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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A woman in Minneapolis has been accused of killing a Thanksgiving guest because he would not share any of the crack he was smoking.

According to police, 47-year-old Anenia Marie Hare invited 69-year-old Edward Caliph over to her apartment for Thanksgiving.

As they sat down at the table to eat, Caliph did what most of us do at Thanksgiving and broke out the crack pipe.

Hare admitted to police that she got angry because Caliph did not ask for permission to smoke crack in her house and, more importantly, did not offer to share.

Some kind of an argument ensued that resulted in Hare refusing to let Caliph leave her apartment by standing in front of her door holding a butchers knife and an antenna.

As Caliph yelled for neighbors to call 911, he broke out one of Hare’s windows with a vacuum cleaner. When the two began wrestling over the knife in Hare’s hand, they both fell to the ground with Hare on top of Caliph.…

Lauren MorganCHATTANOOGA, TN — A woman with no legs has admitted to beating her 73-year-old boyfriend to death with a crowbar.

According to police, James Masingill pleaded for his life as his girlfriend, 48-year-old Laura Morgan, used a crowbar to bludgeon him to death from her wheelchair. Afterwards, she took $200 from his wallet and went out to buy some crack.

When she returned home a couple hours later, she called 911 and told the dispatcher what she had done. Responding police would find Morgan in her wheelchair on the front porch of the home, and would locate Masingill’s body in the living room.

Morgan has been charged with first-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery. According to court records, Morgan has prior convictions for prostitution and drug possession.

Morgan and Masingill have been dating for 17 years and neighbors say that the victim was just trying to help Morgan turn her life around. Morgan’s family say that she was simply acting in self-defense.

“She told me they had been arguing and he came after her with a crowbar and swung at her and hit her in the hand with it and she was able to push him down and grab the crowbar, and that she hit him in the head and killed him,” Morgan’s niece, Carisa Holewinski says.…

Tammie Elaine JohnsonAthens, GA — An Athens woman was arrested Thursday night after allegedly beaning a neighbor in the dome with a jar of olives because he refused to give her money to buy crack.

Police were called to the Riverview apartments on a report of a fight that evening, and found the unidentified 44-year-old victim bleeding from a wound near his eye.

The man told police he and the suspect, 49-year-old Tammie Elaine Johnson, were at a neighbor’s home when an argument broke out. In addition to being upset she couldn’t get any money out of him to purchase crack, he said, “they were arguing because Tammie wanted to be with him but he was not interested in her.”

Johnson didn’t deny assaulting the man. In fact, she reportedly told police that after the neighbor had kicked ’em out and they decided to resolve their differences in the parking lot, she stopped by her own apartment real quick like and armed herself with olives. She said she did so because she knew she couldn’t take him.…

Austin, TX — Ricardo Luna, 26, was arrested outside of the XTC Men’s Club early Sunday morning, after police say he attempted to pay for his lap dance with crack cocaine.

According to the criminal complaint, deputies were dispatched to the club around 4:00 that morning, after receiving a report claiming Luna tried to pay for his lap dance with crack. While speaking with a bouncer at the club, police learned Luna kicked a member of the security staff and started screaming racial slurs as he was being escorted out of the establishment.

An intoxicated Luna was hesitant about being seated in the back of the patrol car, but complied after being threatened with a tasin’.

On the way to the cop shop, police say Luna began kicking the right rear door in an attempt to escape. The arresting officer then pulled the car over and attempted to secure Luna’s legs with a tarp. He was apparently unsuccessful, and another officer ended up getting kicked in the chest three times.…

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A mother is in jail on neglect, drug and intoxication charges while her 4-year-old daughter is lucky to be alive.

The neighbors of 27-year old Mindy Stephens called 911 after she was reportedly wandering the streets, trashed, banging on people’s doors and windows. She was yelling about some keys being stolen while saying her kids were better off without her.

When police arrived, they would find two 7-year-olds in her home as well as a 4-year-old girl who had seen better days. She was rushed to the hospital after being found laying unresponsive on a mattress in front of a fan. She was drenched in sweat and had a temperature of 103. (*tries not to get earwormed by Hot Blooded and fails miserably*)

They would also find the girl’s urine on the floor next to the mattress and her vomit on a nearby couch. These bodily fluids just added to Stephen’s home decor efforts that included dog shit laying around and smeared into the carpet that was already littered with bugs, piles of clothes and cigarette butts.…

North Charleston, SC — Dexter White, 41, of North Charleston called 911 after being short changed in a drug deal last Friday.

In the 911 call requesting a K-9 unit, White said he gave the drug dealer $60 and only got $20 worth of crack in return. White said the drug dealer refused to give him $40 back. According to a police report, White then walked away from the drug dealer, smoked the crack he purchased, and then called 911.

As promised during the call, officers found White waiting near the pay phone from which he placed his call.

White was charged with disorderly conduct and loitering where drugs are commonly used or sold and is currently being held at the Charleston County Detention Center.

Thanks for the tip, Whisperswing.

Wilmer, AL — According to police, a missing person’s report was filed on Nancy Dickens on December 9, after her sister told authorities that every time she tried to contact Nancy, her son, 29-year-old Christopher Salter, had a myriad of excuses as to why his mother was unavailable. While executing a search warrant on the home Nancy shared with her son, police noticed the sheets from her hospital-style bed were missing, and there was blood splattered on the floor and wall. Investigators then requested a one-on-one with Christopher. Just moments before he confessed to beating his quadriplegic mother to death with a hammer, he asked investigators to promise to seek the death penalty against him – in my version of reality, they would have heartily agreed to his terms and shot him about 4.2 seconds after the confession was signed. Sadly, though, investigators could promise him no such thing…Christopher talked anyway. He told police that he and his mom had been smoking crack together when he excused himself from the room and retrieved a hammer.…

BELLEVILLE, IL — Because of some site issues compounded by the fact that Jaded got me sick, I’m a little behind on some stories, including this one out of Illinois where Sandra J. Bauers, 35, was arrested and charged with selling her children’s Christmas presents for crack. Her mother, 57-year-old Pamela Gyon, wanted her drug-addicted daughter to be a part of her kids Christmas this year so she invited her to go shopping for presents. She used her husband’s disability check to buy $1,000 on gifts for Bauers’ two boys, ages 4 and 5, and other relatives. She had intended for Bauers to take part of the age-old tradition of proving your worth as a parent by the amount of presents you give your kids on Christmas morning, but Bauers had other plans. That night she stole her mother’s car with the presents inside. When she was finally located, she was leaving a motel with the stolen vehicle with a crack pipe in hand, but the presents were missing. Bauers admitted to police that she sold some of them at a crack house, some at a combination pawnshop and liquor store, and some on the street so she could get money to buy crack.…

Teachers Find Crack In Preschooler’s Tennies

November 17, 2010 at 9:38 am by  

Boston, MA — A Boston preschool teacher hit the crack jackpot on Monday after one of her young charges complained that her toddler-sized Nike Air Jordans were too tight. Bending down to remove and adjust the tiny pink tennie, the teacher was rather shocked to find 17 individually wrapped bags of crack inside a larger plastic bag. Teachers later told police the 3-year-old child believed her mother had placed the “candy” in her shoe. “Where’s my shoe?” the child reportedly asked teachers. “Mommy’s going to be mad at me.” When police made contact with the tot’s mother, she claimed she had no idea the kid was transporting drugs. She told police the girl had complained that morning that her foot hurt, but she just loosened the laces and sent her off to school. Police then questioned mom’s boyfriend, 19-year-old Demare Gary. He told police he put the crack in the kid’s shoe the night before and had forgotten about it. He was booked on charges of possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance, possession with intent to distribute drugs in a school zone and reckless endangerment of a child.…

LAS CRUCES, NM – Remember the story we did last week about the guy with the prosthetic leg who let his friends set him on fire because he lost a drinking bet? Turns out he lied. Also turns out the real story is even dumber than his original one. 47-year-old Randy Malone did not catch on fire because his friends lit him up. Malone caught on fire because of a hot crack pipe. A witness went to police and told them that he had picked up Malone as he walked along U.S. 70. Once in the car, Malone took out a crack pipe and began smoking it at which time the driver stopped and told him to get out. Malone obliged while putting the crack pipe in a pants pocket near his prosthetic leg. The hot pipe eventually set his pants on fire, but Malone did not feel anything initially because, well, he has no leg. By time he did realize what was happening, the flames had engulfed his ass and reached his lower back.…

LAS CRUCES, NM – What began as witnesses calling in to report that a naked man with his leg on fire was jumping in front of vehicles on US 70, ended with a 47-year-old in a Texas burn unit after losing a drinking bet with his buddies. The man told police that he and his friends were drinking on Monday when they all agreed that the person who drank the least would be set on fire. He ended up being the loser of that deal, only drinking six beers, so his friends set his prosthetic leg on fire.  The flames went up his legs to his ass and lower back, causing the man to disrobe. Suffering from severe pain, the friends got nervous and dumped him off on the side of the road naked, his leg still on fire. When police asked the man if at any time did he ask his friends not to set him on fire, he replied “no, he lost the bet.” Fuckin’ A right, burned man from New Mexico, nothing worse than a stinking welcher.…

ROCK HILL, S.C. – A woman is currently in jail charged with beating a teen girl and trying to sell her for drugs. A teen told police that she rode with 32-year-old Nikisha Lewis, rumored to be her mother, to visit friends. While there she was allowed to drink alcohol and fell asleep after drinking a couple wine coolers. She woke up to Lewis, possibly drunk and high, physically attacking her and leaving bruises and scrapes all over the girl’s body. Another man took the teen at the home and revealed that while she was asleep, Lewis had tried to sell her for some crack. The girl asked the man to take her to police where she reported the incident and showed them bruises and scrapes on her face, head, knees, hands, elbows, legs and arms. Lewis now sits in jail on $10,000 bond, charged with charges of assault and unlawful neglect. The teen is now in the care of the Department of Social Service. Some of the comments on the news articles state the girl is actually Nikisha’s daughter.…

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