TULSA, OK — Police are looking for a woman who is suspected of repeatedly stabbed her 11-year-old daughter before kidnapping her 7-year-old daughter.

An Amber Alert has been issued for 7-year-old Hafza Hailey who is believed to be with her biological mother, 39-year-old Taheerah Ahmad.

Ahmad is suspected of tying up her three daughters — ages 7, 9, and 11 — before repeatedly stabbing the 11-year-old girl.

The 7-year-old managed to get free and untie her 9-year-old sister, who ran to a relative’s home for help.

When police arrived, they found the kitchen on fire and the 11-year-old suffering from multiple stab wounds. Ahmad had apparently fled the scene taking Hailey with her.

The girl was rushed to the hospital where she is in critical condition. Doctors say she suffered so many stab wounds that they had a hard time how many she had suffered.

Ahmad is described as a black female with curly black hair with gold streaks in it. She could be driving either a black Lexus RX300 SUV with a paper tag or a blue Ford sedan with a paper tag.…

Columbus, OH — Jessica Pickett, 22, was charged with misdemeanor falsification after allegedly reporting that her car had been stolen with her 4-year-old daughter inside.

Pickett apparently called 911 and told police she had left her child, Janylia, sleeping in the backseat of her car while it warmed up Monday morning. She left the child in the car, she said, so she could round up her other children. When she returned, the car and her daughter were gone.

An Amber Alert was issued. Cell phones alerted, officers searched, tips started coming in. One tip, though, blew Pickett’s story to shit.

“I am trying to call in about that Amber Alert,” the caller said. “She is not missing. She is at her Aunt’s house.”

And she was. Unharmed. She’d been at the aunt’s house since the night before.

When confronted, Pickett reportedly admitted to officers that she had lied. She had just hoped the police would make finding her stolen car a priority.

Pickett was issued a summons and Janylia and her two siblings, ages 5 and 2, were taken into protective custody.…

Westminster, CO – Police are now saying that there is a definitive link between the murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway and the attempted abduction of a jogger last May.

Jessica was last seen Oct 5 after leaving her home to walk to school. Her dismembered body was later discovered in Pattridge Park Open Space near an abandoned mining shack.

Last Memorial Day, a woman was jogging on Ketner Lake Open Space when a man tried to cover her face with a chemical-soaked rag. She was able to escape and described her attacker as an 18 to 30 year-old light-skinned male with brown hair and a medium build, about 5-feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Police say these to incidents are related, but are not revealing exactly how they have linked the two cases. “We are able to make a definitive link,” said Westminster Police Department spokesman Trevor Materasso. “We recognize the public may have questions about what constitutes that definitive link and we’re asking for their patience.…

Westminster, CO — Twelve different Colorado agencies have expanded their search for 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway after the missing girl’s backpack was found six miles from her home.

Jessica was last seen Friday morning after leaving her home to walk three blocks to Chelsea Park where she was to meet with friends and then walk to Witt Elementary School. When Jessica never made it to the park, her classmates continued on without her. By 10 that morning, police called her home but her mother, who worked nights, was sleeping. It wasn’t until she woke up eight hours later that she called police after hearing the message informing her Jessica was not at school.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday a man and his wife returned to their home in a neighborhood over six miles away and noticed a backpack on the sidewalk that wasn’t there when they left earlier. It stuck out, but because kids leave items around the neighborhood occasionally, it wasn’t so out of place that they went to investigate. When it was still there the next day, the man and a neighbor looked inside the backpack and found a set of keys and a water bottles with “Jessica Ridgeway” written on them.…

Teen Arrested After Faking Her Own Abduction

December 14, 2011 at 8:50 am by  

Sacramento, CA — Police in California have arrested a 17-year-old girl after they say she faked her own abduction last week.

Last Thursday, the family of Christina Almanza called police after they found her missing and had a voicemail from the teen stating she had been abducted and was being held hostage by several men. The family then began receiving a series of text messages from Almanza in which she informed them she was in a basement with two other girls, and didn’t know where she was. She also indicated that someone might have been killed.

A statewide Amber Alert was issued and a task force of police, deputies, FBI agents and U.S. Marshals were assembled who began searching for the girl, locating her on Friday afternoon. Police found her in a home of a man she had met online. She was unharmed, but the same cannot be said for the aggressive pit bull police shot when they entered the home.

Police questioned Almanza, the mother of a 2-year-old, who finally cracked and admitted the entire thing was a hoax.…

Police Locate Teen Who Faked Her Own Abduction

August 24, 2011 at 8:43 am by  

AURORA, Colo. – Police have found the 15-year-old girl we reported on earlier this week who had faked her own abduction.

An officer in an unmarked police car spotted Jasmine Fike near a fast-food restaurant on Monday. She had altered her appearance and had been staying in a motel she had checked into using a fake ID.

The teen sparked a statewide Amber Alert after calling 911 and reporting a man, a convicted drug dealer, was trying to break into her home last Wednesday. When police arrived, Fike was missing and there were signs of a struggle. Police would later report that while they were still actively looking for Fike, the entire abduction was a hoax orchestrated by the teen.

She is currently in a juvenile facility, but cops made a strange comment when they were asked what kind of condition Fike was in when they found her.

“Her condition is relevant to what she’s been through, and if I comment on that, it would be a clue to what we’re investigating,” Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel told the Denver Post.…

AURORA, Colo. — Police would like to talk to the 15-year-old girl who staged her own abduction last week, triggering an Amber Alert and a lot of police resources wasted on her dumbass.

It all started with a 911 call (you can listen to it here) in which Jasmine Fike tells the dispatcher that she needs help, that someone is breaking into her home and trying to kidnap her. When police arrived at her home, they did not find Fike but did find signs of a struggle in her bedroom.

An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday morning in which a man named Franky Session, who has since been cleared of any wrongdoing, was named as a possible suspect.

Police still don’t know where Fike is, but they say she is travelling with known ciminals and that she had faked the entire abduction.

“We had dozens and dozens of people working on this case and what we learned is this is all a hoax,” says Det. Bob Friel. “There’s a bit of astonishment to the lengths she went to carry out her hoax.…

Mona NelsonHouston, TX –I have been following the Jonathan Foster story closely since the Amber Alert was issued on December 27.

To fill in those who have not heard of the case, or those that have somehow missed Morbid’s previous post, Jonathan Foster was the 12 year old boy that went missing shortly before 2 pm on Christmas Eve. His body, burnt beyond recognition, was discovered in a ditch just a few miles from the Houston home he was abducted from.

After video surveillance from a nearby business, along with multiple eyewitness reports, placed her at the home around the time of Jonathan’s disappearance, 44-year-old Mona Nelson had her residence searched. Shortly after that, she was arrested on Capital Murder charges. 

Apparently the MONSTER, also known as Mona, was friends with Sharon Ennamorato, Jonathan’s mother’s roommate.  Authorities still have not released the full extent of Ennamorato and Nelson’s relationship, but according to some sources, they may have been lovers at one time or another, and that may have fueled Nelson to hurt Jonathan’s mom, Angela Davis.…

Jonathan FosterHOUSTON, TX — An Amber Alert was issued Monday for 12-year-old Jonathan Foster. He was last seen around 1:45 p.m on Christmas Eve at the Villa Nueva Apartments where he lives with his mother and stepfather.

Shortly after he was last seen, his mother received an emergency phone call at work. “Someone called and said it was an emergency,” said Mary Gifford, the missing boy’s grandmother. “But by the time she picked up the phone, no one was there.”

Foster’s biological father and other relatives live within walking distance, and Foster often spent time at their homes. His mother called police at 9:30 pm. when she was unable to find him.

“I don’t know if it’s an abduction,” said Sgt. Stuart Harris of HPD’s Missing Persons Unit. “I don’t know if he just walked off. I don’t know if there’s foul play involved. We have no reason to think he’s a runaway. … He’s missing under suspicious circumstances, which is always a major concern for us.”

Jonathan has red or auburn hair and blue eyes.…

San Francisco, CA — I had every intention of updating this story over the weekend, but was slapped with a ragin’ case of the winter crud. Anyway, if you have been following the Brittany Mae Smith case, then you are already aware that she was found alive and unharmed on Friday – as was her alleged abductor, 32-year-old Jeffrey Easley. The two hadn’t been seen since December 3, when they were captured on surveillance video buying camping gear at a Walmart in Salem, Virginia. About a week later, an alert clerk spotted the pair outside of a Safeway grocery store and alerted authorities. Easley was taken into custody without incident and is currently being held in San Francisco pending his extradition to Roanoke County. He’s looking at a felony abduction charge in Roanoke County and felony counts of attempted credit card fraud and credit card larceny in the City of Roanoke. Brittany was taken into protective custody and will soon be reunited with her family. Authorities have stated that Brittany is being cooperative with investigators and is fully aware that her mother is dead.…

Virginia — An Amber Alert has been issued for a 12-year-old girl whose mother was found dead inside their home. After 41-year-old Tina Smith had not shown up for work in three days, a co-worker went to her home and found her dead inside. Her daughter, Brittany Mae Smith, was missing along with Tina’s 32-year-old boyfriend, Jeff Easley. Tina met Jeff over the Internet and after some time flirting online, Easley eventually moved in with Smith and her daughter a few months ago. “Police have said that the young lady is in extreme danger,” said Teresa Hamilton Hall, public information director for Roanoke County. Police had originally shown up at the house over the weekend after Smith had failed to show up for work, but found no reasons to break into the home and no vehicles in the driveway. Easley’s red 2000 Chevrolet SUV was located by police but Smith’s car, a silver 2005 Dodge Neon sedan, Virginia tag XKF-2365, is still missing. Police aren’t calling Easley a suspect in Tina Smith’s homicide, or revealing how she was killed, but the alert explicitly names him Brittany Smith’s abductor.…

Morenci, MI — Police in Morenci have issued an Amber Alert for three brothers who were last seen Thursday afternoon and investigators believe the boys, 5-year-old Tanner, 7-year-old Alexander, and 9-year-old Andrew, are in extreme danger. The boys’ father, John Skelton, reportedly told police he handed the children over to a female acquaintance named Joann Taylor late Thursday night or early Friday morning, with instructions to deliver them to their mother – he claims he was going to commit suicide and didn’t want the children to witness the act. According to John, Taylor collected the boys late Thursday evening or early Friday morning and drove off in a white or silver mini-van. John reportedly attempted to take his own life, but failed – he is now being held at a mental health facility. When the boys didn’t show up at their mother’s house at 3:00 Friday afternoon, as scheduled, she called the police. Sadly, at a press conference on Saturday, Police Chief Larry Weeks stated there is a possibility that John Skelton fabricated the whole story.…

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