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Alicia CarrollDALLAS, TX – Police have arrested 28-year-old Alicia Carroll after they say she left her 7-year-old daughter in a dumpster overnight.

According to Dallas police, Carroll and her daughter left the King Spa & Sauna about 10 p.m. Saturday.

Carroll began to run, telling her daughter that the police where after them, and instructed her daughter to climb in a nearby dumpster.

The girl fell asleep inside the dumpster while waiting for her mother to come get her, and woke up 10 hours later. As she began walking back towards the spa, Carroll was calling police to report her child was missing.

Carroll told police that she had drinks at the spa and left her daughter with a friend to “clear her head” and that the refused to return her child. The friend contradicted Carroll’s statements, telling police that she witnessed Carroll leaving the spa with her daughter and that Carroll was “highly intoxicated.”

Police began searching for the child and were alerted by some people at the spa who had located Carroll’s daughter.…

Princess MarksLAKE CHARLES, LA – You know, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your life if you find yourself in the same position as Princess Marks, the 25-year-old woman who was arrested for leaving her two young kids alone in a car so she could suck her boyfriend’s dick.

It was sometime after midnight when police responded to reports of two children alone in an a vehicle at a Lake Charles retail store. Officers would find an SUV with the windows rolled down and two children, ages 7 and 5, alone inside.

It didn’t take them long to locate Marks, the childrens’ mother, who admitted she had been in another vehicle performing oral sex on her boyfriend. She also admitted that she was unable to see her vehicle from her boyfriend’s car.

The report didn’t mention if this was because of where her boyfriend’s car was parked, or because Marks’ vision was being obscured by her boyfriend’s balls.

Marks was arrested and booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center on charges of child desertion.…

Toledo, OH – An Ohio man is in the doghouse after being charged for abandoning six puppies zipped inside suitcase next to a dumpster. Howard Davis, 53, was identified using his name and address from the suitcase luggage tag.

A homeless man reportedly witnessed the dumping of the suitcase and the puppies’ mother.

“I saw a gentleman in a silver pick-up drop something near the dumpster.” said witness Scott Snyder. “When he took off, I see a female dog chasing him.”

Maddie, the puppies’ mother, made her way back to the dumpster and was described as ‘keeping guard of something.’ Snyder approached and reportedly found the suitcase with the 4-week-old English bulldog mix puppies inside.

The Lucas County Dog Warden responded.  Officials said it did not take much time to track Davis down. Howard Davis’ name was on the suitcase luggage tag and Maddie was registered in his name.

“Apparently the gentleman who owned them was moving away, and it appears as though they didn’t fit into the move,” said John Dinon, the Director for the Toledo Area Humane Society.…

Mother Refused To Pick Child Up From School

January 12, 2012 at 11:08 am by  

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I’m trying to find out a little more information, but police in Charlotte say a mother refused to pick up her 5-year-old daughter from school.

The girl was dropped off at Hickory Grove Elementary on Monday, but no one came to pick her up. When school officials contacted the mother, she refused to come get her daughter.

Three hours later, at around 7:30 p.m., police had to get the Department of Social Services to take the 5-year-old into their custody as they were afraid she could have been in “extreme danger.” Police have yet to charge the mother with anything.

I’m hoping the kid wasn’t abandoned and that the mother was just too blitzed on drugs or alcohol to come get her. Lesser of two evils and all that, ya’ know? If anyone has any inside info on the specific reason why the mother left her, please share as I cannot find anything.

Although, I guess a school is a lot better place to abandon your kid than a burning house or the bottom of a lake.…

Dothan, AL — Kelly Laster, 29, has been charged with attempted murder after police say she left her 3-year old son in a storm drain and went shopping.

According to police, sometime between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, Laster placed the toddler in a storm drain approximately 150 yards from the home where she lives with her parents. She and her 5-year-old daughter then walked off to go shopping at WalMart.

Police were notified when Laster’s father woke and found the three missing. Laster and her daughter were found in the store a short time later and the search for the missing toddler began.

The police, grandpa and the neighbors scoured the neighborhood with flashlights for the next 45 minutes. It was grandpa who found the kiddo in the drain.

“I found the little boy myself and pulled him out,” said Homer Laster. “I checked the drain, I woke him up and pulled him out.”

Except for a few scratches, the boy is reported to be in good condition.…

Sweetwater, TX — Carlos Rico may be facing attempted murder charges after police say he abandoned his son, 4-year-old Angel Flores, in a cactus patch off of Interstate 20 early Tuesday morning.

According to Sweetwater police Chief Jim Kelley, Rico stopped his car along a cactus-lined stretch of Interstate 20 at about 3 a.m. Tuesday and “threw the boy out of the car like a bag of garbage.”

About 3.5 hours later, Sweetwater High School basketball coach Al Hunt was driving by and saw what he thought was a guardrail about 5-feet from the yellow line. Turns out it wasn’t a guardrail at all.

“It took me seconds to realize, ‘it’s a little kid there,'” the 54-year-old coach said.

Hunt grabbed the child and placed him in his vehicle and his son called the police. They tried to question the boy, but were unable to get much info out of him.

“He did hold up four fingers when I asked how old he was,” Hunt said.

When asked where his parents were, Hunt said the boy pointed east.…

OMAHA, Neb. — If you abandoned your 12-year-old boy at a Nebraska hospital on Monday, police would really like to talk to you.

Police say they were called to Creighton University Medical Center shortly after midnight after the boy had been left near the emergency entrance. The 12-year-old told officers his mom and grandparents dropped him off there and then drove away.

The boy was taken to Project Harmony for placement, while police continue to search for his family.

Back when Nebraska adopted the Safe Haven law in July 2008, the law didn’t specify an age and some parents used this to get rid of their teenage children. In fact, thirty-six children were reportedly left at state hospitals within the first four months of Nebraska’s safe haven law being signed; many of them pre-teens or teenagers as old as 17.

Some of you may remember Gary Staton, the man who dropped off nine of his children, aged 1 month to 16-years-old, at a Nebraska hospital invoking the safe haven law (his girlfriend would get pregnant with twins a year later).…

Bradenton, FL — A strange woman knocked on Juan Pablo Bravo’s door Saturday night and explained in fluent Spanish that she was having car problems. Could he watch her 18-month-old child for a bit? 10-15 minutes, tops. Though he’d never met the woman before, Bravo agreed.

The woman entered Bravo’s home with the child and plopped the kid down on the couch and changed his diaper before driving off into the night in her blue pickup truck.

Minutes turned to hours. The baby boy grew hungry. 52-year-old Bravo, who helps care for his three very young grandchildren, gave the child a slice of pizza and a bottle of milk. The child’s irresponsible, idiotic, moron of a mother neglected to leave even a diaper behind.

Six hours pass and still no sign of the strange woman. Not knowing what else to do, Bravo called a social worker for advice and the police were soon involved. They were able to identify 31-year-old Melissa Willis as the toddler’s mother only because she’d jotted down a cell phone number down on a piece of paper.…

Bonita Springs, FL –The lovely lady to the left, 38-year-old Melissa Graham, was arrested Wednesday evening after police accused her of skipping out on a restaurant bill, leaving her 12-year-old daughter behind, and later calling the police to report the kid had been kidnapped.

According to the woman’s kid, after consuming a few glasses of wine at the Bonefish Grill that evening, Graham started acting a little weird. The girl told police Graham spit her bread out all over the table, shoved her food across the table, telling the kid to “get a box” before exiting the restaurant, leaving the 12-year-old sitting there.

A short time later, the girl and the restaurant manager went outside and found Graham sitting in her car. The manager told Graham she needed to pay up. Unable to convince the manager she had left a credit card on the table, Graham reportedly insisted the other person they were dining with agreed to pay the bill, but the only other person there was the kid. Flustered, the nucking fut drove away, leaving her daughter standing in the parking lot.…

Father Allegedly Ditched Injured Kids After Crash

November 15, 2010 at 7:11 am by  

Dallas, TX — Have you seen this douche? If so, police would like to have a word with ya. Authorities say that after 34-year-old Miguel Torres Sr. wrecked his Ford Expedition late Thursday night, he just up and took off, leaving three of his four children behind. Torres reportedly slammed into a light pole and lost control of the vehicle, sending it spinning. His 5-year-old daughter, Mia, was thrown from the SUV, car seat and all, and landed in the middle of the street. Torres kept driving. He stopped at a park about a mile away, took his 11-month-old daughter Emma from the vehicle and beat feet – leaving his 6- and 9-year-old sons inside the SUV. The 9-year-old, who was not injured, was able to flag down help for his brother Thomas, who suffered a serious gash to the head. “They said [Miguel Jr.] was screaming for his dad and his dad just kept going,” said the children’s aunt, Olgalivia Salazar. Meanwhile, Torres had stopped off at his mother-in-law’s house and deposited a bloodied Emma into her arms before being picked up by an unknown person.…

Pasadena, California — Some of you watching or reading the news yesterday were probably aware of an Amber Alert issued for 3-year-old Dylan Kurihara. He is the boy who was last seen leaving a wedding reception with his father, 23-year-old Joe Kurihara, in a silver Lexus RX 300 on Saturday night. When the mother had not heard from either of them for hours she started calling police stations trying to locate them. Turns out that Kurihara had been arrested for public intoxication hours after he left the wedding reception. The problem was that he was walking at the time of his arrest and did not have his son, nor were police aware the boy was supposed to be with him. Even worse, once police were notified, Kurihara had no recollection of ever having his son with him in the first place. Luckily, before I was able to type up the story regarding the search for the missing toddler, he had already been found. On Sunday night, searcher Rowdy Metzger located the boy sleeping in his car seat inside his father’s vehicle parked in a parking garage.…

Crazy Nanny Abandons Kids On Side Of Road

September 14, 2010 at 10:52 am by  

Fort Myers, FL – On September 9th, police received a 911 call reporting that two children had been abandoned on the side of the road by their nanny. When police arrived to talk to the children, they learned that the nanny in question, Krisitine Bedinotti, was friggin’ batshit crazy. Because of the Rosh Hashanah holiday, the children were out of school that day and Kristine had planned on taking them to the library. Unfortunately, the library was closed. Sooo, Krisitine drove to a Greyhound bus station and left the children waiting in the car while she used the restroom. After that, it was off to Tasty Treat! Upon their arrival at the ice cream shop, Kristine gave the children some money and headed off to the restroom. The children told officers she was in there for approximately 15 minutes, and when she came out, shit got weird. After some erratic stop-and-go driving, Kristine pulled off the road and asked a stranger for a cigarette before running into some random front yard where she attempted to steal a puppy while allegedly screaming, “The dog is going to call police, he is mine!” 😯 The kids, scared half to death at that point, exited the car.…

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