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Julia BolLincoln, NE – Police say an argument between two women resulted in one of the women allegedly stabbing the other in the face with a stiletto heel.

According to the police report, 28-year-old Julia Bol and the 41-year-old Rebeca Boss had just left a baby shower when they got into an argument regarding Bol’s relationship with the father of Boss’s kid.

Bol escalated the altercation when she grabbed one of the stilettos Boss had in her hand, then “stabbed her in the face with it.” Bol stabbed Boss so hard that the stiletto heel pierced the victim’s cheek and “had to be pulled out of her face.”

Not satisfied with her handiwork, Bol reportedly knocked Boss to the ground and began choking her. Boss was taken to the hospital to treat some bruising around her neck and a “through and through puncture wound” to her cheek.

Bol was also taken to the hospital to treat a minor arm injury then taken to the Lincoln County jail on charges of felony strangulation and misdemeanor assault.…

Ana TrujilloHouston, TX – Police have arrested Ana Trujillo and have accused her of stabbing a man to death with a stiletto heel inside a luxury high-rise condo.

Police were called to the Parklane Building around 4am Sunday, after another tenant called to report an assault in progress inside a condo on the 18th floor. When officers arrived, Trujillo answered the door and officers found the 59-year-old victim’s body hallway between the entryway and the kitchen.

The man, who has not been identified, had been was stabbed multiple times by, what police believe, a stiletto heel. She was cooperative with detectives until she was taken to a precinct for additional questioning. That’s when she clammed up and then placed in custody on suspicion of murder.

Trujillo doesn’t live in the building and hotel staff told authorities she appears to have arrived at the condo that night. The 44-year-old’s relationship with the victim is not known at this point, nor is a motive for the murder. The high-rise luxury condominium primarily houses faculty and staff at the University of Houston.…

Dayton, OH – There have been numerous discussions here at the Dreamin’ Demon about what people would or would not do after witnessing a violent domestic tussle. Many have said they would jump right into battle and do whatever necessary to protect the victim of the beatin’. Others have said they’d prefer to stand on the sidelines giving a play-by-play to a 911 dispatcher. The following story is a perfect example of why one should use caution when attempting to be Hero of the Day. Police say 35-year-old Anthony Miliner was in the drive-thru at McDonald’s late last month when he witnessed a woman being beaten in the car ahead of his. Miliner tried to intervene and may lose an eye for his trouble. One of the women he tried to help got all butt-hurty and decided to attack. She and at least three of her friends approached Miliner as he sat in the passenger seat of his vehicle and proceeded to beat the snot out of him – punching, kicking, spitting – all of it was caught on video by a McDonald’s employee.…

Oklahoma City – I am pretty sure this is the second third stiletto attack story we have had here. Yup, it is. The last ones involving a guy getting a heel in the eyeball and another with a 52-year-old stripper. In this case, 23-year-old Patricia Peek got pissed off when Shawnta Odell, 23, asked Peek’s boyfriend for a cigarette inside the City Walk bar. An altercation started but the club’s bouncers stepped in and separated the two. Peek wasn’t through with Odell quite yet and ended up punching the woman in the head with her stiletto heel. Bloodied and suffering from a large gash to her head, Odell was taken to the hospital to be treated. Police arrested Peek, who had been detained by the bouncers, on one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Her high-heels were found in a trash can outside of the club. As anyone who knows me can attest, I love my women crazy and the craziness of Peek gets the blood pumping right to my groin.…

London – If that title alone doesn’t make you wince, then this statement will: Police said the stiletto penetrated the eye socket and touched the victim’s brain. Yikes. Gavin Taylor, 28, was riding in a cab early Sunday morning with his 33-year-old girlfriend, Staci Hargreaves. The pair got into an argument that led to Hargreaves striking her boyfriend in the eye with her stiletto heel. Taylor was transported to Leeds General Infirmary and is currently in a stable but critical condition. Hargreaves has been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and faces a possible life sentence. Some feel this is a bit of karma as five years ago, Taylor was jailed for 16 months for his part in the “accidental” drowning of Chris Mattison’ who was terrified of water. Mattison, 42, had been dangled over the freezing River Thames as a joke when the line holding him broke. He was left to drown. Taylor pleaded guilty to false imprisonment in that case.…

New Bitch Assaulted With Stiletto

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Akron, Ohio– Like a lot of people, Jo Ellen Nolan recently lost her job and was having a tough time getting the bills paid. A friend suggested that she should apply for a position as an exotic dancer at a local strip club. Nolan took her friend’s advice and went to the strip club. Nolan didn’t believe that anyone might have a problem with her becoming a stripper, especially the other dancers, because she is a 52-year old woman.…

Dorma RidonMANILA, PHILIPPINES – Vicente Ridon and his wife, Dorma, have been sentenced to life behind bars after being found guilty of crimes related to the production of animal cruelty videos.

Two years ago, someone stumbled across videos of young girls torturing animals. For those of you who are unaware of these types of videos, let me ruin your morning a bit.

The videos this person found are called crush videos, and are created for people who get aroused by watching women crush things with their feet.

The videos often include women simply stepping on food or insects, but can also include women stepping on live animals like kittens, puppies, mice, reptiles, etc.

The videos the Ridons manufactured included crush-type scenes, but they also ramped up the animal abuse to horrific levels while forcing a 12-year-old girl to participate.

Their videos featured:

  • a dog getting skinned alive
  • rabbits flailing and screaming as their ears were cut off and as they were set on fire
  • a dog getting burned with a flat iron
  • a monkey and several dogs getting hit in the eyes with the sharp end of a stiletto heel
  • puppies getting crushed until they vomited their own internal organs

If you want to get a taste of just how heinous these videos are, then watch the following news report.…

Man in body armorEmmaus, PA — A 30-year-old man accused of stalking his estranged wife while wearing body armor was found to be in possession of several knives, a gun, brass knuckles, wigs and a mask, duct tape and a Valentine’s Day card with drawings depicting violence, Emmaus police said.

D’awwww! Who says romance is dead?

According to police, Flint Andrew Staton was taken into custody on an arrest warrant shortly after an Emmaus police officer watched him trail the victim on her way to work Monday morning.

Police say Anne Staton had been concerned for her safety for months and subsequently filed complaints with police based on the belief that she was being  followed.

Two restraining orders were issued, both prohibiting Staton from carrying a gun in Montgomery county.

Paper is just that… paper. And said paper apparently didn’t bother Staton any – police say he violated those orders on three occasions in the past year.

When he was pulled over Monday, he was clad in illegal body armor. Officers also found a metric shit ton of weapons in the crazy man’s vehicle including  three large knives, a stun gun, a .40 caliber handgun, 10 rounds of ammunition and brass knuckles.…

Augusta, GA — Police have arrested a woman, accusing her of killing her roommate with the heel of a shoe.

Police say that on Sunday evening, Carter was drinking when she got into an argument with 58-year-old Robert Higdon inside the trailer they shared.

“She said she got upset with him. He put his hands on her and she took her shoes off and hit him in the head,” Lt. Calvin Chew of the Richmond County Police Department. Higdon fell on the floor and Carter left to stay in a hotel with her boyfriend.

She said she got worried when she had not heard from him, so she returned the following morning to find Higdon dead, lying in the same spot she had left him in. Uh-oh. To her credit, Carter called police.

The heel on the shoe Carter used was not a stiletto type as some lamer other sites are reporting, but rather the wide kind.

They currently have no idea how many times Carter hit Higdon on the head as there was no visible trauma to his noggin, but Lt.…

Old Town, FL– Jerry Holland, 49, and his brother, Donald Holland, 48, are both heartless bastards in serious need of an ass-whooping. This last Saturday, a neighbor stopped by their home and found the two men sitting outside on their porch. The neighbor entered their home and found their 70-something year old mother lying on the floor amid deplorable conditions.…

Sara Ann Fazio Likes To Strip

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Sara fazio

Sara Fazio

Des Moines, Iowa– The woman pictured above is 27-year old Sara Ann Fazio. She is a stripper by trade. I guess that explains why she had trouble keeping her clothes on after her recent drunk driving arrest. After viewing her picture at the end of this article, some of you may be wishing she kept her clothes on. Consider yourself warned.…

Berta Rakhamimov

Berta Rakhamimov’s Myspace (private)

Borough Park, NY-  Attention Demonites! If you live in New York, or ever decide to visit there, and you meet this woman on the street, try not to piss her off! She is one deranged diva!…

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