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GRAFTON, ND – A North Dakota man has blamed his sleep walking on the sexual assault of a teenage girl who spent the night at his home.

Adding to the litany of odd-to-outrageous excuses given by perverts for their sexual peccadilloes, we have Robert Kringstad.

The 39-year-old Grafton, North Dakota man was accused of sexual improprieties of the underage kind on September 24th, when he was arrested for an untoward occurrence from back in May.

On a sultry (for North Dakota) summer night, a teenage girl who was crashing on his living room floor after a concert awoke to find that her nether regions had become subject to the ministrations of Kringstad’s manly meathook.

She removed herself from his now-odious vicinity and informed her mother of the sexual assault upon the following morn.

When tasked with this roguery, Kringstad was unruffled, telling authorities that “I sleep hard and things happen. One simple mistake and that’s all it took.”

Yep. “I don’t remember anything, I must have slept right through it.”

Perhaps the gross sexual imposition charge will wake him up.

Kringstad bonded out on Thursday, and has his next hearing in Walsh County District Court on October 8th. He faces up to 20 years.

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