Xiaver StricklandDETROIT, MI – Xavier Strickland has died after the 4-year-old was attacked by four pitbulls while walking down the street with his mother.

Strickland was walking with his mother Wednesday afternoon when he was attacked by a pitbull escaped a fenced yard. The dog dragged Strickland back behind the fence where he was mauled to death by a total of four pitbulls.

Strickland’s mother tried fighting off the dogs, but was unable to stop them. Her screams for help alerted neighbors, who tried desperatley to get the dogs off the boy. Despite yelling, using bricks, clubs and even Mace, they could not get the dogs off the boy.

It wasn’t until police showed up and fatally shot three of the dogs that they were finally able to free Strickland. Unfortunately, it was too late and he would die from his injuries after being rushed to the hospital.

The owner of the unlicensed dogs, a 41-year-old man, is co-operating with authorities and could face negligent homicide charges. According to reports, animal control have been called to the area a couple of times regarding stray dogs in the area of the man’s home.…

RottweilerJACKSON, TN – A few hours after 57-year-old Anthony Riggs had adopted a Rottweiler, the dog had mauled the man to death in his home.

At around 10 a.m. Thursday morning, Riggs adopted a 5-year-old male Rottweiler from Jackson-Madison County Rabies Control.  Riggs, described as a dog lover by his family, was not a stranger to dogs and had previously owned a Rottweiler, a Doberman, and a wolf-mix.

Riggs’ wife, Kathy, called him at around 1 p.m. but no one answered the phone. When she stopped by their home with a co-worker a couple hours later, she found out why; her husband had been mauled to death by the dog inside the home.

“The husband was all chewed up,” Madison County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesman Tom Mapes. “There was blood everywhere. The sheriff’s report said [Riggs] was found ‘mortally wounded on the floor from the dog attack.'”

The dog turned on Kathy and her co-worker, biting them both before running outside. The co-worker would later post on Facebook that the dog wasn’t showing signs of aggression before it bit her and Riggs’ wife.…

Amiyah DunstonELMONT, NY – Amiyah Dunston was visiting a friend’s house on Sunday when she was mauled to death by an 80-pound pit bull.

According to Detective Michael Bitsko, Dunston was playing with two other girls in the backyard of the home when the dog, named Kane, attacked her for reasons currently unknown.

Witnesses to the horrific attack said that the dog latched onto the 9-year-old’s neck and head, then began shaking her like a rag doll. A woman in the house ran out and tried to stop the attack, but called 911 when she was unable to pull the dog off Dunston.

“She tried with a broom – too weak, too scared,” said neighbor Novelette Wilson.

Police ended up fatally shooting the dog after they arrived on the scene. Officials say as they entered the backyard, the dog stopped attacking Dunston and charged towards them.

Dunston was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where she underwent surgery. Unfortunately, she would be pronounced dead a few hours later.

No one has been charged in connection to the dog attack, but the dog’s owner, 29-year-old Carlyle Arnold, was arrested at the scene on a charge of violating an order of protection.…

Jacqueline EideOMAHA, NE – Jacqueline Eide is facing trespassing charges after she broke into the Henry Doorly Zoo to pet a tiger, and got a mangled hand for her efforts.

In the early morning after Halloween night, an intoxicated Eide got inside the zoo and made her way to the cage of Mai, an 18-year-old Malayan tiger at the zoo’s African Grasslands exhibit.

Once she placed her hand inside the cage, Mai latched onto her hand “causing severe trauma to her hand,” police said in a statement.

After freeing herself, a friend drove Eide to the hospital where police say the 33-year-old was aggressive towards staff and showed signs of intoxication by alcohol or drugs.

Eide was still in the hospital on Sunday to treat injuries to her left hand that are so bad, she might lose parts of her fingers. But that’s not the end of her worries. Police have also charged her with criminal trespass.

Not that Eide’s a stranger to police or the court system, seeing as she’s previously been convicted of drunken driving, shoplifting, graffiti and other crimes.…

Tanner Smith, 5, Mauled To Death By Two Pit Bulls

October 20, 2015 at 1:07 pm by  

Tanner SmithVIDOR, TX – Tanner Smith would have turned 6-years-old today, but on Sunday he was mauled to death by two pit bulls.

Tanner was with his mother visiting one of her mother’s friends when the attack happened.

When Tanner’s mother learned she had mistakenly thought her son was outside with her friend’s father, she went outside and found Tanner had been mauled by the family’s two pit bulls.

According to Tanner’s grandmother, the boy had been bitten about 16 times, including a bite to the main artery in his neck. The dog’s owners performed CPR on Tanner until paramedics arrived, but he would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

One of the dogs was shot on the spot by the homeowner, while the other was taken by animal control. The dogs were in a fenced in yard and are often around children, including the homeowner’s grandchildren. Police say they do not plan on pressing charges against anyone.

What a horribly tragic end for a boy who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and had already endured three open heart surgeries in his short life.…

AlexLONG ISLAND, NY – A pit bull saved from a shelter had to be put down shortly after it attacked a teenager moments after being brought to its new home.

Stephen Neira, 40, thought he was doing a great thing when he decided to adopt a 2-year-old male pit bull that was about to be euthanized at the Animal Care Centers of New York City.

With only 22 minutes to spare, Neira, his wife and their three children went to the shelter to rescue the dog. After the dog, Alex, passed some behavioral tests he was deemed sociable and the Neira family were the proud owners of a new dog.

They brought Alex home, took him out for a walk and let him play in the backyard before bringing him into their house. And that’s when Alex flipped a switch.

“He ran inside, slid across the floor, turned around, saw my daughter and jumped for her throat,” Neira said.

The horrified family watched as Alex attacked 16-year-old Briana Neira, biting into her face, throat and elbow.…

Porsche CarteeSPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC — Porsche Cartee, 25, was killed by her pit bull on Saturday during an attack that also injured her mother and sister.

According to police, the 7-to 10-year-old male pit bull first attacked Cartee’s mother and then attacked Cartee when she stepped in to help. Cartee’s sister managed to get the dog locked into another room in the house, but it was too late for Cartee.

She would die at the scene from bites to her head and body. Her mother and sister both suffered injuries to their arms, her mother suffering injuries so severe that they required surgery.

Investigators don’t know why the dog attacked, police saying it could have been anything from a high-pitched noise to the brand of toilet paper in the house, but Cartee’s ex-boyfriend said it’s probably because the dog was a total asshole.

“I have never seen a dog more aggressive,” said Patrick Powell. “That dog was so aggressive. I wanted to kill that dog. I said if you don’t let me do it, let somebody else do it.…

boxerPLANT CITY, FL – A 2-year-old boy has been hospitalized after a police officer noticed the toddler hanging out of a Boxer’s mouth.

Jeffrey Harris, a Tampa Police Detective, was warning business owner Teresa Budd about car burglaries in the area when they noticed a neighbor’s 50-pound Boxer carrying something in its mouth.

As they approached the dog, they realized that the “something” was actually Michael Diaz, a 2-year-old boy. Harris yelled at the dog and got it to drop the boy before it ran off.

Budd knew the Diaz family and ran to their home to alert the boy’s mother, who became visibly distraught. Diaz was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital with serious injuries.

Budd said the dog belonged to the Diaz family and that she’d seen it earlier that day hanging around her loading dock. Another neighbor said the dog wanders the neighborhood, and that the the boy’s older brother once knocked on her door asking to come inside because he said the dog was trying to kill him.…

Katherine RizkSUMMERVILLE, SC – Katherine Rizk, 48, is in the ICU after her husband’s pit bull attacked her on Sunday, ripping off her arm.

The incident happened Sunday night when witnesses heard Rizk screaming for help. Stanton Boothby happened to be driving by and saw Rizk being dragged around by her husband’s pit bull.

Boothby got out of his car and ran to help, using the first item he could get his hands on – a guitar stand.

“When I saw this happening, I grabbed it out of the back of the car and went to the dog and I said, ‘Dog, off!’ and I just pushed like this. I never hit the dog, he just looked up and when he saw it coming he backed up.”

Neighbors had already called 911 by this time, and responding officers arrived and distracted the dog while another applied a tourniquet to Rizk’s “shredded” arm that was damaged almost up to her armpit. A tourniquet was also applied to Rizk’s legs, where she had more injuries.…

Annie L. WilliamsSHAKER HEIGHTS, OH – Annie Williams, 71, was killed in front of her neighbor’s home after being brutally mauled to death by her grandson’s pit bull.

A neighbor called 911 to report that she heard screams and looked out her window to see Williams being attacked by her grandson’s pit bull two doors down.

Several neighbors attempted to stop the attack, which reportedly lasted for 10 minutes. The pit bull did not stop mauling Williams until it was shot by a neighbor and ran behind the house where it is usually tied up.

Police arrived on the scene and ended up shooting the dog. Paramedics arrived shortly afterward, but it was too late for Williams. She would be pronounced dead shortly after being transported to South Pointe Hospital.

“All I know is there was blood everywhere,” one neighbor said. “He did a nasty job.”

Investigators are not sure what prompted the attack and have not filed charges against the dog’s owner at this time. One neighbor said they’ve rarely seen the dog and that it usually stays chained up behind her neighbor’s house.…

happy alligatorORANGE COUNTY, TX – Witnesses say 28-year-old Tommie Woodward jumped into alligator infested waters, purposely ignoring the warning signs, and was immediately killed by alligators.

The incident happened early Friday morning at Burkart’s Marina, where there are signs posted warning people not to swim in the bayou because of alligators.

Despite the signs and verbal warnings from others there, Woodward decided to take his chances with a late night swim.

After he removed his shirt and his wallet, someone shouted to him the danger of alligators being in the water. “Fuck the alligators!” Woodward allegedly shot back before jumping into the water.

“He almost immediately yelled for help,” Orange County Justice of the Peace Rodney Price said.

A marina employee, who knew Woodward and told him a 10-foot alligator had been spotted there, witnessed the attack and described what happened next.

“I saw his body floating face down. And then he’s out there for a couple of seconds and then he’s dragged back down. And then he comes back up still face down and then he gets pulled down again.…

smiling lionJOHANNESBURG – An American was mauled to death at a Johannesburg safari park after a lion reportedly dragged her out of a car.

Sources say a man and woman had their vehicle’s windows down as they were driving through a lion camp at the Lion Park, a popular safari park where “Super Close-Up Animal Views Guaranteed”.

A lion decided to take advantage of the open window and jumped through it. The lion attacked a woman in the car before dragging her out. Ambulances arrived on the scene quickly, but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man survived the attack, but suffered serious injuries he received while trying to fight the cat off the woman.

Hopefully the park won’t be penalized, even though this is the third attack at the park in four months. But to be fair, in all cases, the people who were attacked were victims of their own lack of judgement.

An Australian tourist, who had his windows down, was attacked by a lion in March and suffered some nasty bite wounds to his legs and arm.…

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