smiling pitBronx, NY – Surveillance video captured a pit bull attacking a 6-year-old girl walking on a sidewalk in the Bronx Sunday afternoon.

In the video you can see as the girl and her grandmother are walking down Webster Avenue when the dog charges after the girl from across the street, latches on to her, then starts dragging the little girl around the sidewalk.

The girl’s grandmother tries desperately to protect her, to no avail. Other people rush in and start kicking the pit bull and are finally able to pull it off of the girl.

“At first the dog tried to bite her in the face, but he grabbed the jacket, he bit her on the leg,” said Eduardo Candelier, who was one of the people who rushed in to help. “The girl was crying, she was going crazy.”

The owner of the dog was also present and reportedly yelled at the crowd to leave his dog alone, then put the dog on a leash after witnesses were able to pull it off the girl it was trying to eat.…

Angry pit bullHODGES, S.C. —A 65-year-old woman in South Carolina was killed by a pit bull while babysitting her grandchildren.

Betty Todd was babysitting her three grandchildren – ages 1 to 12 – while her son and his wife went to dinner Tuesday night.

For reasons unknown, the family pit bull began viciously attacking Todd. The oldest grandchild tried to get the dog off her grandmother but was unable to. The girl gathered her siblings into a room that did not contain their screaming grandmother being killed by their dog and called her father for help.

When police arrived at the home, they were greeted at the door by an aggressive pit bull with blood on its mouth, chest and paws. At the same time, Todd’s son and his wife pulled up and were able to corral the dog into another room of the house.

Todd was found unresponsive with puncture wounds to her head, face and neck. EMS attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. The coroner stated Betty Todd died of neck and spinal injuries.…

BIG ROCK, IL — A man  in Illinois returned home to find that his 44-year-old wife had been killed by a mastiff they had adopted from a family member a week earlier.

The body of Dawn Brown was discovered by her husband Monday afternoon. She had suffered fatal bite wound to the neck, apparently inflicted by a Mastiff they had recently brought into the home. 

Brown had been alone in the home with the dog and the couple’s two other dogs, a boxer and a pit bull mix. Her husband tried to resuscitate Brown, but she had died had died hours before he found her.

Police are investigating what may have prompted the attack and if the animal, which weighed an estimated 130 to 140 pounds, had shown any violent behavior in the past.

The previous owners say the dog had never been violent and that they only gave the dog up because they simply couldn’t care for it any longer.

Dawn was firefighter and paramedic for the Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District, and her co-workers are the ones who responded to the call. …

HOLLYWOOD, FL — Unlike most dog attack stories I post about, I am posting this one to help get the word out on how you can help out an 11-year-old girl after she had a portion of her face bitten off by a friend’s dog.

Back in June, 11-year-old Jacklyn Tucker was spending the night with a friend when her face was mauled by a dog. She was sleeping on the couch when she rolled off to the floor. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by Tanker, her friend’s Jack Russell Terrier-English Bulldog mix, and Tanker wasn’t happy.

“I just laid there, and I closed my eyes, hoping the dog would just go away,” Tucker said.

But Tanker didn’t. Instead, Tanker decided to chew off the girl’s face, tearing off three-quarters of her upper lip and part of her nose. EMS arrived and rushed Jacklyn to the hospital after the dog’s owner handed them Jacklyn’s lips that he had picked up off the floor.

After an initial operation to repair the damage that resulted in some complications, Jacklyn underwent an advanced form of plastic surgery, called a lip switch, in which surgeons took a wedge from her lower lip, flipped it upside down and inserted it into her upper lip.…

MOORE HAVEN, FL — A 17-year-old in Florida is lucky to be alive today after being attacked by an 11-foot alligator and only losing part of his arm.

The only reason why I am even posting this story is because of the victim, Kaleb Langdale, also known as Fred. The quotes from his friends are amusing and if they actually reflect Fred’s attitude, then he may be one of the few teens I actually like.

But before I get to the quotes, here’s what happened yesterday when Fred and some friends took a dip in in the Caloosahatchee River and caught the attention of a hungry gator.

“As soon as he’d seen Fred, the gator was coming after him. On top of the water, as fast as he could pedal, his tail was wagging back and forth, he was coming,” said Gary Beck.

Growing up in Florida, Fred and his friends are aware they are sharing the water with alligators, but this time of year means the animals are especially active.…

Shirley, Mass. — Someone emailed us this story about a pit bull named Lily that was hit by a train after dragging an unconscious woman off some railroad tracks. They asked that we post about it to show not all pit bulls are murderous baby rapers.

So here goes.

A pit bull’s attempts to push a woman in front of a moving train were unsuccessful and the dog ended up getting hit by the train instead.

According to one website owner, the dog probably crept up behind the woman as she walked along the tracks in an attempt to push her into the path of an oncoming train.

“Blood lust must have clouded the pit bull’s calculations, causing the pushed woman to fall away from the tracks and was knocked unconscious,” said the man who tracks pit bull incidents in hopes of thwarting their attempts to take over the world in the name of Satan. “The dog was probably so enraged at its failure to remove another human from the planet, that it was unable to get out of the train’s path in time and was struck.”

Because of powers only bestowed upon the Devil’s minions, the pit bull only suffered a  fractured pelvis and a leg that will have to be amputated.…

CULPEPER, VA — The other day we had a commenter in one of our dog stories relay a story of someone shooting a dog after it had tried to attack a baby. It was a real hit with our resident animal lovers.

Coincidentally, we now have another story involving a dog who bit a baby, and an owner who shot it immediately afterwards. (*puts popcorn in microwave*)

An infant in Virginia hasn’t even been breathing air for a month when the family’s Jack Russell terrier decided to use the 20-day-old as a chew toy. The dog had gotten into the child’s bassinet while the mother took a nap.

Luckily the baby’s father returned home as the attack was in progress, but the dog had already bitten off the infant’s ear. The child was rushed to the hospital to treat multiple bite wounds to the buttocks and to have the ear sewn back on. The infant is currently in stable condition.

Lillian Leo, who raises and sells Jack Russell terriers, says she will not sell the dogs to families with small children.

Henderson, NV —  A 1-year-old boy died on Saturday after being attacked by the family dog while celebrating his first birthday with family.

The unidentified boy was at his grandmother’s house with family when he crawled over to the family’s six-year old, 120-pound Mastiff/Rhodesian mix to pet it. According to the family, they have raised the dog since he was a puppy and he had never shown aggression towards anyone before.

But on this occasion the dog attacked the boy, latching his mouth around the little boy’s head and then shaking him like a chew toy. The boy’s grandmother immediately tried to pull the boy out of the dog’s mouth to no avail.

The boy’s father was upstairs when the attack occurred but was able to get the dog to let go within 20 seconds of the attack. But the damage to the boy was devastating.  “The baby’s face was torn off,” he said. The boy was rushed to the hospital but would die a few hours later.

Animal control officers took the dog to an animal shelter where he will be quarantined for ten days.…

Man Drowns After Being Attacked By Swans

April 17, 2012 at 8:44 am by  

DES PLAINES, IL — A 37-year-old man in Illinois drowned in a condo’s retention pond after being attacked by one or more swans.

Anthony Hensley worked for Knox Swan and Dog LLC, a company that places swans or dogs in areas experiencing problems with the geese population. Hensley was at the Bay Colony Drive condos early Saturday morning, caring for swans they’d placed in their retention pond.

Residents say Hensley has been a regular visitor there for years, often seen on the pond in his kayak caring for the swans and feeding them. But tragedy struck that morning when one or more of the swans attacked him. No one knows exactly what prompted the attack — some thinking he just got too close to their nest or eggs — but whatever the reason, it resulted in Hensley’s kayak flipping over.

He was a good swimmer, but a combination of being fully clothed and wearing boots made it difficult for Hensley to keep his head above water. This was made especially laborious by the swans who continued their assault on Hensley as he tried to swim to shore.…

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. — A 3-year-old boy is in critical condition after the family pit bull mauled him on Thursday.

Ryan Moody was rushed to the hospital suffering from bite wounds to his face and head, then airlifted to another hospital in Little Rock for surgery. According to his mother, Amber Moody, their nine-month-old pit bull attacked Ryan in the front yard.

Police have since learned that Amber adopted the pit bull from the Humane Society last March. I didn’t know this, but the Humane Society normally doesn’t adopt out pit bulls to families with young children.

Amber was able to get around this technicality by simply putting, “none”‘ in the section of the adoption form asking for the number of children in her home. But some chick at the Humane Society wants to remind everyone that it’s not the breed as any breed of dog poses a threat to young children.

“If a dog is sleeping and the child goes and jumps on it, it doesn’t even know who jumped on it.…

 Orange County, FL — A woman is recovering in the hospital from having an arm and leg amputated after being attacked by a pit bull, and another man is facing charges because of the incident.

Police say 30-year-old  Ian Summers had taken Robin Johnson, a known prostitute, to a house in order to have sex and smoke crack. In the home was a pit bull named Feisty, a pit bull with a long history of attacking people. Summers admitted he was scared of the dog, but that it was necessary for Johnson to meet Feisty so that it would not get aggressive towards her.

“I had to introduce her to the dog because he is very aggressive and has bitten five people over the last month,” Summers later told deputies.

Unfortunately, the meeting did not go well as Feisty immediately began mauling Johnson. Instead of helping her, Summers simply walked out of the house and shut the door behind him leaving Johnson to fight for her life.

“When he attacked I did not want to be anywhere near that dog, he scares the death out of me,” Summers told deputies, “so I left and closed the door.”

Summers told deputies he ran to get help at a nearby fire station, but witnesses say that it was actually another man who went for help.…

Jogger Loses Foot After Pit Bull Attack

January 19, 2012 at 9:18 am by  

Chicago, IL — A 62-year-old man had to have his foot amputated because of the injuries he sustained after running into a couple of pit bulls during an early morning jog.

Joseph Finley was on his third lap at Rainbow Beach when he noticed he had been joined by two pit bulls. At first he wasn’t sure if the dogs were viscous or not, but got that answer when they both began chewing on his legs.

“All I remember is those dogs coming at me constantly, yanking and biting and tearing and pulling and yawing at my body like I was hamburger. . . One grabbed this foot here and the other one grabbed that foot and leg. They were in full bloom of attack.”

He tried to remain on his feet, even using an ankle weight to hit one of the dogs but was quickly losing the battle. A neighbor heard his screams and ran to his defense wielding a baseball bat, but to no avail. The dogs, Uno and Bullet, didn’t stop attacking Finley until police arrived and shot them.…

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