New Port Richey, FL – Thomas Carter Jr. didn’t get to enjoy life much – just seven days after he was brought into the world, he was mauled to death by Sidon – his mommy and daddy’s “lovable” 45-pound pit bull mix. As Thomas lay sleeping next to his mother, 16-year-old Nicole Koezeno, Sidon attacked – leaving more than 50 claw and puncture wounds on the baby’s back and chest. Nicole had no idea that her baby was more or less being eaten as she napped. In fact, she had no idea until someone knocked on her bedroom door at about 11:45 Wednesday morning. Nicole reportedly got up to answer the door, turned around, took one look at her bitten and bloodied infant and started screaming, “My baby! My baby! My dog bit my baby. He’s bleeding.” Jackie Welch, a neighbor who had stayed at the home overnight, claims to have heard nothing from the bedroom where Nicole, Thomas and Sidon slept. “The dog didn’t make a noise or nothing – no growling, no barking, no nothing,” she said.…

When A Good Otter Goes Bad

March 6, 2010 at 11:23 am by  

Venice, FL – The 911 call came in just after 4:00 Thursday morning:

Caller: Venice East Boulevard. Help!!

Dispatch: What’s happening at Venice East Boulevard?

Caller: There’s a man on the ground – an otter – I can’t get him off. Hurry please.

Dispatch: There’s a man on the ground?

Caller: Yes ma’am.

Dispatch: And someone’s doing what?

Caller: An otter’s got him.

Dispatch: Who’s got him?

Caller: An otter?

Dispatch: An otter?

Caller: O-T-T-E-R! Please hurry, I can’t keep him off him.

Well now, that’s not something you hear every day, huh? Morrell Denton, 96, was taking a stroll that fateful Thursday morning when the pissed off otter crossed his path.

“I just looked down on the ground and I saw this little animal walking across and he walked across real slow,” Denton said. “And I looked down there and he grabbed me by the leg,” he said. “When I fell is when he grabbed my hand. I tried to pull him off with the other hand and he got hold of that hand.

The Hoboken Pit Bull Massacre!

February 8, 2010 at 9:47 am by  

pit bullHoboken – “There was blood everywhere,” a witness reported. Three people went to the hospital after getting their asses handed to them by a couple of pit bulls who went on a rampage in a luxury apartment building.

“There was blood everywhere,” a witness reported. No word on what set the two dogs off (probably a fly buzzing around the room) but what is being reported is that the dogs went nuts. “There was blood everywhere,” a witness reported.

The apartment had torn up furniture to match the victims, police killing one of the dogs just to get it off of one of the female victims. “It didn’t look like she was going to make it. She was bad. Her entire leg was torn up,” Paul Michael said. To make matters worse, the second dog got loose and began roaming the halls. “There was blood everywhere,” a witness reported.

The dog eventually went after police, was sedated and died later. Three victims were all taken to Jersey City Medical Center. One of the women suffered serious injuries.…

Three Children Mauled By Pack Of Cocker Spaniels

February 3, 2010 at 11:04 am by  

Fontana, California – Just kidding about the cocker spaniels, the breeds involved are exactly what you expect. Shortly before 5 p.m Monday, a mother was walking her four kids to a local park as a reward for doing well in school when they were attacked by a mastiff, a pure bred pit bull and three pit bull mixes that had gotten out of their yard. Neighbors heard the attack and intervened, even throwing rocks at the dogs. The attack left a 5-year-old girl in critical condition and on a ventilator suffering from a punctured lung, broken ribs and numerous bites. Her 7-year-old brother received bite wounds, one that required 237 staples. Her older sister was treated for injuries to her arm and leg, and needed 18 stitches. When police arrived on the scene, the pit bull was shot and killed after it charged at officers. The four surviving dogs have been quarantined at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter and will likely be euthanized after being tested for rabies.  No charges have been filed against the owner of the dogs, who reportedly stated they are very sorry and claim the dogs were not trained to fight.…

NEWPORT NEWS – On Sunday, police officers arrived at a home after recieving a call reporting a domestic disturbance between a man and his wife. When a female opened the door, a male pit bull ran out of the house and attacked the lead officer. After being bitten in the hand and forearm, the officer used his service weapon to shoot the animal. This pissed off the dog’s owner, 46-year-old Willie James Sims, and just like his dog, he came out of the house and began assaulting the officer. Showing a bit more restraint than I would have, the officer decided not to use his gun on Sims’s face and opted for the pepper spray. Sims was arrested and charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, drunk in public, obstruction of justice, assault and battery on a family member, and a summons for dangerous or vicious dog. The officer’s injuries were not life-threatening, and animal control was called to care for the dog.…

Melissa Marcrum Is An Idiot

February 10, 2009 at 10:22 am by  

Fresno, CA – Oh, how I hate this woman. Melissa Marcrum, 35, was with her family watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. She is also the owner of a 70-pound Pit Bull named Kane. One of the people at the family gathering was her 13-year-old nephew, who happened to be terrified of the dog. Marcrum thought this was pretty hilarious, and her stupid, drunk ass decided to terrorize the kid by ordering Kane to attack him.…

Zane Earles Left Unattended; Mauled By Puppy

July 30, 2008 at 9:30 am by  

UPDATE 11/5/08 – Linzy Earles, 18, was charged on Friday with second-degree manslaughter in the mauling death of her two-month-old son, Zane Earles, on July 28.  Because Linzy Earles was 17 at the time of her son’s death, she is being tried in juvenile court.  Court records indicate that Linzy had come off juvenile probation on June 2 for drug-related charges.

Zane Earles was left alone in his swing for over two hours and was killed by the family Labrador retriever puppy, who ate parts of the baby.  Linzy Earles is due in Tulsa juvenile court on December 3.


News report from

Tulsa, OK – 2-month old Zane Allen Earles was let unattended in the home he shared with his parents, 18-year-old Tyler Craig, and mother, 17-year-old Linzy Earles and grandparents. At around 8 a.m. Monday morning, Tyler Craig left the residence. The baby’s grandfather then left the home around 8:30 in the morning after putting Zane in an elevated, wind-up child swing. The only two people left in the house aside from the baby were the baby’s grandmother and Linzy.…

Baby Eaten by Something Other Than a Pit Bull

January 4, 2008 at 2:43 pm by  


8-month-old Andrew Stein was mauled and killed by the family Doberman on Thursday. Known to be docile and friendly with the neighbors, the family dog attacked the owner’s child for unknown reasons. The child was rushed to a hospital, but declared dead an hour later. Meanwhile, the dog was sent to an animal care facility to await determination regarding its fate.…

Carlos Sousa Mauled By Tiger On Christmas

December 27, 2007 at 11:50 am by  

San Francisco – While some of you bitched and moaned about the hassles brought on by the holidays and all of the aggravating things it brings…travel, shopping, and of course, family. At least you didn’t get mauled to death by a tiger on Christmas.

While everyone has heard of this by now, I had not posted anything about it as it had not been deemed any type of crime. But things are a changin’ and I figured I would go ahead and get this up so it can be followed on the site. For those of you who only read this site and live under a rock, a tiger at the San Francisco zoo escaped its enclosure on Christmas and killed 17-year-old, Carlos Sousa Jr., and also mauled two brothers who survived their injuries.

The question is how in the hell did this tiger, named Tatiana, get out of its habitat. It has been reported …

Man Chokes Rabid Bobcat to Death

June 19, 2007 at 9:30 am by  

62-year-old Dale Rippy was rolling his garbage cans to the back porch when he was confronted with a snarling, 25-pound bobcat. The bobcat lunged at Rippy, sinking his teeth into his abdomen and wrapping its body around Rippy’s it’s claws slicing his arms and legs. So Rippy, a Vietnam vet, grabbed the bobcat around the neck and choked it to death.

He went limp, and I’m standing there holding him by his neck,” he said. “I was bleeding everyplace.”

Two days later, test come back showing the bobcat had indded been rabid. Animal services credit Rippy for his quick thinking and whose actions probably saved someone from future injuries or worse.

We give this guy a lot of credit for what he did,” said Denise Hilton, animal services manager for Pasco County Animal Control. “The man was definitely using his head when he did that. If he let the cat go, we could have had more victims.”

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I’m sure everyone has heard of the story by now, and 11-year-old boy is camping with his family when later that night, a black bear rips open the tent he is sleeping in and drags him out into the forest while still in his sleeping bag. The parents heard the boy screaming but were not able to locate him and thought that it was an abduction. The boys remains were found 400 yards away and the bear that was later killed was confirmed as the bear involved with the attack. This is also the first bear-related death for Utah.

The crazy thing is that a family that was in the same spot the day before were also harassed by a bear, with the bear actually ripping open a tent and taking a bite out of a pillow. Luckily, no one was injured in that confrontation, but that family is wondering why the family of the slain boy was not notified of a bear having been in the area.

The entire story is horrific for me for a couple of reasons.…

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