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Loretto AlegriaAjo, Arizona –  Loretto Alegria, 19,  is just another broke ass Juggalo, or so he claims on his MySpace.  He’s also preoccupied with sex, claims to have a small penis, which I don’t doubt, and whines that he will never get sex.

Little Loretto, I’ll call him that in honor of his wee willy, also boasts that he’s been arrested three times.  He has no friends, not even Tom.  You know you’re a loser when even Tom won’t be your buddy.  This time the sex starved teen has really outdone himself, and  now finds himself behind bars in the brutal beating death of a 7-year-old girl who was friends with his younger brother.

Rhia Almeida was a happy child who was enjoying her summer.  She went to a friend’s house in search of a playmate.  She had gone there often, usually with her brothers.  This time she was alone.  Her friend wasn’t home, but his older brother Little Loretto was.

From Little Loretto’s Myspace profile:

About me:
i been to jail 3 times yiiiiippppyyyyy!

Black Diamond, WA —  Christopher Wise, 41, was a lazy son who didn’t have a job and lived with his mother.  That alone isn’t a crime, but allowing Ruby Wise, 88, to slowly starve to death is.  He lived downstairs while his mother was confined to the upstairs of their home.  Out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. Wise’s mother began to wail and moan in pain.  He bought himself a pair of earplugs.  Her cries of pain and anguish went on for hours, for days, neighbors were disturbed. …

Sarasota, Florida — Mark Dungan-Carpenter, 21, lived at Sandy’s Family Childcare, a private residential child care facility owned by his mother and operated by his grandmother.  Although he wasn’t an employee, he was occasionally paid to babysit the kids.  According to police, Dungan-Carpenter was doing a little more than babysitting.  He was arrested for sexually battering a 5-year-old boy at his home daycare. You can tell by Mark Dugan-Carpenter’s MySpace that he doesn’t have much of a life.   He states his occupation as X-Box 360.  His gamer tag is EoP Ryloth, and he hopes to be sponsored by a big named company someday.  Like that’s really going to happen now.…

Goleta, California –  Glenn Merrill, 59, needed a little help around his house, or so he said. He put an ad on Craigslist wanting to hire a caregiver who could help with household duties several times a week.  The ad never mentioned he was looking for a little more than just dusting and cleaning. When a woman showed up to interview, Merrill invited her inside his home.  While informing her that one of her duties would be helping him take a shower, he took off his clothes and began to masturbate.

Cheyenne Cherry Cooks Kitten Alive

June 9, 2009 at 6:59 am by  

Bronx, NY —  Cheyenne Cherry is a 17-year-old teen who readily admits that she hates cats.  Some people like cats, some don’t, but they usually won’t kill them in slow hideous ways, unless they are a serial killer in the making. Cherry was hating on her ex-roommate Valerie Hernandez and decided to get some revenge, a “prank” she is now calling it, for whatever reason. …

New Orleans, Louisiana –  Young mother, 17-year-old, Darrion Scott, was out on a nice Wednesday afternoon with her toddler when she decided to hop a bus.  After getting on board she was informed by the bus driver, Hanella Johnson to fold her baby’s stroller and keep it out of the aisle for safety reasons.  However, Scott thought the rules didn’t apply to her and flat out refused.  She plopped her ass in a seat and kept the stroller next to her in the aisle.…

Hell to the Bus Driver, Edward Comperchio

May 30, 2009 at 1:11 am by  

Mt. Arlington, NJ —  I’ll be the first to say that school bus drivers have a pretty crappy job.  Kudos for those who do the job and keep their sanity.  Lacking abundant patience with other people’s kids and a general annoyance of other drivers, I couldn’t drive a school bus.  I might possibly end up in jail for smacking some smart ass teen upside the head.  However, that isn’t what school bus driver Edward M. Comperchio was arrested for.  …

Lakewood, Ohio —  Sean O’Toole, 41,  an assistant Medina County public defender of indigent juveniles,  has found himself to be in need of defense after being snared in an FBI sex sting.  According the affidavit, over 200 images and videos were sent from his computer using the screen name, “Daddy4slut.”  That screen name is disgusting in itself and pretty much tells everyone what his interests are.  What agents found on this hambeast’s computer was far worse.…

Jonathan Blaney is a Hambeast Most Foul

May 27, 2009 at 1:31 am by  

NASHUA, NH –  A beast most foul, Jonathan Blaney, 22, has admitted to raping a young relative three times, starting when the young boy was just 5-years-old.  Until now, at age ten, the boy kept his painful secret. …

Patricia Ingalls is the Drunken Clown

May 26, 2009 at 1:15 am by  

Wheeling, West Virginia –  I never have liked clowns. I always found them to be creepy. They wait for you to go to sleep at night, then eat you. I don’t have much use for drunks either, especially behind the wheel. You might call Patricia Ingalls the drunken hit and run clown.…

Eddie McIntosh III Gave Wanda Francois A Ride

August 26, 2008 at 7:07 am by  

Wanda Francois (Myspace) and Eddie McIntosh III

Winter Haven, Florida – Eddie McIntosh III, 26, is no stranger to getting in trouble.  He has a criminal history that goes back to 2001. He served more than a year in jail in 2002, than another year in 2005, for B&T and assorted crimes. He lived with his girlfriend Wanda Francois, 24. On Saturday, they got into an argument that ended in her death. …

Daniel A. Sanders Takes His Mom For A Ride

August 16, 2008 at 5:19 pm by  

Columbia, MO It’s never a good idea to break traffic laws when you are transporting a dead body in the trunk of your car, but that’s just what 19-year-old Daniel Sanders did. He wasn’t hauling just any old body either, it was his mother, and people were calling cops to report his bad driving. Hell, it was night and he didn’t even have his headlights on. No wonder he was weaving all over the roads. When pulled over by police, Sanders admitted to running a stop light and produced his intermediate driver’s permit. When asked where his mother was, he stated she was back at home with his 16-year-old brother. Officers arrested Sanders for not having a licensed adult motorist riding with him. I guess mom in the trunk didn’t count. By then, Sanders had invoked his right to STFU and was hoping that they wouldn’t pop open the trunk. During inventory, prior to towing the vehicle, the body of 53-year-old Helen Sanders was found.…

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