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Meth-Addled Couple Accused Of Killing Man So They Could Live In His HouseHomeless Man Accused Of Stabbing Iowa State University Student To DeathFemale Jogger Stabbed To Death In Random Attack At Washington DC IntersectionTeen Posted Sexually Explicit Images Of 11-Year-Old Sister To Child Porn SiteMan Accused Of Beating His Toddler, Gluing Her Eyes And Mouth ShutWoman Accused Of Slashing Boyfriend's Face When He Refuses To Give Her The 'D'Adoptive Brother Of Erica Parsons Has Been Charged With BigamyHome Daycare Owner Admits Drugging, Tying Kids To Car Seats For Hours A DayMan Huffs Spray Paint Before Beating His Mother With A SpatulaFormer Youth Football Coach Charged With Raping Multiple Boys

Two newlyweds, Mak (Siwat Chotchaicharin) and Nak (Pataratida Pacharawirapong), inadvertently awaken the ghost of Mae Nak (Porntip Papanai), a woman who, 100 years earlier, terrorized her local village after dying and coming back as an extremely vengeful ghost. After dispatching anyone she felt was standing between her and her living husband, Mak, the local religious leaders performed a ceremony that was to keep the ghost of Mae Nak at rest. Now she is awake again and not too happy that she cannot find any peace after death. …

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