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Vero Beach, FL — This lovely young lady was jailed last week after allegedly slashing her live-in boyfriend’s face with a knife because he wasn’t in the mood for nookie.

Police were called to the home 27-year-old Katherine Nieves Tavarez shares with her boyfriend, Amaury Vazquez Carrero, early Thursday morning, and were greeted by a bloodied Tavarez at the door. No, the blood wasn’t hers.

While speaking to Tavarez, the officer noticed Carrero, with blood on his face, drop to the floor. When the officer asked the man what happened, Carrero replied, “She hit me with a knife! I can’t see!”

According to Carrero, Tavarez, who had been drinking that day, made it crystal clear that she was looking to get a little. Carrero, however, was apparently on a different page. Denied, several times over, Tavarez proceeded to throw a bitch fit. At that point, Carrero says, he retreated to the patio.

He told police a screaming Tavarez was hot on his heels, armed with a large, silver kitchen knife. She hit him numerous times, he said, and it all happened so quickly, he really had no idea how many times the knife made contact.

The responding officer noted Carerro had numerous cuts on his face and “redness around his neck and chest area and his shirt was ripped.”

When questioned, Tavarez, of course, told a different story….

She told police that Carrero had been out with his friends all evening. When he arrived home, she noticed he had a scar on his face. When she asked him about it, she said, he got all defensive and angry and attacked HER with the knife.

Guessing the police didn’t buy her story, as she was booked into jail on charges of felony battery with a deadly weapon and remains there on a $15,000 bond.

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