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Orlando, FL — Elvin Garcia was taken into custody Saturday evening after a neighbor called 911 to report seeing the man’s 18-month-old child sipping beer from bottles and cans scattered across the front yard.

“There were bottles around the front porch and he was just picking them up, drinking out of them,” said eyewitness Debbie Robinson.

Garcia had apparently passed out, leaving Junior to fend for himself. Neighbors claim the child was alone outside for hours.

“They [police] could see him [Garcia] in the trailer there with his legs hanging out the door…just passed out I guess,” said Robinson.

After waking Garcia from his drunken slumber, officers placed him under arrest. The 28-year-old man is now facing charges of child neglect.

The boy has been taken into custody by DCF, which said the boy was living in “deplorable conditions,” and the Juvenile Justice Center will now determine who will take custody of the child.…

Tacoma, WA — Talk about one hell of a loophole. Weldon Marc Gilbert, 47, was accused of giving young boys alcohol and spank their bare buttocks. Prosecutors said Gilbert allegedly engaged up to 20 teens in masturbation, oral sex and anal sex.

He pleaded guilty in April to 31 counts of production of child pornography, two counts of transporting a minor across state lines to engage in sexual activity and two counts of obstruction of justice after one of his victims called police.

Hundreds of  DVD’s and tapes containing nearly 30 hours of child rape and molestation were confiscated from Gilbet’s home and used to convict him in federal court. He now gets to watch those tapes anytime he wants, while in jail because he serves as his own attorney, allowing him access to the evidence used against him.

“There is case law that that allows criminal defense attorneys access to evidence and courts have specifically ruled that they should have access to viewing child porn if it’s being used as evidence.…

Bear Keeper Chokes To Death On Sex Toy

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Cleveland, OH — A 49 year-old man was discovered dead by a teenage employee on Sunday, and the cause of death is believed to be ‘asphyxia due to airway obstruction by foreign body’ as a result of a little heavy bondage. This one gives all the ‘Cousin Walter’ stories from Kevin Smith’s movies a run for their money.

First, a little bit on our ‘victim’, Sam Mazzola. Mazzola is was the owner of several exotic animals, the most notable of which were bears. He used the bears for different types of shows, including one where people could pay to wrestle bears. Thinking about that for a second, I don’t see paying to wrestle bears. I’d wrestle a bear under three conditions: first, that I was being paid in hot naked chicks; second, that the bear was retarded; and third, that I could do it with bullets. Mazzola’s biggest claim to fame, though, occurred last year when one of his employees was mauled to death by a bear that decided the 24 year-old man looked more yummy than lunch during a routine feeding.…

Bronx, NY — A Bronx man has found himself in a sticky situation after DNA he submitted for a drug-related arrest came back matching that of a serial subway spanker.

The aptly-named Darnell Hardware, 26, was arrested in June of last year on drug charges and submitted a DNA sample. When it was checked against the state’s data base, it matched samples taken from three separate incidents, dating back almost ten years, in which a man painted female subway passengers with his cock-puke. The victims, ranging in age from 17-24 (at the times of the incidents) had come forward with the leftovers, saying that a man had rubbed up against them, masturbated and ejaculated on them… all three on packed subway cars where they say they couldn’t escape.

I would like to take this opportunity to call bullshit on every subway passenger in New York who stands idly by while some creep shoots jizz all over a poor young girl. If there were more stories that matched the word ‘vigilante’, I could stop googling ‘semen’ and ‘assault’.…

Gainesville, FL — Police arrested 21-year-old Tiffany Long late Tuesday after she was reportedly caught smothering a baby in her care.

The child’s mother told police she returned home from work early that evening and walked into her 10-month-old daughter’s room to find the babysitter standing over the crib holding a pillow over the child’s face. The child’s legs were flailing, the woman told police. When the woman confronted the alleged baby-shutter-upper, Long reportedly told her that it had never happened before, and asked that the woman not call police. Amazingly enough, Long was able to leave the home with her face still intact.

When police caught up with her later that evening, Long said the child had been crying uncontrollably and that she was playing peek-a-boo with the pillow to quiet her. She said she was just about to tickle the baby with the pillow by holding it over her face when mom walked in. Long then demonstrated for police how she held the pillow over the baby’s face.

She was promptly booked on charges of aggravated child abuse and ordered held on a $35,000 bond.…

Guatemala City, Guatemala — Divine intervention is being credited for saving the life of Paul Oakey, a 20-year-old Mormon Missionary stationed in Guatemale.  This after he was attacked by evil zoo lions.  Let’s hope that someone is now praying he doesn’t repeat the galactically stupid behavior that got him into that mess.

While making the rounds at a Guatemalan Zoo, Oakey reportedly thought that a photo of him standing on top of the 6-foot tall wall surrounding the lion exhibit would make a pretty cool picture.  So he made what his father, Alan Oakey, described as a “judgement call” and climbed on up.  Awww heck [God forgive me], there was an inner cage.  What was the point of even having the cement wall?

“When Elder Oakey turned his back to the lions, they crept up on him,” Alan Oakey said.  A Mormon on a mission is an “elder” – even to his dad.

One lion reportedly reached through the cage and grabbed the missionary’s right leg, causing him to fall back against the cage.…

Brooklyn, NY – Police have a man in custody after the 9-year-old Brooklyn boy who went missing on Monday evening was found dead and dismembered.

Leibby Kleztky had been reported missing on Monday after he did not return home from nearby Boyan Day Camp. Surveillance video would show the boy talking to a man in a gold sedan.

Using this footage and reviewing credit-card purchases, police were lead to the home of a 35-year-old man and member of the Orthodox Jewish community. The New York Post is reporting the suspect’s name is Levi Aron.

At the home where Aron reportedly lives with his parents, they would find Kleztky’s severed feet in a freezer. They would find more of the boy in a dumpster in Greenwood Heights with help from the suspect. They had been wrapped in garbage bags and placed in a red suitcase.

Levi Aron

“It was a very brutal murder,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said. “We’re all very, very sad. This is the worst possible conclusion imaginable.”  NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said Aron “panicked” and that’s why he suffocated the boy before chopping him up.…

WAYNE COUNTY, Indiana — I was just about to write up the lame story regarding EquuSearch suing Casey Anthony when I noticed a much more interesting story in a sidebar. A woman in Indiana has been charged with murder after admitting to burning her father alive.

Court records show 30-year-old Nina Holbrook intentionally set her 50-year-old father on fire and admitted to doing it. She told investigators that she called Carl Holbrook to her bedroom where she splashed a cup of camper fuel into his face, then shoved a lit candle into his chest. After setting her father on fire, she climbed out her bedroom window, crossed a field and began walking down the road.

A person who was to meet Carl at the house found him with most of his clothes burned off and suffering burns to most of his body. He would be taken to the hospital, but would later die from his injuries. Carl was able to tell people that it was his daughter who set him on fire, but it really wasn’t necessary.…

GLENDALE, CA – Police have arrested a woman who used her SUV to hit her ex-boyfriend twice in a grocery store parking lot all because he insulted her mother.

It happened on Saturday in the parking lot of a Smart & Final in full view of other shoppers. Tangik Khodaverdian, 25, allegedly drove her SUV into the lot and pinned her ex-boyfriend to the brick wall he was sitting on.

As she was driving off, her ex was able to get back on his feet and use his cell phone to snap a picture of her license plate. Khodaverdian witnessed this, put her vehicle into reverse and then struck the 32-year-old man a second time before driving off.

The man suffered non-life-threatening injuries to his leg and back and was taken to the hospital. Khodaverdian was arrested at her home later that day.

She told police she didn’t pin her ex to a wall, she merely parked in front of him after he insulted her mother. She did admit to reversing into him, but says she only did so because she saw him trying to get her tag number and she was afraid of him.…

Zimbabwe – As you may know by now, we here at the DD try to limit our stories to ones that occur here in the US. However, much like the man in this next story, sometimes you just can’t say ‘no’, and that’s not always a bad thing.

An African man has reported to authorities that he was kidnapped by four women at gunpoint and forced to hand over some baby-batter. I’ll be in the bathroom for the next ten minutes if anyone needs me.

The incident happened around 3pm on Saturday when the complainant was approached by a woman who asked him for directions to the Juru Police Station. Seemingly confused about his answer, the woman asked if the man would go with her, to which he agreed. When he got into her car, there were three other women inside. One of them eventually produced a pistol and the women placed a hood over his head. He was brought to an abandoned house and locked in a room. They eventually took the hood off, fed him and gave him two mystery pills to take.…

Houston, TX —Back in April I posted a story about Edward and Edwin Berndt, 48-year-old twin brothers who were charged with murder after living with their mother’s corpse for several months. Yesterday a Harris County grand jury refused to indict the brothers.

For those of you too lazy to click a link to one of my fabulous stories, 88-year-old Sybil Berndt fell inside her home where she lived with her two boys. Her husband had died fiver years earlier and her kids were each a few cans short of a six-pack after being born oxygen-deprived. So after she fell, the boys didn’t know what to do and just left her lying there.

It took three days, but one day after her 89th birthday, Sybil finally died. The brothers then lived with her corpse for several months until a welfare check revealed her fate and Edward and Edwin were both charged with murder. Some analyst argued the boys were so mentally disabled that they should never have been charged in the first place.…

LIGONIER, Pa. — Police have arrested a man after they say he shot a man to death in a bar after the victim refused to change the television channel.

Donald Holler, 65, was holding the remote to the television at Fat Daddy’s Place on Monday evening. When a news story came on talking about the war in Iraq, 40-year-old Stephen Fromholz, an army veteran, asked him to change the channel. An argument erupted between the two men when Holler refused.

Fromholz reportedly left the bar and retrieved a semi-automatic rifle from his vehicle. Witnesses say he staggered back inside and opened fire, shooting Holler once in the back. Two other patrons grabbed the gun and detained Fromholz until police arrived.

Holler was pronounced dead at the scene and Fromholz allegedly told the arresting officer’s he shot Holler and asked them to kill him. They didn’t oblige and arrested him instead. Fromholz is being held without bail on one count of criminal homicide.…