. Can you guess what those presents are?

Bertha McKenzie– Bertha’s juvenile son was wanted by police on the charge of simple assault. When the police showed up at her door to arrest him, Bertha’s response to an officer was, ”If any of you touch my son, then you’re going to be the first one I punch in the face.” She was up for a fight and she meant it!…

The Daily Bite – Good Friday Edition

April 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm by  

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Well, around the world today a section of the population are “celebrating”  Good Friday, the day a man named Jesus got nailed to a tree. So in honor of this event, we felt it necessary to deliver a Daily Bite featuring stories from the Front Page and Reality Bites, detailing other people who who fell victim to the hammer.

Amora Milam – 13-month-old beat to death in some fucked up exorcism. Jessica Carson and Blaine Keith Milam, both 18, charged with capital murder.

Austin M. Schmidt – Beat the bejesus out of an erotic dancer as they sat in his car. Before the attack, he had instructed her to close her eyes, as he had a Sweetest Day present for her.

Thomas Leyshon III – Fat, tub of shit went on a hammer rampage, beating several elderly people with a hammer while robbing a beauty salon

Roberto Lemagnes – Attacked by Luis Felipe Gonzalez-Puc, who was weilding a hammer, after an argument over beer.

Nikki Moreno – Beat her 5-year-old son with the claw-end of a hammer.…

The Daily Bite

April 7, 2009 at 5:07 pm by  

Today’s selections from our Reality Bites section are chock-full of crazy criminals. A few have some serious anger issues and the others are just plain crazy.

William H. JonesThis guy is a real asshat. In a drunken rage he grabbed his girlfriend’s 3 mo. old child from her arms, threw the baby to the floor  and choked her 11-year old daughter when she tried to intervene. The reason? His girlfriend refused to give him something and you’ll be amazed when you find out what that “something” is.

Levi Kramlich-This 20-year old father dumb-ass badly beat and shook his 4 mo. old son which caused rib fractures, retinal hemorrhage, and bleeding in the brain. He even admitted to squeezing the baby’s testicles. What could a baby do to a grown man to deserve such treatment? You’re going to love hate his reason why.

Deviled Eggs-60-year old Vanessa Holt must have a very big fan following for her prized deviled eggs. She made some up for a party and when a 66-year old man tried to steal one beforehand, Holt showed her fangs.…

The Daily Bite

April 6, 2009 at 7:15 pm by  

A little later than what I would like, but not because of lack of stories. Here are a few stories we did not get to today, culled from Reality Bites. The only place you should be getting your crime stories, btw. Everywhere else is pretty lame and will just end up copying us anyway. 🙂

Barnes & Noble Flasher – Winter Garden Police today released images from a security camera showing a man suspected of exposing himself to a juvenile female at a Barnes & Noble in February. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Evie Wallace at 407-656-3636, ext. 4035, or CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS.

Watchmen Suicide – In Oregon, a 24-year-old man shot and killed himself during a late-night showing of The Watchemn at the Regal Cinemas in Valley River Center mall. No one else was injured.

Jacky Tran – A Houston man is in jail on felony charges of critically injuring his 3-year-old son while trying to beat a “demon” out of the boy. Jacky Tran, 35, is being held on $100,000 bond after his son, Bill, was flown to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Saturday night with multiple skull fractures.…

The Daily Bite

April 5, 2009 at 4:26 pm by  

Today’s edition of Daily Bite is chock-full-o-crazy. Check out some of the articles recently posted in Reality Bites;

Brittani Nicole WilsonHer four children, all under the age of 5, were found unsupervised in an unsafe environment, wearing diapers overflowing with feces.

Zachary SchamsSchams believed his neighbor, Anthony Edlbeck, was ‘stealing his energy,’ so he began to plan his death. Edlbeck was walking to his car Wednesday morning when Schams walked up beside him and attacked him with a sword.

Courtney RayUlitmate fighter, 26-year-old Courtney Ray, beat up a 12-year-old neighborhood girl. Thinking the girl was throwing rocks at his house, he exited the house and attacked her; he pulled her hair, choked her, threw her to the ground and hit her in the face.

Seth TatumBi-polar, off his meds, and drinking, Seth Tatum pulled up to the Travis County Courthouse on Thursday. He approached several officers and said, ‘By the way, that’s a stolen car and I’m pretty sure I killed the owner of that car.’ Police had been looking for Tatum since Wednesday, after he reportedly beat his step-father with a pair of hedge clippers.…

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