WILLIAMS, Ariz. – A couple in Arizona have been charged with child abuse after they took pictures of  a bound infant and toddler then posted the pics on Facebook.

Not a week after we posted about a man who was arrested after posting pics of his bound toddler on Facebook, we have a couple out of Arizona arrested after they did the same damn thing.

Frankie and Kayla Almuina were arrested after someone who knew them called the Arizona Child Abuse Hotline to report seeing pictures on Kayla’s Facebook that depicted her two children, a two-year-old and a 10-month-old, with duct tape around their wrists, ankles and mouths. One of the pictures showed one of the children being hung upside down from a piece of exercise equipment.

Police responded to the home and arrested the couple, charging them with two felony counts of child abuse. They told investigators it was all done as a joke and the children were not harmed, but those who have seen the pictures say what they did wasn’t funny and the charges against them are appropriate.…

Mother Accused Of Repeatedly Dropping Newborn

December 22, 2011 at 3:09 am by  

Clarksville, TN — Penselyn Loyola was arrested earlier this week after reportedly admitting to police that she had dropped her newborn child three times in one month and failed to seek medical assistance each time.

The 1-month-old infant was admitted to the hospital Monday with a fractured skull and ribs, and bleeding of the brain. When questioned, Loyola told police she had dropped the baby down a down a flight of stairs once, and twice more while attempting to bathe it in the shower. She also recalled the child had recently been hit in the head with a video game controller.

Not only did she fail to seek medical attention, she also failed to inform her husband of the numerous little oopsies.

Loyola, 24, is being held on $1 million bail, and is facing charges of aggravated child abuse. The child is currently listed as medically unstable.…

Chicago, IL –– Police have arrested a man after he posted a picture of his bound and gagged toddler on Facebook.

The image was posted by 21-year-old Andre Curry, and showed his 22-month-old daughter after he used blue painter’s tape to bound her hands and feet and cover her mouth. The caption read: “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; )”

He found out real quick that people were not winking back when the picture went viral and police started investigating, along with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

Curry, a waiter at Applebee’s, is due in domestic court today to answer to charges of aggravated domestic battery. DCFS says they are checking the girl for any physical abuse but have no record of the family.

One of his Facebook friend’s said Curry would never hurt his daughter.

“[He was] being playful with his child,” she said. “People play with their children differently.” o_O

God knows we’ve posted a plethora of dumbass stories involving dumbass parents doing dumbass things to their dumbass children and then posting the dumbass pics they took to dumbass Facebook.…

Grand Chute, WI — An unidentified Cheesehead was taken into custody Sunday after police say the inebriated woman grew angry and attacked her 11-year-old daughter because the Packers lost their first game of the season. To the *snortgiggle* Chiefs.

About five hours after the devastating loss, police were called to the Extended Stay Hotel where the woman was presumably staying with her husband and child. After making contact with the family, police learned the woman had been downing beer and vodka throughout the game.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl reportedly stepped forward and told police that while the Packers were losing, her mother grabbed her hair and choked her. The girl went on to say that after the Packers lost, her mother choked her again with enough force that she couldn’t breathe, asking her, “Do you want to die?” Red marks and scratches were apparently visible on the child’s neck.

The woman’s husband told police the woman also threw her dinner on the floor, broke a lamp and attempted to punch him in the face because she was upset about the game.…

Brownsville, TX — Claudia Elizabeth Avila, 27, was arrested on child abuse charges Tuesday after police say she bit her 10-year-old daughter’s face and finger to punish her.

Police responded to the woman’s home after an unidentified party reported the alleged abuse to Child Protective Services.

When questioned, Avila reportedly told police she bit the child’s cheek and finger last week, leaving behind bruises and bite marks, because she was trying to discipline the kid.

Seriously, this site is just brimming with helpful parenting tips! Now I know what to do if my spawn’s grades slip again.

Avila was booked on a charge of injury to a child and later released on $5,000 bail.…

Seville, FL — A disgruntled and frustrated John is accused of kidnapping an ugly hooker’s 1-year-old daughter after said hooker reportedly failed to “finish the job.”

According to police, while at a drug and alcohol-infused party Thursday evening, Carlos Rivera, 23, paid $2.00 an unknown amount of money to have sex with the child’s mother, 30-year-old Leah Wiley. Everything was supposedly all hunky dory until Wiley was called out of the room, leaving Rivera hanging and blue.

Instead of asking the hooker for a rain-check, refund, or 50% off coupon good on his next visit, Rivera apparently decided to walk off with the woman’s child at about 7:00 Friday morning. That’ll teach her!

With no food, water or other provisions, police say Rivera carried the child across U.S. Highway 17 and headed north. Along the way, though, Rivera worried that he might get in trouble for disappearing with the kid, so he left her in a field near a wooded area and hitched a ride outta there. He later called 911 to report the child missing. …

Chicago, IL — Marcos Santos was charged with aggravated abuse of a child after police say he burned his 2-year-old son’s genitals with a hot frying pan after the kid requested a diaper change earlier this month.

According to police, the toddler toddled into the kitchen and informed Santos that he needed a diaper change. Santos apparently got angry when the child’s diaper fell apart, so he did what any sane parent would do in the same situation….he swept up all the stinky, soaking wet pieces of cotton and threw them in the trash. Just kidding – he grabbed a hot frying pan and placed it on the kid’s crotch, causing first- and second-degree burns to the boy’s penis, scrotum and thigh.

Police say Santos then attempted to treat the kid’s burns with toothpaste – it wasn’t until three days after the fact that medical assistance was sought.

Santos, 39, has been ordered held on $500,000 bond. Kiddo’s mom, 36-year-old Joanna Pawlina, is also charged with endangering the life and health of a child, a misdemeanor, because she was fully aware of the injuries and failed to seek medical attention.…

CLEVELAND, OH —  Police have arrested a man, accusing him of shoving a baby wipe down his infant’s throat.

Joshua Rains, 25, was arrested Wednesday at the MetroHealth Medical Center and charged with felony child endangerment after his eight-week-old son had to have a baby wipe surgically removed from his throat.

Rains told police that while changing the child’s diaper he wiped his son’s mouth with a baby wipe only to notice the wipe had disappeared. Once he figured out his little shop-vac had swallowed the wipe, he said he tried to pull it out, but only succeeded in jamming it further down the baby’s throat.

Police are calling bullshit and say his description of events doesn’t jive with the baby’s injuries. The baby’s current condition is unknown, but he was on life support on Saturday. Interesting to note, this isn’t the infant’s first visit to the hospital for an injury. At five days old he was treated for a detached eye lens, and I just shuddered while typing that.…

SAN ANTONIO, TX — A man in Texas is facing criminal charges after his infant son was burned with hot cheese from inside a Pizza Pocket.

Police say 32-year-old Lionel Brown was arguing with the baby’s mother while microwaving a pizza pocket. The argument escalated to the point that Brown went after the woman, who was holding their 3-month-old son, and attempted to smash the pizza pocket in her face.

In doing so, scalding hot cheese oozed out of the pizza pocket and dripped on to their infant, causing redness and blisters to his neck. Brown grabbed his from the woman and slapped her twice before she was able to get the baby back and call police.

Brown, who was already wanted for not registering as a sex offender, was charged with injury to a child.

Speaking of food related burns, the worst one I ever experienced was after biting into a piece of pizza fresh from the oven and having the entire topping slide off in my teeth. It left me with a goatee made from a layer of melted cheese, adhered to my chin by a mixture of scalding hot tomato sauce and my salty tears.…

STANTON, TX – Police have arrested a man after they say he immersed his girlfriend’s baby in scalding hot water.

According to reports, a woman left her infant son in the care of her boyfriend, 24-year-old Dominick Peña, while she went to work on Tuesday. Some time later Peña called to inform her that the boy had been burned.

The woman rushed home and immediately took her son to the hospital. He was then flown to a Lubbock burn unit because of the severity of his injuries. Doctor’s say the boy is in serious condition, suffering from 2nd degree burns to his body.

Peña was arrested and charged with injury to a child, a 1st degree felony, and is being held in the Martin County Jail while police continue their investigation and try to refrain from beating Peña’s ass.

“You just have to think outside of being a human and just think as an officer and do your job according to the law because it’s hard to not be really upset with this,” said Sheriff Woodward.…

Texas Judge Captured On Video Beating Daughter

November 2, 2011 at 8:38 am by  

Texas — As a redditor (AuntieChrist) who mainly lurks in /r/wtf to keep an eye out for any interesting news articles, I have watched a video posted on Reddit blow the fcuk up this morning. The video shows a man beating the crap out of his teen daughter because she was downloading music and games on to her computer using Kazaa.

The video was made in 2004, but the girl getting assaulted has waited until now to upload the video because she “wanted the world to know the truth.” While most readers of D’D read articles here detailing abuse that make the following video look like family game night, I am posting it because the man doing the beating is William Adams, a Texas court-at-law judge.

You can watch the original video posted on Youtube, but in case it gets deleted I am embedding the video from NoDeleteButton.com.

If you watched the video, there is no doubt that what you witnessed was an assault. Normally I shy away from posting stories like this, as I prefer to post on stories in which someone has been accused of a crime, even though the video clearly shows Adams committing one.…

Teen Found Chained To Bed During Drug Bust

October 27, 2011 at 3:23 am by  

Jacksonville, FL — Troy Howell, 29, was taken into custody Wednesday after a drug bust not only revealed an “elaborate” grow station in his mobile home, but a teen chained to a mattress, as well.

The teen, Howell’s 18-year-old nephew, reportedly told police his uncle kept him chained up in a padlocked room to prevent him from running off and telling authorities about the grow operation.

“A really heavy linked chain ran through the floor — it’s a mobile home — tied to an axle under the house and ran up and it chained him around his neck to keep him from running away” said Chief Investigator Chuck Brannan, of the Baker County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said the teen had marks on his neck, a black eye, and various bumps and bruises on his head, shoulders and back. It wasn’t all bad, though…the kid apparently had some sort of doorbell within reach to alert someone when he needed to use the restroom or grab a bite to eat.

Howell, the teen’s supposed guardian, had the wrong kid chained up – it was actually another one of his young charges that turned him in….…

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