DUBLIN, Ohio — Let me apologize upfront for the obscene visual of a mother performing sexual acts on her 10-month-old son that I just now put in your head, but that’s exactly what the news is reporting one Ohio woman did — in front of a camera.

Police say that on August 30, 24-year-old Ashley Jessup recorded herself performing sexual acts on her baby, then sent the video to her boyfriend in Michigan.

That man’s former girlfriend found the video and contacted police who arrested Jessup the next day. Police say she did admit to the crime.

She’s now facing life in prison if convicted on two counts of rape, one count of endangering children and one count of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor.

Spontaneous applause from strangers broke out in the courtroom after the charges against her were read.

She’ll be back in court on Monday for her arraignment so I’m sure we will have more details then.

Police are also reviewing the information to see if there will be any charges filed against the boyfriend, who already has had some equipment seized from his home.…

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