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Brooksville, FL — Michael Burcum, 65, was arrested on stalking charges last weekend after police say he placed black widow spider eggs in his ex-girlfriend’s mailbox.

According to investigators, Burcum and 47-year-old Kimberly Sonnenschen dated for about three weeks back in March. After they broke up, Sonnenschen hooked back up with her long-term boyfriend, 52-year-old Stephen Boyce. I’m guessing Burcum wasn’t too pleased…

Burcum has apparently sent numerous letters and e-mails to the couple’s home, each “harassing in nature,” and at one point, tried to get access to Boyce’s social security number by posing as a federal agent. Burcum is also accused of posting several of the hateful letters on trash cans outside of Boyce’s work place.

Burcum stepped it up a bit about three weeks ago by placing several black widow eggs in the couple’s mailbox. Deputies said the eggs had already hatched by the time Boyce noticed they were there. *shudder* Boyce, who was not bitten by the spiders, says Burcum raises black widows as pets.

When police made contact with Burcum, he claimed Boyce and Sonnenschen were talking bad about him and “discrediting his integrity.” He reportedly told police he would not stop harassing the couple until he got a letter of apology from them through e-mail.…

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