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Yes, That Body Is Caylee Anthony’s.

December 19, 2008 at 7:02 pm by  

And what’s worse…it now appears that she could have been found in August.  Read on for details.

Caylee Marie Anthony ~ August 9, 2005 – June 2008

Orlando, FL – Wow.  Hell of a news day, huh?  First, the DNA is back, and the tiny remains found in a trash bag last Thursday are, in fact, those of Caylee Marie Anthony.   No real surprise, I suppose.  I think we all knew when the body was found that it was hers.  Who else would it be?  No other tiny little girls with longish brown hair were even missing in Florida last week.

To add insult to murder, it now appears that Roy Kronk, the utility worker who found Caylee’s body, tried to notify authorities in August  about the suspicious trash bag in the woods.  Yes, the very same trash bag that turned out to hold the toddler’s remains.  Three times on three different days, Mr. Kronk says, he called authorities.  Yet it was not until the December 11 911 call (when Kronk reported that the bag had opened and a child’s skull had fallen out) that the remains were finally recovered – four months after Kronk made the first call to police. …

Rest In Peace, Caylee Marie Anthony

August 28, 2008 at 10:56 am by  


In the biggest breaking news since her daughter Caylee was reported missing on July 15, 22-year-old Casey Anthony was indicted this afternoon by a Florida grand jury on seven counts, including aggravated manslaughter and first-degree murder. ALL COMMENTS TO THIS GINORMOUS, RECORD-BREAKING THREAD ARE NOW CLOSED.  Updates and new comments for the new phase of this case can be found here: Casey Anthony Indicted For Murder.

Rest In Peace, Caylee Marie.  You will never be forgotten.

Caylee Marie Anthony on

Caylee Marie Anthony – b. August 9, 2005 – d. June 2008

Orlando, FL, August 28, 2008 – The DNA is back.  Ten weeks after Caylee Marie Anthony was last seen alive, it now appears certain that the missing toddler is dead.   More than that, her decomposing body lay in the trunk of her mother Casey’s white Pontiac for an undetermined period of time before being removed.  Many of us hoped that by some miracle, some slender thread of fate, Caylee would be found alive and unharmed.  Now it is clear that Caylee never saw her third birthday.  She will forever be two years old.…

Where Is Caylee Marie Anthony? Part II

July 29, 2008 at 4:29 pm by  

UPDATE 8/28/08 – The newest Caylee Anthony thread can be found here.  This thread is now closed for comments.

Caylee Marie Anthony on

Orlando, FL (July 29, 2008)  – Well, kids, we did it.  With the first Caylee Anthony post here, we broke all previous Dreamin’ Demon records for page views and comments.  And after over 2000 comments, it finally happened – we broke our server.   The nice people at We’ll Kick Your Bandwidth’s ASS, Bitch, Inc., said that we could fix the problem by opening a nice shiny new Caylee Anthony thread and closing the comments on the old one, so that’s what we’re doing.   All the new Caylee updates will be published here, and all comments on Caylee’s case should be posted here from now on.  Cool?  Cool.  Now, on to the recap and the new news.  …

Where Is Caylee Marie Anthony?

July 16, 2008 at 10:54 pm by  

UPDATE 7/29/08 – Well, Denizens of the Demon, we did it. We shattered posting and commenting records. We annihilated page view precedents. And …we broke our server! So, to fix it, we now have a new Caylee Anthony article: Where is Caylee Marie Anthony? Part II. It’s a continuation of this one with updates from here on. Comments on this article are now closed, so please follow the link to the new article and comment there. Thanks!

Caylee Marie Anthony on The Dreamin' DemonCasey Marie Anthony on The Dreamin' Demon

Caylee Marie Anthony and her mother, Casey Anthony

Orlando, FL (July 16) – Two-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony was last seen on June 9. But she wasn’t reported missing until last night. And Orange County investigators want to know why not. Tonight, Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony, 22, is in custody and being questioned about the disappearance of her daughter. Caylee’s maternal grandparents reported the toddler missing yesterday after Casey Anthony admitted to them that she had not seen her child in over a month. So where is Caylee? …

Orlando, FL –   Yeah, we knew that was coming.  Defense attorney Jose Baez has written a new book, Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, in which he posits that (surprise!) Casey Anthony is a nutjob. Can I get a “well, DUH,” up in here?

In case you’ve been living in an Amish family (or a cave), Casey Anthony is the mother of Caylee Marie Anthony, the adorable toddler who was reported missing on July 15, 2008. Caylee had actually been missing since June 9 of the same year, and was found dead several months later, duct tape wrapped around her skull, a creepy heart sticker over what remained of her mouth.

Casey was charged and acquitted of first-degree murder in one of the great travesties and tragedies of the Florida judicial system last year. The case broke our servers and doubled our membership, and there may have been a pizza incident that landed us on Fox News, so, y’know, it’s close to my heart.

Now, Casey’s defense attorney is just gonna keep on defending his client, yammering on about how no sane person does the things that Casey did.…

Chouteau, OK — Just days after Casey Anthony was acquitted, an Oklahoma woman claims a “crazed” Shireen Nalley assaulted her because of her supposed resemblance to the much hated “Tot Mom.”

26-year-old Sammay Blackwell claims she was working the cash register at Fiesta Mart on July 8th when Nalley entered the store. Nalley, who Blackwell says looked “strange” and “very suspicious,” paid for a tank of gas, said something along the lines of, “Hey, you look like Casey Anthony,” and left the store.

When Blackwell’s shift ended a short time later, shit got weird….

“I began to back out and looked and I could tell she [Nalley] was staring directly at me; I could almost see the whites of her eyes,” said Blackwell. “I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot, and she was right behind me.”

Blackwell said she had made it a few miles down the road when Nalley suddenly and intentionally rear ended her. Blackwell turned off the street and into a parking lot in an attempt to get away from the crazy lady in the grocery getter, only to be rewarded with another hit to her vehicle.…

Child’s Body Found Near Anthony Home

December 11, 2008 at 2:19 pm by  

UPDATE 12/13/08 – I’ve been told that the hair on the recovered body is a visual match for Caylee’s hair under a microscope.  The bone measurements are also correct for Caylee, so it’s just about certain that these remains are hers.  More details at the bottom of the article.

Orlando, FL (December 11, 2008) – The search for 2-year-old Caylee Anthony may be over.  At about 9:30 this morning, a utility worker who was working near the Anthony home walked into a wooded area to relieve himself.  As he walked through the hilly, wet grass, the man stumbled across a trash bag which was held together with duct tape. When the man opened the bag, the skull of a small child rolled onto the ground.  Inside the bag was the rest of the child’s body.  Caylee Anthony, 2, has been missing since approximately June 16, but was not reported missing until July 15.…

Casey Anthony Indicted For Murder

October 14, 2008 at 5:00 pm by  

Casey Anthony on

Orlando, FL (October 14, 2008) – In the biggest breaking news since her daughter Caylee was reported missing, 22-year-old Casey Anthony was indicted this afternoon by a Florida grand jury on seven counts, including first-degree murder.   The sealed indictment was issued this afternoon by the grand jury, who deliberated for less than an hour after they heard testimony this morning in the case.   Late this afternoon, Casey Anthony turned herself in at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. …

Casey Anthony: Everyone Lies, Everyone Dies

August 8, 2008 at 10:21 am by  

UPDATE 8/28/08 – The newest article is here: Rest In Peace, Caylee Marie Anthony
Comments for this thread are now closed.  Please update your bookmarks and favorites and join us at the new article for breaking updates and information.

Casey Anthony on dreamindemon.comCaylee Anthony on Dreamin' Demon

Orlando, FL (August 8, 2008)  – The lies of Casey Anthony just keep on piling up like manure covering a gravesite, mixing with the corpse beneath to grow flowers that she hopes will obscure the ugly truth.  The truth is that Casey Anthony has almost certainly murdered her little girl.  Caylee Marie Anthony has been missing, by most accounts, since June 15.  Or June 6th, or 7th, or 9th, or 24th.  The problem begins there and just gets uglier, more convoluted.   But the release yesterday of a new search warrant in the Anthony case exposed many of the lies of Casey Anthony.  As each shovelful of bullshit is pulled away, authorities are getting closer and closer to finding Caylee.  …

Michael NodianosSteubenville, OH — A video was released today by the hacktivist outfit KnightSec, that shows Michael Nodianos, a former Steubenville High student and baseball player, laughing and cracking jokes about two Steubenville High football players allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl.

We have gotten a lot of emails on why we have not covered the rape case going on in Steubenville, Ohio. The reason is that shortly after Alex Goddard from began posting about it, we spoke on the phone and she gave me the lowdown. The truth is that there was just way too much information, and way too many layers for me to tackle — especially since I was flying DD solo at that time.

So for those of you unaware of the shitstorm going on in Steubenville, here’s the short version:

On April 11, 2011, a 16-year-old girl got trashed at a party attended by other Steubenville High students and athletes. So trashed that witnesses describe her being topless in the street vomiting, and being carried from one party to the next by two Big Red football players, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond.…

Daily Bites

June 1, 2010 at 4:40 pm by  
  • I hope you all had a great holiday. Mine was pretty fantastic and I didn’t even get drunk this time. Here are a few stories that caught my eye today that I just didn’t have time or desire to do anything with.
  • Orlando, FLA – In a bit of good news for once, it is being reported that Casey Anthony, currently on trial charged with the murder her daughter Caylee Anthony, had a bit of an accident at the courthouse today. She fell after her restraints became entangled while getting out of the Orange County Corrections Department van. Officers were unable to catch her before she fell forward and landed on her dicksuckers. She was taken to a medical facility to treat a busted lip and a chipped tooth.
  • DALY CITY, Calif. – Police believe that tainted drugs are responsible for the death of 23-year-old Anthony Mata who took some Ecstasy at the “etd.POP 2010” music festival Saturday night at the Cow Palace.  Eleven other people were hospitalized after attending the festival due to apparently tainted doses of the drug Ecstasy.

This was gonna be a snarky Easter post, but I was on the phone with Jaded trying to talk her down from one of her paint-huffing-induced panic attacks when we realized that we were approaching yet another site anniversary. I checked, and no shit, we just passed our six year mark. So I thought “fuck Easter” and decided I would take this time to congratulate ourselves. We had no real intention of being a site that would be coined the Jerry Springer of crime sites, but you know what? We’ll take it. With no corporate backing, no money, sporadic help, bad writing, and horrific subject matter — we have somehow produced over 3,000 articles chock full of misspellings and bad grammar as well as 124,000+ comments ranging from highly intelligent to hopelessly retarded. And that’s just the front page. The forums has almost reached 30,000 posts with 380,000 comments. Not too shabby for a few people who still have no idea how to run a site. But we enjoy what we do as much as we enjoy watching other crime sites copy our headline style, our attitude, and our site designs.…

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