OCEAN SPRINGS, MS – A man is (hopefully) re-examining his life choices after he was busted in a cemetery with five underage girls, two of which were passed out.

Authorities said 20-year-old Jordan McClain met a 16-year-old girl on Facebook and agreed to pick her up from her foster home.

After driving from Mobile to Ocean Springs Front Beach, the girl got in his vehicle along with four other girls.

The girls all ranged between the ages of 11 and 16.

The obvious mistakes McClain made up to this point are apparent, but compounded ever further after he drove them back top Mississippi and gave the girls Xanax and marijuana.

A resident would end up calling police to report seeing the group at the beach and that they seemed intoxicated.

The responding officer would locate McClain and the five girls in a cemetery and find that two of the girls were unconscious.

The two girls were taken to the hospital, where they were treated and released. The five girls were returned to foster care, but McClain didn’t get off so lightly.…

Devante JohnsonTALLAHASSEE, FL — Devante Johnson has been charged with attempted murder after the 18-year-old allegedly tried stabbing a man to death while having sex with him in a Tallahassee cemetery.

Police say Johnson and the victim were having sex in a car at the Oakland cemetery around 11 p.m. when Johnson, “referred to a former boyfriend of (the victim’s) by name and said no one would have to worry about (the victim) anymore,” according to court documents.

Johnson then pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim three times in the chest and one time in each arm. The unidentified man was able to kick Johnson out of the car and lock the door.

As Johnson attempted to get back into the car through a partially rolled-down window, the victim sped out of the cemetery and crashed through the cemetery’s fence in the process.

The victim flagged down police, alerting them that he’d been stabbed. He was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery for a punctured lung and lacerated liver.…

Adan Quiroz ‘Manuel’ RodriguezCovington, VA – Police have arrested 30-year-old Adan “Manuel” Rodriguez after they say he murdered his wife and buried her body in a Virginia cemetery where he worked as a gravedigger.

Rodriguez’ wife, 24-year-old Ashley Kimberlin Rodriguez, was reported missing on May 13 when the mother of four didn’t show up for work at a local nursing home. Alleghany County Sheriff Kevin Hall said they spoke with her husband that morning, but when they tried contacting him later that day, he had already fled the area.

Police wanted to talk to him again because late Monday night investigators received information that led them to Alleghany Memorial Park, where Rodriguez worked as a gravedigger. In the cemetery, in a remote portion of the cemetery accessible only to employees, Ashley had been found. Her body was found partially buried with a single gunshot wound to her head.

The sheriff’s office issued a warrant for Rodriguez on first-degree murder charges the next day but would not locate him until last Thursday. He was finally tracked down to a home in Pineville, NC where he was hiding inside a closet and suffering from a minor, self-inflicted wound to the neck.…

PLYMOUTH, MA — If you are interested in watching someone suffer severe backlash at the hands of the Internet because of a picture they posted on Facebook, then look no further than 30-year-old Lindsey Stone.

Stone was visiting the Arlington National Cemetery in October while on a paid business trip. She and a co-worker thought it would be funny to take this picture of Lindsey acting as if she was shouting while giving the finger to a sign at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that asks for “silence and respect.”

Thinking that this was funny and clever and everyone would tell them what a laugh riot she is, Lindsey and her co-worker posted the image to their public Facebook profiles for the world to see. Of course, this turned out to be a real bad idea.

It wasn’t long before the picture went viral, outraging many, prompting someone claiming to be a disabled Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran to create a Fire Lindsey Stone Facebook page. He is demanding that Stone be fired from LIFE, the non-profit organization that helps adults with disabilities that Lindsey worked for and who paid for the trip.…

DEEP GAP, N.C. — Here’s a tragic story out of North Carolina where a 4-year-old girl was killed last Friday after a tombstone fell on top of her.

While waiting on Vacation Bible School classes to begin, Peyton Elizabeth Townsend and her older sister were with several other children playing in the backyard of Mt. Paran Baptist Church. The church’s backyard doubles as a small cemetery where about two dozen people are buried.

As the children were running around the graves, a stone cross–estimated to weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds–somehow fell off a tombstone and landed on top of Peyton’s chest.

Peyton’s parents where there at the time of the freak accident. Her father is a paramedic, her mother a nurse, and both of them frantically tried saving their daughter’s life after moving Peyton from underneath the stone slab. Peyton was airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee where she later died.

Seth Miller, a member of the church, said the grave belonged to his cousin.

“There’s no more smiling or thinking of good things after this,” said Miller.…

Mesa, AZ — 25-year-old Kara Mitchell was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure after a butt-nekkid romp at a Mesa cemetery Friday morning.

Witnesses say the top was the first article of clothing to hit the ground. After dancing around topless for a minute or so, Mitchell reportedly lost the pants and continued to spin and dance. Her audience? Cemetery employees, potential customers and several groups of visitors who were there to pay respects to the deceased.

When the music in her head stopped playing, Mitchell put her clothes back on and entered the administrative office where she had a seat and began talking to herself. When police arrived on scene, the woman was found sitting in a cemetery golf cart.

Um, I’ll have what she’s having, please….better make it a double. Thanks!

This story brought back memories of Nicole Leonard – she was arrested back in ’09 after she crashed a funeral, danced (fully-clothed) in front of the coffin and bonked the deceased on the head with a wand. Funny stuff….…

HAMLET, N.C. — Police say in February, a 75-year-old widow was visiting her husband’s grave at the Mary Love Cemetery when she was attacked and robbed by three people.

Hamlet Police Chief John Haywood said 18-year-old Breonna Williams shoved Dorothy Craven on top of her husband’s grave then held her there with a gun to her head while 23-year-old Antwan West and 16-year-old Demetrius Hunter broke into Craven’s car. The three made off with Craven’s purse and other belongings.

The two men had already been apprehended by police before Breonna’s arrest on Monday. She has been charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, breaking or entering a motor vehicle and injury to personal property. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Her two accomplices in the graveside robbery are also facing charges of first-degree burglary, sexual battery and robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection to a March home invasion.…

McCOOK, Nebraska — The body found in the Bartley Cemetery has been positively identified as 14-year-old Kailee Clapp, the teen who was reported missing earlier that morning.

Clapp was last seen by family members Thursday night. She was reported missing on Friday morning when she was not found in her room before school. At first it wasn’t believed the teen was in any danger, possibly having left on her own. Her mother, Nora Clapp, even tried getting in touch with her that day through her Facebook page asking her daughter to contact someone.

It wasn’t until police found a large pool of blood in an alley no more than 100 yards from her back door that it was believed her life was in danger. That afternoon, police would bring in 18-year-old Stathis Sebastian Kirkpatrick for questioning. Afterwards, police would locate Clapp’s body in the cemetery. Reports are that she had been mutilated.

Kirkpatrick is being held on $1 million dollars bail, charges pending autopsy reports. His relationship to Clapp has not been revealed, but I did hear a report on the news that he was not a boyfriend.…

CONSTANTINE, MI — While posting the Rowan Ford update below, I remembered another case we posted about at around the exact same time involving 11-year-old Jodi Parrack. She was last seen around 4:45 Thursday afternoon November 8, 2007 riding her bike and was found dead in the Constantine Township Cemetery. Her mother found her there around 10:30 PM that evening, fully clothed with her bicycle nearby. That was three years ago and an arrest still has not been made nor has a suspect been identified. There has been some developments but not much in way of new information. A cause of death has never been released and the police are staying quiet on if Jodi was sexually assaulted or not. Six months after her death, prosecutor Douglas Fisher said they have at least 75 suspects and that her immediate family were not among them. While he was not specific, he added they had forensic evidence from the crime scene that will help in both identifying and clearing suspects. I take that to mean there was DNA collected which means I assume there was a sexual assault.…

EAST FARMINGDALE, N.Y. – We already had once incident this month where the body of an 9-year-old disabled girl was stolen from a cemetery in Pennsylvania, now we have one of a body stolen from a cemetery in New York. Police say that sometime between Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, vandals broke into St. Charles Cemetery in East Farmingdale. The ghouls got inside three different mausoleums and in one of them, a casket had been taken out and smashed open. The casket contained the remains of an 87-year-old woman buried 12 years ago and are currently missing. Police do not believe the woman was specifically targeted but that whoever did it came with the tools to perform such an act. The Diocese Brooklyn operates the cemetery and has contacted family members to let them know what some sick assholes had done. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio called the desecration an “incomprehensible” act. I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘the body is sacred even after death” crap and personally, you could turn my dead ass into a rotting marionette for all I care.…

LANCASTER, Pa. — Gruesome story out of Lancaster where some sick bastard(s) dug up the grave of a 9-year-old girl and stole her casket and remains. Paula Ream suffered from cerebral palsy and died in 1962, was buried in Riverview Memorial Cemetery alongside her parents. Police believe the grave was robbed sometime Thursday night or early Friday morning as the caretaker discovered the open grave on Friday. Family members are shocked and like myself, wondering why in the hell anyone would do this. I have my suspicions that involves stupid kids, but no matter who is responsible, that’s some pretty sick shit. Lancaster County Crimestoppers is offering a reward up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and or conviction of the idiot(s) responsible. Police say they combed the area for evidence and have already been getting tips from callers. So with any luck we will have some mughsots shortly.…

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – An officer was on a routine patrol in the Forest Lawn Cemetery when he came across the body of Jamie Serich, 17, dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. Beside him was Colin Hart, 18, also dead from a single gunshot wound to the head and still clutching a handgun. “At this point, anything we get like this we’re gonna treat it as some type of homicide until we’re proven otherwise,” said Lt. Don Hawkins, who also added, “The bodies were found as if both were seated right next to each other, probably 3 to 5 feet apart, facing the same direction.” The bodies were found shortly after Serich’s parents reported him missing and told police they were afraid because of his mental state. Both boys were students at Cardinal Mooney High School

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