Israel SotoCalifornia – Police in California have arrested the parents of a 4-month-old left to cook inside a car overnight, charging them both with one count of willful cruelty to a child resulting in injury/death.

On Friday, 23-year-old Jessica Quezada and 30-year-old Israel Soto returned home from shopping with their 4-month-old son. The couple went inside their home, totally forgetting about their infant sitting in the backseat of the car until about 1:30 pm the next day.

That’s when a family member found the boy unresponsive inside the hot vehicle and called 911.  Israel tried performing CPR on the boy, as did paramedics, but the boy had already died a horrible death and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police were called and the parents told them that they each believed that the other parent had taken the baby inside. Even so, that still doesn’t explain how neither of them realized the kid was missing when it came to his basic needs. You know, like feeding him or putting him to bed.…

Jonothan SavasDeland, FL – Police have arrested a man in Florida after they say he sat on his infant’s head because it would not go to sleep.

According to reports, 24-year-old Jonathan Savas showed up at the home of Irene Hossain at the Sha-De-Land mobile home last Thursday night. Hossain told police that he arrived with his 10-month-old son who was wearing no clothes,

When Savas was unable to get his son to go to sleep, Savas placed the child on a couch face-down, then sat on the child’s head while holding him down.

Of course this did not do much aside from have the kid scream and cry hysterically. Hossain told Savas to stop, but Savas replied, “It’s my baby I can do whatever I want.” He did end up stopping and the child was unhurt.

Hossain said she was afraid of Savas and that’s why she did not call police immediately after the incident occurred. Police later found Savas, who is homeless, with a hypodermic needle, baggies and a pill container in his backpack.…

Bransen LocksLas Vegas, NV  — A 36-year-old meth addict has been officially charged with the murder of his girlfriend’s 1-year-old son.

Cassandra Hamilton knew Bransen Locks for a couple of months and had been dating for two weeks when she allowed him to babysit her 5-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son at his mother’s house on May 19.

In the early morning hours, after Locks had picked up the children from daycare, Locks’ mother called 911 when her son frantically pounded on her bedroom door yelling, “Mom, Mom, get up. Help me. The baby’s not breathing.”

Medical personnel noted that Bently Olsen was suffering from severe head injuries, including bleeding on the brain and a “noticeable mid-line shift of the brain.” There was also a red abrasion on the top of his head that looked recent.

When police tried to question Locks about the boy’s condition, he could not be found at the hospital. He had taken off and was found a couple hours later hiding in a crawlspace beneath his house like a sniveling coward. …

Jessica Ann MungiaHOUSTON, TX – A woman in Houston has arrested on child abuse charges after police say she repeatedly inflicted injuries on her six-year-old son, even burning the boy’s tongue with a hot spoon.

Police were notified after the boy was taken to the hospital with a possible broken arm. Nurses noted the boy had numerous injuries, including bruises, lacerations to his scalp, and healing burn wounds on his hand and tongue.

When Child Protective Services interviewed the boy, he told them his mother, 26-year-old Jessica Mungia, had broken his arm and that she’d instructed him to lie about how he received his list of injuries observed by the medical staff.

The scalp injury was from his mom hitting him with a screwdriver. The bruises to his chin and neck were from his mother choking him. His mother would also tie up his arms and legs and his dad would cover his mouth with a sock. The linear mark on his arm was from when his mom cut him with a knife.…

Gizzell FordChicago, IL – Prosecutors say a 51-year-old grandmother strangled and beat her 8-year-old granddaughter to death, marking the end of  months of abuse.

Helen Ford has been accused of abusing her 8-year-old granddaughter, Gizzell Ford, for months, ending when cops say she beat and strangled the girl to death. The abuse was so bad, she was found with maggots living in a head wound that had gone untreated.

Cops responded to Ford’s home after receiving a call of a person not breathing. Ford was at the home when they arrived, as was Gizzel’s bed-ridden father. Gizzel was found dead in a bedroom with her father, lying face up with a list of injuries on her body. These injuries included several bruises, burns and cuts – all of which Ford said the girl had done to herself.

On Sunday, prosecutors gave some more details on the supposed self-inflicted injuries. A medical examination showed blunt force trauma to Gizzell’s head that happened so long ago that maggots had hatched in the wound and had moved to the front of her scalp while she was still living.

Andrew PrideAustell, GA – Andrew Pride has been sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of whipping a toddler’s genitals.

On Wednesday, a jury found Pride guilty of first-degree child cruelty for repeatedly beating the 22-month-old boy who did not want to be potty trained back in August 2012. The whipping to the boy’s genitals caused bleeding and welt marks, prosecutors said.

“This wasn’t an accident. This was malicious,” said Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring. “And it was all because of potty training. Mr. Pride struck a 22-month-old baby in the groin multiple times because he wouldn’t pee in the potty. This man’s actions are the definition of malice.”

It was also revealed during the trial that Pride had  allegedly encouraged an older child to say that they were the wone responsible for beating the toddler.

For a man who could whip a kid’s dick and then try to get another kid to take the blame, he got off pretty lucky. He could have gotten 20 years in prison.…

Anthony Gideka and Jennifer NelsonLynn, MA – A U.S. Army veteran has been arrested after officials said he beat a 3-month-old boy to death after learning the infant and his twin brother were not his sons.

Police and Fire responded were called to the apartment of Anthony Gideika and Jennifer Nelson at approximately 1:45 a.m. Monday and found Chase Gideika was not breathing and had minor bruising around his forehead.

The child was taken to the hospital where doctors found Chase was suffering bruising to his head and genital areas, internal head trauma, a skull fracture and internal bleeding.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall said the child’s brain was so damaged and swollen that it “lost all its architecture.” She added that doctors determined Chase had been shaken violently on more than one occasion during the past 48 hours, had been slammed to the ground and had injuries consistent with being kicked or kneed in the genitals.

Police first became suspicious of Gideika after seeing how he was “manhandling” Chase’s twin brother while preparing to go to the hospital.…

Edward MyersSAXONBURG, PA – A 35-year-old man has been accused of dousing his then-girlfriend’s 7-year-old son with a flammable liquid before his 15-year-old son set the boy on fire.

According to the criminal complaint, Edward B. Myers and his 15-year-old, and 11-year-old sons repeatedly shot the boy with pellet-type guns soon after the boy’s mother left the home on May 25.

Myers then threw something from the kitchen stove into the boy’s eyes before dousing the kid’s shirt with nail polish remover when he went to the bathroom to wash his eyes out. He then used his cell phone to film the boy burning after his older son set him on fire.

The boy told police, “None of the Myers called anyone to help him, and ‘it seemed like hours’ before his mother came back and took him to the hospital.”

The boy was taken to the hospital for third-degree burns on his face and chest, as well as welts on his forehead. Myers was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, simple assault and possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.…

David SteigerSPARTA, MI – Police arrested 19-year-old David Steiger after his newborn boy was found with 19 broken bones.

Not a lot of details regarding how police were alerted to Steiger, but he was taken into custody on July 2. Reports state Steiger admitted he pushed his 20-day-old son’s leg until he heard a “pop” sound. According to police, that sound was the baby’s femur and tibia breaking.  Steiger also admitted his son fell off the couch while he watching him.

A medical examination would reveal the baby had suffered more abuse than the two instances Steiger admitted to, unless the couch was at the top of a long flight of stairs. The baby was found with a total of 19 broken bones.

Steiger admitted that he, and not his wife, may be to blame for his son’s injuries but can’t say for sure because he “blacked out”. Steiger was officially charged with first degree child abuse on July 5. A neighbor told reporters that there were warning signs in the days before Steiger was arrested.…

hedge clippers

WESTWOOD, MA — Police have arrested a woman who they say lost her freakin’ mind and attacked her 9-year-old daughter with a set of electric hedge clippers.

Investigators say 39-year-old Maureen Mullin attacked one of her two daughters inside their home around 5 a.m. Monday. The girl suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries because Mullin’s husband saw what was happening and “interceded in the struggle and prevented further harm from occurring to himself and the two children at the home,” police said.

Mullin was also injured during the attack and was taken to the hospital where she was arraigned in her hospital bed. She is due in court next week where she will face charges of mayhem, attempted murder and assault and battery on a child.

“They are just cute little girls that always seem to be smiling always seem to have good time,” one neighbor said. “What do you hope for in a situation like this? Other than maybe get some answers. But, even once you have the answers what is that really going to do?”

Police Chief Jeffrey Silva stated that violent crimes are not something you see in WWestwood, but pointed out that domestic violence is immune to geography.…

Carroll Bumgarner-RamosWILLIMANTIC, CT – Carroll Bumgarner-Ramos has been arrested after his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter died from “indescribable atrocities” which included a skull fracture, bite marks, burns, trauma to her genitals and swollen eyes.

The girl’s mother, 26-year-old Kim Lam, had only been living with 29-year-old Ramos for a month when she let Ramos babysit her daughter on June 22 while she went to work. When she returned that night, her daughter had a bruise on her forehead that Ramos claimed was a result of the girl falling off the bed and hitting her head on a heater.

Lam said she that she was suspicious of Ramos’ explanation, but let it go because she didn’t think her boyfriend would harm her daughter. She then let Ramos babysit her daughter again last Thursday. When she returned home from work at around 9 pm, she found her daughter in bed covered with vomit. She was babbling incoherently and her face was swollen.

She told police that Ramos suggested the girl was suffering from Lyme disease, an illness he had once and had similar symptoms.…

Petra HuffmireFULLERTON, CA — Lester Huffmire and his wife, Petra Huffmire, have been accused of keeping two young female relatives malnourished and locked inside a nasty trailer for years while they played World of Warcraft all day.

It is being alleged that between May 21, 2010, and May 20, 2013, the couple lived in a mobile home at the Satellite Mobile Homes Estate and prevented the two girls, ages 5 and 10, from leaving the trailer for any reason, including attending school.

Police got involved after multiple calls from concerned neighbors. Grace McKee said she called officials more than once to report something weird was going on with her neighbors, the last time was 12 days ago. “I wish I had forced the issue years ago. They sorta said, ‘If you don’t see much, why should we come out?’ That sort of thing,” she said. “I wish I would have really, really insisted.”

Witness McKayla Smith said she briefly saw one of the girls as she stared at her through a window. …

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