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Boyle Heights, CA — A 15-year-old boy is being held on burglary charges after a bizarre incident at the Centro De Allegria Preschool earlier this month.

According to police, video surveillance captured the teen entering the preschool on Sunday, March 6. Once inside the building, the boy apparently ransacked a few offices, stealing items such as pocket change and keys. And then it got weird…

Police say that at one point, the teen removed his clothing and began “engaging in strange behavior of a sexual nature.” As is apparent in the attached video, the mostly nekkid teen appears to be fingerbanging his ass while walking around in circles in the entryway of the building. And, if I’m not mistaken, he takes of whiff of the offending finger(s) at about 0:19. Nice.

Authorities released the video to the local news media and the boy was arrested after an alert viewer was able to positively identify him. Police suspect the boy was involved in a similar incident at the same school back in November.…

Goldsboro, NC — Police say Bobby Ray Grady got all kinds of rapey Monday morning when a good Samaritan offered to assist him after his car supposedly broke down.

The 29-year-old victim told police she was driving home from work at about 2:30 that morning when she spotted Grady’s car sitting in the middle of the road with it’s flashers on. She helped him push the vehicle over to the shoulder and offered him a ride.

Once Grady was inside the woman’s vehicle, he reportedly pulled out a knife and held it to her throat while directing her to drive down a rural road. He then allegedly raped the woman, threatening to come back and hurt her if she reported the assault.

“The victim was able to remain calm and memorize enough details that she could describe her attacker with such detail that investigators, with the assistance of patrol officers, were able to quickly develop a suspect,” said Sgt. Keith Hartzog.

36-year-old Grady was promptly arrested and charged with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping.…

Jacksonville, FL — In November of last year, the Department of Children and Families received an anonymous tip that a Jacksonville family was allowing a registered sex offender to live in their home – a home that included three young children. DCF launched an investigation and made contact with the family, who reportedly told them that said pervert, Robert Goeing Young, was sleeping on their couch, and no, there was no kiddy diddlin’ going on in the home.

Fully aware of Young’s conviction, the child’s parents apparently took no issue with allowing him to stay in the home. “The parents said that he was a friend of the family,” DCF spokesperson John Harrell said.  “We continued our investigation.  We spoke with the children individually.  They said that nothing inappropriate had taken place in the home.”

DCF then came up with a brilliant safety plan – Young was to have no unsupervised contact with any of the children at any time – a plan that both the parents and Young agreed to and signed.…

Oklahoma City, OK — Rayquina Poole was recently arrested on suspicion of child endangerment after police say she mixed her 2-month-old son’s formula with gin.

Paramedics were called to Poole’s home on March 10 on a report of a child who had ingested alcohol. During questioning, Poole reportedly told police she woke at 5:00 that morning to prepare her son’s bottle. After feeding the child, Poole went back to sleep. When she awoke at 10:00 a.m., she noticed that the baby bottle smelled of alcohol, and she realized she must have accidentally mixed the formula with gin instead of water. Ooopsie! Poole told police she generally mixes her child’s formula with bottled water and claimed the gin was in the same type of bottle.

According to the arrest report, one officer claimed he could smell the booze on the kid from outside the back doors of the ambulance. Officers also detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from Poole when she was placed in the patrol car. She reportedly told police that if given a drug test, she would test positive for marijuana.…

Albany, NY — Police say 44-year-old Philemon Chavis brutally beat his wife and doused her in bleach before forcing her to call her family and tell them she’d been kidnapped and would be killed if they didn’t pay up.

Early Sunday morning, police allege Chavis grabbed his wife by the hair and repeatedly slammed her head into a concrete wall at their home. He then poured bleach on the woman and continued with the brutal assault, repeatedly punching her in the head and body.

Chavis reportedly forced his wife to call her family and say she had been kidnapped – demanding $100,000 in ransom or she would be killed. After the phone call was made, police say Chavis choked the woman into unconsciousness, dragged her out to his car and tied her up with a seat belt.

The woman’s family was immediately on the phone with police. When officers showed up at the couple’s home, Chavis beat feet down the street – he was caught a few blocks away and was found to have a stun gun in his possession.…

Indianapolis, IN — Adam Yarbrough was arrested on charges of bribery and disorderly conduct after he reportedly tried to bribe a female officer with money and sex in order to get out of a traffic ticket.

Officer Christin Rudell spotted Yarbrough swerving through traffic at speeds of up to 40 miles-per-hour on his moped Sunday evening and pulled him over. Rudell determined that Yarbrough’s license had been suspended and wrote him a citation for operating a moped on an interstate, going more than 25 miles-per-hour on a moped and driving under suspension.

Police say Yarbrough first tried to escape punishment by offering the officer $5.00 to just forget about the whole thing. When the monetary offer failed, he ramped up his game a bit.

“How about I give you a kiss, and well, I haven’t had sex in a while, so how about we do that, and then we can just forget the ticket and you just let me go?” Yarbrough was quoted in a police report as saying. Apparently unimpressed, Officer Rudell placed Yarbrough under arrest for bribery.…

Brooklyn, NY — 16-year-old Zhanna Smsarian was arrested Wednesday after admitting to pouring diluted hydrochloric acid on a classmate’s head in hopes of blinding her.

“During [the class before chemistry, Smsarian] was staring at me and giving me an evil grin,” 15-tear-old Albina Eshimbaeva said. “That made me uncomfortable – somehow I knew something was gonna happen.” And something did….

Police say Smsarian approached Eshimbaeva from behind Wednesday morning and poured a beaker of diluted hydrochloric acid over the girl’s head.

“She was standing behind me – I felt it,” Eshimbaeva said. “I felt something was coming. All of a sudden I feel liquid flowing down my forehead. I thought it was water, until I turned and saw the beaker in her hand that had the acid label. Then my skin started burning.”

A quick thinking teacher flushed the girl’s eyes with water and she was immediately transported to the Staten Island Hospital burn center. Doctors say Eshimbaeva would surely have been blinded if the acid had not been weakened when diluted.…

Solsberry, IN — Joseph Cunningham, 33, was arrested on multiple charges after allegedly assaulting his mother-in-law because she complained about his malodorous burp.

According to police, Cunningham was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his 55-year-old mother-in-law last Tuesday when he “spat out a sour belch” that reportedly had a foul odor.

When mom-in-law complained, Cunningham got all kinds of offended and claimed he couldn’t help it. An argument ensued…

Cunningham eventually demanded to be let out of the car, and when mom-in-law didn’t pull the damn thing over quick enough, she said her son-in-law reached forward from the back seat and wrapped his hands around her neck. She told police she couldn’t breathe.

Once she managed to free herself and pull over, she said Cunningham exited the vehicle, opened up the driver’s door, grabbed her and punched her in the face and chest. She said he uttered the words, “I’ll kill you, f—— bitch,” before running off.

Cunningham turned himself in Tuesday evening and was booked on charges of battery, intimidation and strangulation.…

Jacksonville, FL — Barran Prakash is being held on assault charges for allegedly holding two co-workers at knife-point after they refused to change the channel to American Idol.

Police say the trio was staying at a Days Inn Tuesday evening when the proverbial crap hit the fan.

Prakash apparently flipped out after asking his roomies to flip the channel over to Idol and they refused. A verbal argument broke out, followed by Prakash threatening to get all stabby, holding a butcher’s knife to one roomies throat. Fortunately, roomie #2 was able to wrestle the knife out of Prakash’s hand and no one was seriously injured.

Prakash, 47, was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

In other news, American Idol wasn’t even on Tuesday night. Dumbass.…

Police: Home Intruder Calls 911 On Himself

March 8, 2011 at 9:29 am by  

Portland, OR — Ahhh, nothing like a hot cup of coffee and an inept criminal to start my day off with a smile. And as luck would have it, I have both.

At about 7:00 Sunday evening, a person who claimed to have broken into a house called 911 dispatchers and said he needed assistance – seems the homeowner had unexpectedly returned and he was concerned the man might have a gun.

At about the same time, dispatchers received a call from said homeowner. He told police that he arrived home to find a strange man soapin’ up in his shower. The homeowner, accompanied by his two German shepherds, asked the stranger what he was doing in the house. The stranger, later identified as 24-year-old Timothy Chapek, then locked the bathroom door and called 911.

Chapek was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of criminal trespass. Whether the homeowner actually had a gun is unknown.…

Albuquerque, NM — Albuquerque police have one person in custody and are searching for two additional suspects in connection with the kidnapping and beating of a woman who ended up getting her pinky finger snipped off over an $80 debt.

The victim, Samantha Hernandez, told police she had been at the Sandia Casino on Friday and needed a ride. She called a couple of friends known only as Mike and Joe, who took her to an apartment complex in southeast Albuquerque. At the apartment, Hernandez told police she saw 41-year-old Kari Pacheco and another man she wasn’t familiar with.

What actually transpired inside the apartment is unclear, but at some point, Hernandez was reportedly thrown into a trunk and taken on a 2-hour drive to a mountainous area. Once there, she was ordered out of the trunk and was forced to undress. The strange man she had seen at the apartment then questioned and beat her, claiming he had a contract on her for $80. Hernandez told police the man stepped on her chest, grabbed her right arm and snipped off her pinky finger with a pair of shears.…

Clayton, MO — Daniel Hughes, 42, was arrested Sunday after police say he drunkenly entered the wrong room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and molested a 9-year-old girl.

Hughes, who was said to be highly intoxicated, showed up at the hotel at about 4:00 that morning and claimed he was staying with a registered guest but had lost his key. Police say he inadvertently gave the hotel clerk the number of the room he had stayed in at another hotel the night before. The clerk provided a duplicate without even checking to make sure it was to the right room. It wasn’t.

Though the security chain was in place, Hughes forced his way into the room – a room occupied by the 9-year-old girl and two 14-year-old girls. Police say he crawled into bed with the 9-year-old and molested her as the other two girls slept. The child eventually alerted her parents in the next room, and they chased Hughes out of the room.

Clayton Police Chief Tom Byrne said, “The guy was intoxicated and he thought it was a female friend of his roommate and that everything would be ok. …

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