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Belleville, IL — Jennifer Wilson, 35, was arrested Friday evening after police found her engaged in a sex act with her daughter’s 15-year-old friend.

It all started when a police officer happened across a couple of drunk teenagers….

The officer had detained the two teens for underage drinking, and when asked where their parents were, one of the juveniles pointed to a car parked nearby and told the officer he would find her mother in there.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he found Wilson and the teen “engaged in a sexual encounter.”

Wilson was booked on a single count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and was ordered held on $75,000 bail.

Police say Wilson was charged earlier this year with misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a child and possessing drug paraphernalia. That case still is pending.…

Police: Man Brings Baby To Bar, Starts Two Fights

September 29, 2011 at 6:09 am by  

Tampa, FL — Kristopher Mills is facing numerous charges after police say he entered a bar with his 9-month-old child and proceeded to start two separate fights.

According to police, Mills entered Shenaniganz Bar with the child Sunday evening, approached a male patron and pulled his hair. Wait…what? Baby or no baby, that’s a real pussy move. I guess he must have left his purse in the car…

Anyway, the hair tuggin’ led to some sort of fight, which I imagine was nothing more than a couple of bitch slaps and a few girlish screams.

When the first fight (?) concluded, Mills reportedly handed the child to a friend in the bar and confronted a second man, striking him with his fists. No word on whether anyone lost any hair or suffered any broken nails during that confrontation.

At some point during all this rumblin’, Mills managed to toss back about six beers. Fortunately, the police arrived before Mills could take off with the infant in his car.

The little spitfire wasn’t quite done – when the arresting officer placed him under arrest, Mills reportedly struck him.…

Orland Park, IL — An 83-year-old woman was allegedly attacked Friday evening after the homeless man she attempted to help turned on her.

According to police, the woman bumped into 34-year-old Dennis Dodson in a field behind a Home Depot while taking a shortcut home from the bank last Thursday. Police say she gave the man $5 and some food, returning later with a little more cash and a promise to help find him a place to stay. Later that evening, she called the Salvation Army and her church to arrange housing for Dodson. They, in turn, suggested the woman call police to do a well-being check on the man.

She returned to the field the next morning to find Dodson lying on the ground and surrounded by beer cans. When the woman told Dodson she had spoken with police and firemen about local homeless shelters, he attacked.

Police say an agitated Dodson grabbed the woman by the shoulders and began kissing her, trying to force his tongue in her mouth.…

Fullerton, CA — We first featured 19-year-old Javier Enrique Perez back in May after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy with a toy light saber. Perez, who was 16 at the time of the assault but tried as an adult, was found guilty on one felony count of sexual penetration by foreign object by force, one felony count of aggravated sexual assault of a child, and two felony counts of forcible lewd acts on a child. He was looking at 30 to life – that’s exactly what he got.

For the memory and click impaired…

The assault took place on July 22, 2008, shortly after the child’s mother left him with a babysitter so she could work. Perez, a friend of the sitter, was at the home along with several other children.

Police say Perez bent the victim over a table in the kitchen and forced another child in the home, an 8-year-old boy, to anally penetrate him with his hand. Then, as the boy struggled and screamed in pain, Perez raped him with the plastic light saber.…

Louisville, KY — Police have arrested 79-year-old James Handy after they say he attacked his neighbor with a cup of coffee for “staring at him.”

Handy apparently approached said neighbor’s car as he was pulling out of his driveway last week, and splashed coffee on the man through an open window. When the victim exited the vehicle and asked Handy what was up, police say Handy busted him upside the head with his coffee cup and proceeded to cut the man’s left arm with the mug’s broken handle.

When police asked Handy why he attacked the man, he reportedly told them that, “he owed it to him” and that the victim “was staring at him.” And, by golly, he’d do it again if he caught that neighbor eyein’ him just one more time.

Handy has been booked on charges of second-degree assault.

I feel ya, Mr. Handy, I really do….I get to feeling all homicidal just knowing that my neighbors are breathing. But to waste a perfectly good cup of coffee?…

East Naples, FL — Ian Stuart Wood, 50, was taken into custody over the weekend after police say he attacked his wife during a rather heated game of Yahtzee. And you know what? I can’t believe I just used the words “heated” and “Yahtzee” in the same damn sentence.

According to police, Wood and the wife were playing the popular (?) dice game Saturday evening when an argument broke out. The wife, hoping to cool off a bit, attempted to leave the residence. At that point, police say, Wood pushed her to the floor.

Once he had her down, Wood reportedly pushed his knee into her back and placed his hand over her mouth, ordering her to cease and desist with the screaming. The woman told police Wood then rolled her over and started getting all chokey…chokey to the point she couldn’t breathe.

The woman somehow manged to escape to a neighbor’s home to call police.

When police arrived on scene, they found several broken dishes and an extremely belligerent and argumentative Wood.…

Mother Accused Of Stabbing Sleeping Daughter

September 23, 2011 at 2:09 am by  

Conroe, TX — A 13-year-old girl was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds early Thursday morning after her mother reportedly got all kinds of stabby in the middle of the night.

According to police, Dequita Hoefling entered her daughter’s room at about 1:00 that morning and proceeded to stab her several times in the neck and back as she slept. Deputies said the girl was able to run to a bedroom to wake up her father for help. He then rushed her to the hospital.

“You can only imagine what was going through the mind of this father as he’s carrying his 13-year-old daughter into an emergency room with multiple stab wounds,” said Lt. Dan Norris.

After questioning dad at the hospital, officers were dispatched to the home where they arrested Hoefling without incident. So far, the motive behind the alleged attack is unknown.

Hoefling, 40, is behind bars on a $500,000 bond, charged with aggravated assault. The teen is listed in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

Woman Arrested in Daughter’s Stabbing: MyFoxHOUSTON.com…

Holiday, FL — Police say a 10-year-old boy intervened in a fight between his mom and her boyfriend Sunday by grabbing a shovel and knocking the boyfriend upside the head with it.

The kid apparently watched as 46-year-old Dennis Sullivan pushed his mother around, hitting and head-butting her, eventually knocking her on her ass. As the kid was helping his mother off the floor, she told him beat feet out of the house and away from Sullivan.

The kid headed out to the garage to grab his bike, but as he was leaving, he could hear Sullivan hitting his mother, so he grabbed a shovel instead.

Sullivan reportedly stormed out of the house, screaming and cussing at the child. The douche even made fun of the kid’s dad, who had just recently passed away. The big, dumb bully then charged at the kid, and the kid swung. After making contact with Sullivan’s face, the boy dropped the shovel and ran to his grandfather’s house across the street. He later told police he just wanted to scare Sullivan so he’d stop hitting his mother.…

San Leandro, CA — A man previously investigated for abusing his young son was arrested Friday after police say he immersed the boy’s hand in boiling water.

Police say that during a scheduled monthly visit with his 2-year-old son Thursday, Dante Roberson, for some insane reason, held the child’s hand in boiling water for what is believed to be about five seconds.

Needless to say, the child lost some skin and has already undergone two reconstructive plastic surgeries to repair the damage to his hand.

“He [Roberson] said that the child put his hand in the hot water,” said San Leandro police Sgt. Mike Sobek. “But as the doctor noted, if you touch hot water, you pull your hand back pretty quickly.”

Back in 2009, the child’s mother accused Roberson of abusing the same child, who was about 9 months old at the time, but there was not enough evidence to charge him. And though she has custody of the toddler, she was not present at the home when the most recent incident occurred.…

Houston, TX — Debra Flowers Haggerty, 55, is behind bars on a $30,000 bond after police say she sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy.

Not a lot of details at this point, thank gawd, but the child reportedly told police he was assaulted Saturday inside the home of someone he’s known for years.

“She had unzipped my pants,” the boy said. “I was telling her to move, move,” he said. “I feel like she shouldn’t do that to no child. I feel like she shouldn’t do that to me or others.”

Haggerty was arrested and is now charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. According to authorities, Haggerty is HIV positive. The charge accuses her of using a “deadly weapon,” her saliva, against the boy during that alleged sex act.

Though he was checked out and given a clean bill of health, the poor kiddo is still terrified that he could have contracted the disease.

“I feel assaulted and depressed,” he said.

As of Monday, Haggerty was still behind bars.…

Plant City, FL — A Florida caretaker was arrested last week after allegedly forcing a mentally disabled man to stand barefoot on fire ant hills as punishment for stealing money.

Quentin Amos, 21, a caretaker at a Plant City group home, was arrested in connection with the incident and another caretaker remains under investigation.

According to police, another caretaker at the home, Martine Florexil, reported the theft of $390 in cash and three checks back on September 8. Amos had reason to believe a 21-year-old resident of the home had something to do with the theft, so he decided to dish up some punishment.

On Sunday, September 11, Amos and another caretaker forced the victim to remove his socks and shoes and stand on the ant bed for an undisclosed amount of time. After being bitten multiple times, the victim was then forced to place his hands atop the bed. The man later told police Amos threatened to hit him if he stepped off. A second resident of the group home told deputies he was punished in the same manner.…

Belleview, FL — Linda Vaughn is facing multiple charges after a friend complained to police that Vaughn held her against her will last week, attempted to light her hair on fire, and, among other things, make her lick a wound on her arm. No, really, I’m not kidding.

According to the 34-year-old victim, the hilarity began shortly after she arrived at Vaughn’s residence Wednesday morning. The victim told police Vaughn put the moves on her, and when she turned her down, Vaughn jacked her cash, ID cards, debit cards and other related documents.

The alleged victim then went on to say that Vaughn threatened her with a stick and refused to let her leave the residence. In addition, Vaughn reportedly burned the woman’s right wrist with a cigarette, cut her wrist with a butter knife and attempted to light her hair on fire. The victim also accused Vaughn of punching, kicking and stepping on her.

While all this was going on, Vaughn reportedly continued to make sexual advances. The victim told police that she continued to deny Vaughn, and because she wouldn’t play along, Vaughn forced her to lick a wound on her arm, claiming afterwards that she had AIDS.…

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