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We’re not surprised that we have fans, as we are awesome. For a site that features some depressing, heinous stuff, we do pretty good and think you should place your ad here — especially if you are in the horror or crime genre — or anything dark and nihilistic for that matter. We even offer discounts for you independent, self-publishing artists out there.

We’ve been around for over five years and for the last three we have gained popularity from reporting on horror fiction and non-fiction on a daily basis in a style that is often copied, but never quite duplicated. We have a loyal, rabid fan base active on both Facebook and Twitter. But who cares about all that self-promoting, right? Yo really want to know why you should advertise with us?

Check it out: for a site that gets around 1,220,748 page views a month* and 150,000 unique users a month* we sell add space cheap. Dirt cheap.

As an added bonus, some of these ads also show up in our popular forum consisting of 4,000 registered users, 800 of them active. Pretty impressive for a site about real life horrors with articles full of misspellings and dangling participles, eh?

The icing on the cake is that we are CHEAP. Did we say that already? Well it bears repeating. We offer a variety of inexpensive ad blocks throughout the site for you to sell your products or services to our readers.

From now until whenever, we are offering our ad spots at a discounted rate before jacking things up to a rate more competitive with industry standards. We employ the CPM method as traffic fluctuates constantly and this way I can guarantee you that you’re gonna get exactly what you paid for.

729 x 90 Premium Header Ad
The most noticeable ad on the site. This header ad will display on at the top of every page as well as our forums.

300 x 250 Sidebar Block
This popular ad block resides in the sidebar of every page directly above our recent comments.

160 x 600 Skyscraper Block

This banner is located at the bottom of the sidebar on all pages below the recent comments.

All ads must be less than 30k in size. Animation is fine, but Flash banners are not.

So if any of this information has you interested in doing some business with us, contact us for rates and let’s do some business. If you are an independent author, artist or director who self-publishes their work, ask about our discount.

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