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Montgomery County, LA – Police in Louisiana have arrested 49-year-old Duane Parker after he allegedly sent sexual messages to more than a dozen preteens on Facebook, including a video of him masturbating while saying what he would like to do to a seventh-grade girl.

Parker got busted after an investigation into his online activities that started when the mother of one of the girls he contacted authorities after seeing messages from an unfamiliar name on her daughter’s Facebook page. The girl told her mother that she only accepted his friend request due to how many mutual friends that had in common.

His modus operandi seemed to be friending a young girl on Facebook, along with any of her friends, then begin innocently messaging them before bringing out the big guns. “He’ll chat with them for a while but then after befriending them he’ll start sending pornographic videos to them, whether it was video or still images,” said Captain Mark Seals.

By time investigators got involved, Parker had deleted his Facebook account and created a new one. …

Kirk, CO – Tyler Withrow, 30, has been arrested for murdering his mother and grandmother. He appeared in court Wednesday where he was charged with first degree murder with premeditation. Withrow was being monitored for mental health issues at an Aurora hospital just two weeks before the murders.

Aurora police officer Frank Fania says Withrow was put on the mental health hold after he allegedly broke car windows and a neighbors window on July 27. Police say that found him naked in a neighbor’s garage and used a stun gun to subdue him. Withrow was briefly hospitalized for minor injuries and for his disturbed mental state before being released. Police were never notified of Withrow’s release because it’s against federal law for the hospital to have done so.

A 911 hang-up call at 10:35 a.m. on Tuesday led sheriff’s deputies to the residence where the bodies of Withrow’s mother and grandmother, Dianna and Elva Doddridge, were discovered. Deputies say they also found Withrow at the scene and arrested him without incident.…

Ravenna Township, OH – A grand jury indicted an 18-year-old on two counts of rape yesterday after he was accused of raping his girlfriend’s 15-month-old daughter.

Earlier this month, 18-year-old Logan Andrew West was accused of raping his girlfriend’s 15-month-old baby, causing her serious internal injuries, and was charged with two felony counts of rape of a child under the age ten.

On August 4, EMS were called to a home in regards to an injured 15-month-old. Because of the severity of the injuries, the infant was transported to the hospital where it was determined the injuries were the result of a sexual assault. She was treated and released to her mother on August 6.

The following investigation revealed that West was one of several people at the home at the time of the assault. After cooperating with investigators, he was arrested and charged with raping the infant.

During his first arraignment West appeared before the judge, via video, wearing protective garb worn by inmates who are at risk of harming themselves.…

Houston, TX — Back in May, 23-year-old Matthew Carrillo and 21-year-old Melanie Garcia were both charged with injury to a child after Garcia’s 4-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital in critical condition, suffering from a head injury, bruises all over her body (including her genitals) and a burn on her thigh.

Garcia initially told 911 that her daughter, Kayla, had fallen out of her wagon and hit her head. It wasn’t until after the couple were charged and the little girl died that Garcia changed her story.

She says that her boyfriend was angry at Kayla because of a slow walk home from a Subway where a meatball had fallen of the girl’s sandwich. Once back at the home, Garcia says that Carrillo disciplined the girl by making her pull down her pants and instructing her to brace herself against a couch. When Kayla fell to the floor from Carrillo striking her with a belt, he allegedly picked Kayla up by one arm and beat her with the belt as she dangled in front of him.…

Denver, CO — A 30-year-old Yale-educated researcher hung himself in his cell after being arrested in March for soliciting sex with children.

An undercover agent targeted Yaron Segal due to his frequent appearance in chat rooms featuring terms like “childslavesex” and “ChildRapeTortureBrutality.” According to an arrest affidavit, investigators traced his handle “ruthlessmale” to New Haven, Connecticut, then to Cambridge, and then to Segal.

The undercover agent then engaged Segal, posed as a mother with two young girls, ages 12 and 16-years-old. Segal divulged his eagerness to have sex with the mother and children and was even willing to travel all the way to Colorado to meet them.

Segal became more and more outspoken, making phone calls and sending the “mother” links to online sex toy businesses. He expressed his craving to use a dildo on the twelve year old and sent emails with photos of vibrators he had purchased with the caption, “Those are some big c*cks.”

Segal,  a postdoctoral assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, would never get to use any of those items on the children as on March 28, after flying to Grand Junction to meet the woman, he was taken into custody by Homeland Security at the Grand Junction airport.…

Houston, TX — Three men have been convicted of hate crimes by a Houston federal jury after they beat a random black man at a downtown bus stop last year. A fourth man,  49-year-old Joseph Staggs, saw his case dismissed in return for testifying against the others.

Charles Cannon, 26, Michael McLaughlin, 40, and Brian Kerstetter, 32 are the first people in Houston to be convicted under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, an act of Congress passed in 2009 that expanded existing United States federal hate crime laws.

The men beat Yondell Johnson as he stood waiting for a bus after spending the day with his daughter. One of the men asked Jackson for the time before a racial slur was used and they began beating him. After he was pulled to the ground, he was repeatedly kicked in the face and had his head stomped. When the men were arrested, McLaughlin and Cannon were heard yelling racial slurs at black officers.…

Lakeland, FL – A man in Florida allegedly stole a dead woman’s ashes and told the dead woman’s mother that he was going to snort the remains.

Joseph Pointer, 51,  briefly lived with Angela Speakman this month. Speakman believed he stole the remains of her sister after he moved out of the residence. Speakman’s sister died in a car accident in 2008 and she shared her sister’s remains with their parents.

Speakman’s mother says that Pointer drove by her home one day last week shouting, “I’ve got your dead daughter’s ashes and I’m going to snort them.”

Pointer may not have gotten around to snorting the deceased woman’s ashes but he was eventually arrested and charged with grand theft. He remains behind bars on $1, 000 bail.

Not surprisingly, this wouldn’t be the first story we have reported on here involving someone in Florida snorting someone’s remains. Last year, a teenager broke into a home and snorted the remains of the owner’s deceased father AND two Great Danes thinking the ashes were cocaine.…

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Rayshawn Laster pleaded guilty to fatally shooting his mother in the head last December, admitted doing so in a text to a neighbor and then provided updates on Facebook while on the run from police.

On December 30, police received a call from 49-year-old Brenda Laster-Taylor in regards to an argument she was having with her 26-year-old son, a known gang member. Laster had already fled the premises by time the officers arrived, but returned around 7:30 p.m. and shot his mother in the head while she talked on her cell phone.

He immediately admitted to shooting his mother in a text message to a neighbor that read, “i killed brenda.” After failing to carjack a man outside of a bar,  he posted as series of status updates on Facebook using a cell phone.

“To all my solids n my real friends. Forever hustlin. Even after death. Solid 4 life,” one read. At around 9 p.m. an update stated, “I’m sorry for nothing. My journey has come to an end.”

At  10:20 p.m.…

Covington, LA — This happened last month, but it is local to me and as a mother of one child with another on the way, I had to get this guy on the front page.

The FBI say that over an eight year period, 66-year-old Charles Edward “Chuck” Reese, the CFO for Champagne Beverage, paid two women $750, 000 for sexually explicit videos of themselves along with their children, relatives, and even their pets.

The investigation into Charles Reese’s activities began when Photobucket.com alerted authorities to inappropriate media that had been uploaded by a user. One video showed a woman engaged in a sex act with a boy around 2-years-old. One subpoena later, and the FBI were able to identify the woman as a 28-year-old living in Vidor, Texas. The boy in the video was her own son.

The woman also happened to be dead, having passed away in a hospital for reasons that have not been disclosed. Investigators were able to retrieve the woman’s cell phone regardless, and found that it contained even more sexually explicit videos involving other children.…

Gainesville, FL – Shenay Jackson, 19, is accused of pouring bleach into her ex-boyfriend’s lap while he was driving.

The pair were arguing in the car when Jackson first pushed him in the face before using the bleach to change the race of his penis. The bleach soaked through the unidentified man’s clothes, causing a burning sensation to his naughty bits that resulted in him pulling over to remove his clothing.

Jackson admitted to police that she got into an argument with her ex, but only picked up the bottle and shook it, causing some of it to splash on him. She never intended to get any on him.

However, the police report states there were puddles of bleach inside the car, far more than would be present had it came from merely shaking the bottle, and the man’s clothing were soaked and displayed severe discoloration.

Jackson was charged with simple battery, a first-degree misdemeanor, and was being held at the Alachua County Jail. I can’t help but think the charges would have been more severe had this been a man using bleach to make it rain on his girlfriend’s vagina.…

Houston, TX – Houston police say Phillip Don Oliver, 25, has been arrested and charged after forcing his way into an apartment and forcing the people inside to commit sex acts on each other.

Oliver, also known as, “Showtime” and “Wild Thing,” thought the man who lived at the apartment owed $200, 000 to another man named Rico and he was there to collect the debt.

According to the court documents, Oliver and an accomplice forced their way inside the home by threatening the victim with a gun.  After denying knowledge of a debt to a man known as “Rico,” Oliver gathered the man’s wife, mother-in-law, and an infant into the bathroom then forced the adults to undress.

Oliver made the man kneel down and stick his head into the toilet while he flushed it repeatedly. He then inserted the barrel of his firearm into the man’s rectum while he was kneeling on the floor, before removing the barrel and sticking it into the mouth of the man’s wife — joking and laughing the entire time.…

CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands — A Virgin Islands mother may face criminal charges after she was caught driving with her newborn baby zipped in her purse.

The woman was pulled over for a cracked windshield on Tuesday. While asking for her driver’s license, the police officer heard a baby crying but couldn’t see a baby or car seat in the vehicle.

When the woman was asked for the infant’s location, she unzipped a purse sitting in the passenger and revealed a newborn. She told the police that she gave birth to the baby girl at home a week ago and claimed she was on the way to the hospital when she was pulled over.

EMTs arrived on the scene and transported the baby girl to the hospital for evaluation. There’s been no reports on her condition. The mother was transported to the hospital as well, where other officers brought her a car seat to use.

The woman has not been charged with anything at this time, but the Department of Human Services is investigating and criminal charges may be filed against her once they are done. …

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