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As the world around me has evolved into the crime state that it has, I have been doing anything possible to assist in bringing forth justice. If we, the people of America, don't voice it, who will?

Phoenix, Arizona –– Last year, Jaded posted about Chance Kracke, the tweaker who placed his infant inside a freezer while high on meth. The 24-year-old pleaded guilty to the two counts of child abuse and now Judge Robert Gottsfield sentenced him to ten years in prison and probation for the rest of his life.

Kracke told police he was doped up on meth when he thought it would be a good idea to put his son in the freezer and closed the door because the floor was too dirty for him to sit on. He then told them he removed the baby (anywhere from three to 20 minutes later) when the infant started to cry.

Luckily the boy only suffered lacerations to his head, which doctors say could have been cause by the freezer door or a shelf.

The boy’s mother, 26-year-old Leann Kracke, did not call police because she says her husband threatened to harm her if she did. It was the boy’s grandmother who called 911 after seeing her grandson’s injuries.…

Principal And Son Arrested On Drug Charges

January 17, 2011 at 3:09 pm by  

CORAL SPRINGS, FL ––  As Morbid mentioned earlier in his article about the principal charged with beating his kid with an extension cord, the principal for Coral Park Elementary was arrested on drug charges over the weekend, along with her 18-year-old son.

Amanda Miles, 60, was arrested Friday at her home after investigators executed a search warrant in connection with an ongoing drug investigation involving Mile’s 18-year-old son, Michael Miles. During their search, investigators found weed in plain view all over the master bedroom, including marijuana in a glass jar on the nightstand next to Miles’ bed and a wooden pipe with fresh weed residue and rolling papers next to it. All total, she was found to be in possession of 20 grams of pot. (That’s about one quarter bag short of an ounce –Morbid)

When asked where all the herbage came from, she refused to answer and requested an attorney. Smart girl. She was subsequently charged with felony drug charges. However, her son is fully cooperating with the police possibly because his charges are a bit more serious.…

Schenectady, NY — 35-year-old Jose Dones, a Level III sex offender, is facing numerous charges, including child endangerment and unlawfully dealing with a child, after police learned he’s responsible for inking several juveniles in the neighborhood in the past year.

According to timesunion.com,

An investigation by the police department’s Youth Aid Bureau discovered that several adolescents were tattooed by Dones. Police asked that any parents whose children may have been tattooed by Dones call the Youth Aid Bureau at 518-382-5256 to file a complaint.

Though I have not been able to unearth all the ugly details of how he obtained his status, Dones apparently served a 6 month prison term in 2008 after being convicted on charges of forcible touching. The victim in that case was a 16 year old girl.

Dones was arrested at his girlfriend’s home on January 8th for failing to register as a sex offender, again. As for the tattooing of juveniles, authorities are uncertain at this time as to whether any of Dones’ minor clients have actually been subjected to any sort of sexul assault.…

Chicago, IL — A Great Dane named Scooby and his owner, Agustin Zamora, were in the right place at the right time Thursday evening. Around 4:44 p.m. a 14 year old girl had just gotten off of a bus and was making her way home when she noticed a man following her. That man, 28 year old Larry Smith, caught her as she ran up the steps to her home, threw her to the ground, climbed on top of her and began to forcibly remove her clothes. Zamora and Scooby, out for a walk, heard the girls screams for help and rushed to render assistance. Smith attempted to flee the scene but was no match for the pair – they kept him cowering in an alley until police arrived. Smith, who has been arrested nearly 40 times since 2001 for multiple drug offenses among other things, was arrested and charged with attempted criminal sexual assault. He remains behind bars in lieu of $200,000 bail. The girl, unnamed because her age, was not seriously injured. …

NEW YORK, NY — A male model has admitted to killing Carlos Antonio De Castro, 65, a Portuguese gossip columnist, inside a New York hotel over the weekend. The grisly remains of Castro were discovered on Saturday inside his hotel room he had been sharing with 21-year-old male model, Renato Seabra. Castro had been brutally bludgeoned and castrated. Seabra was taken into custody after seeking treatment for lacerations to both of his wrists. Seabra is still going through a psychiatric evaluation at Bellevuw Hospital where he has been charged with second-degree murder. He admitted to killing Castro, telling investigators that he tortured Castro for more than an hour and used a computer monitor to knock him unconscious before gouging out one of Castro’s eyes and castrating him using a wine corkscrew.  Seabra told friends back home that he was not gay, but friends of the pair say Seabra and Castro had been dating for several months. “He told people back home, before the trip, that he wasn’t gay,” a police source told the New York Daily News.…

Grandkids Do The Darndest Things…

January 7, 2011 at 10:47 am by  

Wilmette, IL –I am sure everyone’s grandparents have stories of silly things we have all done, especially around the holidays. However, 88 year old Hershel Rapoport can trump us all. He witnessed his 24 year old grandson, Anthony Rapoport, beat his daughter-in-law, 49 year old Nancy Rapoport, to death with an aluminum baseball bat on Christmas Day. “I haven’t been the same,” Hershel said. “It’s such an upsetting experience I don’t remember details.” According to Hershel, Nancy was upset that day and accused Anthony of stealing her purse and cell phone. Hershel was upstairs when he heard the confrontation escalating and went down to check it out. That was when he saw Anthony raise the bat and come down on Nancy’s head. “She fell immediately,” Hershel Rapoport testified, also stating his grandson hit her in the head a second time while she lay motionless on the floor. Anthony, his clothing stained with blood, was arrested near his home shortly after the attack, charged with first degree murder, and is being held in Cook County jail on an $8 million dollar bond.…

Kimly Prak Orphaned Eight Children

January 6, 2011 at 11:34 am by  

Columbus, OH — I don’t have much on this one yet, but according to authorities, an 11 year old girl called police yesterday to report a shooting in her house before herding 7 other kids, including an infant, to a neighbor’s house for safety. Police say 29-year-old Kimly Prak shot his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Keorattana Lo, to death before turning the weapon on himself. Sgt. Steven Little said the couple had been arguing while the woman was at the residence visiting with some of the children. While the nature of the argument has not been released, neighbors told newspaper officials that the man had not been the same since the woman moved out after their break up 4 months ago. Police believe Lo was the mother of five or six of the children, and Prak was the father of two. After the shooting, the children were placed with Franklin County Children Services. All eight were unharmed. Sounds to me like he was not ready to let go, and the kids were obviously the last thing on his mind.…

Lawrence, MA — Alexis Medina, 23, is being held without bail after his arraignment on murder charges in Lawrence District Court in Boston. Medina, who was previously convicted of child abuse for breaking an older daughter’s skull back in September 2008, openly admitted to shaking and “rough-housing” his 4 month old namesake, Alexis Medina, Jr. Alexis Jr. died last Wednesday after being brain dead for hours at Tufts Medical Center. What caused little Alexis Jr. to be brain dead? His shit-stain of a father woke to his crying after Mom, Jocelyn DeJesus, had already left for work. Medina wasn’t having that. While Jr. was lying face down, “Dad” allegedly pushed down on his back to quiet him so he could get some more sleep. About 2 to 3 hours later Medina’s mom, the infants grandmother, came over to babysit 4 month old Jr. and his 20 month old sister Nayeli, and found the infant unresponsive. 911 was alerted and paramedics resuscitated the infant but he was already brain dead. Prosecutor Kate MacDougall stated that although Medina admitted to shaking the baby, the cause of death appears to be suffocation.…

Mona NelsonHouston, TX –I have been following the Jonathan Foster story closely since the Amber Alert was issued on December 27.

To fill in those who have not heard of the case, or those that have somehow missed Morbid’s previous post, Jonathan Foster was the 12 year old boy that went missing shortly before 2 pm on Christmas Eve. His body, burnt beyond recognition, was discovered in a ditch just a few miles from the Houston home he was abducted from.

After video surveillance from a nearby business, along with multiple eyewitness reports, placed her at the home around the time of Jonathan’s disappearance, 44-year-old Mona Nelson had her residence searched. Shortly after that, she was arrested on Capital Murder charges. 

Apparently the MONSTER, also known as Mona, was friends with Sharon Ennamorato, Jonathan’s mother’s roommate.  Authorities still have not released the full extent of Ennamorato and Nelson’s relationship, but according to some sources, they may have been lovers at one time or another, and that may have fueled Nelson to hurt Jonathan’s mom, Angela Davis.…

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