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SILVER CREEK, GA – Katelyn Nichole Davis, 12, live-streamed her own suicide by hanging last Friday, and the video is about one of the most depressing things I have watched in some time.

Initial news reports stated Katelyn’s body was discovered with self-inflicted wounds outside her home at around 6 p.m. on Dec 30, 2016. Despite attempts to save her life, she was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

Turns out, Katelyn used the application to live-stream her suicide, and the 42-minute video details her hanging herself from a tree. I am including the video below, but be warned, it’s a child committing suicide.

For those of you who don’t want to watch it, the first half of the video is Katelyn positioning the camera, measuring the rope she attaches to a tree and makes adjustments. During this section, the sun is shining and the ambient neighborhood noises of passing cars, birds and barking dogs can be heard in the background.

She then climbs on top of a bucket and fastens the noose around her neck. At 21:24, after taking several deep breaths and crying, Katelyn says an anguished “Goodbye” before stepping off the bucket. Now hanging by her neck, Katelyn’s arms and legs begin to jerk and kick for a short time.

For the remaining 20 minutes of the video, Katelyn’s body sways at the end of the rope as the sun goes down, as dogs bark in the background. After 10 minutes or so, you can hear Katelyn’s family calling for her and coming close to finding her on camera. The video ends as the sun disappears and Katelyn’s cell phone repeatedly rings.

The entire video is as surreal as it is tragic.

As for why Katelyn decided to kill herself, some of her reasons can be seen by checking out her online diary and Instagram account. According to her, she was already on medication for depression, had attempted suicide before, was a cutter, and was beaten by her stepfather who she also accused of trying to rape her.


Despite the hundreds of calls for us to remove the link to the video, the mass emails, the online petitions, threats, etc., I am removing the video ONLY because we were politely asked to by a detective investigating Katelyn’s death.

I don’t have to, but we have never done anything to hinder an active police investigation and have, on multiple occasions our members will be more than happy to talk about, helped in some police investigations.

For those of you who wanted this video down because of your feelings, or the feelings of the family, good luck getting it removed from the Internet. It ain’t gonna happen. Ever. The sooner you accept that, the better. Or, for some of you nutjobs who contacted me, enjoy your new online crusade.


For those of you who are just now seeing this article without the video, you can read the description above, but I wanted to add some details for any kids who may read this and think of doing the same.

Katelyn’s death was not quick and painless. The way she hanged herself, with the knot at the back of her neck and doing a short drop, is called a slow hanging. She felt the pain of the rope in her neck as well as the pain of her neck stretching. She probably did not die from asphyxiation, but rather from the rope pinching the Vagal nerve in her neck. This results in the Vagal reflex, which stops the heart.

Sometimes death can be within a few seconds – if you are lucky. Katelyn was not lucky – in life, or her chosen manner of death. The flopping of her arms people mention never reached for the noose around her neck was not a sign of determination, it is the symptom of her losing her motor reflexes. I’d imagine those arm movements you see WAS her attempt at reaching for the noose.

I’m not stating this to be cruel, I am stating this because it is a cold, hard fact. I didn’t know Katelyn. I don’t know if the accusations she made against her family members were true. What I do know is that she had issues that were not addressed. Whose fault that is, I have no clue and not here to judge. But I felt the video deserved to be seen.

We have multiple articles on the site regarding child suicides and in almost every case, people believe it is fake (which you can see in the following comments), that it doesn’t happen, or that it is murder disguised as suicide. Why? Because some people just cannot fathom a child purposefully blowing their brains out or hanging themselves from a tree. In this case, we had a girl with an active online profile who wanted her suicide to be seen. You see the beginning, the during, and the after.

I felt seeing the cold, hard truth of child suicide was better than sanitizing her death because of some people’s feelings. I still do. Some of you disagree, and that is within your right. I do not censor comments, even if they are negative towards me and the site. Unlike a lot of places today, I welcome discussion from all points of view – no matter how retarded some of you act.

But I truly feel that the video being seen, even if it means pain for her friends and family, could save lives.

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  • Ben Estrin

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Ho-ly shit….

  • M.E.

    I’m not going to watch. That poor little girl. :'(

  • Wow ????

  • ????

  • That is so sad. =(

  • Wow. This is the most surreal suicide video to date. The amount of planning to get the timing just right, was no one watching this child??? A 12 year old with multiple suicide attempts and self harm…. Where the fuck was her family

  • Look at what she was saying!! Please tell me the parents are being checked out, going to jail, getting their asses beat SOMETHING!! Poor girl should not have had to deal with this shit… so sad I can relate to her so much. May she fly with angels ????????

  • sugarpie

    Ah, I can’t watch it. She’s just too young and such a pretty girl. What a horrible shame that the adults in her life couldn’t see the signs she was so desperately waiving. I’m sure they knew she was having issues, but I supposed they thought they were doing everything possible to help her. RIP Katelyn, I hope you have finally found peace…

  • Shouldn’t show that video…

  • Heartbreaking???? rip Katelyn

  • that sucks, I hear hanging is one of the most painful ways of doing it to.

  • This poor child. So disturbing. And fuck her piece of shit family. They should “off” themselves. Shouldn’t have been her. Too bad she had no one to help her. I hope her siblings get removed from that shit family.
    This video seriously fucked me up! 🙁

  • I want that man and her enabling cunt mother to have to be denied entry into heaven by this precious angel herself. After of course they are lynched by the public and killed in a live stream.

  • Rheana Love did you watch the video?

  • This poor poor kid… So sad :'(

  • Not gonna lie.. Yes

  • I hope the mother isn’t with the stepfather anymore! ??

  • A beautiful soul gone way to soon, and a piece of shit that will no doubt get away with it…

  • Jannah Mullinax its here too!

  • I hope the cops read that post of hers.

  • Um oh

  • Any man or person who said or did anything like this to my kids would NEVER be around them again…hell…he or she might not be around anyone again.

  • Everyone who had a hand in her depression should be ashamed of themselves… the local police need to question step dad.. with no recording devices present.

  • Omg how awful

  • Aerysta

    Poor sweet thing. I wish someone would have told her, it can get better. May her soul find a happier path in the next go ’round.

  • I’ll just skip this.


    I agree. I do not need that visual haunting me.

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    Don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I watched it. Not a great start to the new year. I hope something gets done about her stepfather real soon, because she mentioned in her diary that he touched her siblings too.

  • It’s what she wanted. Her last message to the world most definitely should be shown. Make it seen everywhere to make others stop and think.

  • Robyn Durkin

    How awful

  • I find this sad, but I don’t believe it to be real.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    I don’t know if that video should be seen. Needless to say it’s heartbreaking. I hear her making apologies to several people and to “those that liked me”. It would seem she had friends, but no mention of Mom or family. Her depression and what she was going through in live must have been intolerable. Many people failed this child. May God keep her close. I wish, I wish – I don’t know what, but I wish I could have helped her,

  • solange82200

    This seems fake to me. Are we positive this is real?

  • dammitall23

    I wish there had been someone around her who could have told her that *now* is not *forever*. Betting that once she got old enough to get away from her asshole parents, her depression would have drifted away. What a waste. 🙁

  • solange82200

    Yeah, im convinced now, this is fake. Mark my words….

  • It is, sadly. This is from her local paper. No obituary yet, but it’s because her entire family is under heavy investigation and probably unable to write one or plan a funeral. There is also a GoFundMe set up by her friends for a memorial service.

  • If this video stops one child from doing this it is worth it. She should have got the help she needed. These things happen to other children all the time. She should’ve live streamed her stepfather.

  • Solana Hope Watson. This is so sad. Can you share with Sara?

  • Take this video down! Omg. How do you sleep at night!

  • Omg. The video and the diary. How is this possible? Why would her parents do this?

  • Unless she was in consistent therapy or even a treatment center, sometimes family can be everywhere and it will still be just a matter of time. Suicide survivors have very little support, particularly in the way that victim’s families can have. They are more than 60% likely to attempt it again, and are often judged and condemned for it. There’s a huge black hole of half-assed treatment for survivors, and it’s all anyone can do, besides watch them 24/7, to keep them from self-harm. Every day is a struggle. Her situation was worse than most, but even the most diligent parents fail.

  • It is more likely to encourage others to try.

  • I’ve been in the system since I was her age, so I get it. It doesn’t make it any better or less troubling. We really need a way for children in hostile situations to be able to remove themselves into treatment. Currently, a parent needs to admit them. I really think that needs to change, particularly in cases like this where the guardian is the aggressor and preventing proper treatment.

  • Donna Jean Pham I don’t think it will stop anyone who is suicidal from doing it themselves. Especially a suicidal child. They don’t reason the way healthy people do. They see her as brave. They don’t see the aftermath and the pain it will cause. They only see that if she can do it, they probably can too.

  • Jeannie Jacobsen where I am, a parent does not need to admit a child who has made an attempt. The hospital will enforce it, and use whatever means necessary to make sure it happens. They don’t care if the parents foot the bill or if they lose custody. They will hold a minor for a minimum of 7 days for the first time, and longer if they think it’s necessary. It doesn’t take care of long term treatment, however and I’ve learned that meds can only help so much without consistent support and successful CBT.

  • What she wanted was someone to stop her! I can’t believe the nerve of people sharing this video and thinking it will “help”. God help you.

  • Woah.

  • Its the same here in NY. The fact that the child needs to make an attempt to be admitted without parental consent, is sickening to me though. Or threaten to kill themselves I think too. As in, a child must deteriorate to that extent, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, to get the help they need is just gross. Especially if a parent doesn’t have insurance or is negligent or ignorant. Children should be able to just say “I feel very depressed/anxious. Could you please evaluate me???” and get the help they know they need before reaching that very hard to crawl out of place.

  • Oh man, very sad.

  • Omg !! The video and the diary . How is this possible? Why would her parents do this ? That’s crazy.

  • I know someone who went through this. She tried suicide because her mum is a very controlling narcissist. She was at the hospital the whole time and the poor child never got therapy or the help she needed. She was released right back to the same situation/person.

  • Nate

    The only error I can see. It isn’t 9:30 pm. December 30th on the Eastern time zone tells us it is dark long before 7 pm. This is really sad so I do not want to believe this actually happened. I keep telling myself this is fake, somehow. Shit, this is sad. WTF, how can one get to a point where life is not worth living? 12 years old. This is horrible.

  • Damn

  • I am sorry that this child had to go through all this, it seems that she came from a very disfunctional family and the mother prefer the stepfather than her own children that is a shame, I hope her siblings will be in good hands to avoid something bad to happen to them and they jail the POS of the stepfather

  • Exactly Cathi Eyre Wagner S. If only people wanted to expose her before this happened. Maybe she’d be here. It wasn’t from her lack of trying! She made it very clear she was losing her spirit. Now these bafoons want to feed off her and share this..

  • john smith

    Damn,damn,damn,damn,damn,damn,damn,damn!The parents must have treated her like shit!

  • I thought this was some kind of joke, wish i hadn’t watch.

  • Sherry Starkey incredibly eerie. Disturbing

  • Jeannie Jacobsen In my state, a teenager can go to their school counselor and get help out here. However, if the parents aren’t cooperative, they do have to threaten or attempt to make sure the child gets help. You’re right about that – no child should have to get to that point before someone listens.

  • Susan Belanger I’m so sorry that this happened. Hospitals in the States, (most of them, anyway), will not medically release a child to their parents without treatment first. A therapy plan that includes medication and cognitive behavioral therapy is usually mandatory afterward. It’s not a perfect solution, though. Lots of kids end up right back where they started because the problem is actually in the home, and not all in the victim’s mind.

  • ????????????

  • solange82200

    It’s not real., I dont buy it. The article Amie links only says police are investigating if the person in the video exists. Im sure since it’s spread all over the internet, someone called the cops in the town asking them to to do something, so now the cops have to investigate to see if this is real. It’s not. It’s fake. And now it’s wasting police resources smh

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    Morbid wrote: “At 21:24…” – he was referring to the time code in the video – not the time outside. Her family found her at 6pm.

  • This kind of stuff should be banned from being on the internet half of it is she just wanted the attention and no one needs to see this anyway

  • Amy Ruth Prather , I agree… the planning was drawn out… she talked for a long time… poor girl ! Deep down I think she was hoping someone would intervene… to save her from herself and once and for all see the dire situation she was living in.

  • Omfg just watched too. Makes me ill

  • Laurie Amos Wagaman

  • This is the saddest thing I have ever seen. This poor girl…RIP

  • This should be taken down. Come on..

  • mean birch

    Strange fruit.

    So sad. So young to feel like there is nothing to live for.

  • Tragic……

  • That poor child ;-( It beaks my heart to know children have that much pain in their lives. They are much too young. You always hear about young people committing suicide, but watching that made it all too real.

  • Diane Masgula Ross agreed

  • Jesus Christ! That was difficult to masturbate to!

  • J Anthony Treviño


  • RIP sweet child!

  • Well this was one huge wake up call! Damn…..????????????????

  • Omg Keri Freeburg what were we talking about?!

  • What are you doing on this creepy

  • If she just wanted attention she probably wouldnt have actually killed herself. Clearly the concept of the internet is beyond your grasp if you think you can ban things from it.

  • God help you? Weird, I didnt think the god types frequented this page.

  • I don’t bring men into my family for this very reason. Children today suffer for the sins of the parent. God bless all the children of the world…they are the strongest.

  • Brian Wagaman idk it just came up and I seen you tagged Lorrie lol Very sad!

  • I also monitor everything my child does, phone, computer, friends etc. I tell them I love them many times a day and they will always be first!

  • I’m on all the morbid sites. It’s my secret interest. I like studying death, just dnt like ones like this with kids involved. The video was heartbreaking

  • Sara Walker

  • It’s just very exploitive to put the video out there. Could’ve just as easily explained what happened in print. I watched it, and instantly regretted it

  • Brian Wagaman yeah me either but I do like creepy????

  • Holy shit did you see this one Jennifer Annunaki ????

  • Antonio Bland

  • So awful! God bless her soul.

  • Stupid bitch! Where’s your heart?

  • Sick bastard!

  • Why in the hell would someone post something like this you should delete this video because her family is in tears by the loss of a loved one and your posting a video of her commiting suicide

  • Jaime

    How do you read her online diary?

  • May your next path be sweet and gentle…..

  • He’ll is going to be warm. I can’t wait!

  • Both of you are the ones who are naive if you think that the young kids that put videos online don’t do it to get the ratings.. you’ve got to be kidding . You just showed me wow .. where was her family during this whole thing did you not stop and think about that no one could tell that this child was in trouble but calling people names is about as ignorant as you come wait you’re part of the system that’s broken

  • And you’re right ..we can’t ban things like this.. but it should be.. no one should have to see that.. yes she’s dead so now she’s not getting attention so who did the pain get passed on to.. not was the rest of everyone elf that loved her and knew her so instead of calling me names you need to turn around and put the blame where it goes on society and her family

  • My heart breaks for her. I can’t imagine her pain.

  • I know. I have 5 kids from 7 to 24 & I thought & prayed this was a fake. Soo heart breaking. She was so young.. my heart breaks for her. Shame on her family for allowing the abuse.

  • I wish I wouldn’t have watched it..I am gonna have bad dreams. I just keep seeing her hanging there.. 🙁

  • Nicole Hankins read the article

  • WeirdMN

    Here is where she lived: 34.076983, -85.160249 You can see the pool she walks by, the trampoline (which has been moved to the front of the yard since the sat image was taken), and if you go to street view, you can clearly see the end of her trailer – all glimpsed in the first few minutes of the video. You can also see the tree she used. 🙁

  • That is so sad that a young girl made that decision so early in life.

  • That’s just……OMG. I can’t watch the video…..I refuse to! I hate that she struggled so much in her short life!

  • This is what I said and naive people called me a stupid b****. We have a problem with our society when our children think it’s ok to go online and show the world live their death this is all not ok how about we start teaching people that name-calling bullying killing yourself harming others is not ok

  • by the way I think you are the one who stupid if you think that this is all okay where was everyone who was supposed to be a place for this child and where is society telling everyone it’s not okay to hurt people

  • And the only reason they put this on this page was for Ratings they don’t care about this child or her family because if they did it wouldn’t be here

  • wow

  • This just breaks my heart, so sad ????.

  • Zac, I only came because I have been advocating for this to be removed off several pages. This was brought to my attention. Sorry to offend….But this is WRONG.

  • Frozenkeep

    It’s sad how we complain about little shit. And then here is this stuff that breaks my soul… I hope that family gets investigated…

  • When the hell was she found?? My god, she was just feet away from the neighborhood. This is so effing fucked up.

  • Denise Lanza

    Omg!!!! Omg!!!! I shouldnt of watched that!!! Omg…. i cant believe i let myself watch that knowing i wouldnt of been ok after.. iv had 4 close suicides around me and a few classmates and my attempt.. i should never have watched that… omg…

  • N37BU6 .

    Medication for depression… every time…

  • Stuck_in_Ca??

    I will never understand how death can seem better than the worst life has to offer to an otherwise healthy person with their entire life ahead of them.. Never.

  • Said her stepfather had attempted to rape her. Wonder if he was still in the picture?

  • You must be new? This page is dedicated to terrible stories.

  • I can’t watch it. How sad! Horrible. ….

  • Heartbreaking.

  • Where’s Mom? If I was divorced, I swear, I would stay single until my kids,were grown.

  • Denise Lanza

    I hope u choke on a chicken bone ya sick stupid pos.

  • Mendi Mayhem
  • angelicvh

    I am not watching either, the poor baby, at least this life is over…

  • OMG please remove this video have some compassion for the family.
    all you idiots judging the family and don’t know them and or their situation.
    no ones life is perfect.
    its a devastating loss to this family.

  • where did u find this?

  • Inferus

    She was obviously hoping someone would find and stop her. Dealt with my stepdaughter and her suicidal tendencies. When all someone has is hope, it eventually burns out if it isn’t rewarded.

  • LOL I didnt call you names but if the shoe fits…

  • She committed suicide. Doesnt that mean she is damned/ If you believe in that sort of thing I mean.

  • …. Awful awful ????

  • That video is not for everyone, Also the family should be reviewed this loss of a life could’ve easily been prevented if anyone that loved her said something to someone and got her help. So sad, feel sorry for anyone that loved her.

  • On December 30th, of this year, my facebook friends grand-daughter live streamed her own suicide. It is painful to lose anyone that you love. There are a bunch of people on Facebook posting Katelyn’s video, if you see it posted anywhere please report it to facebook. The family is doing everything they can to stop this video from being out there.
    Debbie , has asked her friends to re-post this post, and I’m asking you to help by reporting any postings of the video.
    We have had to stop posts before and I know it can be done.

  • I’ve been going back and forth about it. I haven’t watched it due to her age, but can imagine it’s just morbid.

  • I skipped through, didn’t watch all of it. Maybe 2-3 total minutes. The worst part was listening to her apologize to basically anyone and everyone for simply being alive, it seemed. I have to wonder what kind of parenting was going on. She was only a couple years older than Bun and she is very mature for her age, I don’t think she could comprehend all of this (suicide itself, depression, etc)

  • Josh

    In Ga the sky goes from bright blue with the sun visible to pitch black in 15 min? I’ve never seen the earth move as fast as it did in that video. every minute you advance the video the color of the sky changes drastically.

  • This is sad and the family needs to have some prison time

  • If you would like to help with the tragic death of Katelyn Davis please honor the families request : The family has respectfully requested that flowers are to be omitted and donations can be made to the funeral home to help the family with the funeral expenses.

    Olin L. Gammage & Sons Funeral Home
    106 N. College Street
    Cedartown, Georgia 30125

  • Stormblast

    Beautiful baby girl, you deserved so much better ????. I hope you get the peace and happiness in death that you didn’t get in life.

  • The cops are actively investigating

  • Sadly its very real…i live here

  • Yes they need to take it down instead of showing it. The family has requested it be taken down. Have respect. This hits close to home because it was a childhood friends daughter.

  • Jeninsc

    How sad! I am from Rome (just a few miles away) and was on a holiday visit when this occurred. It’s a very small community and I’m sure there’s a lot of grieving there, especially with school back in session this week. Positive vibes to her family and friends.

  • Lizzie Gomez Corey Workman

  • Lynne Marton




  • Josh

    Columbo would be impressed.

  • Josh

    Have you read the comments at best gore?

  • Josh

    She talked about the holes in the floor of the trailer and water damage from the leaking water pipes in her diary.

  • How do I find the diary?

  • Tia Walls

    this is crazy to think that people drive others to go this far and not to give a care in the world… i would of done my best to be there for this young lady… this is so sad and the pain she feels and no one is listening to her and she doesn’t want to be a bother in my opinion the step dad should be put to jail and the mother who knew she was like this should of watched her if she was acting just a lil diff i mean i dont blame the parents she even says to the people who think “im a whore” and who have bullied her its rediculous what people go threw emoationally and physically this is making me want to be a counselor even more cuz i know people hate this phrase who have depression but i know what its like i really do and to know i could of helped somehow or someway and rush in a car to go save her if i could i mean just wow i cant even come to explain how much people’s words can hurt and just what faimily does to put you down so far

  • This is terrible. This makes me so sad!

  • Tyron Turner

    I watched and I fucking cried

  • Aeron Switzer

    You can’t remove this because it’s 100% legal to have up, hints why their is a website called Plus it’s been shared more then 100x so it will never be removed. So saying it is wrong to be up is only an opinion.

  • They clearly knew she was in trouble . She had suffered from depression, she was a cutter, she wrote online about the abuse her and her siblings were getting at home. Then she live streamed the video for 21 minutes before she killed herself . She was crying out for someone to save her and no one did . Sadly she didn’t get the “attention” she was seeking because no one reached out to help her .

  • Cyn

    My daughter, who is now 18, was A LOT like Katlyn at 12…. Meds, self harm, suicide attempts, etc., etc…. Things really turned bad at about age 7-ish, but she was “different” from the start and I knew it…. I watch this video and feel SO thankful for bringing her into the ER multiple times throughout her years…. Several hospitalizations-some up to a year at a time & longer…. Right now?? I HAVE NOT ONE REGRET as she was (and still on some days still IS) a lot like this little girl. Only we have done multiple interventions way beyond medication… Yes, she is Bipolar (manic type 1) with Borderline Personality disorder traits, etc.,… I had to run my home like a facility at times to protect her from HER… and I regret nothing watching this video. I thank GOD I could be there in time…. I cannot fathom what the parents must think/feel watching this. 🙁
    Mental illness is REAL and IT DOES strike our youth and left alone/untreated (the best of intentions can fail, I am not judging anyone as this could have very well been my little girl’s story too) this is what you may be left with…. Poor little baby girl… I wish help could have came in time for you…. May you now RIP and may your parents find peace… Soem how….

  • Marylwade

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  • Gabriel Haynes

    So sad… they were so close to finding her. As to the timing of video- As an artist I see it as an artistic beautifully brilliant juxtaposition of the sun going down to her taking her own life. Humans can be cruel monsters. I hope whoever nudged her in this direction meet a justful fate.

  • Lynne Marton

    I don’t think the reasons matter – it’s just wrong for anyone to gain anything from this. It should never be posted for anyone’s “entertainment” – PERIOD!!!!
    The grandmother is sick enough over her death – and to have this being posted all over the ‘net … would YOU feel if it was your child or a relative or even a friend?????

  • Mike Ohms

    the most common reply I get on the internet is “kys” (kill your self).
    sometimes i actually consider it, not because it’s suggested
    but because that’s the people im surrounded by.

  • Mike Ohms

    all the people replying on here about their own personal crap instead of doing their job and demanding legislation change and mental health reformation.

    instead all you get in america as an aw shux with a little spin that they hope gets them a thumb/arrow up.

    this girl gets it. probably better to get out while you can. you guys are pathetic. and so is your fucking country.

  • Mike Ohms

    greatest country in the world.
    kill your dictator, be like us.
    so your daughter can hang herself because the rich kid down the street is a faggot ass cunt.
    too bad we can’t beat her bullies to death.
    guess we will just ignore this and not give a damn except pretend we care on here for a handful of likes/up arrows.

    this girl has a great point. why fucking waste time here. pieces of shit everywhere. fuck you.

  • Mike Ohms

    oooops they released the personal information on the dad that was abusing her.

  • Mike Ohms

    spamming a thread like this. hope you suffer the same fate.


  • Terrible, didn’t watch and don’t want too. Sad situation all around.
    Starting with the scumbag parents who are asking for money in place of flowers for funeral expenses. .

  • Bit of a difference to informing people of a terrible to story to posting a video of a 12 year old child taking her life in full detail!!! You must be on the stupid end of the intelligence scale!

  • Dale Beyrent


  • Nathanael Hayles

    “Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died. But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

    Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again. Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day. Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

    She saith unto him, Yea, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world. And when she had so said, she went her way, and called Mary her sister secretly, saying, The Master is come, and calleth for thee.

    As soon as she heard that, she arose quickly, and came unto him. Now Jesus was not yet come into the town, but was in that place where Martha met him. The Jews then which were with her in the house, and comforted her, when they saw Mary, that she rose up hastily and went out, followed her, saying, She goeth unto the grave to weep there. Then when Mary was come where Jesus was, and saw him, she fell down at his feet, saying unto him, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.

    When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled, And said, Where have ye laid him? They said unto him, Lord, come and see. Jesus wept.

    Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him! And some of them said, Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died? Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it.

    Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days. Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?

    Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.

    And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go. Then many of the Jews which came to Mary, and had seen the things which Jesus did, believed on him.”
    John? ?11:21-45? ?KJV??

    God is the God of the impossible, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after his body began to stink and rot and he wept because the people didn’t believe he could do it. I believe this girl can still be raised from the dead. In the name of Jesus Christ, I speak life to her body.

  • JeremyandAnndrea Suggs

    I agree. Take this post down. I haven’t watched it and I don’t know how anyone can but I’m sooooo sad. I’m a single dad with 9 & 11 year old girls.

  • What if someone saw this video and it made them realize how serious, and finial suicide actually is… A tragic video like this might convince someone to reach out for help before things get this far… Personally, I can’t watch this video… But, the young girl who recorded it quite obviously wanted people to see it. Maybe she wanted people to see her pain… I can’t make sense of this, but maybe it will make people listen when someone cries for help… 🙁

  • The Winter Orchid

    Not anymore. The church considers you mentally ill so you can’t be blamed for your actions. She was definitely not in a sound mind at the time.

  • Pretty fucking wild.

  • Zac Powers I don’t believe that. I know a lot of people do. Jesus died for our sins and this little girl was hurting. I would like to think she is saved by him.

  • Anyone know the name of the ringtone? It’s pretty catchy.

  • jackie0h

    Amy some constructive criticism but maybe use your time to do something to prevent this from happening instead of wasting your time trying to get this off the internet, because trust me, it’s out there for good now. Focus on something that will make a difference. And honestly, if I was considering hanging myself watching her struggle might make me think twice ( fwiw I did NOT watch, just read the description) because that sounds horrible to me. Show people its not instantaneous and painless.

  • Jason Savage

    she was just 12 years old…..poor baby 🙁

  • Lisa Langham

    “The best revenge is a life well lived.” Unfortunately, this poor baby will never get revenge, regardless of what happens to the pos (although I have a few ideas about what should be done to him).

  • The link is posted in the article

  • Actually she kept a journal, with pictures. So mom does seem to be a piece of shit.

  • Dennis Kharin

    Dear Author, Im personally asking you to remove the video of the death of this girl. This is wrong on myny different levels!!! Remive the video for Christ Sake!!!!!

  • stacy

    Did anyone watching the live feed contact the police or try to notify anyone about what was taking place or did they all just sit and watch a 12yr old girl kill herself??

  • Megan Disbennett

    No offense but the church doesn’t decide if you go to hell…God does..but I pray he has blessed her beautiful soul

  • kevin

    God is fake as fuck and that girl is cute

  • darsa

    Oh my God… that poor girl :'(

  • and how do you know this?

  • disqus_h9mETKJf7D

    Have you NO shame or Empathy!!!??? This young girl has taken her life and you post this garbage! If this company was bringing you a fortune, you wouldn’t be spamming it everywhere. Grow up and stop trying to drag people into your scam.

  • Lexi Lynne

    I didn’t even watch it n don’t plan on it but why on earth would you wanna show this video?? I mean I can understand maybe what lead her to suicide but not the actual act!!!! Smh if this was my child I would be pissed

  • GGMon

    I have a strong stomach for the most part but yea I just don’t think I can. Poor girl

  • Ashley Shanks

    I’m sorry that you were given a life wasn’t for you baby girl. Your pain is now gone.

  • Abby Kersey

    how did you find the diary??

  • GGMon

    So the article mentions her stepfather, was there an investigation? I think maybe they’ll start investigating the dude if he’s still around. A 12 year old committed suicide. What the fuck.

  • Kalynada

    It’s the Dreamin Demon.

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    It was linked to in the article by Morbid, but it looks like the diary has been taken down now. I hope the police saw it because otherwise family members are going to keep blaming her suicide on school bullying when that’s not the whole story.

  • Kalynada

    Her chance for a good life on this earth was stolen from her. That quote is so superficial and passive aggressive. Makes me sick.

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    Looks like someone took her diary posts down.

  • lenashurugina

    So she was lifestreaming and no one tried to stop her?

  • Alexis Paige Henson

  • Bostonburns

    Too bad it wasn’t Trump!

  • Rex

    Trump has it On the spot Once more. The most troubling videos of 2017

    Patriots, it’s time to panic.
    Even Hillary was shocked when she found out about this.
    Inning accordance with ongoing intel,
    Washington has wisdom to think that America might deal with a staged successful stroke,
    targeted at entirely disabling all vital facilities systems.

    However the mainstream media isn’t stating a word about it!
    They are to busy with Kim Kardashian to reveal you the real information …

    This brand-new documentary uncovers exactly how ISIS is gathering brand-new forces
    for the end of the world with the Western culture. The most unexpected component is …
    it really ties in with the 2016 U.S. political election as well as the devastating outcomes it may have.

    P.S.: This documentary was outlawed in a lot of Liberal states, yet took the Web by storm.
    232,961 Americans already seen this … however it might be removed any type of 2nd currently.

    See It Before It will get deleted again.

  • Ronnie Arron Jackson

  • Kalynada

    Nobody has to see it now.

  • Patty Clark

    You are a pig…how dare you….

  • Dana literally just said how she knows it ????????????

  • she said she kept a journal but don’t say how she knows this.

  • go to the original article, at the bottom is a link to her diary.

  • I’ve read about hundreds of suicides, but it doesn’t fully sink in unless you actually see it. It helped me to understand a child’s perspective and I don’t agree with that it will make others want to follow in her footsteps. That’s absurd. Actually seeing how it plays out might scare someone enough to keep them from doing it.

  • I can’t access the diary.

  • Wow disrespectful to say the least

  • Renee Dominguez

    yes its real

  • i’ll try to post

  • thank you

  • All those people driving by… No one saw her? The people watching her live broadcast didn’t call the cops? When I was 14, I was so depressed that I wanted to kill myself. I told this guy I was talking to online I was going to kill myself. He called the cops. Looking back, he was probably a pedophile. If a pedophile can call the cops and report a suicide, what’s that say about the people who saw this go down live?

  • it’s been removed.

  • ah OK that’s why I can’t see it than.

  • There’s links all over for it. But she basically wrote about abuse, neglect, and an attempted rape by her step dad.

  • Sights seen can’t be unseen… they should’ve taken that awful video down by now.

  • What the fuck good would ratings do if she’s dead? She knew she was going to die… How could you say she was doing this for attention?

  • I got until she was battling her nerves then I couldnt

  • j b

    So if this was real the why is it that only AnonIB and 4Chan run websites like this are the only ones reporting about it. Girl doesn’t look 12. This is some high students art project.

  • j b

    Everything on Morbid and websites like this are fake. You won’t find any real news sources reporting this even though it is a rare and unique historical suicide if it was real.

  • j b


  • j b

    Actually this video was probably uploaded by some 4Chan user to make other children try and do it. Just so that they will have more videos to masturbate too.

  • j b

    She probably was never found. It was someone that was recording her suicide on Live Me that uploaded this video for everyone to enjoy.

  • j b

    Guess you are going to end up killing yourself now that you seen someone else die. Didn’t she look peaceful dangling there.

  • James Joseph Shaw

    When the phone started ringing and no one answered, that was the saddest moment i’ve ever witnessed

  • j b

    Interesting since you have never seen actual death. All the things these websites post are fake and made up.

  • j b

    You only got to watch 21 minutes. I watched the full 40 minute video that was uploaded online.

  • j b

    It is a fake video and they got the lighting off because it was just a teenage girl making an attempt at an art project movie about someone commiting suicide. That is why the light goes out at the end so you can’t see how she isn’t in any danger of actually strangling herself with the harness attached.

  • j b

    Fake news site.

  • j b

    Definitely a fake news site. If that was real then this website would have already been shut down for sharing an illegal video that the police haven’t even investigated yet.

  • j b

    I like how you 4Chan people egg these idiots on making them think this is real.

  • j b

    It is definitely fake. The recording time on the video doesn’t match when the sunset would actually occur in Georgia. Also the video was just leaked online yesterday on 4Chan, 8Chan, AnonIB, etc.. If the girl did kill herself on December 30th I doubt they would have waited this long to have posted it.

  • j b

    You probably also think that Santa Claus and the Easter bunny are real because you saw a recorded video of them.

  • decaronna

    Bullshit! Best Gore, Inc. is streaming through the whole thing. Personally I think it’s sick to find this kind of thing entertaining. Shame on you! My daughters best friend actually did kill herself by hanging and those of us who actually lived through a real situation like this is not amused in the least.

  • j b

    And yet this girl didn’t even struggle at all for the first couple of minutes in the video. If this is real isn’t it strange that she wasn’t struggling in pain right from the moment she “hung herself”.

  • j b

    It is 100% real because it is fake. If it was real then actually while there is a police investigation into her death it would have been criminal to have this video on this website.

  • Darragh Fagan Michael McLaughlin

  • Maxine Pauley

    Poor baby girl, she said she wasn’t pretty enough or good enough poor child didn’t see she was a very beautiful girl, she would have been a gorgeous woman. Heartbreaking.

  • j b

    The timing was all off. There was no way that the sunset matches up to the time that the video was recorded. This is such a well planned fake video.

  • j b

    I watched it and thought it was interesting how the video went dark when the girl was turned around so we couldn’t see her face anymore. Like they used camera magic to make this video like they do in Hollywood. Pretty amateur video but it tricked everyone on here into thinking it was real.

  • Sarah Woods

    The poor girl to get to such a stage she thought she would be better of dead. I watched the video and oh my i hope i never have to see especially a child go through that again. I wanted to just take her and tell her it will be ok. You could see she didnt want to do it but thought it was for the best. And for her parents to be clearly not been helping her is beyond what i can say….. rip angel you fly high and hope u find peace.

  • What’s F up I am on that app and there was a kid telling her to kill her self saying you won’t do it. And stuff. He need to be in jail. For. Telling someone to kill there self

  • Lisa Langham

    I think what this child went through is making you sick (and you’re not alone there), but you can’t punish her offender, so you’re being snippy with me. On the other hand maybe you believe revenge makes one feel better, but personal experience and research tell me that’s incorrect (I’ll be happy to list those resources, just ask). So I’ll stick with my original statement, but use a different quote (just as aggressive, but active). ” Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

  • Mendi Mayhem

    Jesus, you are one stupid, pathetic piece of shit. Go fuck your mother.

  • Khalil Dammond

  • Ian Simoneaux

    I was about at this point a month ago. It was bad. I’ve never been depressed or had to deal with depression my whole life. But all it took was one broken heart and a lack of friends to comfort me. I had thought of several different ways to do it, and finally decided on OD on my prescribed heart medication. I took a handful and went to the local church to say my final goodbye’s in private. But just as I was about to take them, I received a text message from a friend. We hadn’t talked in a while and she sent me a bible verse out of the blue. It touched me. And in that moment, I felt God’s presence. I felt the holy spirit floating around me. It was majestic and joyous. I began to laugh through my tears, for no apparent reason. I still battle with depression today on a daily basis. I have no friends (mostly because I can’t stand fake friends) and the one person I loved in this world wanted nothing to do with me. I still battle with those thoughts and ideas all too often. She was my world. My everything. And she was gone. What good was living if it wasn’t spent with her? I still have these feelings inside. With no one to talk to about how I feel, it eats at me. I see her now going down a dark self-destructive path and that pains me even more. The angle she used to be was who I fell in love with, but the devil has grasped her firmly since she left me. I hear rumors about her doing drugs and she’s always drinking now. I just can’t wrap my head around why. Why would she change? Why would she forsake herself like this and treat the one person who cared for her most in this world, like complete garbage by constantly tossing me to the side like yesterdays news paper? It pains me, because I just want to make everything better. I want the opportunity to fix our problems. BOTH of our problems. There’s not a moment that doesn’t pass every single day, that I don’t think about her and how she’s doing. How her day is. What is she stressing about. What made her sad today, or what made her laugh. It takes everything inside me not to lose my mind thinking about these things. I truly thought (and still think) she is my soulmate. She is my forever. But how do I approach the whole situation! I often times think about “what if I died today driving home?” and if she would even care. Or even show up to the funeral? They say never stop chasing your dreams, but she was my dream. My dream-come-true! How do I live with that? What is even the point of going on anymore? She clearly hates me and wants nothing to do with me, so why do I even bother thinking these things? Or why do I bother even breathing? If it makes no difference to her, it makes no difference to me. I. AM. NOTHING.

  • Angevillex

    Oh screw off, that’s another insensitive comment that wasn’t needed.
    There’s full media coverage on it now, go look.

  • jaykaylol

    i see you’ve been replying to almost every comment on this page. One quick google would prove to you that it’s real, considering local and national news outlets are reporting on it. There is an actual investigation on the parents being conducted now.

  • Amber

    Anti-depressants will do that a person. It is stated clearly in the warning description of symptoms.

    Why do dumb ass parents give their children anti-depressant drugs to help with their suicidal thoughts, when they cause more severe suicidal thoughts? Because they are dumb ass parents.

    Stop dosing your kids for depression and instead give them love and affection; they are so clearly lacking because of your inability to be a parent.

  • starry1

    Watch a child commit suicide?! No thanks, I’m good.

  • Chris Kuskie

    Why the fuck did this go viral??!!!!! What sick fuck decided to put this out there to show us??!!!! Don’t we all have a hard enough time in life that we know have to watch our future generation killing them selves?? What next? A 6 year old blowing his brains out? A 15 year old slitting her wrists in the bathroom? This is just fucking sick, and truly low to share for anyone!!!! Who wants to watch this in the first fucking place!!!?????

  • Jordan Isaac

    hey guys i see alot of people saying this is fake i can assure you its real, it was done on a livestreaming app called live me, so you cannot do any editing with the video, also i watched this live myself

  • Caitlin Callan

  • We live in a world where the reaction is to record and put it on the internet. Not involve yourself and save a life. As sad as it may be.

  • True

    She struggled for over 30 seconds. It only takes a few seconds to lose consciousness when you’re being strangled. If she had jumped from a higher position, she would have went faster. Very sad. I think if it was fake, her own mother would have found her and we would have seen her freak out. She came close once, but didn’t find her. I was hoping it wasn’t the mom who discovered the body.

  • True

    Ok, you made your point, tasteless and crass as it is. Look it up.

  • Wayne Otash

    I found this on my facebook and I thought there was a catch to it lke any other ones i seen that makes it seem like something is going to happen badly or suprisingly but after skimming through the video I noticed that the sunset in the background cam down quickly but i could be wrong I had my volume off because I don’t want to hear the screams so i am not sure if there was any, but everything else seems real and I feel bad for this person who did this. Also seeing this video in the start of the year makes makes me think what is going to happen next to the world.

  • It’s all over the news. It truly happened. The child is dead. What I think is she didn’t tie it tight enough so it took longer to strangle her so she suffered longer & she didn’t jump far enough so her neck didn’t snap.

  • Amber

    Anti-depressants will do that a person. It is stated clearly in the warning description of symptoms.

    Why do dumb ass parents give their children anti-depressant drugs to help with their suicidal thoughts, when they cause more severe suicidal thoughts? Because they are dumb ass parents.

    Stop dosing your kids for depression and instead give them love and affection; they are so clearly lacking because of your inability to be a parent.

  • True

    Funny how it’s reported on several newspapers and TV news stations.

  • LD

    I can assure you that this is far from fake.

  • Amber

    I watched it fully and it is real. That darkness is the sun setting.

  • LD

    Jb how about you do your own research before commenting on something you know nothing about.

  • Amber

    It is okay to go online and do this because its a form of reaching out. See how all these people are coming together with eyes open? This needed to happen, because the most of you ignorant fucks think “treatment” and “medications” are cures. The cure is finding the source of the emotional unbalance. Which most likely is caused by lack of attention, affection and understanding from family, friends, or whomever that specific person sees as mentor. She didnt need treatment. She needed to be off Anti-depressants and her parents needed to be evaluated, her home, her school.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Yesterday I wrote my thoughts about this child, and the video. I’m not sure what live streaming is,,but I think that it’s a real time filming. Couldn’t someone watching this get to that child in the twenty minutes befor she she ended her life? Or is there no way to know the locale? The other problem I have with the video is that other kids will see here as a kind of hero. It’s the age. Maybe someone else wil be encouraged to try. They have no understanding of the hell they leave behind.

  • For everyone saying this needs to be taken down: She recorded this video to an app. She wanted this video to be seen. She couldve written a letter, but she didnt. Perhaps she wanted her story to be heard, maybe, have people learn from it. She accused her stepfather of abusing and raping but apparently nothing was done about that. Maybe this was her way to be heard.

  • LISTEN and HEAR what your kids have to say or even what they dont say and tradegys like this can be prevented!!

  • Virginia Torres

    This is sad and this website is demonic and I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!

  • Timmy Whimmy


  • Timmy Whimmy
  • This is heartbreaking.

  • Patriot

    This is Horrible, anyone who enjoys watching this shit should be put in a mental institution. This is extremely sad, I wish i was there to cut that damn rope from the tree. May God have mercy on this little girl.

  • Leighton Thompson

  • Emily Sattler

    then you’re on the wrong site

  • Clifton Moore

    WOW WTF?? smh sad man just sad

  • Norbert Colon

    Do it you weak pussy

    I blew my stack when her phone went off

  • Emily Sattler

    do you know where the fuck you are or

  • Norbert Colon

    Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • Emily Sattler

    lol that’s not true, several stories on this site have been local to me and legit. you’re a vigilant little keyboard warrior right meow aren’t you

  • Emily Sattler

    it was an online journal. did you even read the post? the link was up, her diary has been pulled now though.

  • TrompeLeMonde

    Le doy.

  • Cassie Zigray Cabrera

    In the name of Jesus. Is there a way I can report this video off the internet for the sake of the family who requested this video off the fucking internet. You people are watching someone’s suicide. You guys should be flagging and reporting this. Not watching it.

  • thepsychoticmshroom

    Clearly you haven’t watched the Bud Dwyer suicide on youtube.

  • SorryNotSorry

    got links? Because I can’t find anything legit ANYWHERE about this particular story….

  • SorryNotSorry

    sounds like he did, and he’s right. There is NO legit news site reporting this story. I call bs.

  • Freak Speely

    If there were people watching her on Facebook Live they definitely could have gotten out there or called 911 if they knew her address. That’s like Brandon Vedas and his accidental suicide that got logged in a chat room back in 2003. People knew he’d taken an overdose, one chat member had his phone number, another had 911 on the phone (don’t know if they knew his address), and everyone simply freaked out and eventually did nothing while the kid died. I wonder who was watching Katelyn’s FB Live.

  • SorryNotSorry

    what news??? Where??? Because I’m not finding it anywhere.

  • SorryNotSorry

    ok but WHERE?? Where is this being reported?? I have been searching fruitlessly for the last 40 minutes and find nothing but links to gore sites like this one. Does anyone have a link?

  • Alyssa

    This is so heartbreaking & disturbing. Katelyn was so beautiful and a very sweet person. My heart breaks for her so much. I don’t understand why anyone never tried to help her when she was crying out for help weeks before. It makes me mad that people have to actually bully someone just to make themselves look good and feel better. When it’s NOT cool to bully on anyone. Nobody knows what others are gone thru on a daily basis. :'( I hope ALL of those ppl that was rude and mean to her rot in hell! Hope karma gets y’all so bad. And hope she haunts all of you and in ur dreams to where you can’t sleep. I’m praying for her siblings and her even tho she’s already gone. :'( This is to the bullies that put her down and called her names, do you feel better now? Are you happy for what you helped cause? Smh All bullies need to grow tf up and get a life of their own. Now this little 12 year old beautiful girl is in heaven! When she supposed to be here. She had a full life ahead of her. Keeping you in my prayers Katelyn & ur siblings. You was an amazing person inside and out. There wasn’t nothing wrong with you it was the stupid ppl that done you wrong. Fly high babygirl!!????????????????????

    — And another thing, is what I don’t understand is, when someone goes “Live” on Facebook, EVERYONE can see it…. Why didn’t anyone take a few minutes to call the cops, or a close by family member, or even go SAVE her and talk her out of it??? I’m sure someone close by was on her friends list and was watching it….. Especially at minute 11:25 it’s pretty obvious what she was gonna do…. She could have been saved. Someone could of at least made an effort to try and help save her…. And when her mom was “OUTSIDE” yelling for her by her name, and calling her cellphone while outside.. why didn’t anyone hear the phone ring? Her mom was outside and it was ringing and playing music. It was CLOSE to the close. So I honestly dont see how anyone didn’t hear the cellphone ring.

  • M.E.
  • nick c

    The woman probably didn’t want to be lonely again and the courts only care about money for the child. Child protective services brake up families and typically don’t invest in older children.

  • Dale O Mahony

  • Poor girl…..r.i.p

  • karen4347

    Sadly, it is real and happened in our local community.

  • Christine Pfister McComas

    Take this disgusting post down. Have some respect.


    hi lori 😀

  • Retr0_Fox

    My… God….

  • THUNDER.cheif

    She was on a live stream app full of random people around the world.

  • Retr0_Fox

    I do as well. I feel bad…. A life taken by suicide due to certain people being pricks…

  • poor baby … won’t watch

  • Eli Deslauriers

    If I was the mom I would call the cops if my daughter didn’t answer her phone after I called her 1000 times or I was yelling her name 1000 times

  • Alyssa

    Oh I thought it was on “Fb Live” my bad. But still, why couldn’t the mom hear the cellphone ring if she was outside yelling and calling for her?? Katelyn was like right next to the house so I don’t see why she couldn’t hear the phone.

  • Trin

    It wont let me watch???

  • Retr0_Fox

    Have you tried refreshing the page? If you’re on a phone try finding a PC or Laptop and You may be able to view the video, But I must warn you, This can be very unsettling, I wasn’t even able to watch this myself, and I have a strong stomach about things like this….

  • Retr0_Fox

    What the fuck man? This is a SUICIDE! This is no time for jokes. You my friend are an asshole.

  • Cassy_Again
  • Linda Halverson Retrum

    My only son age 37 died by suicide. He hung himself. This is a sad sad day that this is posted for entertainment!!!

  • Retr0_Fox

    I couldn’t watch too much of it, I have a strong stomach about this topic (Being suicide), I skipped around to about 20:25 (or something along those lines) and Honestly, I couldn’t stomach it, I wish I could’ve done SOMETHING. There’s sort of no point in reporting this, People are able to download this and put it somewhere. I want this video removed myself, actually, it proved to be unsettling. As soon as I watched the part where Katelyn did the act of suicide, I was SHAKING. Not even kidding.

  • Erick Rosa

    Que horror!

  • Alice Cornell

    holy fucking shit. that poor girl. not many stories make me cry but this one probably will. when i was 12 i planned to kill myself on my 13th bday. im glad i stuck it out. i wish i couldve helped her somehow…

  • Alice Cornell

    god, you suck!

  • Retr0_Fox

    I don’t enjoy watching this garbage, I think this is fucking sad.

  • Retr0_Fox

    Freak, It wasn’t Facebook Live, it was a streaming app called “”.

  • Jamie Youssef

    Sometimes the parents are the ones who cause issues, so if they have issues themselves how can they help their own children? SAD

  • Jamie Youssef

    it’s legit people. Her family is commenting on her Instagram

  • Alice Cornell

    trust me, they do.

  • Amen

  • Freak Speely

    I stand corrected, thanks!

  • uccellino

    Is there anyway to remove this! This young girls family is trying desperately to remove any and all videos that are on the net now cause it is apparently being shared all over.. Please out of respect for the family, Do not watch , Do not share and please help get all these shares of her video taken down.

  • uccellino

    Please Remove the video out of respect to her family, I know they’ve been trying to get all of these removed! Please remove this!

  • heyothisiswhatisayo

    If this is real.. this is completely tragic.. I have no words… Mental illness is a serious subject. Don’t give up. Keep wonder in your heart… Heart goes out to the family.. and also to all those that have left so soon… 🙁

  • Kimberly M McDonald

    kinda hard to fake jumping from a tree with a road around ur neck

  • LD

    The ignorance of some people is sad. I was going to post sites for proof but I’m not wasting my time. If you really want to know you’ll find out. Was at the funeral home today with her mother. But what do I know. ????

  • Elaine Powell

    If this is real..there is a special place in hell for people like you showing it

  • Pure Lucifer

    UUHHHHHHHHH ITS REAL And I’m Sorry Katelyn no one respects it I was almost there a lot of people were. You couldn’t do it….. and I was in your shoes but someone came and I guess you can call it saving but I don’t feel like that R.I.P K A T E L Y N Kind hearted girl.

  • Jasmine Dacheux

    It seemed someone was with her. You can clearly hear other movement. And it seemed to be moving around. Also in the corner there is a figure of a man. And also, the way she asks a question and there is movement that does not go along well with her movements. Seems like something else was with her. You have to re-watch it to see what I’m talking about. It is very creepy and sad. And I think something demonic was with her. You can also see a smile on her face before she goes to re-adjust the rope. It was very quick, but you will have to again watch the video again. I’m very observant and I can tell that she did not want to commit Sucide. She kept talking about how sorry she was. She was holding the rope one point as if in a quick second she was going to rethink it. :'(

  • Ariel Thomas

    you need help this was a 12 year old girl please have some sympathy

  • Sal KNightRO

    Its pretty disrespectful not watching it.

  • Rai

    Why couldn’t anyone save her. Why couldn’t anyone protect her.. Why? Why couldn’t anyone comfort her, just be there? She was a beautiful girl… It didn’t need to end this way.

    I’m jaded enough by life as it is, but I feel so much pain watching this. I don’t believe in anything after this life, but for her sake, I wish she’s somewhere better than this horrible, cruel world.

  • Cassy_Again

    What?? Your first sentence makes no sense. There’s no law against linking a live-streamed video unless the content itself is illegal. During an investigation, you can obtain a court order (maybe) to have material and content removed, but that still doesn’t make the act of posting it illegal. At that point the illegal part would be ignoring a court order (if it wasn’t removed).

  • tosha

    All you needed to do was talk about it. You should not have posted that video it is very disrespectful to her family. Yes their daughter posted this but I hope her family sees this post and does something about it. I would not want my child killing herself all over social media. You disgust me.

  • Josh

    I did a google search too, only 2 hits last night. The audio of the bucket being knocked over and how fast the sun goes down after she is hanging makes me question it. the first 20 min of the video the sun is high then just vanishes in about 15 minutes.

  • Real baydestrian

    I think this is fake. How did the video turn off? It’s amazing what sick fucks will do to get people to click on their shit. This situation is very real however. Sucks how all these poor kids choose to end their lives.

  • AkromAng1

    As i sit here and watch this..and I know, that more than likely all of them will be taken down out of respect for her and her family as is should be, I just want to reach in there and hold her. Tell her how much she is loved, that there is nothing in this world killing yourself over. We have plenty of time to die. As I watched the end, I could tell that she started to have second thoughts, and she fought for her life. Why, why didn’t anyone that was watching her live stream call for help? Katelyn, we love you, and you were an amazing beautiful young lady that had so much potential! You would have been someone, a model even. It breaks my heart to see how young people struggle so much. I did, and have attempted in my younger life because I was struggling with an abusive home, and my own internal struggles of who i was going to be. I pulled through with the right support once my cry for help was heard. People, it’s not worth it. And to watch someone struggle with mental illness, or immense emotional pain clouds their mind. We are not perfect thinkers, and our easiest solution to everything, “if it bother’s you, destroy it”. Easy way out right? I know the parents are suffering too, and possibly struggle with a bit of blame and questioning why? Parents, you have got to be open and encourage your children to be open about their sexuality, preferences, and how to handle breakups properly and be their shoulder when it happens. This won’t prevent it 100% but i guarantee, you will see a significant drop in teen suicide. I personally see this as an accidental misfortune. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, and I know that in earlier years, it was considered inappropriate to talk about your sexuality to others. Please, don’t let her death be in vein and reminder to us all, we need to be more involved with our children’s lives.
    May you rest in peace you beautiful angel. :*(

  • Dylan Lawyer

    You have to focus on the silhouette of her butt moving back and forth towards the end.

    PS: not really sure if this is real or not, but my brain was hurting attempting to figure out if she had a harness and this comment made me laugh.
    PS: I did not masturbate to this, but thought this might help some viewers…
    PS: I pray for World Peace daily, and I am a good person.
    This is really sad, though…

    Also, suicide is not real. We are all controlled by frequencies using a technology that other humanoids have evolved with; therefore, someone made all of her movements happen, real or not. We need to teach this young in public schools as well as organize our youth into proper families to stop mindless sex and killings.
    Sometimes, I feel the New(One) World Order is working on it. Just some hope. They are all crazy, though.

    Just a message to you from deeper levels of society. You may call it hell, or you can be an intelligent humanoid.

    PS: The first line was a joke, but I am not erasing it.

  • AkromAng1

    As i sit here and watch this..and I know, that more than likely all of them will be taken down out of respect for her and her family as is should be, I just want to reach in there and hold her. Tell her how much she is loved, that there is nothing in this world worth killing yourself over. We have plenty of time to die. As I watched the end, I could tell that she started to have second thoughts, and she fought for her life. Why, why didn’t anyone that was watching her live stream call for help? Katelyn, we love you, and you were an amazing beautiful young lady that had so much potential! You would have been someone, a model even. It breaks my heart to see how young people struggle so much. I did, and have attempted in my younger life because I was struggling with an abusive home, and my own internal struggles of who i was going to be. I pulled through with the right support once my cry for help was heard. People, it’s not worth it. And to watch someone struggle with mental illness, or immense emotional pain clouds their mind. We are not perfect thinkers, and our easiest solution to everything, “if it bother’s you, destroy it”. Easy way out right? I know the parents are suffering too, and possibly struggle with a bit of blame and questioning why? Parents, you have got to be open and encourage your children to be open about their sexuality, preferences, and how to handle breakups properly and be their shoulder when it happens. This won’t prevent it 100% but i guarantee, you will see a significant drop in teen suicide. I personally see this as an accidental misfortune. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, and I know that in earlier years, it was considered inappropriate to talk about your sexuality to others. Please, don’t let her death be in vein and reminder to us all, we need to be more involved with our children’s lives.
    May you rest in peace you beautiful angel. :*(

  • Deborah Bowermaster

    Won’t and can’t watch something so horrible. Poor babe :'( God be with her

  • ghostey

    oh no i was listening to kendrick lamars levitate and when she jumped the beat drop and he kept levitate i never laughed so hard in my life

  • Josh

    Why sweep it under the rug now, can’t change her mind and people talking about it may generate traction if someone else that was in her life did something wrong to her.

  • Josie Long

    It’s bad enough that I got visual images in my head, while reaching this… ????????????????????????????????????????

  • Shaquille it’s called broken doll

  • Josie Long

    Why, and how didn’t the people driving by, notice what she was doing??!!? WTF?!??!

  • Josh

    So you whore yourself out and you like it longer from friends and family.

  • Josie Long

    Seriously, you’re heartless!!! ????????????????????

  • Patty Rendina Bayes

    you Norbert are a sick fucker

  • Elysia Marie Pratt

    I watched this and it killed me on the inside why couldn’t someone who was watching the live video stop her or help her she was only 12 she didn’t derserve that pain no one does.

  • Rina Thibeault

    your sick ….. im a parent of a suicide daughter …. and its not our fault .we do ot see all the symptoms and our kids dont tell us that they will kill them selves .. have some respect . until something this tragic happens to you . you outa keep you trap shut

  • Rina Thibeault my daughter committed suicide months 7 she also hung herself but in my bathroom .. im the one who found her .. she was only 18 .my daughter use to be a cheerleader , she played soccer , field hockey , loved skateboarding and roller skating , my daughter was gay , then she got hit with depression , anxiety , stress , bullying and discrimination . i can not bring myself to watch the video due to own personal reason and the way my own daughter passed away this is to close to home . i hope her family are doing ok . as for me my life will never be the same again ..when she died a big part of me died also . R.I.P sweet angel . thats my babygirl .my Angel

  • Rina Thibeault

    thank you well said … i had no idea my daughter was suicidal , until i came home one night and found her hanging in my bathroom ..a mothers worst night mare , its been 7 months and everyday when i open my eyes that the first thing i see and the last thing i see before i go to bed i can not earase that vision .

  • Robert Miners

    My mother hung herself when she was 40 so I know the pain suicide can bring. I truly feel sorry for this girls family. No matter what happened her life was worth living and I pray the Angels watch over her, God bless her soul

  • Madi Yarger

    get the video off the website or I will

  • Madi Yarger


  • RainyDay07

    I want to know why no one noticed driving by..?

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine your nightmares & the heartache you must suffer.

  • Madi Yarger


  • John Lee


  • Alleisha Coombs

    this reminds me a lot of my own attempt, despite being in the hospital for nearly two months, i didn’t get the real help i needed, and the issues that were brought on by my emotionally, psychologically, and physically abusive parents were never addressed. I was blamed, shamed, and my second suicide attempt was actually WHILE I WAS THERE at the hospital, and when it was all said and done, i got sent right back to my parents with no long term support from the doctors or team involved at the hospital.

  • You did notice the name right?

  • Madi Yarger

    that’s it I’m taking it down

  • Megan

    I am a representative American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and have lost someone to suicide. This video only encourages people to take their own lives. Take it down from your website and stop sharing. You are seriously hurting people by allowing this to be shared and posted.

  • Madi Yarger


  • Madi Yarger

    I will hack this and take it down

  • Funnyshit666

    Wow I’m really sorry for the family not so much her tho according to the bio her life wasn’t that hard and she had medicine so take it and suck the fuck up I feel extremely sorry for her little sibling tho poor lil kids gon have to deal with thieves sisters bad decision for the rest of its life

  • Madi Yarger


  • Nothuman

    Why is it impossible for me to feel anything. I watch this and I don’t feel a single thing. My emotions feel so numb.

  • Destiny Rawiri-kawiti

    Just wanting to say Rip Katelyn i may not have known you but may you rest in peace

  • Duane Aho

    Wow….new addition to the spank bank video files.

  • Duane Aho

    and on a positive note for her , she is finally popular so it all worked out in the end.

  • Why are people sharing this? What’s wrong with you people? This shouldn’t even be on here. Take it down. Who cares aboutbyour website. A child took her life. A life was lost and people are sharing it. Unbelieveable. Rest in peace Katelyn. So sad

  • ahmed

    why can’t i view the video

  • Jakob Cunningham

    Bro, Youre a legend

  • meee

    rest easy baby girl ill miss you not that i got to see you much but your family and you have a place in my heart ill see you up there when my time comes

  • Jakob Cunningham

    Her ass said sorry to every muhfucka on earth one by one damn

  • taffy550

    Mom will probably have him give the eulogy at her funeral. Can’t expect a mother to give up her man.

  • Jakob Cunningham

    Broooooo, her ass was tryna be comical in the begining, she said “annnndd drop, nope”

  • Jakob Cunningham

    You aint finna do it


    Not the first time thats this has happened. Or the 15th or the 20th.

  • Jakob Cunningham

    Omm i feel bad i laughed like 5 times throughout the video

  • Lane Lame

    Burn in hell.

  • I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • Natashia LeeVette Hardin
  • Natashia LeeVette Hardin
  • Natashia LeeVette Hardin
  • Natashia LeeVette Hardin
  • kim

    It don’t show her hang her self. new reports say she was found with serious self inflicted wounds and was rushed to hospital where she could not be saved. they are searching all her social media and have yet to find it ..

  • Hugh Gaanus

    I’ve watched a lot of messed up shit in my day but I’ll never watch this! Poor girl, I wish I could just hold her and tell her it does get better!! RIP Katelyn :'(

  • Mike Frampton

    You’re a fucking idiot if you think this is fake..

  • Jolene

    May Katie finally rest in peace and to her family, I am so terribly sorry that this happened in front of the world to see. This should not have been posted imo I do truly send my most sincere condolences ????????

  • kim

    I seen the same as you.. I found the whole thing on you tube. and have to say it is real. 🙁 heres the link

  • Johanna White

    My boyfriend just texted me saying this was his cousin. Words can not describe how much your family misses you! They love you very very much. Guys I need help,should I give him space or should I try and talk it out with him. He’s never cried before but he did when he heard about his little cousin. I don’t want to hurt him even more then he already is, but I want to help him so he can be somewhat happy again. He also just told me that the phone calls in the background were him.

  • Prominent Prozac

    They say most people struggle and change their minds, she didn’t even try to fight it. Makes you wonder how fucking horrible her life truly was at home that this was what she felt her only way out. Makes me so fucking sick, having raised two girls. Can’t imagine why I watched, almost just couldn’t believe it. Absolutely am heartbroken over this little girl. I can’t even fathom..

  • esmerald 2006

    Me neither the description Morbid gave was bad enough, I hope I can forget it.
    So sad,.

  • Ann Lefever

    it is sad I have a12 year old and I just cant believe my eyes, terrified parents should be charged, her mom couldnt get the freak up and look for her listen for her phone and won der around some people shouldnt be parents, so sad.

  • Silver

    She hadn’t begun to live yet. Such a tragic loss. She kept saying she was sorry and that hurts me to my heart. I am sure it wasn’t her who should have been saying I’m sorry, its who ever finally pushed her to the point of no return that should be sorry. I pray she is at peace. I understand depression well and have been to a point I walked myself through the acts of taking my life. There is always that one last thing that convinces you, you can’t do it anymore. We all need to pay more attention to those around us. You never know when you could be talking to someone who is on that “one last thing” that triggers a goodbye instead of hope.

  • Silver

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • anonymous

    What stack

  • Quin Quin

    My body just like dropped 100%, you could feel the pain when she shaking while hanging her self

  • Anita Van Niekerk

    I only watched this video because this is how my own daughter took her life in her room, I really wanted to ease my mind, to see if it was quick, to see if she felt pain.. this poor girl, to be at that point where tunnel vision is in control and only can see the bad and no posible happiness.

  • John

    seeking negative attention, that’s what really turns this troll on. the rest is bullshit.

  • Xanthe X

    God bless you, Rina. Im sure there’s nothing harder than losing a child. My prayers are with you. You know, you may be the right person to reach out to Katelyn’s mother – when you’re ready. Find peace, Dear Heart.

  • Maya FireDight

    I cried. I thought I might throw up I thought I’d panic and stop. But I burst into tears for her, for the family, and for everyone who feels like this as i watched. I was on the brink of considering this a few years ago and I’m so lucky I had such wonderful people in my life to stop me. She was only 12. She had so much ahead of her and she simply couldn’t find solace. May she rest in peace. And may every person who feels the way she did find help.

  • John

    that’s horrendous. i’d probably be in therapy for the rest of my life after something like that.

  • Kittysafe

    i’m pretty sure this isn’t real. At the top of the video it scrolls
    Or is that a watermark of who posted it

  • John

    were you ever able to recover

  • Kittysafe

    Pretty sure this is fake… not a single reputable news source reporting it… there is nothing wrong with questioning the legitimacy of a news story, so don’t be bullied by emotional and manipulative people… we need to find the truth… also, as she’s hanging, her body never goes limp, but remains tense… and once dead, she should go completely limp, which to me is an indicator that she is likely acting… at least I hope so… for all we know it’s a viral video for a movie. I sure hope it’s not real. If it is, that’s very sad.

  • John

    i bet you think 9-11 was an inside job too

  • John

    that’s a fully grown man. this little girl’s brain wasn’t even fully developed

  • John

    if that’s how you put people in their place, i can only imagine the hell you put her through to drive her to that.

  • Maya FireDight

    It really amazes me that you could call it fake just because of the jacksass who posted it when there’s a good 30 minutes of her just hanging there and time passing. There are not only several articles but there’s a video on youtube and people are calling for all of the videos to be taken down because of the psychological impact it has on not only the family but other people committing suicide. That’s probably why you can’t find it on a nonlocal or so called reputable site. Because it was a local tragedy. Shit that happens in my town doesn’t make it to CNN. It pissed me off that bestgore at the top of the video. This little girl died alone and in pain and that fucker is advertising their website as if someone else’s pain is something to be entertained by. But it ticks me off just a little more that despite the fb posts by the grieving family, despite the 46 minutes worth of passed time where not one person who drove by stopped to help her that so many people here have the audacity to call her death and her family’s loss fake. That’s what’s sad.

  • Kittysafe

    Trying to shame people into not questioning what is clearly worthy of being questioned, since this is the internet, and the story is not on any single legit websites yet after a whole week. Just because people are freaking out demanding it be taken down, is also not proof of it being real.

  • Chris Gallegos

    the monsters who abused her are to blame.

  • Kittysafe

    That webstory, if you read to the bottom, says they’re only investigating the rumor, which means it’s not verified as real.

  • Kittysafe

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  • Fallen

    iv been on the verge of suicide for a few months now. sad to look into her eyes and see a familiar feeling.

  • Maya FireDight

    If you actually take the time to read the article it details where her body was found and what hospital she was taken to. The grieving family has posted pictures of the same girl, with the exact same name, from the exact same place, all over social media and asked that people stop sharing the video. The police have the girl already. The part they haven’t figured out yet is the video. But what is confirmed is that she’s dead and she matches the one in the video. And you can still say that’s fake? Even with the screenshots of her grieving family’s posts?

  • Maya FireDight

    That exact reason is why family and mental health professionals are asking it to be taken down. Please don’t do what she did and seek help. I wish you all the best. If you need to you can find me on facebook. My inbox is open.

  • FLeaglesFan

    Please, talk to someone…..there are people out there who can help.

  • Kittysafe

    I just hope it’s not real, because she’s so young, and her whole life is ahead of her, it’s a tragedy of profound proportions… it’s just so heartbreaking, you can’t fault me for wishing it were fake.

  • Slim Jamz

    this really just broke my heart

  • Kittysafe

    Where are these family photos?

  • Maya FireDight

    No I can’t fault you for wishing. It is a terrible thing. But her family had to accept the reality. Everybody who she called by name has to live with the fact that they didn’t do enough. I feel like it’s unfair to not accept it when they’re forced to and they really knew her. I know what being on the brink of this feels like myself. And it’s a terrible thing to deny.

  • Kittysafe

    I’ve been there, which is why it breaks my heart to see someone not survive it.

  • Maya FireDight

    You can find them further down in the comments on this same article. People put them here so people would see the family wanted the video taken down. If you don’t believe they’re real you can try and search the family member’s names on fb.

  • Maya FireDight

    I’m sorry you had to go through that and I’m incredibly sorry she didn’t survive. The best thing you can do to honor her and everyone else who didn’t make it is face the reality and spread awareness. We can’t bring her back but we can at least stop others from falling into that same pit with love and support. I wish you well. Good day.

  • Gabe Cordoba

    SAMMMEEEEEEEEEE, that shit made me jump XD

  • Kittysafe

    I’m actually surprised that in the video she doesn’t appear to struggle much, did she pass out? Very odd, I would have thought it would have taken longer for her to die. Morbid and sad, but questions that must be asked.

  • Fallen

    “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”

    ? Robin Williams

  • Maya FireDight

    I’ve never tried death by hanging but I’m assuming since she was already struggling for air from the sobbing she lost the battle pretty quickly. Pretty sure I heard her neck crack a bad way when she dropped to. Whatever happened there might’ve caused it to end faster.

  • Gabe Cordoba

    suicide is selfish

  • Kittysafe

    True, I thought of that as well.

  • Maya FireDight

    Either that or she did actually pass out. The articles say rescue was attempted in hospital so she lost the battle off the ground and on the hospital bed so to speak.

  • Kittysafe

    Right, it’s possible she passed out.

  • Kittysafe

    i believe the brightness can be raised in a video editing program to get a better look… but I won’t be doing that myself. I just hope the truth comes out beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  • Kittysafe

    I was able to raise the brightness and adjust the picture by loading the video into VLC, and sadly, it does look quite real. If it were fake, would she really be hanging there for 30 minutes?

  • BootiBashqr


  • Kittysafe

    At one point we hear the screen door open, of the family looking for her… then at 29:30 her phone rings… has to be one of the most terrifying moments I’ve ever witnessed on screen. The family just keeps calling… oh that is so devastatingly heartbreaking.

  • Fallen

    yes yes it is your just handing off the pain to some one else. trust me i thought about everything. every aspect from beginning to end.

  • This little girl lived far beyond her years. She had a sensitivity well beyond her age and had been through much you can tell. :(. Poor child…and familly & friends.

  • Daniel Shawn

    in Honor of, i Watched it . . . . . . . . to try to comprehend on what can drive someone to this . . . .

  • carme

    Norbert Colon: guess you are desperate for attention, some folks will say anything for attention Nobert negative or positive. Your post screams look at me

  • Kittysafe

    What a heartbreaking video… so young, life is so short already… the brain isn’t even fully developed until age 25… to hear that screendoor open, and the phone ringing over and over, it shatters my heart.

  • thepsychoticmshroom

    Bruh savage.

  • Lori Irwin Zeller

    This is unbelievable! I read the article and comments, but didn’t watch the video, because I have lost a sister and a brother to suicide and my brother was to hanging, I don’t care to traumatized myself further. Her poor family, oh God..this should not have been released.We have become so immune to tragedy, we find it entertaining ! …until it happens to you and yours !! Then, it is completely devastating. What if that was your daughter, sister, friend ?! Sickens me.

  • thepsychoticmshroom

    So that means what? That his life was less valuable then her’s? This is a cause of loss of life. Age makes no difference. Development makes no difference. She knew what was going to happen. This wasn’t a case of she tired to back out. She committed to it. She knew damn well. These comments saying poor girl. How about poor family? How do you think they felt walking out and boom, your daughter that you watched grow is dead hanging from a tree. This isn’t just about her. This is about everyone. So how about instead of trying to make a reason you are right. Go find someone who needs help and do something useful with your time.

  • Google her name. Wow I can’t believe a lot of the people here.

  • You’re an idiot! This is very real ????
    Google her name it’s all over the place

  • Kalani-Shoshana Vallyne Herrel

    I came into this chat room as she did it unknowingly because it was featured for blowing up with chat comments going crazy… idk … I can’t get it out of my mind and all the chaos that was happening. That poor girl was hurting so bad ..

  • Margaret Bailey

    It’s sad that a young beautiful child had suffer like this .. suicide is no joke people just don’t understand why or how someone can do such a thing .. my heart breaks because I was once in this same place when I was her age .. no child should ever be in any kind of harm mentally physically or emotionally.. my prayers go out to her siblings an those that really cared for this lil girl .. my deepest condolences.. I hope an pray that she went to a much better place than the hell that she was living on earth … hopefully God doesn’t hold this against her an allows her to enter his kingdom.. suicide is real people please for Gods sake take care of your children an let this open your eyes so that you may pay better attention to your family depression is real and this could be the very outcome that you never want to see ..
    R.I.P Katelyn Davis

  • Hazell

    Why are you so quick to judge? stop being so rude. For a girl that committed suicide, even though we just watched that, you are gonna go and cyberbully someone? What you say can an will hurt someone so think before you go around calling names an being so apt to judge everyone. Work on your own flaws before picking other people’s out.

  • Jose

    You’re a fucking douche bag. Let the girl rest in piece

  • Ella Rose

    How do you look at the diary I clicked on the link but I can’t find it

  • Jose

    I was trying the same thing but no luck. I even tried searching her name and nothing…

  • Ella Rose

    Yea same

  • Jose

    I watched till the end and all i was hoping to see was someone to take her down from there and then the video just ended after 42mins or so ???????? Im so hurt by this… R.I.P. Beautiful. ?????????????

  • Jose

    I hope they trace Your IP Address and Kill you, you Piece Of Shit ????????????

  • Jose

    You make no sense just stfu ignorant Faggot. If they dont wanna watch it then dont persist it

  • Jose

    She’s Beautiful ???????? R.I.P. ?????????????????

  • Ella Rose
  • Jose

    John Stfu cus you’re just a irrelevant faggot. Mind your fucking business. You’re a fucking low life cus its true what shes saying. Majority of kids who are suicidal dont say anything.

  • Karen Elizabeth

    Its real this girl passed away its all over fb and the news

  • Karen Elizabeth

    Its not sorrry to burst your bubbles

  • Karen Elizabeth

    No its not search her name she has an obituary and everything its real and this young child is gone

  • Karen Elizabeth

    Real story do research idiot

  • Lynn Williams
  • Crystal Dean

    its real dummy

  • Lynn Williams
  • Chippy

    Why’s is this video even able to watch, no one should want to watch this and for her she shouldn’t of posted it & put her friends & people watching through future ptsd


    Please meet up with me for a fear fight because you are acting
    Like a coward saying things like that on a lovely girls page who
    No longer here.
    Because of reasons unknown but your not helping saying that
    stuff and I am not a bully so I ask you please meet up and have
    A good old fashioned fight to see are you real or a troll.

  • Kyrsten

    You’re the scum of the earth

  • Kami

    It is real. This girl took her own life, because of assholes. Suicide is not something that someone can/will fake. Especially if it’s someone with severe depression. I would know one of my best friends committed suicide and everyone was saying “oh she’s just hiding, she’ll be back. Everything is ok” but no it’s not because that poor 12 year old girl is gone. Her friends probably miss her like crazy, and her family probably do as well. You are obviously heartless if you think that this is fake. If you google her name, it’s all over the place. Maybe you should take things like this seriously.

  • Michael McAuley Eamonn Elliott

  • Joseph Toulouse

    Norbert Colon is a POS and if i were to run into him, i would fuck him up! then he would have a reason to have a big mouth

  • Mendi Mayhem

    I’m so, so terribly sorry for your loss and the unbearable pain you must feel. *hugs*


    Depression is a very serious thing.

  • Milky Dumplings

    yall dont take it seriously hes just making a joke

  • Jim

    Shit this is funny. Suicide is for the weak.

  • Mendi Mayhem

    There isn’t a textbook rule for this. Everyone grieves differently. Just be there for him and try to feel out what he needs without trying to ask too many questions. Be supportive, be understanding and just make sure he knows he is loved and you will do what you can to help him cope. Survivor’s guilt is a thing and it’ snot uncommon for family/friends of suicide victims to feel hopeless and go down that same road. Good luck and my thoughts are definitely with the family of this sweet girl. <3

  • Chiono

    And how is this fake i want proof

  • Jessica

    He forgot the comma after disrespectful, I think. Unless he really thinks we are all disrespectful for not watching it.

  • Mendi Mayhem

    It does show her hang herself, did you not watch the video? Do you not realize that when you hang yourself, this causes injuries to the body that are *gasp* self inflicted???

    So, yes, she died of self inflicted injuries. She strangled and possibly broke her neck. Strange taht they can’t find the video yet it’s posted everywhere…….LE doesn’t always give out all information they have. That’s just how it works.

  • Rina Thibeault

    you SoB … how dare you ….. my daughter was my world … you have no idea of at what i am doing . every single day i ask myself why , i ask myself how come i didnt see any signs , that aweful day i brought her to work in the morning , picked her up from work , my old daughter saw her at 6 pm and brought her pizza ,she was her crazy full of life 18 year old being her silly self , 4 hours later i found her im my bathroom …. you piece of shit we gave the world , she was our baby . how dare you put the blame on me ..

  • Ukeoi Gy?sha

    Glad she doesn’t have to go through the shit that was fucking with her anymore.

    Too many people show interest in someones death but not their suffering.

  • Frozen Apricorn

    hmmm watched the whole thing. i don’t get what the big deal was. the girl didnt wanted to live anymore and and she took action. its not something easy as many might think it is, feeling pity for someone is tho. you can say she was being a pussy to face life, its not all sugar and candy.

  • Clement Pwnedyrday

    God, bless her soul…

  • Frozen Apricorn

    hmmm watched the whole thing. i don’t get what the big deal was. the girl didnt wanted to live anymore and and she took action. its not something easy as many might think it is, feeling pity for someone is tho. She was a pussy to face life, it isnt all sugar and candy.

  • ImNash

    Smh dude the camera quality would’ve made it look darker than it actualy was. Its normal

  • Cara McDonnell

  • HarleyRider91

    I blew my load when she kicked the bucket.

  • Lisa W. Jobe

    My brother killed himself this way. I just can’t possibly watch this. ????

  • Leon Sterner

    I am sorry, what is the point of recording it. She was a freaking idiot. We had a young girl shot herself in the head in front of her parents in Texas. It’s our own damn fault shit like this happens. At some point in the last 20 years, people have become more and more selfish and self-centered. We all have had rough patches, some have made it through but rather than help others through it, we have the mentality of “It don’t affect me, so I don’t care” which is why it was surprising to me that so many were freaked out when 9/11 happen. The way we are now, seems like something bad has to happen before we start acting like people and caring for one another. I feel partially bad for her that she felt that was her only option but did she exhaust all options for help prior and why do they feel they have to record it.

  • stellabystarlite

    Take the video down, FFS.


    the family want the video to be online for awareness

  • Sharlatwillis

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  • Sharlatwillis

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  • Anahata Love

    when i was 12 i thought i was immortal. never would have even THOUGHT of hanging myself. this poor girl must have been so desperate.

  • Natalie Illes-Toth

    fuck off with that spam bullshit..

  • Billy Madden

    Watched the whole thing didn’t bother none, but it’s sad that a child had to resort to suicide because no one would listen or take the time to care. The stepfather needs to castrated

  • JSB8225

    This is heartbreaking!! Though I did not watch the video, being a mother to two daughters (ages 11 and 16) I don’t know how or if I could live……I can’t even…..
    I talk to my daughters about any and everything. If you hear your child saying something negative , like, they call themselves ugly. Don’t just let it go. There’s a reason our kids say certain things or feel a certain way.
    My oldest daughter (sophomore in H.S.) has lost way too many peers from suicide and she’s not even made it through two full years. Yesterday being the most recent and right after the holidays, the first day back to school after winter break. A students body lay outside the high-school main doors, died from self inflicted gunshot wound. ????????????

  • James Sung

    : This is so sad. Dear hearts suicide is NOT the answer. The devil will have you believe it is but it is not. Please know God is there he sees all your hurt. God knows and yes God cares. He loves you and wants you to look to him in times of trouble. The devil wants to keep you depressed but remember the JOY of the Lord is your strength!! Don’t give up on life it is a precious gift

  • MoMo


  • Melissa Rippy

    What television news stations? I’ve looked and looked and all I can find are what appears to be a couple of really small local sites and mostly Internet garbage sites. I would think a 12 old committing suicide and livestreaming it, would be national news, yet the first I heard of it was reading about it on Facebook. My issue with the video is the ending. It just ends. You don’t hear people find her, yet they supposedly found her at 6pm. The video just goes dark. Why did the phone turn off. If it died, we would of heard warning that it dying was going to happen. I don’t know if it is or isn’t real… I’d like to know tho, cause it’s definitely disturbing.

  • Melissa Rippy

    These are not news sites. I worked for Google search engines. These are not considered solid news sites. I can’t even find a local television news site with the story. No obituary. Nothing. Isn’t that odd to you? Or if that isn’t, what about the ending? The video just ends. You don’t hear people find her.. See anyone pick up the phone and turn it off or the phone die. I’m not saying if it is or isn’t, but these are issues anyone should, with common sense wonder about.

  • Natalie Illes-Toth

    Spam Bots don’t count as Human.
    Marylwade && Sharlatwillis – same profile picture, same spam bullshit.
    I reported both.

  • Zach Storey

    I’m sorry she’s gone but livestreaming it seems like she was looking for attention

  • DessieNA

    Don’t You Just Love The CsGo Community



  • Natalie Illes-Toth

    Was it really necessary calling Sal a faggot?
    You’re probably the bullying type.. it’s people like you that make people do what she did.

  • stellabystarlite

    They also want people to donate to the Society of Awareness of Awareness Foundation.

  • RyoCZ

    “Hang in there” or “attention whore” are just damn good to describe this

    get triggered bby

  • Jeff

    I agree. I am leaning towards fake. I could be wrong but it is odd no one has heard about it.

  • Nicole Ballard

    So very sad, I believe this is true, much love to her family and friends at this sad time

  • Nicole Ballard

    U are heartless, how about thinking of all her friends and family who are suffering her loss, and maybe think of all those who suffer depression and think of taking there lives. Maybe think if she was a family member of urs and how it would affect u, reading some scum writing what u have about one of your loved one. Grow up and get a heart

  • Bob Loblaw

    Sadly, I believe this video to be authentic. Her legit obit is out there, and there is no sign of fuckery in the video. I wish somebody could have helped this poor girl.

  • Tasha For those who need confirmation that the poor little girl DID in fact hang herself on a social media site.

  • Taco????bout it????????? SPICY????

    My son recently came to me wit that request. I am hoping we get him the help that he needs. He is tall, handsome and brilliant, but also an anxiety-ridden introvert who has a hard time relating to people his own age.

    I am grateful that he came to me.

  • Bob Loblaw

    If this was hoaxed then it was the best damn hoax I’ve ever seen. Whoever did it should be working for Steven Speilberg.

  • Jaygee Rayfred

    OMG ! when she started saying “Sorry” I cried with her… why ? Cuz I’ve been there and I understand how hurtful when you’re depressed but people just kept pushing you too far !!! & especially when you got nowhere to turn !! I’m so sorry for what you went thru . I’m so sorry for how people treating you . I’m so sorry nobody was there to stop you. I’m so sorry you Katelyn May you RIP </3

  • Melissa Rippy

    I spoke to someone this morning about it and he’s big into the news and he said he has heard nothing significant and no one had mentioned it either. I actually had a hard time sleeping, as I’m am a pretty emotional person and this was hard to watch. Without getting into other details that would be considered unsympathetic, I’ll just say, there are a lot of why’s… Which causes me to believe the same thing. It’s sad that someone would do this, if it is in fact fake.. Buy I just can’t find any solid proof saying it’s real. So after typing the above message I decided to call the City Hall in Polk County. First Silvercreek is not in Polk, it is in Floyd County. I spoke to a lady at City Hall, she said she had heard if it, but only through social media. She advised me to contact local news stations. I contacted a couple and left vmails. I did however get a hold of someone at ABC, Newsroom, in Atlanta. She said she had not heard of it at all. She did say, though, that they do not air news regarding suicides. She did ask how I found it and again just confirmed she personally knew nothing about it. If I get a call from one of these other stations, I’ll update my post.

  • Melissa Rippy

    Spoke to CBS newsroom, out of Atlanta. They were very interested in the story and again, said they had heard nothing. They agreed this would evoke national news coverage, and took all of the information I had, said he was gonna investigate and call me back. I’m now, more so than ever, inclined to believe this may be misleading. 🙁 But then I see family members Facebook pages and it causes me to wonder… Such an awful awful thing to have happen, if it did.

  • southern_getn

    Try contacting local news sources. They are more update than the bigger news stations. Such as WGAA 1340, they are a local radio station, or Polk County Standard Journal. you’ll have better luck.

    In a small town like that the keep personal matters on the down low into the know for sure of what went wrong, especially suicide that is under investigation.

  • Melissa Rippy

    I did. It’s actually in Floyd County. I contacted City Hall and local stations. Regardless if they want to keep it private, unfortunately, this is something the news feeds off of. It’s horrible. I could not sleep last night after watching this, which is why I want to know the truth. I see the family’s Facebook pages and I’m inclined to believe there definitely was a death. I just don’t know if videos are being made by some very morbid people. I did recently find an obituary, so the death is, so sad and very true. I am done researching this. Whatever happened or didn’t, it’s horrible no matter how you look at it.

  • Bunny

    Umm, The Enquisitr? You consider THAT a “reliable news source”???? Lmao!

  • Jeff

    Very sad indeed.. though look at the videos made by the isis people. They are obviously fake and that’s much more grewsome than this. This hurts as it’s a child.
    Not saying isis doesn’t do that type stuff but the ones on the publicized videos are fake.

  • Tracey A. Jones

    Why did you choose to show a child’s suicide?

  • guy with shades on


  • Johnny Zed

    Poor girl.. She’s so beautiful too. If heaven exists, it now has another angel.. RIP

  • Bunny

    I agree with you. However, where you worked has no bearing on the matter. One doesn’t have to “work for Google search engines” or be a rocket scientist to know that The Enquisitr isn’t a valid news site. Lol.

  • Melissa Rippy

    A lady just called me back from a local station, she said the death is true, however the video is under investigation. I agree that it is very easy to fake videos. Someone said that it would be hard to fake hanging themselves, well that’s definitely not true. Happens all the time in movies etc.

  • Bunny

    Did you not read where SorryNotSorry said they had done some research? Common sense says the first thing he/she would’ve started with would be the girl’s name! He/she was merely asking if anyone else had any valid links.

  • Bunny

    Maybe the record time ran out on the cell phone.

  • Melissa Rippy

    I agree… Most definitely, however I didn’t post that I considered it to be. I was replying to someone who did consider it to be one. Unfortunately, after speaking to a local news source and the city hall of Floyd County, the death is definitely true, but the video is under investigation.

  • Bunny

    Prove it.

  • Bunny


  • Hakuna Matata

    It’s real so why is it being shown for the world ? Why hasn’t it been removed ?

  • Christmas 2016

    the blame is her parents , who didn’t do a thing ! If you going to have children , you’ve to watch them
    24/7 . And why her parents aloud this b/s to happen with bullying is stupid . School District , the students who were bullying her , the student parents , there’s enough BLAME TO GO AROUND .
    And all those who watched the Video , why didn’t they call the police . Again there’s enough blame to go around . People knows BULLYING GOING AROUND , if you know somebody who’s being BULLIED , why don’t you help ( him / her ) and stop this from happening . PEOPLE NEEDS TO START TAKING RESPONSIBLITY ……..I’ve just heard about this on FaceBook and I’ve never watched the video nor will I . Can’t believe the millions who watched the video DIDN’T DO A DAMN THING .

  • Christmas 2016

    And her mother who let the step father abusive , should be in PRISON FOR LIFE !!!!
    the mother should be in jail also …………and those who bullied her , should be in jail too.

  • Tao

    What did you expect the millions of people who watched the video to do exactly considering they probably didn’t know the girl existed until like 24 hours ago?

    Hindsight isn’t a special trait.

  • Christmas 2016

    Exactly NONE Of this should be on the internet for the world to see .
    any Companies / Business needs to take RESPONSIBLE AND TAKE IT OFF …ASAP

  • Moose

    Wow, you really are a massive cunt John.

  • Christy McAfee
  • Christy McAfee

    This 12 year old girl was being molested by the mothers boyfriend. Katelyn has a diary and her filthy mother ignored her cries for help. I will not watch the video because it will haunt me I want you all to know that this woman set up a GoFundMe account not for her daughter but because her boyfriend left her not one mention of Kaitlyn. I have a picture of the mother’s profile however it won’t let me post it

  • Anonymous

    I watched it… Only thing I would’ve said to you Katelyn.. “Just hold on a little longer. Your step-father I know he’s an ass but someday you will be able to move away, I can help you. If it’s that boy that you killed yourself over because you felt you wasn’t good enough for him that’s not the case. You guys are still kids and there’s much to learn about love. I can help you…” — I’m sorry that it got this far darling, may your soul rest in peace.

  • comcast

    This isn’t someone committing’s theater people…..christ.

  • Teresa Landreth

    ok lets see, a depressed girl, already suicidal, on meds, accusing STEPFATHER of rape (or attempted rape) being beat by him, yeah the family is SURE going to be making it national news. unless someone brings it to their attention the “big NEWS” organizations are lazy, the get their stories from the small sources and pick and choose. it probably didnt hit much news agencies, as evidenced by a simple google search, so unless someone contacted them DIRECTLY, they wouldnt know.

  • Brenda Childers

    If this was live, surely some of her friends saw it and could have stopped it??

  • Moose

    Unless you’ve suffered from a severe depressive illness you wouldn’t understand the completely irrational thought processes that people in that condition have.

  • Moose

    Just fuck off with your religious bullshit you brain-dead moron.

  • Bernadette MaryAnn

    Looks like bad acting tbh

  • Donna Brackley
  • Moose

    Fuck you Gabe. You haven’t a clue.

  • Moose

    Keep your religious bullshit out of this. This is real life, not your childish fantasy land.

  • My God you are STUPID! YES, they ARE news sites… and you say you worked for Google.. that’s like the Washington Post… fake news purveyors and pushers… idiot… disrespect this poor girl…. F*CK YOU!

  • You’re an idiot JB… I pray you get the Karma that is coming to you for disrespecting the life of this poor human being.. and you will…

  • Alptraume

    Boo fucking hoo! You’re not the only one whose life is a piece of shit. Yet miraculously we all seem to deal with it. The “I’m sorry” bit was really just over the top. What an attention whore. A fucking joke and waste of space. She needs to die already… oh wait. If you’re to weak to deal with life then you had it coming. Plenty of people go through the same shit if not worse everyday and keep on trucking. Pretty funny all the cars driving by didn’t even pay her attention either. that deserves a chuckle. Best part however was at the very end someone was calling her lolol. I give this a 3/10.

  • Barbara Nickerson

    Jesus,Mary and Joesph.

  • Randel Klug
  • Randel Klug

    What is this then

  • I never heard of this site but in the video you can tell it was uploaded to
    They aren’t a news site but if you’re looking to see people die that’s the number one place to go. Facebook videos end automatically when done but I’m not sure if this is one of them. If it is you can bet its on a news site you just have to look.

  • Mendi Mayhem


  • Brittany Samuels

    It makes me sick that no one could’ve reported the stream in the moment. I know it takes a while. But at least someone would’ve been contacted and maybe this would’ve been prevented. How could you watch a live stream like that and not do anything? How could you sit there while someone is live streaming their own suicide on the surface web. It makes me sick to my stomach. You people are fucking sick. You will do anything for a story and for entertainment. Suicide is NOT entertainment. This stream should’ve gotten reported to the proper authorities. I am not talking about the people reading this article because we obviously did see the stream at the time. But to those who watched the live streaming and didn’t do anything about it, SHAME ON YOU AND FUCK YOU SCUMMY PEICES OF SHIT ! Since you have the audacity to watch a live stream like that. To those who actually watched the live stream shame on you! If I saw that live I WOULD CONTACT PROPER AUTHORITIES NO MATTER WHAT. That poor girl. She did not deserve to die at such a young age. I send my love and prayers to her family and friends dealing with her loss. If you are feeling suicidal, try to get help. I know that sounds stupid but its the best thing you can do. Things wont change over night but if you are willing to make that change then I promise you it will get better. More people are effected by you than you think. more people love and care for you more than you think. If anyone here deals with suck thoughts please feel free to contact me. Please don’t ever take your own life.

  • Aaron Van Gorp

    This young woman needed love and couldn’t find it. I hope that those of you who may feel the same, know this is a cold hateful world, but love can be found in Jesus Christ. If someone had helped this woman feel the Love of God, she’d still be alive, and much happier.

  • Right? Idiots. And who cares that THEY get answers. It’s not about THEM. They act like that the cops are working for them & they have to have these answers. Just when you think you’ve met every stupid kinda idiot, along comes another.

  • Emily Sattler

    she was 12 dipshit

  • Emily Sattler

    because it’s fucked up news and belongs here?

  • Jared Arbizu

    Hm. The video isn’t loading.

  • Jack Jones

    “I am including the video below, but be warned, it’s a child committing suicide.”

    what a time to be alive

  • Hbic Do Dew

    This is sad but what’s most sad is she’s going to hell for eternity and everyday she’s gonna relive that day smh..suicide is not the help sadens me she had nobody to help her or to talk to her to tell her she’s beautiful and does matter and that God doesnt create mess…really heartbreaking

  • stacysensation

    With the cars driving by someone would’ve stopped

  • Deb Martines

    Sadly, this is a true story. Her funeral services are at the Olin Gammage Funeral Home on College Street, Cedartown, GA tomorrow (Friday the 6th) at 1:00 p.m. You may contact them directly or go onto their website for confirmation of the services. Her obituary is posted on their site as well.

  • jojdsodj

    You live a lonely life, the only person actually thinking this is fake is you lmao. Smh. hang yourself and lets see how you feel if everyone assumed your morbid video is fake.

  • jojdsodj

    Unless you’re 4 years old, pretty sure we can sleep all fine.

  • jojdsodj

    But yet you watched it.

  • Johnny Wayne 424 HP dbd

    That shit was fked up idk why i watch this shit. I got the chills when she stepped off thst bucket word i did.

  • Kieron

    Wish my phone battery lasted that long.

  • j b

    So true only idiots are actually thinking that this is real. There are no actual real confirmed news sites talking about this fake viral video. If you Google search about this website it is only being talked about on garbage websites that are known to spread fake things.

  • Melissa Rippy

    First.. The national news part is that a 12 year old live streamed her death. Second.. That is their job. They have people that sit and hunt for news stories. But, had you read my other comment you would know that I said that I believed the suicide was real, that what I doubted was the video. Believe it or not, there are people who are sick fucks and will make videos for the purpose of getting paid. I didn’t say anything about the face. You are mixing up comments. I didn’t say anything about the video except the ending which does not show that she was founded d at 6pm. It just ends. Which is odd. Again, I spoke to someone there and she said the death was real but the video is under investigation.

  • j b

    Have to be an idiot to think that even half the stuff on BestGore isn’t done in some studio setting for the people that get off on watching that Fetish.

  • j b

    I am quite sure that you wouldn’t even have come across this video unless you were a sick fuck. So trust me Karma is going to be coming for you for the things that you have done in your life long before it comes for me.

  • j b

    You won’t find anything legitimate anywhere. As someone else mentioned this would have been National news and all over CNN, FoxNews, NBC, etc if it was a real viral video. Only the brain dead seem to think it is real.

  • j b

    Deplorable retard.

  • j b

    You are going to convince these idiots that this is fake. Hell these are the same people that voted for Donald Trump because they thought the things said about Hillary Clinton were real.

  • Have to be an edict child to think everything on the web is fake.

  • j b

    Anyone could create a fake Facebook page to help keep this fake video going viral and make people continue to think it happened you stupid idiot.

  • j b

    Not a real story deplorable retard. There are no real actual news websites talking about this. If it was real it would be all over CNN as the first ever teenager to kill themselves in front of everyone for bulling.

  • You have to be an idiot to believe everything on the web ( to be fake.

  • The Lesser Key of Solomon

    You guys are fucking stupid… you don’t even know what happens to someone after they die, yet you feel “sad” for her… give me a fucking brake.

  • The Lesser Key of Solomon

    And btw, this is a FAKE STORY. The website founders live off donations, so they try to make you as emotional as possible to weaken you. You people are fools on another level… i swear..

  • intuitangel
  • Maya FireDight

    I’ve seen screenshots in the comments of this same article of the family asking for the video to be taken down because it’s haunting. No they don’t.

  • Juanita Jimenez

    anyone know the name of the ringtone?

  • Mendi Mayhem

    I’m deplorable? Or is the real deplorable the mental midget running around calling a dead child names and accusing her of being an attention whore? Chop your dick off and swallow it.

  • sydney kardatzke

    I was thinking the same. And how every once in a while you would hear the same creaking noise but I do believe it’s sadly true.

  • intuitangel
  • Alptraume

    And weak.

  • Carlos L.

    You’re so ignorant

  • Carlos L.

    This for a fact is not f*cking fake but you like to bicker on about how you know everything cause you ohhh worked for google… she did this on a live streaming app that i use and this for sure is not a set up or scam and it has gone viral speaking that her Instagram has flooded with up to about 20k followers because of this so if you would please shut the f*ck up because you’re so ignorant to a 12 yr olds death

  • Melissa Rippy

    Hahaha. I’m the ignorant one. OK. For what exactly? I would so love to read why you think so… Since you seem to think you know what I think regarding the situation.

  • Carlos L.


  • Melissa Rippy

    What the fuck did I disrespect? I said that the sites listed were not fucking news sites. That as someone who spent years eliminating garbage like those sites, that they were not news worthy. I didn’t say what I did for them.. But now you know… So… Saying I don’t know if something is true… Isn’t disrespect. Sorry but it isn’t. I said I didn’t know, that I don’t think things are true just because they are posted on the fucking Internet. Everyday people post shit that isn’t true, just to get a fucking rise out of others and to make cash. I said it is a horrible thing no matter how you fucking look at it. So no I fucking didn’t. I said I fucking lost sleep over the whole thing you fucking moron. That I woke up and decided to find out for myself which I did. So no I did not. If you want to believe shit just because the Internet says so… Then you go ahead. But dont make accusations when you have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

  • Teresa Landreth

    and if you had read my comment i said that since no one PROMOTED it as a cause, it wasnt “noticed” by the big news agencies, it was “local news”. if the parents had made some kind of statement, plea, etc it might have made it on the national news. as the family was being criticized, they off course didnt want it brought to anyones attention.

    personally i think kids and parents should be MADE to watch things like this. if you see the update, they took it down at the POLITE request of the detective. if they were, maybe kids will see this solves nothing, and its not “glamorous”, but painful, etc. it might make parents set up and take notice that their kids are NOT robots to make act like THEY want, etc.

  • Melissa Rippy

    Um you are a moron. I did not say that it was fake. All I fucking said was that I spent years removing garbage sites like the one that person listed. That is all. See you have no fucking clue what you are talking about. I said I did not know if it was or wasn’t. That I don’t believe shit just because it’s posted on the fucking Internet. That I lost sleep over the whole things and that it was very disturbing and decided to find out for myself. So I did. I am not one to believe shit just because it’s posted. Period. I have seen to much where people use stuff like this to make money. So get your facts straight. I never ever said this was fake. I simply said that was not a fucking news site and that I did not know.

  • Wondering

    Hold on it’s the middle of winter and the pool is open and clear, and there was a man in the background, I had to watch this several times and I am questioning the validity, it is very sad either way, but there were also ppl saying her mother made a gofundme account prior to asking for monetary help. So I hope it is not real if it is I’m sorry and RIP but there are some errors I see in here and there is a part that looks like she has something wrapped around her besides her neck, also the video breaks up and it is off, so when you hear things you can’t actually see it at the same time

  • Vee Castillo

    For anyone who wants to say that this is fake or edited. Get the hell over yourselves people!!!

  • Vee Castillo
  • I.n. Under

    Shut the hell up. That’s not the kind of thing you say about a dead girl.

  • Brianna Hernandez

    This was really dumb tbhh

  • Brianna Hernandez

    I don’t feel bad at all. She was just doing stupid shit

  • Ashley

    This is legit. Type her name into Facebook. Her family & obituary is on there.

  • Ashley

    You haven’t looked food enough bc its all over my Facebook. Even the obituary

  • Amanda

    I was on with her when she did this. At first we all thought it was a joke. But when we seen she was not playing we told her to stop snd I called the police they said since I was in Ohio we xouldnt do anything it screwed me up to see this!

  • Brook Bones

    hmmm, which station department did you work in because when I worked for google, they don’t have just “people removing garbage sites” so it really doesn’t make any sense Google makes money linking people to sites if anything google is always looking for anything related to anything making it easier for its users to find what they’re looking for, definitely not removing sites.

  • Melissa Rippy

    I said I found the obituary, and that I spoke to a local source. They said the death is real but the video is under investigation. It is not on local television stations. I didn’t say it was fake. I said I didn’t know but wanted to find out for myself. Which I did.

  • Brianna Hernandez

    But who cares

  • Brook Bones

    really. you “worked for Google” and don’t believe something like this might just fly by with not much about it? come on now…. that’s enough.

  • Ashley

    Ok no need to get sassy…. someone could’ve cut out some parts you never know. Just bc it said it was love doesn’t mean thats always true… & I’m not sure why you’re investigating this much into it… doesn’t really have anything to with you. It’s just a video everyone came on there to watch. Let the family deal with the details.

  • Arianna Casteal

    Just wondering if her death was real and the video is under investigation how did she die ? Cause there isn’t really good explanation to her death that I heard about.I know the video is under investigation but why would a 12 year old do that it makes no sense.

  • KukiMonster

    Good on ya for finding out if this is really true. Fuck those muppets who believe everything on the internet Carlos L. ANPLiveFreeOrDie probably in the same crowd who still think Bob Ross is alive coz “live streamer” lmao

  • Arianna Casteal

    is that the girl who passed away

  • Lisa Doyle

    This is a sick fake video. For 1 after a tempting suicide by hanging it’s a first response to try and remove the item from your neck if you want to die or not. It’s like trying to drown yourself in a bath or swimming pool if you have nothing to weigh you down your natural response is to Try get air.

  • InCaribou

    All the people posting that this is fake. You are absolutely correct. Teen suicide does not exist. Teenagers live in an idyllic, carefree world and never suffer bullying or depression.

  • csharp

    I’m out raged by the amount of people arguing over this fake or not that is a little girl ending her life probably because of some slutty girls bullying her instead of going at each other let the police handle it it’s none of your fucking business end of fucking story get off your fucking high horses sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up you all are just as bad as the what ever pushed her to the point of doing this ignorant fucks

  • Erin

    Man, at least bring a portable charger and keep the video going. I was looking forward to the parents finding her.

  • Heather

    This video may well be fake but the true fact is the story isn’t its a real story for millions of people that are committing suicide because of things that happened in their lives they can’t handle. It’s didn’t happen because they didn’t have a close relationship with parents some would have probably been really close and shared everything (almost) but no one shares the feelings of worthlessness and thinking everyone would benefit from your death you know your parents would say all the right things and tell you the opposite but you feel they have a biased view and yes your death will devastated them but only short term but your living will somehow destroy there lives forever so you see it as making everyone’s life better and stopping your own pain at the same time. When you’ve reached this point and rock bottom your brain doesn’t function normally and doesn’t think rationally or logically what seems so straight forward to everyone else you just can’t see it.


    I Honestly can’t believe they just jumped down your throat about what you wrote. Wow. There’s no way someone can read what you wrote and think you were being disrespectful unless they’re fucking ignorant.

  • adrian vs

    Saw this on another site and people were talking about jerking off while watching it. Wtf

  • adrian vs

    Only watched because description was different

  • Wendy Doucette White

    I side with you, Melissa. Just because something is posted on the Internet, it isn’t automatically true. I found it odd that, in the video, we could hear the phone ring AND we could hear the child’s family calling for her. It makes sense that, if we could hear both, the family member should have been able to hear the child’s phone ringing, as well.

    Also, was the video being recorded by the cell phone, or by some other device? When I am in the midst of recording a video using my phone and someone calls, the recording automatically cuts off.

    Assuming the phone was used to make the recording, why didn’t the vibration alert “jiggle” the recording’s view…? It remained perfectly still, and in focus.

  • Mark

    This is fake nothing on tv about this shit you can easily fake a hanging search for it on youtube and you can see how to pull off a fake hanging…… Clickbait is all this is

  • Mikoy Semblante

    It may hurt a few, but it sure will save a lot of lives. Never ever do a suicide and please don’t give up life no matter how hard it is. Keep moving and keep praying. Better days will come, I promise you.

  • Sara

    You did the right thing by trying to call for help. But it’s true, a police department in Ohio wouldn’t be able to do anything to intervene with something happening in Georgia. It’s sadly strange…we can connect instantly with people on the other side of the world in order to socialize, but try to get life-saving help for someone in another jurisdiction…not so easy. I’m so sorry you experienced that. I saw what happened fully aware of what I was about to see. You didn’t get that benefit. I imagine that not being able to do anything to help her made it worse.

    I am wondering about something, though, and please forgive me if I come across as harsh; it’s unintended, but I can’t think of a softer way to ask this. Why did everyone think it was a joke at first? I understand that humor is not the same for everyone, but a severely depressed person setting up a noose in her backyard just doesn’t seem even remotely funny. How can another human being’s existential agony be construed as a joke?

  • Alex Mattie

    Unfortunately this is very very real, RIP

  • Anonymous

    Omg I’m 12 and think I have life figured out it’s stupid for kids to do this you have people who care your a privileged white girl so little girls need to stop I was depressed thought things would never get better I tried swallowing pills had my stomach pumped then my life changed I realized how much people care plus when your 12 like Jesus this is why children shouldn’t have social media or anything!

  • Wondering

    I have been watching this and why after she kicks the bucket away is she trying to button her shirt like she is trying to hide something, not saying it’s fake but some things do not add up, several times when she faces the camera as spinning if you look closely her arms come together to put her shirt together…also it looks like she has something else under her shirt and it looks like she is latching something to the rope while she is putting it on and than holding onto it to make sure that it is latched correctly, again I am not sure, but something fishy is going on, you can hear her mom talking and they had to be really close to catch that on a phone, you also hear coughing, and sounds like the bucket or something is moving right there. Maybe it was supposed to be fake and than became real as they waited to long to find her but it’s obvious she is very close, I hope this whole thing is fake, kinda seems that way, but maybe not, just a lot of odd things going on there.

  • Madi Yarger

    I got it the video off

  • Rina Thibeault

    the one in the stairs is my own daughter . she was 18 . she passed away may 22 2016

  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague

    Neither site they listed shown why she committed suicide. Some info would have been nice but if she was living in a troubling household and depressed seems its the parents was not paying close enough attention.

  • Lynn Williams

    FOR ALL OF YOU SAYING THIS IS FAKE…..Here is her obituary. Feel free to drive to Cedartown Ga. tomorrow, Jan 6th and pay your respects to her and her family so you can see this was real!!!!

  • Rina Thibeault

    ok according the the news …. Paramedics tried to save the girl after she was first found just after 6 p.m., but Davis was declared dead at the Polk Medical Center’s Emergency Room. but on this page it sais She then climbs on top of a bucket and fastens the noose around her neck. At 21:24, after taking several deep breaths and crying, Katelyn says an anguished “Goodbye” before stepping off the bucket. now 21.24 hour is 9.24 .these times dont add up ..

  • Rina Thibeault

    does it matter why …….. my daughter did the samething in may and she didnt tell us why , or did we ever think something was wrong and she was going to hang herself ..

  • EricNeverSleeps

    Can someone tag or send me the link to the actual video? Thnx.

  • If the family had requested this video to be removed and you refused to do so I find you a most distasteful and deplorable human being using this video of this poor child to get hits. This is not the sort of thing that should become the next ” Oh wow ” video on the net. The fact that this child took her own life and chose to do it in a public manner is sad and devastating. In their time of grief ,friends and family DO NOT need to know that her death is viral and being viewed for nothing more than a few moments of sick pleasure by the masses. Mourn the loss of this beautiful soul do not use her death as an excuse to have the next viral video .

  • Lynn Williams

    what they meant was at the 21:24 mark on the VIDEO, she stepped off the bucket. NOT the actual TIME of 21:24

  • Lynn Williams

    Sadly, I hope this diary page puts step dad behind bars…

  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague

    I think there are signs. Most kids don’t commit suicide for no reason. It does matter why because then they could receive help. I once had contemplated the same but I prayed and eventually overcame it on my own. I would have most likely written why I decided to end my life but yeah it was brief and I didnt actually thought of how I would do it.

    Its just so bizzare that a 12 year old kid would do something like this without having extreme withdrawal and depression in which I was battling with a long time ago. But I wasnt a kid either. It was only a brief time maybe 1 or 2 weeks I had thought about ending but again, very brief and my will to survive was far much greater and overall a better turnout of my life changed for the better. Its usually when all goes wrong and constant problems in which suicidal thinking is a constant reocurance.

    I dont believe suicide is really sudden although some can be sort of like the bankers during the recession. Then again sometimes kids may not all express their feelings the same way and may be a bit afraid to tell their family they have feelings of depression or suicide

  • Dylan

    Leave her up for some kids birthday party as a piñata.

  • Dylan

    Everyone on here defending her kill yourselves so i can blow my mad stacks.

  • Dylan

    Why didnt she jump from a higher distance so she killed herself on impact dumb bitch

  • Dylan

    She should have realized its not rape if you enjoy it

  • Dylan

    She should have realized its not rape if you enjoy it

  • EricNeverSleeps

    Video link?

  • Gabby Motionless

    I live Near here, so I can say it is indeed very real…

  • Dylan

    She looked like a dike anyway all fags should kill themselves

  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague

    Wow, an abusive pedophile stepfather.. yeah he needs to be in prison for life.

  • EricNeverSleeps

    Why ya keep fucking with my comments?

  • Lynn Williams

    Here she writes about her living conditions (with a pic)

    and here is a sad cry for help (with a pic of her legs after she cut them)

  • John N Tricia Martinez

    There are dark entities that aid in making people so low they release their own energy, not ok. They keep collecting souls Raphael what are we going to do?

  • JB

    How did you get a hold of this video? Did her parents want this to go viral? It’s very sad that kids these days feel like this is their only solution to a temporary problem!! And most problems are temporary

  • Katrina Williams

    This is not fake at all, I just read pleas from her family that the video be removed because they see her as more than just a girl that committed suicide.

  • Katrina Williams
  • Unholy Impetuous Ritual Plague


  • Crystal Beverly

    Dear God please be with Katelyn’s family at this time! This was such a beautiful baby girl that had a lot more life left. This truly breaks my heart, everyone needs to talk to there children and teach them right.

  • Frankie Oconnor-younv

    So you tried both have you

  • Frankie Oconnor-younv

    Yeh so tough and bossy arent you. Why do you have to use the f word every 2 seconds. No class

  • Frankie Oconnor-younv

    Why are you running round calling new stations. Who the hell are you to be doing that.
    Why ? Are you one of those sick people who like to feel involved in everyones dramas and losses. do you want to say – oh i told them about it and now its on tv. Sick fuck.Dont touch whats not your business.

  • Frankie Oconnor-younv

    Fuck off

  • Chasey

    It is true. Here is her obituary her aunt (check FB) VALERIE PARISH posted a message from the family too.

  • Chasey

    It is true. Here is her obituary her aunt (check FB) VALERIE PARISH posted a message from the family.

  • Chasey

    Its true. Here is her obituary her aunt (check FB) VALERIE PARISH posted a message from the family.

  • Josiah

    This is so sad i wish she had never done this because her life in the future could of been the best but she took it to soon the poor child, she is to young to die but rip fly high girl god is with you now.

  • Jenna Mulkey

    This is really sad , if you read her diary online she tells you exactly what she is going to do with the bucket and rope. Her stepfather really messed her up. And those of yu saying oh this is staged are ccomplete idiots ! It makes me laugh at how skeptical you an be damn. Pray she has peace and isn’t in pain any more. Poor little girl .

  • Josiah

    Just wondering does the cops know about this on the internet because young people like 10 and 8 year olds can come cross this site and watch this girl hang herself than those poor 10 an 8 years have to live with this in there heads like everytime when they think about this, then they will seen this video in there heads forever with them which is so bad think the cops need to do something about it asp.

  • Linda Willoughby

    My thought’s exactly.

  • Robert Rasnake

    I am so at a loss for words right now, my heart hurts cause sorry I just can’t write anymore

  • Kim Graves

    Unless you are determined because she purposely clasped her hands together right after the drop, i agree though having known a classmate of my son who hung himself in 9th grade over the door after begging his mom to buy him cigarettes and she left to do that, we think he figured she would be back in time to stop it but she got sidetracked and didn’t go straight home. He wanted to live with his dad and had court that day and they ordered him to stay with his mom who was off but we were told he had scratch marks on his face and neck but i have seen other hanging videos on bestgore where the person was set to do it no doubts and never raised a hand it was scary watching them.

    Sadly this is very very real

  • Jenna Mulkey

    No i am sorry but your wrong , she is indeed dead. She did try to remove it wwhen he rope swung her sound to face the tree her hands go up and eventually they drop.

  • Lita Nonya

    People are frickin great crazy. You can look anywhere u can find the story . You can also find her obictuary .. i personally know it’s true cause it’s my friends family and they are devastated by it. So before people put their two cents in maybe try actually looking instead of just assuming

  • Yahshua Friend

    I bet you’d love to think its fake. The real world is hard to swallow ain’t it? You can make up things to coddle you but in the end the reality shines through.

  • Dean Perrin

    you know what buddy. At first I was angry that someone could post a vid. But we are all curious, so i went looking for it and found it. I won’t post where i found it, I am sure it’s not hard to find for other people. It is SAD really sad. But My point here is after digesting that traumatic event. I have a daughter who is 10. I don’t’ want her to see it but alot of people should. They might think twice about bullying or mentally abusing someone with a depression problem. This could have been avoided. She felt unloved and worthless to alot of people. Some she mentioned and I am sure they are not even worth the sorry.
    This does bring awareness. My heart hurts I was praying it was a hoax and begging her not to do it on the video. It was so sad. This is real shit. Some people, not all but alot of people should see this. It is different then just hearing about it. Mostly bullies and people who don’t know about mentally ill people or understand what depression can do. If not you posting it, like you said, someone else will you cannot stop it. Posting it on youtube for likes is wrong. Thsi is different, I would have rather seen it here then where i did, some website trying to profit from this is disgusting. to say the least.

  • Wisnu Nugraha Adi

    Goddamit!!!why the F she want to suicide

  • Ukeoi Gy?sha

    Do us a favor and follow in her footsteps you piece of shit.

  • Kalani-Shoshana Vallyne Herrel

    It wasn’t…. she swung until the sun was gone like a pendulum…. u heard choking .. nothing was fake I was there in the chat she didn’t say her intentions until she did it , I can’t remove thus from my mind … if your reading this comment don’t watch this.

  • Trinity Baker

    there’s a lot of suicides and deaths no one hears about because someone dies in the USA every 12 seconds, you can’t report every single last one on the news or a page. Not everything extreme is reported anyways, because majority of the time, family’s don’t want people to know what happened or don’t want it to get too far out there, because they don’t want to hear it over and over or continue to remember that person because of their death. Sometimes, things are just to graphic to report.

  • Teresa

    A person, of any age, can commit suicide. No one listened to Katelyn. They heard with their ears, but they were quick to discount with their minds. I wish they would have listened to Katelyn with their heart, where they could understand what she wasn’t saying as much as what she was saying. I wish that they would have found her a place where she felt safe and worked out all the pain, problems and kinks in her mind. There are all kinds of abuse besides physical. I know because I have lived with all the kinds of abuse at different times during my life time. No one listened to me when I told them either. I pray that Katelyn is finally able to Rest In Peace.

  • Warriormomma83

    Someone please take this down! This poor baby and her family and friends don’t need this out there! As a family member of someone who died by suicide I can tell you this haunts you even years down the road..for God sakes take it down

  • Chill young man it’s not that serious. People die everyday day. There are more important things in life other than this.

  • Is this real?

  • If this is real you should remove this video for the sake of her family

  • Slim Jamz

    reality proven


    Yall all are dumb wtf this is as real as it gets wtf this poor girl.

  • LA Woman
  • Megan Stewart

    we live in a world where children are so depressed and/or abused or bullied that they believe death is preferable to continued life. Child suicides happen younger and younger. Why? Because we as parents and as a society have failed these children. We have allowed them to be exposed to the world with all its ugliness. We no longer attempt to shelter our children from the harmful elements of life but we fail to equip them with the strength and resources needed for them to withstand our ugly world. Our kids are sorely lacking in the self-esteem that is needed to give them the resiliency to handle the ugliness of life. We as parents and as a society need to nurture the self-esteem of children. We need to teach them that they are strong, capable, and able to handle whatever this world may throw at them. I read a post the other day about a teenage mother who was called a slut by her own father. This type of parental neglect needs to STOP immediately. Parents are entrusted with their children. They must love them unconditionally. Your child must feel like they have their parents (or stepparents) to turn to for unconditional support and love no matter what situation they are facing. Many of our parents, especially single parents, are under too much pressure to pay bills and make ends meet to take the time to truly connect with their children on a deep, personal level. We don’t know what’s going on with our children until it’s too late to help them. We all need to pay more attention to the children. Slow down. Prioritize their needs first. They are only young for such a short time. Can’t we find it in our hearts to give them the focus and attention they need on a daily basis? We need to learn to accept and embrace our children who may be different from our own expectations or society’s expectations. Those of you who rushed to “watch” the video knowing that you would bear witness to the death of a 12 year old child, I hope what you saw will motivate you to take a stand against bullying, against rape, against incest, so that no other child EVER has to feel like death is the only way out. Don’t be afraid to get involved. To tell someone that a friend is in trouble or that a child in your class seems to be in trouble. To require a therapy patient to be committed if you feel its warranted to save their life. People are afraid to get involved today, afraid to speak up, afraid to not be liked or have someone get or be mad at them. For that reason, there apparently was no one that Katelyn felt she could turn to for help against the abuse she felt she faced. Upon investigation of Katelyn’s accusations against her stepfather–if they are found to be true and I imagine they will be, he should be tried with MURDER. Society failed you Katelyn. For that I’m truly sorry. I continue to hope that we will learn to do better in the future so that other children may be spared the hell that you went through. I for one intend to make more of an effort to be present in the life of my children and my grandchildren and do what I can to make sure I’m paying attention and that I recognize when they need me to take a stand. Rest in Peace in the arms of our loving Lord dear Katelyn for I know without a doubt that he welcomed you into his fold.

  • Jeff

    Not once by 12 year olds globally shown on live feed.

  • Holly Delaney
  • Holly Delaney

    In what world is it okay to post a suicide? I
    Understand being depressed and thinking it’s your only way out I’ve been there. But I never would think it’s okay to hurt the entire world with it. It’s not enough her parents are hurt but she brings everyone else in too. I’m not usually one to think suicide is selfish but this was a selfish act.

  • Brooke Wright

    Just terrible. I admit I didn’t want to watch it and agreed with it being removed. However, who’s to say what will reach other teens and people in general though? I was interested in psychology but didn’t always agree with system. I will say that teen suicide is rampant and anything that reaches out to others is worth posting. They are literally not equiped to deal with the increasing stress between brain development and hormones. They’re decision making is not a matured process that thinks about long term consequences. It’s all about where they’re at right now. They can’t wrap their brain around 10 years down the road. So difficult I can’t imagine. I would say leave it up to parents but let it be awareness for them also. I know I’m guilty of letting life get so busy that I neglect giving my deserving family my full attention. My kiddo is still very young but I know even with my knowledge of signs to look for, teens often spend time pushing people away, especially their parents. Sometimes it’s a daily battle to connect with them at that age and I do mean a real battle, verbal, mental and/or physical, but I encourage parents to never stop trying.

  • roxtoto

    >probably because of some slutty girls bullying her
    why dont you spend 5 minutes on google
    her stepdad abused her and told her to hang herself (katelyn’s online diary)
    her mother didnt let her extended family see her (a comment left by her aunt on bestgore), but let her stepdad visit them on Christmas (katelyn’s online diary)
    this is a typical single mother parenting tragedy
    if anyone is moved by this event, i encourage you to reach out around you to people in need of help.

  • Ashley Dalton

    For everyone that wants to debate if tbis is real or not This is real this girl lived in my community. Now for the family sake please do not give this any more attention. They deserve privacy with their grief. Instead of coldly debating if this is real have a heart and give the family thoughts and prayers.