Las Vegas, NV — A special education teacher at West Prep Academy is facing child abuse charges after allegedly forcing a 13-year-old student to punch himself multiple times in the head.

Margaret Boyett, 41, has been teaching autistic students at the school since 2009, but her future employment at the school, or any school for that matter, isn’t looking so hot after being accused of abusing one of her students in February.

She has been accused of grabbing a 7th grader by the wrist and forcing him to hit himself  “7 to 8 times” in the head in an attempt to make him apologize for something. A teacher’s aide was in the room at the time and yelled for Boyett to stop. She even had to grab Boyett’s arm to keep her from slapping the boy.

The aide immediately reported the incident to school officials who in turn notified the police the following day. Investigators attempted to question the victim, but because of his disability, documents say he was “unable to comprehend the event and form a cognitive statement.”

On Tuesday, Boyett was arrested in her lawyer’s office and was being held on a $6,000 bail, under the alias Margie Terranova (?), until her first court appearance sometime today.…

Rock Hill, SC — A South Carolina couple have been arrested and charged with meth possession, manufacturing and child abuse charges while out on bond for previous meth and child abuse charges.

David Manny Henson Jr., 38, and his then girlfriend, 42-year-old Bobbi Jo Wulf, were arrested last year after police found liquid meth, marijuana, and a meth lab in the home they shared.

Henson was charged with manufacturing and trafficking meth, and possession of a firearm. Wulf, who was 6-months pregnant at the time, was charged with exposing a child to manufacturing meth.

But you can’t keep a good meth-head down it seems, and on Tuesday, the couple were arrested again after police acted on a tip and found an active meth lab in their home, along with the couple’s now 7-month-old baby.

The reports say that there wasn’t just a meth lab, but also clear evidence that meth was being used in the home. The 7-month-old was taken into emergency custody because of the hazardous chemical smell emanating from the meth making and taken to the hospital to be checked out.…

San Bernardino, CA — Got an update, of sorts, on the story Morbid posted about Ian Roderiquez last week. You remember him, right? He’s the man accused of torturing his family, killing his son in the process. Well, it appears as if the story is a lot worse than most of us could have imagined.

According to a police report filed on Friday, Ian’s 12-year-old son, Gabriel, told investigators the proverbial shit started hitting the fan at about 10:00 Tuesday evening, after Ian accused his family of stealing his drugs. Gabriel told police Ian began beating the family with a monkey wrench, and the beatings and torture continued for nearly 11 hours.

Daughters Daniella,10, and Yasmine, 8, told investigators their father forced them to walk barefoot on broken glass. When Daniella refused to lay down in the glass, she said her father poured bleach on her and threatened to set her on fire. Both girls also claim to have been beaten with a metal pipe.

Gabriel told police his father stabbed his mother, Sujal, with a pair of “shears” and bludgeoned her with the monkey wrench.…

Louisville, KY — Lida Henry was taken into custody on child abuse charges Friday after police say the woman admitted to biting her 4-month-old child multiple times, leaving bite marks body wide.

Authorities allege Henry has been abusing the child since his birth in November. Aside from the biting, Henry reportedly admitted to punching the child in the shoulder with a closed fist, forcefully slamming him into his car seat and “shaking him to the point where his head flopped forwards and backwards.”

A medical examination of the child revealed multiple broken bones, including rib fractures and a humerus fracture.

Henry, 22, has been charged with assault and criminal abuse of a child. I’d really kinda like to see this bitch shoved into a pit full of bear traps. Or hungry bears, whatever……

Winston-Salem, NC — Not much information on this one yet, but police have charged 26-year-old Jacob Andrew Minton with attempted murder after the man reportedly attacked a 2-year-old girl inside Brenner Children’s Hospital early Sunday morning.

Police say the child was at the hospital being treated for injuries she sustained at home when Minton reportedly started beating the child, leading hospital employees to intervene and call police.

Authorities are still trying to determine what brought the girl to the hospital in the first place, and it is not known at this time if the toddler’s original injuries are in any way related to this particular case. Police say that though the child’s injuries are considered serious, she is currently listed in stable condition. Vague, I know, but it sounds to me as if maybe dude was trying to finish what he may have started earlier…

Minton, a friend of the child’s mother, is being held on $400,000 bond.

Jacksonville, FL — In November of last year, the Department of Children and Families received an anonymous tip that a Jacksonville family was allowing a registered sex offender to live in their home – a home that included three young children. DCF launched an investigation and made contact with the family, who reportedly told them that said pervert, Robert Goeing Young, was sleeping on their couch, and no, there was no kiddy diddlin’ going on in the home.

Fully aware of Young’s conviction, the child’s parents apparently took no issue with allowing him to stay in the home. “The parents said that he was a friend of the family,” DCF spokesperson John Harrell said.  “We continued our investigation.  We spoke with the children individually.  They said that nothing inappropriate had taken place in the home.”

DCF then came up with a brilliant safety plan – Young was to have no unsupervised contact with any of the children at any time – a plan that both the parents and Young agreed to and signed.…

Bangor, Maine – Back in 2009 (when Rotten Apple didn’t hate my guts) we informed you of Julie “Mucklebones” Carr, the Maine woman who sexually abused her young daughter on webcam for the pleasure of a teen in the UK.

On Monday, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Authorities in the UK were contacted by a woman after a teenager, Nicholas Wilde, sent her 16-year-old daughter child porn. Wilde was tracked down, arrested and had his computer seized. Investigators would find various images and videos of child pornography involving children as young as 18-months.

They would also find video of Carr, 33, sexually abusing her 2-year-old daughter on camera, following Wilde’s instructions.

Carr was tracked down and charged with gross sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor. She pleaded guilty in February 2010. Wilde admitted to 10 charges of making, possessing or distributing indecent images of children, possessing extreme pornography and two charges of incitement to commit sexual assault of a child under 13.

On Monday,U.S.…

PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. — More fun in South Carolina as a a couple were arrested for burning a boy with a kerosene heater as punishment for wetting the bed.

On valentine’s Day an observant relative of a 5-year-old boy noticed some burns on his hands and asked how he got them. He told them his mother’s boyfriend, 31-year-old Ernesto Sanchez, had placed his hands on a kerosene heater as punishment for wetting the bed. This was done in front of his two older brothers as well as his mother, 24-year-old Melinda Roxanne Ramey, who did nothing to stop it.

The boy suffered several large burns that will result in scarring or permanent disfigurement. But the real damage isn’t just the physical kind according to Assistant Sheriff Tim Morgan. “That does irreparable mental damage to the child as well,” said Morgan. “It makes one angry to hear that type of thing.”

Police have charged Sanchez is being held on a $25,000 bail, charged with abuse to inflict great bodily injury upon a child.…

HOLLY SPRINGS, NC — A woman has been arrested after police say that she intentionally ran over her husband with an SUV while her children were in the vehicle with her.

According to police, during an argument on Saturday, Paul Dabney assaulted 23-year-old Kaci Jo Dabney and one of her four children. Kaci packed up her kids–age 11 months to three years–in the SUV and attempted to leave. Paul wasn’t having it and jumped in front of the vehicle. Undeterred, Kaci drove forward, pinning Paul to a tree.

Kaci reportedly called 911 for her husband and admitted to police that she had hit him, but in a move that surely points to more stories from these two in the future, Paul told police that she did not hit him. Dawwww! <3

This romantic gesture didn’t prevent Kaci from being charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, felony hit-and-run, and four counts of misdemeanor child abuse. Paul, who suffered a broken leg, didn’t fare much better. He was charged with felony strangulation, assault on a child under 12, and child abuse.…

Man Gets Prison For Getting Toddler Drunk

March 15, 2011 at 9:30 am by  

Covington, KY — Last year we posted a story about an idiot who purposely got his 2-year-old stepdaughter drunk on iced tea that had been spiked with gin. Yesterday, he was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree criminal abuse.

Raymond Jackson, 23, was put in jail after the girl’s mother rushed her to the emergency room. She had come home from work to find her 2-year-old daughter passed out and unresponsive. Blood tests taken at the hospital revealed the toddler’s BAC was a whopping .259 — a near lethal limit for a child and three times above the legal limit for blood alcohol.

It also turned out that the former Marine was still on probation for a previous incident with the toddler after being convicted of a misdemeanor child abuse charge out of  North Carolina the previous year.…

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With the help of one woman’s complete stupidity, the Evil Bathtub has claimed another life.

Police have arrested and charged a 23-year-old woman with felony child abuse after she left two of her young children in a bathtub unattended where one of them was scalded and drowned.

Police responded to the apartment of Estella Toleafoa after a call to 911 was placed about an unconscious 9-month-old. Paramedics were unable to revive Erich Tyler Jr., who had burns to most of his body from scalding bath water.

Toleafoa was arrested Wednesday and booked on a felony charge of Child Abuse Recklessly Causing Death to a Child after police say that at the time of Tyler’s death, he was alone in the tub with his 2-year-old brother while Toleafoa was at a nearby convenience store.…

OLD SAYBROOK, Conn. – According to police, a Connecticut woman is facing charges of risk of injury to a minor for making her son sleep in a locked dog cage because he was acting out and soiling his bed.

Kathlyn Anthony, 54, was arrested Sunday after an investigation. Police say the boy’s sister told school officials that she was tired because she kept getting up at night to let her brother out of what she called his “sleep locker.” This “sleep locker” he was forced to sleep in was 36 inches by 22 inches, and 30 inches high. Anthony tried to make the dog crate “fun” by putting stuffed animals inside of it.

“Apparently, the child who was in the crate was having some issues, or the mother was having some issues with the child defecating in the juvenile’s bed or within his bedroom,” according to Saybrook police Sgt. Kevin Roche. ” She sought out some other remedies, different agencies and different ways of correcting the issue – and it didn’t work.” So she found her own solution in the sleep locker.…

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