Sheboygan, WI — 43-year-old Mark Adams was sentenced to 30 days in jail earlier this week after pleading no contest to charges that he bit a 3-year-old boy’s neck while “playing vampire” earlier this year.

Authorities say Adams was babysitting the child back in January, and after watching an episode of “True Blood,” bit the child three times on the neck. He reportedly told investigators at the time that he was just playing vampire, adding that it was possible he may have said something about wanting to suck the kid’s blood.

The child’s mother returned home to find the tot laying on the kitchen floor, crying. The boy told her that Adams had bitten him on the neck, and three bite marks were clearly visible. When mom confronted Adams, he reportedly yelled, “I’m not a pedophile!” and punched her in the face.

Adams was sentenced Tuesday after accepting a plea agreement that dismissed a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, as well as two misdemeanor counts of encouraging a probation violation.…

Louisville, KY — Lida Henry was taken into custody on child abuse charges Friday after police say the woman admitted to biting her 4-month-old child multiple times, leaving bite marks body wide.

Authorities allege Henry has been abusing the child since his birth in November. Aside from the biting, Henry reportedly admitted to punching the child in the shoulder with a closed fist, forcefully slamming him into his car seat and “shaking him to the point where his head flopped forwards and backwards.”

A medical examination of the child revealed multiple broken bones, including rib fractures and a humerus fracture.

Henry, 22, has been charged with assault and criminal abuse of a child. I’d really kinda like to see this bitch shoved into a pit full of bear traps. Or hungry bears, whatever……

Bakersfield, CA —  Though I had high hopes that this ass would choke on his own tongue in his cell, Angelo Mendoza Sr. was found not guilty by reason of insanity earlier this month. For those of you unfamiliar with Mendoza, here’s a little history…

We first featured Mendoza a couple of years ago after he went batshit crazy and ate his son’s eyeball right out of his little 4-year-old head. Off his meds and feeling all bitey, Mendoza attacked his son, biting both of the child’s eyes..blinding him. After that little bout of insanity, the wheelchair-bound Mendoza escaped to a vacant home in the neighborhood where he attempted to cut off his own legs with an ax and a ceramic plate. Though it appeared as if the dude was high on PCP at the time, it turns out he’s just fucking crazy.

When officers arrived at the home, a naked and bloodied Angelo Mendoza Jr. was found on the kitchen floor in his father’s apartment. His eyes were swollen shut and he had several bite marks on both hands.…

Boulder, CO — Not a lot of punch to this one, but because dude supposedly used a skateboard as a weapon, I want to give him his well-deserved 15 minutes of shame.

According to police, 19-year-old Stephen Edward Siebold attacked his 21-year-old girlfriend Wednesday night after she refused to buy him beer. He allegedly bit the woman’s hand, hit her in the head, attempted to strangle her and knocked her upside the head with a skateboard. Police believe Siebold was under the influence of narcotics at the time of the attack.

Though he had already fled by the time police arrived, they managed to track him down later that evening and cage him like the animal he is. Siebold was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, attempted sexual assault, obstruction of telephone service and domestic violence.…

Bartlesville, OK — When police asked 22-year-old Christopher Conner why he bit a pregnant woman during a domestic altercation Sunday afternoon, he reportedly replied, “Because you can’t hit a woman.” Heh…makes sense to me.

Police responded to the Budget Inn last Sunday after receiving a report of a domestic disturbance in progress. After making contact with Conner, they had a talk with the alleged victim, a woman about 6 months along in her pregnancy. She told police an argument about a telephone call progressed into a screaming match between herself and Conner, and at some point, he threw her down on the bed and tried to muffle her screams with his hand before chomping down. She then showed an officer a very distinct bite mark Conner had left behind on her shoulder during the tussle.

Conner admitted to biting the woman, but said he only did so because he couldn’t hit a chick. He’s now being held on $5,000 bond, charged with domestic assault. After Conner was taken into custody and removed from the room, officers found a clear plastic bag containing seven plastic bags of marijuana – about 38 grams worth – where Conner was sitting.…

Dad Gets 15 To Life For Killing Infant Son

January 25, 2011 at 1:57 am by  

Troy, Ohio — Jason Durig was sentenced yesterday morning to 15 years to life in prison after being convicted of killing his infant son back in July.

The death of 8-month-old Caleb was caused by blunt force trauma to the head according to the coroner. Both of Caleb’s parents, Jason Durig and Tara Durig, were arrested on July 26th after police found their infant son dead inside their apartment. Tara Durig had called them to the scene at about 11:45 am that morning. Jason Durig caused the death by beating, biting, and strangling the baby.

In December, Durig changed his plea to guilty just before he was scheduled to go on trial for murder and child endangering. Both parents were being held on $1 million bond each. Tara is charged with permitting child abuse and child endangering and is expected to be sentenced next week.

Jason Durig has been in trouble with the law before. In 2007 he was convicted and sent to prison on charges of child abuse and endangering after causing second-degree burns to another one of his children while he was giving him a bath in a kitchen sink.…

Woman Jailed For Biting Off Husband’s Tongue

December 7, 2010 at 1:18 pm by  

Sheboygan, WI — Police responded to the home of 57-year-old Karen Lueders and her 79-year-old husband, Willard Lueders, late Monday evening after receiving a somewhat unintelligible 911 call from the man of the house.

Because the caller seemed to be having trouble speaking, an ambulance was dispatched along with police. When officers and paramedics arrived on scene, Karen was standing outside the house, New Year’s horn in hand, singing Christmas carols. When officers approached and asked how they could be of assistance, Karen reportedly blew the horn in the officer’s ear before tossing a cup of coffee at him.

Willard was found inside the house holding a piece of gauze in his mouth – nearly half of his tongue had been bitten off. Willard later told police, in a written statement, of course, that it all started when he went into the bathroom while his wife was on the toilet.

He said when he leaned over to give her a kiss, she went into a “manic state,” grabbed his junk and bit off his tongue.…

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Here’s another update on a story we featured last year — a horrific case of child abuse that stuck with me for awhile. Back in April of ’09, 34-year-old Angelo Mendoza, allegedly high on PCP, attacked his 4-year-old son and chewed out one of his eyeballs. The other one he mutilated. When Wheelchair bound, he made his way to a neighbor’s home and crawled into the back yard, stripped naked and began hacking off his own leg with a pickax while yelling incoherently. Ramon Rodriguez wrestled the ax away from him and then went to check on the man’s son. He found him laying on the ground with bites to his hands and both eyes swollen shut. “My daddy ate my eyes out,” the little boy told him. Rodriguez later admitted had he known what he had done to his son, he would have just let Mendoza continue to hack off his own body parts. On Monday Mendoza pleaded not guilty by a reason of insanity. In August 2009, a judge found Mendoza incompetent to stand trial and that he didn’t understand the charges against him and needed treatment at a state psychiatric facility.…

Mom, 19, Accused Of Biting Infant

August 30, 2010 at 1:31 am by  

Dallas, TX – Danielle Lewis, 19, took her 5-week-old infant to Children’s Medical Center Dallas at 9:00 p.m. on August 17 to have him treated for numerous injuries. At 3:00 a.m. on August 18, Lewis walked out of the hospital without the infant boy – she said she no longer wanted him. It’s probably because the kid tasted bad or something. The infant was found to be suffering from several human bite marks to both shoulders, his upper and middle back, left buttocks and left thigh. On top of that, he had contusions and severe bruising to his back and buttocks area and abrasions on his genitals. Seems Lewis had a rather fussy baby on her hands, and like many other dolts who have graced the pages of the Dreamin’ Demon, she attempted to soothe and quiet the child by causing physical pain. The baby boy, believed to be Lewis’ only child, has been placed in state custody and continues to recover from his injuries. Lewis has been caged and charged with felony injury to a child.…

Ironing – You’re Doing It Wrong

August 20, 2010 at 8:32 am by  

Cleveland, OH – According to police, a neighbor called 911 earlier this week after Talthina Jackson’s bloodied 14-year-old son knocked on her door and told her his momma beat him with a clothes iron. Not only did she knock the kid around with an iron, but she also threw an aerosol can at him and bit him on the jaw before threatening him with a knife. Jesus! High-strung much? When police spoke with Jackson, she reportedly said she believed the boy was sneaking into her room to steal money. She was booked on charges of child abuse and assault and will be heading to court this morning. The teen has been placed with relatives. This apparently isn’t the first time Jackson’s parenting skillz have been questioned – police say they are investigating earlier allegations of abuse that led to a recent call to the Department of Social Services. Whether anyone from DSS actually visited the home or not is unknown. Kudos and good karma to the neighbor for reporting the abuse instead of turning a blind eye and a deaf ear toward it.…

Rock Hill, SC – After a babysitter noticed large bruises on the face of one toddler and a bite mark on the face of another, Chris Roberts, 23, was arrested and charged with two counts of unlawful neglect of a child. After interviewing Roberts, police learned that Roberts was watching the children on Friday while their mother worked. He got angry at the 4-year-old, spanked him and smacked him across the face. He told the mother that the injuries came from the kid falling off the bed and landing on a toy. The bite mark on the 2-year-old was simply the result of what Roberts called “play biting.” You know, because nothing a 2-year-old likes more than some Lurch looking motherfucker biting them on the face. Roberts is being held at the Moss Justice Center Wednesday on $20,000 bond. The children were released to their mother who, unlike everyone else, didn’t recognize the facial bruise was in the shape of a hand and that “play biting” with 2-year-olds ranks alongside “French kissing” on the list of Things You Never Do With Toddlers Unless You Want To Go To Jail.…

Theresa Jackson Is A Lover And A Fighter

July 13, 2010 at 9:00 am by  

Greenwood, SC – I know that domestic violence isn’t a laughing matter, but dammit, when the images from some of these stories are processed in my brain space, they are automatically coupled with that old Benny Hill song they used in the chase scenes, Yakety Yax. I can’t help it – it’s a curse. Anyway, Theresa Jackson is the main player in today’s feature. She’s been charged with domestic violence after allegedly biting off part of a man’s ear. Police say that on July 2nd, an extremely intoxicated Jackson returned home and started shit with the victim. The man said that Jackson pushed him to the floor and started hitting him in the face. The man bit her arm in self-defense and Jackson retaliated by chompin’ off the top portion of his ear. Another person in the home managed to free the victim from the crazy drunk lady and get him to the hospital. The 42-year-old woman was charged with criminal domestic violence. But wait!! There’s more!! …

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