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Andrew L. BarnettSalem, OR – Andrew Barnett, 32, received an extra five years in prison for a string of evil shenanigans he’s perpetrated from behind bars.

U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez, who sent Barnett back to the Oregon State Penitentiary with the extra time, feels Barnett  “…has significant personality issues that remain unresolved.” Assistant U.S. Attorney John N. Parmley, a prosecutor called in from San Diego after the previous prosecutor fell victim to Barnett’s mischief, said of Barnett “The longer he stays in a controlled environment, the safer society will be.”

So what kind of douche-devilry draws such dire damnation? What manner of malevolence manifests such maligning? Threatening letters, anthrax hoaxes and poop… not necessarily in that order. Oh, and there’s even a torrid love affair with a not-really-hot-white-supremacist-spree-killer in there for you women folk.

Barnett’s streak starts back in 2008. Barnett, already in jail, mailed threatening letters to Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon and three of his deputies. In August 2011, Barnett was moved to Portland’s Justice Center Jail, where he allegedly hurled a mixture of urine and feces at the face of Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputy Brett S.…

Andrea RebelloLong Island, NY– A 21-year-old Hofstra University junior was killed early Friday morning when she was accidentally struck by a bullet fired by a police officer.

The incident happened in an off-campus house rented by Andrea Rebello, her twin sister and two other students. Sometime around 2am, Rebello’s boyfriend went outside to move a car, reportedly to avoid a parking ticket. It was during this time that 30-year-old Dalton Smith, dressed in black and wearing a ski mask, entered the house. Smith, a parolee with an extensive rap sheet that includes attempted robbery, weapons possession, assault and being an all-around charming fella, was armed.

He ordered Rebello, her twin sister Jessica and a third woman onto a couch. He did the same to Rebello’s boyfriend when he returned and demanded valuables from the four. I’m going to go out on a limb at this point and say Dalton likely never went to college: he was unsatisfied with what the four produced. I don’t know how much you could expect to fleece a few college students for, but I wouldn’t have expected more than a few beers and some dental dams.…

Gary GrayWest Haven, CT – Gary Gray, whose eyes are currently raping your soul, is being charged with the double-whammy of first degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a child.

The 42-year-old has been under investigation since September of 2012, after the alleged victim, a 10-year-old girl, confided in her mother that she ‘thought’ she had sex with Gray, who was living with the family. I thought I was having sex with a fat chick once, turned out I was penetrating a Reuben sandwich that got lost in a fold on its way from the table to her maw.

Forensic examinations and medical evaluations revealed the girl had injuries consistent with sexual assault, police said. When interviewed by police, Gray reportedly told them, “Last time I admitted it, this time I’m not admitting it.”

The “last time” to which Gray was referring was a previous arrest for sexual assault and risk of injury to a child. He’s nothing if not consistent. Gray is also and currently the subject of a New Haven investigation involving another possible sexual assault.…

Jason Anthony Bulmer and Morgan Lane ArnoldEllicott City, MD – A 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old boyfriend are facing charges of conspiracy and murder after the boyfriend allegedly stabbed the girl’s father to death, planning to run away together afterward.

Police arrested the couple after a 911 call from an occupant in the home where 58-year-old Dennis Lane was found stabbed to death. Police would find the man’s daughter, Morgan Arnold, and her boyfriend, Jason Bulmer, sitting in an upstairs bedroom. Bulmer reportedly had blood on his hands and clothes.

Police believe the murder was discussed for almost two months prior to its execution. At 4am on Friday, Arnold allegedly opened a back door for Bulmer and urged him to stab Lane before running away together. Police have not commented on a possible motive for the killing.

Lane, a well-known member of the community, was a real estate blogger and businessman. A friend of Lane’s, Baltimore City Councilman James Kraft, stated, “He loved that girl. He just loved that girl. … Everything I know about Morgan  and Dennis is that they had a great relationship.…

Barry Alan Swegle.Seattle, WA – A possible dispute over property lines between neighbors turned dangerous and somewhat hysterical when a 51 year-old Barry Alan Swegle hopped in a bulldozer and started smashing into houses.

Swegle is reported to have a lengthy criminal history which includes public indecency, stalking and burglary. He is also known by his neighbors as the guy who digs random holes with his bulldozer late at night. It would seem it was simply a matter of time before Barry was featured here at the Dreamin’ Demon for something.

One of his neighbors, Barbara Porter, claims she knew this was coming. She states “We all said one of these days Barry is going to take that dang cat and he’s  going to start tearing up people’s property and that’s what he did.” Well then. The rampage started sometime around noon on Friday, when Barry decided to play Blastcorps in real life. I hope Joe Lieberman doesn’t hear about this one.

Barry fired up an  International Harvester TD-25 and took out his grumpies on his neighbors’ property.…

Eugene MarshallINDIANAPOLIS, IN –  A 31 year-old Indianapolis man is facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years after freely admitting to police during a polygraph test that he was scopin’ some illegal porn.

The polygraph test, part of Eugene Marshall’s probation from previous perpetrations involving pedo-porn, took place on April 21. Marshall had spent a woefully inadequate 128 days in the can for his first convictions in 2011, and was subsequently place on probation for 915 days. If I ever decide to become a criminal, I’ll be moving to Indiana.

Marshall got an A+ on the test, passing without telling a single lie. Unfortunately for him, most of his answers were admissions of probation violations, including accessing the internet, viewing child pornography and being alone with children at a recent birthday party for a relative, though it was noted that no physical contact is believed to have occurred. Marshall also admitted to owning three small (or ‘fun size’) love dolls, which makes me just a little Knauseous.

Instead of a gold star, Marshall got a visit from police at his home, where he surrendered a Playstation console, a laptop and several storage devices.…

Woman Upset About 2012 Stabs Mother In Face

December 23, 2011 at 11:41 am by  

King County, WA — 43 year-old Sabelita L. Hawkins has been charged with first-degree assault after a History Channel special about the Mayan prophecy, heralding the end of days, sent her careening away from sanity.

Hawkins, upon learning of the bad news, allegedly made statements about killing herself. “Get me a gun… I’m ready to die…” No one did, and Hawkins continued acting with the mental stability of a bowl of Cookie Crisp. When she began squeezing a 2 year-old child, people intervened. Her mother was awoken during the commotion and she attempted to restrain her.

It was during this physical struggle that Hawkins reportedly grabbed an 8-inch bread knife and stuck it in mommy a few times. The woman suffered multiple stab wounds during the incident. She sustained a punctured lung and was also stabbed through the cheek once. Someone finally tackled Hawkins and keep her from perforating anyone else until the police arrived, at which point things got even funnier.

Hawkins was babbling nonsense about “people wearing black and purple” and someone named ‘Darell’.…

Oshkosh, OK –– 35 year-old Tessa Gray is facing up to 80 years in prison for bumping uglies with several of her daughter’s underage school chums.

When she was arrested, Gray apparently stated she ‘got caught up in everything’, whatever that means. Personally, I think she should have gone with the old ‘he tripped and fell inside me’ line, but hey… I’m a poor excuse for a middle-aged woman. She also stated she knew it was wrong to have sex with high school boys. So wrong, in fact, that she did it approximately 20 times with a 15 year-old friend of her daughter. On top of that, Gray also had a string of encounters over two months earlier this year with a 16 year-old.

The best part, though, is the sexually charged game of ping-pong she played with a 14 year-old. Yes, folks… you read ‘sexually charged’ and ‘ping-pong’ in the same sentence for the first, and very likely the last, time ever. I’ll be daring Satan to lick the flag pole if anyone needs me.…

Corydon, IN – An Indiana photographer, well known for snapping pics at school sporting events and selling prints to parents, has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Stephen J. Brockman, (a rough) 48-years-old and pictured here with a second mouth where his chin should be, was possibly so wiped from inhaling fat and cheese that he decided to take a snooze at McDonald’s on November 14th. Imagine for a second being overweight and out of shape enough that eating gets you winded. It’s harder than this guy’s arteries. I managed to imagine it and I got diabetes.

Before going night-night sitting upright, Brockman should have closed his laptop computer, but he didn’t. Instead, he left it open for a passing pedestrian policeman to peep. As he walked behind Brockman, the officer noticed the images displayed on the computer looked an awful lot like naked children. A subsequent investigation of the seized computer revealed this to be true. Investigators do not believe Brockman took any of the illegal photos himself.

Another point of interest is that Brockman was a substitute teacher for a short period of time and that he was let go after some bad evaluations.…

Montgomery County, TX – Amanda Billiris, 23, was arrested after relatives caught her getting her turkey stuffed by a 15 year-old relative on Thanksgiving. Nice.

If you’re not slinging hot yogurt all over your monitor yet, you’ll be happy-in-the-pants to know that Billiris was a big fan of riding motorcycles. In fact, she apparently suffered a head injury in a 2009 crash that left her in critical condition.

Whether or not her incestuous and sexy adventure has anything to do with her injuries is unknown. What is known, however, is that the thought of her having the mental capacity of a snow cone and a sex drive that couldn’t wait is making me harder than level 6-2 of Ninja Gaiden.

For this little incident, Billiris is facing a sexual assault of a child charge, which is second-degree felony. For this she looking at 2-20 years in girl-jail and possibly a fine of $10,000.

These stories always open up the double-standard debate: some people would pat this kid on the back while others would cry for him.…

Colonie, NY – A man that suffered a heart attack after a struggle with police after pulling a nutty inside a gym had PCP and steroids in his system, according to reports.

A toxicology report found the drugs inside the 235 pound, 6 foot tall body of 32 year-old Chad Brothers. The drugs are blamed for the state of ‘excited delirium‘ that led to his death. Based on my medical expertise, I’d say that it looks something like this.

Early on October 31st, Brothers was at the gym ‘lifting zing ups and putting zem down’ when he lost his goddamn mind. During the super-sized temper tantrum, Brothers apparently toppled weights, started winging dumbbells and punched another patron.

Police, attempting to subdue the man-beast, employed tasers several times with little effect. It even appears that Brothers may have tased himself during the confrontation. Whether or not that was intentional is unknown, but let’s all give him a big ‘Like a Boss!‘ and a round of applause anyway and pretend it was.…

Freehold, NJ – Prosecutors say that on November 21st Arthur Morgan III attached a car jack to his daughter’s car seat and tossed it into a car creek with her strapped inside.

The body of 2 year-old Tierra Morgan-Glover, who prosecutors say was  “awake, alert, and helpless” when her dad put her in the creek,  was found partially submerged the next day by children playing nearby.

Morgan had picked up the girl from her mother to take her to a movie. When he did not return for a few hours, Imani Benton called police. By that time, Morgan had already left the park where the creek was. According to the prosecutor, Morgan went from the park to a friend’s house. There, he had a few drinks, gave away his car and some other belongings, and headed for a nearby train station.

He was arrested a week later, mere miles from the Mexican border in California. On Monday  he stood in court, stone-faced and calm, answering to the charge of murder.…

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